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We will just share some of our stories and experiences involving one of our favorite pastimes!

Scott, Brandon and the Dirty Dozen Party!!!
Posted:Oct 12, 2017 2:16 pm
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2017 10:34 pm
National Coming Out Day was yesterday, but I didn't see where any new celebrities took advantage of the occasion. So I working on the mid month edition of the group newsletter, aiming for Taylor Lautner's confirmation and pictures, when I was bombarded with Diana Ross's "I'm Coming Out," over and over and over again. Love the song, but damn! Since I always writing articles, columns and even poetry for the occasion, my next article will be a list of suggested songs to play for the occasion. I would love to hear your picks!!!

Thank you for the emails, Heik0173! I do hope we can make that happen. Christo67851000, we were just talking about you in my massage room last week. Love the new picture by the way, now bring your ass on in here! Thank you for cumming on my back, I mean, coming back, Cumlover401! And thanks to all of you who responded to my last post. They were informative and delightful, and I responded to each and every one of them with that post. Now for this one...

Scott had been here once before, and I had made some excellent notes. I knew that he was extremely attractive, with a huge cock, and a beautiful ass that is never clean enough to enter. I knew his nipples were sensitive and that he was just an okay kisser. And I remembered that he cums easily and doesn't care to be touched afterwards. So when he showed up, I pretty much knew what I was getting, I didn't realize his feet were so unattractive, but I guess that wasn't what had my attention the first time. I did spend quite a bit of time on his ass, kneading, molding, caressing and massaging it. I decided to go ahead and eat, and was pleasant surprised. It was clean and quite tasty. But when I went in to massage the prostate with my finger, it came out a different shade of brown. I turned him over and did his front, teasing and edging, by first massaging his testicles and stroking his shaft until he got hard and started to show ecstasy on his face. Then by rubbing my around his pubic area as I reached for various parts of his body. And finally by orally stimulating his genitals as I massaged each thigh, nipple and his torso area. When it came time for his happy ending, it was quick, easy and plentiful. I didn't remember him tipping so well, so I guess he may be back!

Brandon sent me a picture before we schedule the appointment...remember, I prefer to book my appointments via email, mainly so there is a written account of expectations for the massage sessions, but pictures are nice when I can get them. And his face was nice! he reminded me of a young man I've been pen pals with in South Carolina, but that's where the similarities ended. My pen pal is thin and hairless in most places. My client was hairy all over and about average built. He had beautiful feet, but he was ticklish, so i wasn't allowed to do much with them. I loved his hairy legs and thighs, and ass too, but it was a bit too full and jiggly for me. I did work on it though, and had to lick the asshole when I saw how wonderfully hairy it was, but that was as far as I went. He had lots of hair on his back, so I finished the massage with my cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe and baby oil combination, as to not pull on the hairs. And in a shocking move, I enjoyed it so much, I turned him over and started caressing and rubbing his hairy chest, playing with his nipples along the way. Then he kissed me, and it was awesome. We were both moaning as our tongues slithered around, over and under each other. It was hot, so hot in fact, I got hard, even with my clothes on. He grabbed my cock and started to reach for his when I realized it was smaller than I expected, even hard. Still I was having a damn good time, so I tried to suck on it as he sucked on mine. Eventually, I concluded the massage by kissing him as I stroked the dick, watching the milk ooze over his shaft, balls and pubic hair, and then licking it all up. Another good tipper, and I now find myself wondering about what my pen pal looks like without clothes on and how much fun he might be!

The party was not intended to be a dirty dozen party. In fact, I had hoped for a lot of great looking guys, as I haven't done much sexually since Sawyer left. For the first five hours, everything was done in little groups. At one point, the feminine Indian was playing with the bearded, heavyset trucker and the guy from Evansville, before fucking the trucker with his small, thick dick. Later, the hot otter with the small dick was making out and doing some nipple play with Evansville guy, while sucking on the guy from Arizona and being sucked by the trucker. How the hell you can have all these guys on you at once and still end up jacking off, I will never know. But he did, and the three of them just watched him do it. I thought is was sad, but by then, both my wine guy and my tequila guy had showed up, and I was engaging in their libations, as well as my own. Eventually I did play with Allan, mainly because of his uncut dick. He would have been a great kisser if he didn't drool like a Saint Bernard. He sucked on my for a while, but barely got me hard, and he decided we should kiss some more. I sucked him off basically just to get the kissing over with, but it was a large and tasty load, and he didn't care for kissing me once I got it. Then Marvin decided to have a make out session with me, which ended in some mutual nipple play and cock sucking, but neither of us got off.

Oh my God!!! Sawyer's here and he is staying for dinner. Guess who's getting some dessert!!!
The Results Are In....And....
Posted:Oct 9, 2017 2:53 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2017 11:08 pm
Thank you bjhogan and Mral65 for your comments to my last post! Always great to see you, OnDaFence! I sent you an email to get some help for my next post. Thank you again in advance for your assistance and for all your help in the past!!! Looking pretty good there, cyskyler! You too, Samnine! Thank you for your comments on my pictures, Bjhogan! I find you to be very interesting, Mral65. You too, 10010NYC, and thank you for the flirt! Thank you for the flirt and your friendship, nslover20X6! And thank you for the emails, the flirts and the friendship, Heik0173. I look forward to getting together with you as well!

If you read my status, it has been a very slow few weekend for me! I haven't seen much of Robbie, my neighborly patron! Devin has been working so much lately, that I have to pop by his job to see him now, bringing lunch or shopping. Hopefully he will get a break soon. And Sawyer left Friday, and I guess I still wasn't ready or prepared. I have missed him so! I haven't slept since Wednesday of last week, so I'm running on empty these days, but try to stay busy just to keep from thinking about things.

For those of you who don't know, I've been in the private sector since 2003, working for myself or being privately contracted to assist on various projects. That would be my main job. Then the massage business got started about ten years ago. It is my last position that is the focus of the rest of this post.

