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We will just share some of our stories and experiences involving one of our favorite pastimes!

Greetings from KCMO!!!
Posted:Mar 19, 2018 2:56 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2018 7:58 am
This is my last night in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas. And if you are really familiar, not North Kansas City either. lol I will be returning to Indianapolis tomorrow, for about a week, before I spend four days in St. Pete and Treasure Island, Florida, heading back to Indiana for a party on the 31st, and then back to Indianapolis for parties on the 1st and the 3rd.

Mral65, that means you should have gone somewhere and done something by then. That also means that the coupons for free massages are about to expire on Christo67851000, Daxter3 and Just_needing_fun. Don't worry though. I'll still be using you as eye candy! Thank you very much for adding me to your hot list, Uplay255. And OnDaFence, buddy how are you? Seems to be a few people taking issue with your blog. I guess I didn't realize blogs had to be factual. I thought the authors wrote whatever they wanted, and their readers must be entertained, amused, or otherwise engaged. But keep doing what you are doing, and I will keep reading. Whatever the deal is, it has educated me, caused me to think, laugh and even cry once in a while.

Before I get into this leg of my birthday celebration, a few of you may want to know about my boys. Before I left, I saw Billy once, and we talked about him painting my house on the outside. After some nude negotiations, we reached an agreement I think we both can live with. I also saw Robbie before I left, and he was sweet. I did noticed his old lady making overnight visits, so we will see what is going on there when I get back. The good news is that he could be replaced by Mikey, a massage client who has been communicating a lot with me. In fact, my last night in Indy was with him, and it was wonderful. Also wonderful was Devin, and we have decided to do two nights in a romantic rendezvous this week for me and one next month on his birthday! Stephane is doing well and is actually hosting Tuesday's event. If it is anything like the last one he hosted, I'm in for one hell of a night. Unfortunately, Sawyer started slipping before I left, and he hasn't gotten much better, or so I hear. I'm hoping I won't have to intervene until after I'm through celebrating.

Back in Kansas City, I have spent most of my time at the Bella, this crazy ass building located between the Plaza and Westport, two of the best parts of the city to party. I actually went downtown hoping to give one night to strippers and cocktails, but neither one of my bars down there were in business, so I ended up going to a theater, hooking up with a teacher, who took me to their equivalent of a bath house. It was interesting, but it was also one of the more uneventful parts of my trip.

At the Bella, I ended up doing to massages. The first one was a stocky, hairy Latino with a large uncut cock. He was really kind of strange, like romantic yet aggressive. It was really odd. You'd think that a mouth that can rim like that and kiss so passionately, wouldn't shred your cock trying to cock it. But I got through it, by spanking his ass so hard, he had to lay down. That gave me time to do the frontal massage, using his nipples and armpits to get him aroused, then licking his taint and balls as I stroked his massive meat, and when the bed started to tremble, I replaced my hands with my mouth and showed him how a blowjob should be done, complete with the consumption of his large but somewhat bitter load. The second was a tall, skinny, hairy redneck who turned out to be full of surprises. He was an amazing kisser. He was also quite a shooter, as the second load flew passed both of our heads. I actually swallowed the first one, as I was tweaking his nipples and sucking his cock and balls. And the last one came unexpectedly as i was eating his ass. He even paid for another thirty minutes so we could make out and cuddle before he left!

My girls, queer dears, as I hate the phrase "fag hags," hosted a "Muscles" birthday party for me, though most of the guys there were anything but. The bars was stocked, and music was 70's and 80's, dance primarily, so I was dancing up a storm. And as the night went on, I would get stuck on Nick's chest and Cliff's cock contour, and John Paul's thighs, and Chuck's just about everything. But these guys were not available for me to enjoy. Thank goodness, Chris and Kevin came in with some of their friends, mainly nice looking young men in their twenties. After the old folks went to bed, we started doing drinking games. I was the last man standing and by that time, I had played with Trevor, Kevin and John. But I ended up spending the night with Travis, a gorgeous hairy brunette who actually passed out in the backyard. I let him sleep it off in my room and was handsomely rewarded in the morning. I won't tell everything, but his morning wood popped out of the hole in his boxers. He got off twice and tried like the dickens to get me off. He didn't, but I damn sure won't complain about the effort. It was a valiant attempt!

