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CockAss2use 45M
44 posts
5/12/2017 1:37 pm

Sex on first date yes or no
Depends on situation (please explain in comments if you pick this one)

Upforall 56M
159 posts
5/13/2017 3:47 am

Depends on the guy I go out with. If there is mutual attraction sure, I'll give up the mouth and ass on the first date.

99curious69 66M
565 posts
5/13/2017 5:40 am

If you were my date, YES!

hamonman 57M
184 posts
5/13/2017 6:32 am

define 'date'

CockAss2use replies on 5/13/2017 11:07 am:
a social or romantic appointment or engagement. does this help?

spermdump 51M
9 posts
5/13/2017 9:22 am

Of course Yes! I would start with sex!

JoRay63 54M
52 posts
5/13/2017 9:33 am

Yes ;but depends who I'm with !!!!

cruz1965 51M
30 posts
5/13/2017 1:22 pm

Always the Top's choice!

qasim786 36M
385 posts
5/13/2017 10:27 pm

For the first time in life, I was in the dorm room with my room mate, I had never met before but after almost an hour or so, we had sex. It was my first time ever but he was experienced guy from Pakistan. I always had the tendency to bottom and he was a Top. He fucked me with lots of Raw Rough and zealous ways but still he was passionate and compassionate. He asked me, he kept me with him, making sure that we both enjoyed it although it was considerably painful [Remember the first time in life]. Now almost 15--16 years later, I leave it to the Top, or mostly to the mood and circumstances. I love being bottom, if you know what I mean.


cocksucker4u67 51M
16 posts
5/14/2017 3:38 am

love it on the first date

jjfsrvt77 53M
7 posts
5/14/2017 8:11 pm

Would depend on who and how we clicked. The where would also be a factor. But it's possible.

veryhornyhole 48M  
138 posts
5/15/2017 8:48 am

If the chemistry is right, then definitely yes to sex on the first date

Bdawg007 60M
417 posts
5/15/2017 8:44 pm

From what I have seen.... I'd have sex with YOU! No date required....
veryhornyhole dude likewise... LOVE both of your Asses!!!!!!! HOT!!!

1NearbyGuy 48M
118 posts
5/16/2017 9:00 am

Yes I do always have.

bigman1956 60M  
3658 posts
5/17/2017 11:54 pm

In most instances yes but there has been a few times I didn't because the guy turned out to be completely opposite of who he said he was.

mpman12 70M
82 posts
5/18/2017 8:00 am

The whole idea of dating is to get fucked.

adickted18 40M
78 posts
5/20/2017 3:23 pm

I will give my ass up to almost anyone who wants it. I don't even date, guys just fuck me.

jovality1360 61M
2 posts
5/22/2017 10:09 am

well said adickted

skuden 54M
17 posts
5/23/2017 1:02 am

Way not 🤔

bottomhoe68 47M
1 post
5/23/2017 11:34 am

Hell yes I do it is what I am looking for a nice hard clock in me fucking me good and hard yes yes yes please big or small come all love the feeling