I was hosting strip poker nights in Kansas City, Missouri, when a few guys asked me if I would be interested in helping them start up a group for guys into the homosexual group scene. And I became the low man on the totem pole, writing the newsletters and other periodicals for that group. The group has changed names three times now, has been in eight states and has had as many as 32 chapters. We've lost two of the original members, so now, I am considered to be one of the three remaining founders of the group. Well, the group turned eleven this past weekend, and we had a huge affair to celebrate our birthday.

My beautiful, hairy, skinny friend from Montana, Lane, showed up, and we kind of rehashed our first outing, me giving him car head in the driveway. Skip, my wonderful fan from Louisville, made his first actual appearance. Normally, he hollers at me via internet during my strip poker games, and I get to see his huge cock, big ass and beautiful smile on screen. I was so nice to be able to check these things out up close and personal! So much better! Richard from Saint Joseph showed up and literally showed his ass, as only he can! It was great to see and play with him again. My kissing cowboy from Saint Louis, my strip pool hottie from Kansas City, Steve, and my strip tennis partner, Tim, also from Kansas City were also in attendance. Darius from Cincinnati, Phil from Philly and so many others were there, but we ended up being one shy of one hundred in attendance. We had a damn good time Friday night!

Our local celebration happened Saturday night and I really had a good time there. I guess I was so busy playing host the night before that I didn't really have all that much physical interaction with a lot of guys. I made up for it Saturday though. I trapped a new guy in the basement, and basically stripped and seduced him. I coaxed him into kissing me as I removed the shirt from his muscular but hairless body. Then I ate his ass out a little bit before I fingered him in the back as I sucked his rather impressive cock. he tried to fight it, but he came a ton in my mouth and about ten minutes later, he left! A bald, fat guy tried to suck me off, but I didn't even get hard for him. I made out with one guy as I was spanking another one. Another heavyset, blond guy tried to suck me off , but the results was still the same. I sat down for a cigarette and a nice looking guy started talking to me. We started playing with each other's nipples, when my tequila guy came in, gave me the bottle and he sucked that guy's dick while I emptied the bottle. Since he couldn't get him off, it was almost a fair trade. My ass would eventually get eaten, and I learned that I'm not a fan of gum blowjob, and not just because taking your dentures out changes your look to me. Somehow, you can still manage to feel like you're scraping my shit! One more guy tried to suck my cock before I got my hands on the redhead hosting the affair. I ate his plump, fuzzy ass before I fingered it. And then, I fucked him, and we kissed, and we made out, and I played with his nipples. Then I sat in a chair while he gave me a very nice blowjob, but before I got off, I lifted him up and placed his member in my mouth. Five minutes into the blowjob, he told me he missed that, and I finished him off. I had another cocktail and a clove cigarette before we came to the main event of the evening... the awards!!!

I was voted the most talented mouth and hands, the later one surprising me because I rarely get to use the parties. Because I don't cum easy, I was voted seventh in the getting sucked category, but second best top. probably because there aren't that many in this particular group. I was voted the best kisser, which was no real surprise. I was also voted best rimmer, but I thought I should have beat out the only other guy who had a shot at winning that one. I was a bit surprised that I actually won best cocksucker, as so many try to claim that one themselves. The only real contender for the award doesn't come to enough parties, but I did vote for him. Hell, if he can actually suck me off, he deserved it. But I guess my ability to suck all sizes and my frequency at the parties made me the winner. And all of those wins, plus my freaky kinkiness and my versatility also got me the top honor of the night... best playmate!!!

Now that I'm single again, that may come in handy until the next significant man comes along! lol

2 Phils, 2 Parties and another one tomorrow!!!
Posted:Sep 29, 2017 2:57 pm
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2017 11:32 am
Damn! Thank you all for all the wonderful responses and for reading my last post! It was probably the most well-received post I've had in quite some time. Thank you for adding me to your hot lists, Trefesverlangen and Ibc4080200! And since the later one is local, perhaps we should talk! Thank you for your emails, Bbbottom63 and cumfuckmy2holes! Thank you for your emails, your flirts and your continued friendship, Heik 0173! Thank you for continuing to be my number one blog fan, Bjhogan! Thank you for your continued readership and your invaluable friendship, Hungr4yungr! Thank you very much for your emails, Akl1234. I will get to work on those projects soon!!! Dansdick, still looking tasty to me! Crskyler, always great to see you here. I keep hoping you will read about my client, Skyler, and maybe come in yourself! lol You look quite interesting, vital42! And cumlover401, I love it when you cum over to see me!!!

This could be another long one, but I will try to shorten it up.

My first Phil was an average looking Asian guy, a bit on the feminine side. When he showed up, he was pretty much what I expected...skinny, hairless, except where it counts. When he got on the table, I started with his feet and he immediately started making the sounds I expected, but hope not to hear. You know, the high pitched moans, groans and eventual screams that sound, at least to me a bit too much like a female. I actually tried to quickly get it over with, but I had a couple of pit stops. I really liked his ass, and I fingered and ate it as much as I could before the noise got to be too much. At one point, I put my cock in his mouth just to muffle it as much as I could. But the guys shocked the hell out of me when the happy ending came. He was on the shorter end of average, so I decided to just handle it by hand. And as he got closer, he got louder, so again, I put my cock in his mouth. But when he came, it was like a cannon. He shot beyond the foot of the massage table, up in the air, thick and plentiful! Almost made me regret not doing it orally!

My second Phil was a huge surprise! Years ago, I use to work with him, and during that time, we had talked. He had four kids, a huge cock, was a huge shooter, and before the business folded, he had had a vasectomy, which I thought meant no more cum. I guess in some cases, it just means the sperm doesn't get to the ejaculate anymore, so what comes out can't make babies. Feel free to explain this to me if you know for sure. I just know what I saw. He pretty much looked the same, a well build, sexy nerd, a bit older with salt and pepper hair. He still had that ass I stared at a lot when he walked in front of me, and it looked even more scrumptious without clothes. And his cock did live up to the hype of years ago. I got to taste it all and it was worth waiting for. Unfortunately, I caught the load orally and it was small but very tasty.