I also booked an overnight stay at an Extended Stay so I could cook and set up a bar for the Overnight Strip Poker Extravaganza. Five games running throughout the night, with intermissions so the winners could get their wish.

The first game had the most guys shockingly. There was hot Steve, redhead Steve, and hairy Steve, Chad, a very cute stocky guy, Ryan, Allen, Jeff, Troy, Jim, John and Mike. Now if you don't remember all the rules, when a guy gets naked, he services the remaining players orally until we have a winner. And since I am an amazing host, I'm always the last guy they have to suck. So when Allen and Ryan got naked, they started moving around under the table. Then Troy and redhead Steve joined the suckers. Then hairy Steve came in Ryan's mouth, an absolute no-no, so he automatically lost, got naked and started sucking. Chad went next and eventually, it was hot Steve, myself and Jim. I would eventually win the first game and end up fucking hairy Steve. I saw redhead Steve suck on Chad and Ryan and Allen playing, but hot Steve didn't do anything.

Redhead Steve was married an couldn't stay for game number two. But Fred, a sexy, lean young white guy showed up. Mike was the first one out of clothes this time, and started putting his mouth to good use. Chad, Allen, hairy Steve and Ryan would eventually follow. Then I would have to get down on my knees, leaving the remaining players...Hot Steve, Jim and Troy. Hot Steve would become the winner and wanted to be sucked off by yours truly.

Both Steves would leave along with Ryan and Allen, I think they actually hooked up, and Ken, an older, sexy well-endowed fellow would show up. John was upset that he was the first one naked, because he started with the new guy, and he prefers small dicks. Mike, Troy and Chad were the next to follow suit. That left Ken, Fred, Jeff and myself, but neither of us were getting a break from getting our cocks sucked. It seemed like it took forever for Ken to lose his clothes. Then Fred, and finally Jeff won the third game. I already knew what was going to happen at that point. Jeff was into dark meat, so i ended up fucking him while Mike and Troy played around.

Jeff and John left before the fourth game started, and Rick, a cute young, skinny brunette and Richie, a short muscular freak would join the rest of us. There was no beginner's luck for Rick, and he was the first to go down. Ken, Fred and Chad would be next. And that left Richie, Jim, Mike and Troy trying to concentrate while getting their dicks sucked, and no one working on mine yet. Eventually, Richie, Troy and then Mike would got under and I would win my second game of the night. Rick and Chad got together and Richie went after Ken, who wanted to get with me and Jim. In the end, I let Jim and Ken go for it, occasionally making out with one or the other, playing with their nipples or their cocks when one was available.

Alan, an older, hairy, sexy guy with a huge uncut cock would come in as Rick was leaving. And right before we started the last game, Chris, another sexy young man with a nice cock showed up. They were joining me, Jim, Fred, Ken, Chad, Mike, Troy and Richie. Mike and Chad were the first two sucking for this game. Then Richie and then Chris. Then Troy, Jim and Fred, and I remained playing with the two biggest cocks at the table. Ken would end up sucking my cock before I had to suck Alan's. And since it was the last game, I was going to suck him off. But since he won, he wanted me to fuck him. So as Ken fucked Richie and I fucked Alan, Jim fucked Chris, Chad sucked Fred and Troy and Mike continued to play like they did most of the night.

And when the games were over, Fred, Ken and Richie stayed a while, and Jim and Jeff would come back.