The first party was a bit of a let down in attendance, but at least it wasn't mine. My tequila was there, but we finished the bottle before the party was over. I had a few more cocktails in a chair as one heavyset white guy after another tried to suck me off. Then a heavyset black guy took a turn at it but with the same results. Finally, I just went up to the playroom, just to see if I could do anything before I left. I sucked one guy off as I jacked another one off and called it a night.

The second one was so much better. 27 guys showed up, including the tequila guy, who brought a bigger bottle this time. We enjoyed that, I had my three clove cigarettes and a few more cocktails and kind of changed, and to most of the guys it was a change for the better. Normally I work my own parties, so I'm too busy to play. But I went up to the play room and sucked a guy off while we were sixty-nining. I went back downstairs and this weird, feminine guy showed up. The self-proclaimed best cocksucker in the group went at him first. When he came down, he said the guy requested my presence. I was busy so I sent a very dear friend of mine, a well built bottom guy with a huge, uncut cock, up to fill in for me. he came down after a while, told me the guy was perfect for him, but he still wanted to see me. Eventually, I went up and he wanted to suck my cock, so we are sixty-nining, and this mother fucker grows like a damn tree. Still I get the job done and he doesn't, and as I'm trying to leave the room, an older guy with a huge cock got on his knees and started sucking on me. Then a heavyset guy goes down and joins him. Then my regular Asian plaything joins in on the act, and I have three guys working on me! The older guy eventually gets up and starts kissing me, and we start nipple play. The heavyset guy starts kissing me and I manage to get my hands on his dick and jack him off. Then I managed to jack the Asian guy off again. So everyone manages to drop a load but me. At the end of the night, the guy with the tree growing cock gives me his business card and the heavyset guy gives me his phone number.

And I have another party tomorrow that I'm having mixed feelings about. I'm going, because the redhead who is hosting requested my presence and we haven't played together in quite some time, so I'm really looking forward to that. And I have always been popular at his parties because I pitch in a bit to give the hosts time to play, but usually I'm much more playful when I'm not at home. But it is also my last weekend with Sawyer! He moves Monday, so I want to give him as much time as possible. I think I will spoil him Sunday and Monday though and go ahead and enjoy the party tomorrow!
Celebrity Massage #2---Club Hub
Posted:Sep 18, 2017 8:18 am
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2017 1:36 am
Between responding to the responses from my last post and an incident that happened yesterday, I feel the need to vent a bit, so that's where I'm starting today.

Thank you for your responses to my last post by the way, Hungr4youngr and Bjhogan!!! And in my response to BJ, I explained why I refer to myself as a "personal massage therapist," as oppose to "certified" or "licensed." It gives me the freedom to do a lot more things, like offer cocktails or physical or sexual exploration, without the legal ramifications that the others have. Besides, I mainly became a masseur when I didn't think I could compete with the hustlers, escorts and prostitutes out there.

That said, yesterday, I got a call from a "Rob" wanting a tantric massage, which I don't specialize in. He then asked about a sensual session, and I informed him that I do both sensual and erotic sessions. He then keeps pushing about how sensual or erotic these sessions can be, and even said I was much cheaper than he thought I would be. Finally, he said the magic word...fuck. When I told him that I wouldn't fuck or get fucked by a first time client, he lost interest. What is the problem here? Do we need a refresher course on the difference between a masseur and a sex industry worker?

Yes, I am a gay man who really loves men! Yes, I was a hustler for a minute, and a high end escort for a number of years! But with those years came experience, and with that, wisdom. Wisdom about myself and knowledge about others. Now, most of these guys out here can't hold a candle to me where talent or experience is concerned. But I also realized that physically, I can't compete with the younger, thinner, hairless guys that seem to be more desired today. That would be my main motivation for moving from escorting to massages.

But if you assume that this gay masseur is a discount escort, you would be sadly mistaken. I no longer have it in me to get excited about having sex with a guy I've never seen just because of money! I'm too cautious and careful to stick my mouth or cock anywhere without checking it out first, and even more so about something going in or on me! So if you are reading this "Rob" the best way to approach me is to book a session and let us see the chemistry and dynamics between us before we explore those kinds of possibilities. I feel better now...sorry if I went on too long there.

Looking good, NH_CumSLUT, and thanks for cumming by! Wchentw2, I'm thrilled you came back to see me. Now I want to see more of you!!! Cumlover401, we really do have to meet up someday!!! Alterego2010, you look marvelous! So what is your other side like? And thank you for stopping by, Austrolatino! You're looking pretty damn good and read quite well too! Speaking of reading, Noah47 and Slim165, get your asses back to Blogland, pronto!

Sawyer has been absolutely wonderful since the possibility of him moving came to light. He's been far more affectionate, way more romantic and even more attentive. He's working and trying to spoil me, as much as he can. He has even started helping cook dinner and rubbing my feet and back regularly. He says he wants to make the most of the time we have left. The house they are moving to is awesome, and for the most part, it should be a good move for him. He's planning webcam chats and even bought matching wine goblets so we can still be romantic across the internet. The deal isn't set yet, so it may not happen. But if it does, it is almost certain he will go, but if it doesn't work out, or he needs a break from there, he knows he has another place to be, as long as I'm still single.

So you remember that celebrity client I had? Well, he was back Friday but wanted to do a Club Hub. I was quite surprised, but he paid the fee and away we went. The whole time though, I was concerned about him being recognized.

So we get our suite and for the first hour, all we do is sit, drink and talk. You might remember I was his first boyfriend and he and another guy lived with me for about two years. So we reminisced about our time together, and he informed me that he told his current girl that he was bisexual. No, he isn't out, which is why I was concerned about this. We reminded each other of some special times we had had, and then we started the session.

I told him to the showers and washed him head to toe. A few guys stopped and stared, as I slowly fingered his asshole, and he started playing with my cock. I guess they thought we were going to fuck right there. I finished cleaning him up and then took him to the hot tub. My cock went between his butt cheeks as I rubbed his neck, back and shoulders. He loudly moaned when I pulled on the hair on and around his nipples. Then I just kind of caressed him and rubbed the hot water over him for a while before we went back to the shower to rinse off. There he kissed me, which is something he rarely did, even when we were together.

I took him to the sauna and laid him on a towel on the highest bench in there. I then rubbed him neck to toe, first with shea butter, then with cocoa butter and then finally with my homemade almond joy massage cream. It smelled so wonderful in there and the heat just added to the atmosphere. I found myself kneading, rubbing, fingering and eating his ass. He groaned with pleasure, and as some guys came in, he turned his head so they couldn't see his face. One of the guys sucked on my cock while he played with my client's ass. My client started reaching for me...apparently, he could tell the difference. When my sucker had me hard, I laid on top of my client and my sucker started rubbing and licking on my ass. There was a moment of ecstasy for me, as my client's ass cheeks felt great as I rubbed my cock between them, and my new friend was then eating my ass out. Eventually, my client got hot and we went out to the pool to cool off.

I took a seat to smoke a clove cigarette, and his was the prettiest naked ass in the pool. When this hot, young nellie thing asked my client who I was, he said, " It is great when the best masseur in town happens to be your first boyfriend." I thought they were going to play, but instead he came over and started sucking on my cock. We then went in the steam room and he sat on my lap as I played with his dick. It was dark enough that guys couldn't really make out who he was, and I moved my hand a few times so some of them could suck on his cock. I finally stuck my cock in his ass for the first time in years and he pushed the other guys away from him and bounced on my cock. When he got ready to cum, he turned around and fed it to me, then kissed me to get a sample. I made sure the coast was clean before I took him to the shower to clean up one last time.

Back in the suite, I actually gave him a full body massage, and he told me he was glad we came, but it would likely never happen again. I will be fine with that ass he told me he will still come to see me to get massages, get his dick sucked and get fucked. He gave me my fee, a healthy tip and I saw him out.

Over the next five hours, I did one other massage, sucked on nine guys...six to completion, got sucked on several times, ate a few asses and got ate once more, got some nipple play, my toes sucked and a couple of awesome make
out sessions. I had to hit the liquor store and the pizza parlor on the way home so Sawyer wouldn't have to suffer for my long hours! lol

Just When I Thought It Was Finally Over...
Posted:Sep 14, 2017 7:44 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2017 8:19 am
Cumlover401, my first OP crush, it is always wonderful to see the feeling is still mutual! Cum by anytime!!! Thank you for the wonderful emails, Akl1234! Read your messages and let me know what you think. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again!!! Thank you for you response, bjhogan, and for the wonderful story you put there. I see no reason for you to envy me at all!!! My first real friend here on Op, hungr4yungr, it is always great to hear from you. Your insight and support have been invaluable over the years!!! OnDaFence, my adviser and mentor here in blogland, it always pleases me to see you checking up on me! You've been a huge help to me. Thank you so much!!! Crskyler, Damike, and Jenu1218, you just decorated the place beautifully while I was here!

I haven't spent much time with Devin, but I have been dreaming about him on the regular basis. I have also found myself thinking about Stephane, and little Mikey, and my neighbor, Robbie, who was checking me out again this weekend, and I returned the favorite as I was seeing Sawyer off to work. More on that later.

My latest massage client was Jason, and he was a complete surprise to me. Have you ever met someone who didn't do much for you in the looks department at first, but somehow, by the time things are done, he leaves a lasting, pleasant impression?

By most people's accounts, and I have heard a few, Jason would be hot! Actually, now that I think about it, he reminds me a bit of a cleaned up Eric, my favorite playmate from my Friday night Salt & Pepper group. Jason was that kind of skeleton with a little meat on his bones, thin, with those twistie braids in his hair, a straggly kind of goatee, but beautiful smile and awesome white teeth. As he undressed, the number of tattoos didn't enhance him for me either. He also needed some lotion. But he did have a couple of things that really worked for him... an awesome ass, though it was in dire need of moisture, and a huge cock, even soft it was impressive!!!

He gets on the table and I have to deal with the worst set of feet I've seen this year for sure! They were awful. The toenails, the dry skin, the scales that fell off as I was massaging them. Yuck! There was no hair on his calves or thighs, and his coloring was such that shining them up didn't work for him, but he did enjoy me kneading them. I went to his neck, shoulders and back, because that's where he said he wanted the most attention paid. And I didn't mind saving his ass for last. Working my way down, it was when I got to his lower back, that his hand started to go up the leg of my shorts. This kind of gave me the go-ahead to explore the ass a bit. And indeed, I did.

Again, no hair, just two thin, muscular mounds protecting a very tight and clean hole. I kneaded and licked those mounds and fingered and ate the hole. He moaned and groaned and winced. And grew! Boy, did he grow!

I quickly turned him over so I could see it in full glory. OMG! That massive slab of meat was already dripping juices, and I had to work on those hideous feet again. I quickly did his lower half, and when I got to his upper thigh, he took my shirt off. I was quite surprised when he started sucking and nibbling on my nipples, and I decided to save the best for last. Skipped to his upper half, and we returned the favor, working each other's nipples into a frenzy. And then, he kissed me. Another shock, and he wasn't half bad. I licked down his neck, between his pecs, around his belly button and started on the main event. Man, that thing was large, and grew thicker as you came closer to the base. He was also uncut so I had to deal with the smegma to lick the head, but the precum made it worth it. It wasn't the longest one I've ever had, but the combination of length and width made it quite an exercise for my mouth. But I got it done, and when he came, the creamy man milk made me want to drain every pore. I'm not sure he will come back, but he will definitely make the year end review! lol

So Sawyer and I have been a couple officially for two weeks. It hasn't been perfect, but it hasn't been too bad. He's been affectionate and romantic, not very sexual, but that is okay. I get enough of that, so the extras he provides make my romantic-sexual life near perfect. He still has issues, but all and all, things were working out pretty good. Then last night, he got a call from his mom. Since she rarely calls, I figured it was important and left the room so they could talk in private. When I came back, he was tearing up, and I knew something was up.