K. C. has always been good to me!
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45 Days of Heaven & Hell!
Posted:Mar 5, 2018 1:30 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2018 12:46 am
This is another long and personal one, so feel free to move on to something else. lol And I realize it has been a bit of a stretch since the last time I posted. In fact, several of the guys I use to be acquainted with, have either moved on or hell, I forgot their names. I had to look one up before I discovered he wouldn't be needed in this post. lol

In my absence, there haven't been many people paying me attention. Thank you for the flirt, Bjhogan! It is nice to be remembered! lol Dansdick....still looks amazing! lol Akl1234, I like this picture so much better! I hope it is working for you like it is working for me! lol And then there is the other guy, so I'm not announcing because I'm not sure he is ready for it yet, but he is my big crush on the site right now. So if he is ready, he might know who he is, and if a few other guys think that it is them, that's okay too! lol

So those of you looking for a massage episode, are going to be disappointed this time around. And those of you looking for recaps of my parties, this is going to be a downer for you, though I did have a great time at yesterday's affair! Those looking for the latest on some of my we go. Billy...Hasn't done any work, hasn't been any play. Robbie...hung out with some after the party last night and again this morning before he left. slowly fading into the background, since his old lady came back and now she is expecting. I'm still in the picture, as he has poor taste in ladies and always comes back. Devin...still something special, though we haven't seen a great deal of each other lately. Mostly love texts at this point. And Sawyer, Wonderful when he wants to be, but he's slipping up again, and I'm not suppose to know this from long distance. So we will see!

What I feel the need to talk about today is, my birthday celebration. And the fact that there are actually two of them. And the fact that the biggest one, currently about to start, is not the important one. And the smaller one, later in the year, is the one that truly matters!

Decades and years ago, at about this time, the experiment that is me, was born. Now, the sperm donor and I had a very volatile relationship before he passed on. Let's just say he had plans and ideas for me that didn't come to pass. And one of them was... my name. He had a hideous name picked out for me, and apparently, it was ingrained on the brain. In fact, hours after I was born, the only way my mother could get him to change his mind was...making me a junior. As time went on, nothing grew good grew between the two of us, and I had to carry that name much longer than I wanted to. So my first birthday is the day the shell was born, and the second is the day my soul entered the picture.

Over time, I grew into the creature I am today, and along the way, picked up some friends, fans, a following or whatever, and this is where the title of the post comes in. LOL

Having worked in several bars, being liked in several communities and most importantly, being true to myself in front of so many people, my big day has been celebrated far beyond the scope of what even makes sense anymore!

Let's talk about the bars for a bit. And amazingly, most of them are no longer with us. In fact, it is a running joke that whenever I stop attend a bar regularly, it closes. The 501, for example, celebrated my birthday basically the whole month of March. In fairness, it was mainly Friday and Saturday nights and every Undie Monday in March, because I pretty much took over the bar and had my way. But it was awesome. Another great bar who made a big deal out of my big day was the Unicorn, the local male stripper bar. I huge out many nights there, and the strippers in particular loved me. I didn't mind spending money when I was having a good time, and my favorites knew how to get me there! I find it shocking looking back over that period...2 strippers actually asked me out and another one, I actually dated for a number of years. And if count the ones I spent extra time with, DAMN! I was either a hot mess or a lucky, busy son of a bitch. And since I consider that period one of the best of my life, I'm going with the later! lol Then there was the music and a certain bartender at Tubes, a video bar I use to frequent. And NYC, where another bartender, a cocktail server and a certain spot on the dance floor always seem to be mine! And in Saint Louis, Magnolia's and a certain bartender there, and the Bad Dog, and even J.J's were immensely helpful spread the love for me around. And in Kansas City, there was DB Warehouse, and NV's Martini & Stripper night, and Missie B's, and that little dive bar next to Sidekick's, again because if you had enough money, you could pretty much take it over. Oh, the scandals and the stories I could tell, but I will continue to protect Fred, Ken, James, Sam and both Steve's. lol And let's not forget the Code at the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida! And it isn't just the bars...

The groups I facilitate with their parties and such, they feel like they have to remember me too. There is always an awesome strip poker extravaganza in both Kansas City and Indianapolis to celebrate this particular occasion, because strip poker nights are my favorite events! And what screams party more than Spring Break and a Nudie Game Night! Darts, billiards, Twister, poker, hell even tennis, football and trivia, always makes for one hell of a night! Hell, this year, there is an extra party in Newcastle to celebrate the big occasion.