It took him a bit to compose himself enough to tell me what was going on. His parents are moving, and they want him to come with them. Really? Now? Just when we were finally getting things right between us, now this. He asked me what I thought, and I told him it was his decision, and his life, but I encouraged him to do what he thought was right, and to take me out of the equation. They are leaving next month, so he has a little time, but if I don't pressure him, I'm almost certain he will go. So I'm trying not to say how I feel, or influence his decision in any way. But I couldn't sleep last night. I watched him sleep for a while. He let me hold him for a while, but we both know if we do that too long, it leads to other things and he had to work in the morning, so I eventually got up and just thought and felt and teared up. He gave me some time this morning, getting up early to do that, and he is going to see his parents after work, but still plans to be home for dinner.

I'm going to try and get through this month being as supportive and unemotional as possible. Yeah! Right! Good luck with that!
Sawyer, Devin, Two Parties and a Strange Massage Client!!!
Posted:Sep 6, 2017 9:51 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2017 6:30 am
A lot to cover so let's get started!!!

Thank you Christo6785100 and Akl1234 for the delightful emails! Hope to see you guys soon!!! Thank you CDcumdumpster, just2getsucked and especially bisexual51 for the flirts! I'm glad you like what you see! Dansdick, you certainly live up to you name, and I mean that in a good way!!! Welcome back BiCuriousVic and jenu1218! Damn, wchentw2! Show me more!!! You too, northwoods66!!! JC05WV, you are quite the man! Come back anytime!!! And I'm always thrilled to see you checking me out cyskyler, cumlover401 and damike!!!

So Sawyer decided to make it officially and made us an official couple. We are now in an open relationship, where he is allowed to see females and I'm allowed to see any guy on my list, (there were seven from my past) and any guy who can do the things that he either don't do or don't do well! Leaves the door open for my exploration. We also have a celebrities list a piece we are allowed to cheat with, a list of potential menage a troises and the deal that all sexual activities not involving the two of us must be in the presence of the missing party, my work not included. Basically, if we are both at a party, we come together, or uninvited party has to witness the act. Mainly so I can see the females he is dealing with.

This meant I could still keep my magic night with Devin. So Devin and I went to my other house, where we cooked dinner in the nude. Well, I cooked and he cut the ingredients. We had a bit of a food fight, so I could lick some sauce off of his dick and ass! Through a blanket on the floor and ate picnic style, with wine, chicken fettucine alfredo, pineapple-peach cobbler, ice cream and an awesome romaine and spinach salad. Then I gave him a bubble bath, allowing him to sip on wine and smoke while I did all the washing on him. I followed that up with a full body erotic massage, which after eating his ass and sucking his dick led to the bedroom. He was just as I remembered, but smaller because he had lost some weight. Not as much ass as before, but it was just as sweet and delicious and wonderful on my cock! He's still an awesome kisser, and a better cock sucker, though he still didn't get me off. It was a great night, and it doesn't have to end because of Sawyer!!!

So that birthday strip poker party I had for my friend was an shocking success. We had a cool guy from Chicago who came with all kinds of gifts! The birthday boy didn't even know how to play poker, but he learned...the fun way! He didn't win a game, so he spend most of the time sucking cocks underneath the poker table. Karl, the biggest cock in the room, agreed to fuck the winner of the first game. I had to spank the winner of the second game. I won the third game, so I finally got sucked off. And the last game had me sucking the winner's cock! During the intermissions, there was more sucking, fucking, spanking and I even let some water sports happen on my kitchen floor. Everyone had an amazing time and are dying for me to host another!!!

The other party I had was even more eventful. We had 23 guys there and they were a playful bunch. Since it was on Labor Day, I decided to cook out, so I didn't expect much play for me because I was manning the door, cooking the food, cleaning up and being a gracious host. That didn't stop some guy from coming into the kitchen while I was making potato salad and baked beans and sucking my cock while I cooked. He was my cocktail server as I stayed in the kitchen. At the grill, another guy tried to jack me off. Unlike the other meat, I didn't get done! There were several new faces, so I eventually smoked a clove cigarette to get me into the mood. And as luck would have it, the biggest dick, and the only other top, ended up playing with me, and I crushed a lot of guys when I sucked him off! There was another huge cock there, and it was uncut and gorgeous, but I didn't get to it. Too bad, he was a bottom, so he didn't get what he really wanted, but I'm sure he didn't mind getting sucked all night. There was a heavyset black guy who worked my nipples while he was getting sucked off. And a really hot guy with a really small dick who refuse to suck or get sucked, only wanted to get fucked, but he had to settle for being ate out and fingered until eruption, as I was still playing with the other top at the time. When I was finally able to sit down, another guy tried unsuccessfully to suck me off. Again, I think everyone had a gay ole time, and most will be back for the one next week!

And my massage client...oh my goodness! Apparently, he had gone to two other masseurs. the guy wasn't very good and the female laughed at him and refused to work on him. After talking to him, he said, he was in the process of losing weight and had an excessive amount of body hair. I assured him as a gay man, that his weight wasn't an issue and I actually love body hair. The more hair, the better! It was decide that he would keep his socks and underwear on until he was comfortable, and he made the appointment.

When he arrived, I was a bit surprised. He wasn't nearly as hideous as he made himself out to be. In fact, if it wasn't for his hair color, he might have been interesting. He wasn't even as hairy as I expected. As we agreed to, he kept his socks and underwear on, and even asked for a drape. I started on his calves, and he started to relax real quick. In fact, he even took his socks off so I could do his feet. It was right around this time that our first incident happened. He seemed to be doing well, relaxed and soft moans as I am approaching his thigh, and then...He froze up! Tense as hell! He then covers his face! And then he ask me for a towel. I give it to him as I'm slightly freaking out, trying to figure out what I did wrong. He told me I could continue, so I slowly go back to work, but not before he takes his underwear off, but he still wants the drape. I get to his upper thigh, and he does it again...Tense, freeze up, towel! It is at this time that I realize, he's cum twice and I'm only a fourth of the way through the massage, and I have done nothing even remotely sexual to inspire these responses. To make this long and most difficult session short, he would cum two more times before the session was over and I still never touched his ass, his dick, his nipples...nothing! It it happened the same way each time. It was decided that he didn't really need a happy ending. He gave me my fee with a fifteen percent tip, but I think he was too embarrassed to return! That lady masseur should have waited, she really would have had something to laugh about!
My Guys on Here!!!
Posted:Aug 25, 2017 10:30 pm
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2017 3:55 am
I was talking with Devin last night, and all of a sudden, we were in his car, going at it like rabbits. Thank goodness, to some degree, that we came to our senses, as we were only caught making out in the parking lot. But with Sawyer being at work, I found myself reminiscing and daydreaming about some of our best memories, and sadly I've been horny as hell every since.

Sawyer has been trying to do better, I'm guessing because there is less than a week left to go before he got evicted. This is the first day I haven't done the countdown thing with him. But I have two parties coming up, before he leaves, a massage client coming on Sunday, and my special night with Devin will be the night after he is suppose to leave, if that's what I decide to do.

I'm going to just leave you with a picture tonight, but I do want to shout out at a few guys, since I found a collection of old notes for this blog.

To probably my oldest and dearest friends here, OnDaFence and Hungr4yungr, thank you for all the help, assistance and advice you have given me, and Hungr4yungr, for being Sawyer's biggest advocate here, and out biggest cheerleader!

To perhaps my biggest fan, Bjhogan, thank you for your continued readership and support. And I'm thrilled that you finally took my advice and started a blog here. I think the way you are using it will serve you well, and you other guys might want to stop by and check it out!!!

To my fishes on the hook here, Christo67851000 and Daxter3, you two local boys need to bring your asses on in here. Especially you, Daxter!!! You are going to get a kick out of our first "meeting."

To who probably was my first Outpersonal's crush, Cumlover401, thank you for allowing me to drool repeatedly over you!!!

Noah47, boy do I miss you! You be sure to holler at your boy when you get back here, okay!

MoneyG4, there is a whole lot of history and a lot of time has passed between us. If it is finally time to make this happen, let me know!

Akl1234, still looking forward to seeing you again, so you let me know what your schedule looks like.

To my cosmopolitan friend, Heik0173, we simply must get together when you make it back to the states!

Crskyler, you still looking like a free massage waiting to happen!

Speaking of looks, I am still enjoying looking at you, Damike, Krboy and gloryholefreak!!! I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones whose names instantly conjure up a lovely picture. I may be accused of cyberstalking guys like wanting_it_now and Just_needing_some. Actually I think I fucked those names up! Damn these notes!!!

And before I go, Northwoods66, I did notice youwhile I was writing this post. Thank you for serving as decoration as I wrote!!!
The Story of Devin!!!
Posted:Aug 19, 2017 10:30 am
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2017 10:31 pm

There will be not massage client stories this time.There won't even be a picture this time. There will not be any personal party anecdotes either. Thank you very much Hungr4yungr, for you gave me the inspiration for this post, one of the happiest times in my life actually. So if you have heard parts of this before I'm sorry. But I'm sure there will be some new details you probably didn't know.

In keeping with Hungr's demands, lol, Sawyer is doing some better. He is taking more responsibility for his own life, which is really what I wanted. I didn't want to do everything and get so little for it! So he is working two jobs now, and I only cover his food, rent and utilities! He is even spoiling me a little bit and is even managing to top himself in the bedroom on the regular basis. Yes, he still gets sloppy and irresponsible at times, and can be caught being shady and dishonest, but I expect that now and he more than makes up for it. I just needed to be reminded of why I started putting up with his shit in the first place. Let me holler at a few more guys and I will finish with your request, Hungr4yungr!!!

Thank you bjhogan! You just may be my biggest fan! Thank you very much Bdawg007 for commenting on the last post! Burbank, Illinois is starting to look like a damn road trip to me, thanks to Damike! Wanting_it_now, YES! I still do!!! Just_needing_fun, avoiding me is not the way to get to have some fun!!!The same holds true to you too, tennisnfun!!! And I haven't forgotten! I'm still waiting on you two, Akl1234 and christo6785100!!!

After my second husband died, I took two years to grieve, to figure out what I learn about myself through the marriage, and what I wanted or needed from the next man in my life. Because of the substantial inheritance I received from his death, and my first husband's as well, I didn't have to work. So I got soaps! All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless made sure I had a four hour lunch break! I wouldn't leave the house until Dynasty, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest, The Colbys, Dallas and Melrose Place went off in the evening, and then it was to hit Wendy's Church's chicken or Shrimp Hut for dinner.

Eventually, I got back into the gay world again, in a huge way! I started closing somebody's bar every night of the week. Martini Night! Karaoke Night! Piano Bar Night! Disco Night! Retro Night! And because I was spending ungodly amounts of money each night, I pretty much had my way at the bars I went to. Tubes, NYC, Utopia, Jimmy's, Jaguar's, etc. Undie Mondays was my personal favorite, because between the three hot bartenders who worked that night, and my money, we could get almost any guy down to his underwear, if not more! This obsession with undressed men led me to the only male stripper bar in town, the Unicorn.

Despite the weak drinks, the security and the eventual inclusion of females, I usually had a great time. Most of the bartenders were also strippers, and the strippers didn't get a base pay, meaning they worked for their tips only. So you know what that meant? I didn't realize how badly I needed companionship until one night, Danny, a gorgeous guy and very dear friend, was passionately kissing me and playing with my nipples perfectly and I came...on the bar...with no one touching my cock! It was still inside my pants!!! I started dating strippers that night!

Danny was amazing! Jayrock and Shawn were an awesome stripping couple! J.T., Andreas, Char, Aaron, Steven, Kyler, Mason, Taylor, Chris, Barth, Gabor, Matt, Kevin, and these were just some of the ones from this place alone. I was still checking out stripper nights at the other gay bars in town. Alexander, Craig, Little Jimmy, Conrad, Peter, Wolf, David, Justin and Rusty! Alex was my personal favorite! And then there was Devin!

Devin wasn't as hot as some, not as well built, not as endowed. What he did have was great face, an amazing smile, a beautiful ass, an awesome ability to kiss, and an eagerness to please. He was also a bit of a romantic, despite being mostly straight. I know, the story of my life, right?