And then there are the other's that get squeezed in where they can. I still try to do the family thing with the clan I was born into. And when I was removed from that group, a group of my junior high school and high school friends filled in the gap and became my real family. And as time has gone on, I've "adopted" a family from mainly bar people, though a couple of my sons were kids who started a situation similar to mine, and I wish that period of time to be repeated on no one, especially to do it alone. All of these are occasions to celebrate. And then there are my girls in Kansas City. Real women, not drag queens. I call them queer dears, because there is not redeeming about neither fag or hag to me! Anyway, those three ladies usually throw me a themed party for the occasion every years, and it is awesome to see what they come up with and what they do to top the year before. The "It's Raining Men" One will always stick out in my mind as one of my favorites. When the strippers didn't show up, the girls manage to get all the men there to strip down to their underwear at midnight...for me! It was awesome, and in several cases, I have never looked at their husbands, sons and some of their son's friends the same again! lol

And keep in mind, this is all for what I consider to be my lesser birthday. The one that basically celebrates when this form was create. I'd much rather the day the essence of who I am became legally recognized. But they don't go all out for that one. I might get two or three parties for that one, and one of them will be at my own doing! lol

Let's see if I'm still young enough to do this thing! lol Wish me luck!!!
Valentine's Day Couple's Massage and Dex the Dom!!!
Posted:Feb 19, 2018 11:08 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2018 12:15 am
Let me thank Akl1234 for his email. I also want to thank BBCSlut69 for becoming my newest friend. And thank you as well to CasualBoop for adding me to your hot list. It was time for me to put some new names on the local freebie list anyway! I guess it has been a little bit longer than usual since I've been here, but I hope I haven't been forgotten already! lol

So I had a somewhat usual couples massage on Valentine's Day.

See, decades ago, I met Jim when I was in retail/restaurant management. he would come into my store on the semi-regular basis and buy a few things. And at the time, I thought he was well built, but average looking. So it didn't trigger any buttons, and I'm not even sure if I paid attention if my gaydar went off. What I did noticed about him was his husband, though I didn't know it at the time. This guy was gorgeous, and hairy, and friendly, and well built, and funny, with a great smile and really seemed to like me. He came in a bit more often, so we actually might have qualified as acquaintances, though I would have liked to have been more, until I learned he wasn't single, and was completely flabbergasted when he told me who his other half was. So I just remained cool with both of them I guess.

Fast forward a decade, when I started my massage business, and at some point, Jim called in for an appointment. We discussed the details of the session, but it didn't register who he was until I opened the door and saw him. We pretty much went about the massage session as planned, without acknowledging our prior relationship.

I developed a new appreciation for him once he took his clothes off! And I was a bit concerned about providing the extras we had discussed, but I did give him a thorough, full body massage. Although it seemed he shaved his muscular chest, I enjoyed its color, its firmness and his nipples, and he appreciated my attention to them. Actually, other than his head, he shaved all of his hair. I ate his firm, muscular tush, though I hated the tan lines that came with it. And it turned out he was a pretty good kisser. But I think I closed the deal when I licked his bald balls and sucked his impressive cock to completion. In fact, he was so impressed with my work, that he not only tipped me well, but took a few of my business cards, and informed me he was going to tell his husband about my massage, indicating his husband would be in as well.

Now remember, I thought his husband was hot and awesome when I managed the store, so I was hoping to get a session with him. And within a week, he had called and booked an appointment. I'm not sure I hid my disappointment very well when his husband showed up at the door and it wasn't the guy I remembered. As luck would have it, the odd couple had split up, the gorgeous one moved to Florida and he found a guy a bit more suitable to him.

In fairness, Isaac wasn't a bad looking guy, he just wasn't gorgeous, or what I was expecting. He was actually friendlier, hairier and a bit more fun than Jim. So I tried to keep Issac's session in line with Jim's, in case they compared notes. So again, I gave Isaac a thorough, full body massage. Although his chest wasn't as muscular as Jim, I did enjoy playing with the hair, and his nipples were a bit more responsive. And even though he too, had a tan line I could have lived without, he did have hair on his ass, and didn't mind the rimming. And because he was a little bit bigger and much hairier, I might have enjoyed licking his balls and sucking him off more. But not only was Isaac a better kisser, he had no problem trying to keep me motivated, by rubbing my ass, sucking my nipples, sucking my cock, groping and fondling me. in fact, I'm guessing he enjoyed our first session as well, as he paid for an extra thirty minutes and still gave me a tip.