It took us about six months to even start talking, but once the ice was broken, we went hot and heavy fast! In no time, he wanted me to give up all the other strippers and be his exclusively. But I would get jealous when he was with other patrons of the bar and never ask him to stop. I might get uncomfortable. A few times I may have even left. But I knew that was his money so I attempted to cope. He didn't fare so well with mine so we compromised and I gave up most of my stripper guys and he stopped doing a few things with patrons other than me, so I felt "special." lol

So we started dating, but he still had this jealous streak. See, back then, I had no unattractive friends. Didn't know money could do that, huh? I remember when I took my best friend, who was in a menage a trois relationship at the time with two guys hotter than he was, to the bar to meet him. He was so jealous, he refuse to leave the table except for when he had to be on stage! Andy, the hottest guy, further pissed him off by jumping on the back stage and taking off his shirt, then dancing up on me and shit. So we weren't perfect, but we were damn close.

And our date nights were wonderful, so romantic, so passionate! We would go out to eat sometimes, and sometimes I would cook for him before I went to see him at the bar and brought him a plate. We would drink, a lot! lol But we had things in common. We both loved tennis, late night walks on the canal, holding hands when we could. Our big thing was music! He was an awesome pianist, and back in the day, I use to play the flute, the saxophone, the oboe and the clarinet. Might have mastered my oral technique back then too. We were both singers as well, so we would play and sing duets, even got booked a few times in a local hotel lobby! And since I wrote poetry and he wrote music, our songwriting ability was incredible.

We had a few songs, which still get to me when I hear them. And we had this pet project, this car, this red Tropeo that we worked on. Actually, he worked on them, I just paid for the stuff! God, I miss that car, and the cuddling, and the kissing, and the bubble baths, and the massages. He even introduced me to his girlfriend, now wife, and their daughter, and his father and his step mom! We all spent holidays together! I was with this man for over four years, and would have stayed longer if work hadn't taken me to Missouri.

Facebook afforded us the occasional catch up, and when I moved back, we started talking more regularly. That's when he shared with me what was going on with him, and my care and concern might have opened up the possibility of rekindling this thing. And that's kind of where we are now.

I is time for me to find an all the way gay guy to take me away from all this! lol
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Jeff and Gary!!!
Posted:Aug 15, 2017 8:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2017 10:31 am
Thanks to my new friend, SISSY4U2! Thank you Bjhogan, Hungr4yungr, and OnDaFence for your comments to my latest post. Qasim786, you really should hang out here more often! Chadlse, thank you for your very kind words to my picture! Tennisnfun, when do we get to the fun part? lol And Cumlover401, Melbourne has never looked so good!

The night of the day I wrote my last post, Sawyer came home and put it on me better than he has in months! And I thoroughly enjoyed it. But it felt wrong. The next day, however, he started fucking up again, and then I figured out why. I ended up reminding him that he has a little more than two weeks to figure out what he wants to do about this. I guess he thought one night of great sex was going to fix everything. Or maybe, he was jealous and wanted to remind me of what he could do. I appreciated it...greatly, but the issues aren't just in the bedroom anymore. I did get to spend some more time with Devin, and I've planned our big night, but will come in September, once Sawyer knows what he is doing.

So I scheduled an appointment with Gary, and it started off all kinds of unusual. First, it is an out call, which I rarely do these days, except for the Club Hubs. Then, he was picking me up, but I didn't need to bring anything, not even my massage table. Then he picks me a limo! So I'm thinking we are headed for one of the nicer hotels, but we ended up at a very lovely home. This is one strange bird, I thought.

Gary is actually gorgeous! Very nice face, with long, mostly black hair, a goatee, a bit on the slender side, but hey, everyone looks good in a nice suit, right? Turns out, he has his own business and supplements his income as a limo driver, and this was his house. We get inside and he gives me a tour. We get a couple of glasses of water and go upstairs to one of his rooms.

As he is undressing, I'm noticing his slightly hairy chest, his pecs and nipples, his happy trail and belly button, and then the shock. How can a guy this slender have such a big beautiful ass? He also had a beautiful but barely average size dick. he pulls out some baby oil and lays his stomach on the bed so we can begin.

I loved his feet and as I started to lick his feet and suck his toes, I heard this soft whimpering coming from him. Damn! Already? I worked his slender calves and his nice thighs. Then went to his neck, because I knew I would be with his ass for a while! He pounced on my cock like a lion on a gazelle! I could barely contain myself, or focus on his back and shoulders, where most guys need extra attention. It took forever for me to get to that ass, but boy, am I glad I did! It was clean! It was beautiful! It was almost sweet! It was awesome! I stayed there much too long. So long in fact, I didn't actually finish the massage. I licked up his taint to his balls. I licked around them, tasting the sweet precum that had made its way around them. I jumped on that uncut dick and in less than five minutes, he had dropped his creamy load in my mouth. He then grabbed mine and tried to do the same, but it didn't work out. He actually wanted me to fuck him, but there was no time. So he paid and tipped me and drove me back.

Jeff was the last black client I had for the day. I'm not usually that into black guys, Jeff was an exception to that rule. Great face, awesome smile, goatee, nice hair and dressed in all white. I can tell he is well built already, so I'm actually really looking forward to getting him on the table. Turns out, he is a talker too.

I'm noticing everything, as he slowly gets undressed. Since he paid for a sensual session, I got to keep my clothes on, though I'm sure he noticed me tenting during the course of our massage. He had long feet with unattractive toes, nearly perfect legs...thick, muscular thighs with long, lean calves with just the right amount of hair. That chest, awesome...slightly hairy patch between two well developed, muscular pecs, with large pointing nipples, a happy trail leading to a massive cock, and the most beautiful caramel ass I've seen in ages. I didn't know where to begin.

I rushed over the feet because everything else was good, but he even enjoyed that little bit. I worked those calves and started to work the thighs, and things started to change. It was like he was conflicted or uncomfortable or something. His cock had gotten hard and I guess he wasn't expecting that. Of course, he tried to adjust himself, or hide it, but with all of that, it was no use. I told him that it happens all the time, not to worry about it. As I worked my way higher on his thighs, he started to squirm. I was almost unsure about touching his ass, so I went to the hips, and the noise he made told me I made the right decision. He made this sigh of relief and wormed himself back onto the massage table. he was putty in my hands after that.

So I not only got to work on his ass, I got to eat it too. He laughed at first. I guess I might have tickled his hair or the hole, but soon, he was all about it. Then I did his back, neck and shoulders, which he desperately needed. Should have spent the hour there, but instead, I flipped him over...and it was the most fascinating creature I'd ever seen. This mountain of uncut cock, oozing globs of cream, much like an erupting volcano, but it was only precum! Sweet, creamy precum that nearly made the rest of the massage not happen. So I hit everything in the front, but after each section, I'd revisit that fountain of man juice. He responded well to the nipple play as well, cranking ever more man butter out of the churn! He was too much! It was too much! I couldn't take it anymore. I put that python in my mouth and drained it of all its magnificent venom. Then I licked his balls and made him purr like a kitten. He left a very happy camper, and a couple of loads lighter to boot!
The Party & My Celebrity Client!!!
Posted:Aug 12, 2017 6:57 am
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2017 10:31 am
A couple of long paragraphs before we get to the good stuff!!! lol

Thank you so much for your blog comments Bdawg007, Cocksucker4u67, Virg2 and Hungr4yungr!!! Very much appreciated! Thank you for becoming my newest watcher, YesIswallow3! Thank you Bjhogan and Biglotofun4u for your comments on my new pictures!!! Thank you Bjhogan, Just2getsucked and Subjoiel4u for the flirts, and Subjoiel4u for becoming my newest friend! Rendezvous4u and Cubsfan123, very nice! Still looking good Krboy, Crskyler and Gloryholefreak!!! Always good to see and hear from you, OnDaFence!!! Cumlover401...Come, Lover!!! And Akl1234, let me know when you are ready and we will make it happen!!!

So, I put Sawyer on better or be out by the end of the month!!! He's trying to get me to soften my stance, but I will not make it easy, and the guys around me aren't making it easy for him either. Devin has been amazing through this whole thing. I have to give him a very special night in the near future. Robbie has been by once. Hell, even Stephane has come over to talk to him, and explained how lucky he is to be in the situation we have. But there was one particular incident that even I felt a bit bad about.

I hosted a party Thursday, and honestly, I was really disappointed with the turn out. The supposed "best cocksucker" came out. A bunch of older, heavyset guys, one with a colostomy bag, and my tequila guy! Thank goodness because i drunk myself into tipsiness. Still not willing to do anything with anyone. Sawyer comes in from work, so I basically followed him up to our room. We started talking and I had pretty much decided I would hang out with him for a spell. We were talking and laughing and shit, and he decided he was going to hang out with some friends of his. I was a little disappointed, but I knew he didn't get to see them very often, and I still had the party to deal with. Just as he was about to leave the room, there was a knock at the door. It was one of my out-of-town playmates, and when I opened the door, he just blurted out, in from of Sawyer, "Can you come out here so I can suck on that big cock of yours?"

Now, since I rarely play at these things, Sawyer never had a problem with me attending them. And normally, because Sawyer is in the house, I don't. I figured I don't want to see him fucking around without me, I will extend the same courtesy. But there was something about Sawyer's face when he realized that I was actually going to go hang out with the guy at the door, it broke him a bit. he just kind of sadly slipped out of the room and the house.

And my out-of-towner made up for most of the lackluster party for me. He is an awesome kisser, and isn't too bad as a cocksucker either. We are both big fans of nipple play, so we did quite a bit of that. And I ate his ass out. He even wanted me to fuck him, so I tried to accommodate. But the condom he gave me was to small or tight so I didn't stay hard at first. Also, we discovered that he wasn't as clean as we thought, which also put a damper on things. He took the shitty condom off and started sucking my cock again, getting it hard and then sitting down on it anyway. For about thirty minutes we went at it, but the damage was done for me. I could stay hard in the hole, but I wasn't going to cum. He on the other hand came three times, once when I was sucking him and two when he was riding me. After that, the party pretty much came to an end. Sawyer would eventually come in drunk and we just opted not to talk about what happened earlier.

As for my massage client, I should say that he was no stranger to me. I think it is safe to call him a closeted bisexual. But actually, I was his first boyfriend, and we even lived together for over a year, but this was all before he started acting, when he was hot! 6'1, strawberry blond, mustache, lean, trim muscular body, decent ass, nice cock. So when he called me for the appointment, I was shocked, but I didn't know he was a celebrity at that point.

When he shows up for the massage, he gives me a gift. I open it to see it is a DVD. From the title, I knew it was something I wouldn't normally go see, but I thanked him and readied him for the massage. He asked if we could play it in the massage room, and although I had no interest in it, I allowed him the television as oppose to the music I normally play. Now he is so into this movie, he cutting into my time. So I hint at him to get started and he informed me that he will pay for what we agreed to, but really only want an oral happy ending, explaining that his girlfriend doesn't suck his cock because she can't get it into her mouth.

I'm looking at this guy, who is now older, heavier and less attractive than he use to be when we lived together. His ass is so much bigger, and his dick is now shorter and thicker than I remember. Why can't she handle this? I have no idea!

I'm looking at the cover of this movie, and wonder why he has a copy of a movie currently in theaters. Turns out, the big budget adaptation of the story is in theaters now, but the low budget version of the same story went straight to DVD. Then I finally see what the big deal is...he and his son both have decent parts in the low budget version. "So I've fucked celebrity ass!?!" I said. And his response was "and a whole lot more."

We spend most of the time reminiscing about old times as we glanced over his son's and his parts in the show, and then I did what he really wanted me to do. It just wasn't as satisfying for me as it used to be. But I did get the job done, and apparently quite well, as he gave me my fee, a tip, his new phone number and his itinerary for the rest of the year. When he is in town and his girl is away, he will book appointments with me.

My world is so fucked up, but it does keep things interesting around here! lol

P.S. As I was wrapping this up, I saw the awesome Damike was checking me out! Good to see you again!!!

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