Over the years, I've seen Isaac and Jim about ten times, always separate occasions, usually on Mondays and Fridays of the same week. But this Valentine's Day, they were coming together, and I was doing one behind the other, with the other one in the room.

When they arrived on the big day, they had a bottle of wine, and I was glad because I thought it might come in handy. And as we were sipping our first round, I suggested that Jim went first, hoping that Isaac would adjust our program so it was more like Jim's. And I basically did the same thing I always did to Jim, except I made Isaac kiss him as I sucked him off. And as we were sipping our next round of wine, I got the indication that Isaac was on board with the plan. So I did the exact same thing to Isaac that I did to Jim, including having Jim kiss Isaac as I sucked him off. And as we were sipping on the last of the wine, the guys decided that I should get off as well, so one would kiss me while the other sucked, then they would switch. Then they both started sucking on me, and although it felt great, I knew I didn't want to get off with them. I had real plans for Valentine's Day and wanted to give my all to him.

Now, the appointment with Dexter almost didn't happen. First of all, he wanted everything done on the phone, and I prefer doing business by email, so there is a record of of all the important stuff. And when I finally gave in and set up the appointment by phone, he took that to mean I would be dominated during the session. After reaching what I thought was our understanding, I made the appointment.

Dex shows up at the door and he is a great looking older guy. Sexy, older nerd type, but well built. But what he called confidence was borderline arrogance to me. I mean, I liked his tanned, muscular body, but the hair was scarce. He had awesome nipples I could have sucked on for days. He shaved his genitals, which were just slightly above average in length and girth. Another awful tan line on a muscular, hairless ass. And as I started the massage, he demanded I do deep tissue with extra pressure, the worst kind in my opinion. So I started on his feet, but I was too rough, and had to be gentle on his heels and arches. I actually did his calves and thighs twice, doing a hip adjustment and lengthening between the two. And I assumed he was a top, but he really loved to have his ass played with. I did his lower back just fine, but then he started to take over the session.

First I have to straddle his back to put extra pressure on his upper back and shoulders. I ended up using my knuckles and elbows to work out some of the knots. Then I had to be tender to his neck, and he wanted a scalp massage to boot. When I turn him over, he is hard and dripping, and wants me to jump right to the happy ending. I see the time on the clock and figured I would be cheating him if I did it now. So I hit his feet and knees, and then moved to his chest. Again, his nipples were awesome, and when I removed my mouth and used my fingers, he started sucking my cock. He was an excellent cocksucker, and might have gotten the job done, if he weren't smacking my ass every three minutes or so. After about five licks or so, I decided to get this over with and went down to sample the juice. Somehow, he managed to get his head between my legs and started eating my ass. So he's rimming, I'm sucking and we are both noisy as fuck! Eventually, he would get close enough to stop working on me, and I would catch healthy load in my mouth, which I fed to him in the form of a kiss.
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The Birthday Spanking Sploshing Massage & The Spot Massage!!!
Posted:Feb 4, 2018 7:03 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2018 9:44 pm
A lot to do and not much time, as you will see from my status at some point. I read some of my more recent post and discovered something. I don't know why they took the spell check/ grammar thing off the blogs, but they ought to put it back. As it turns out, I'm not quite as dyslexic, as tipsy or as ignorant as I might appear to be. Certain blends as I call them, like "sc" or "one" don't always show up where they ought to. So i don't think I am responsible for all the typos I find in my blogs. Put the error catcher back on....PLEASE!!!

There are quite a few guys I need to holler at as well. Thank you for the emails, Akl1234. I hope to send you one before I get off of here today! Thank you for adding me to your hot list, Dansdick. If you're a regular reader, you know I've mentioned you several times. Hey, what happened to your pictures? lol Always good to see you, OnDafence!!! And my lover from down under, Cumlover401. Time for you to be less shy and send a few words, or some used underwear my way. Just kidding, sort of. lol Thank you for all the flirts guys, and I hope I didn't miss anybody... Bjhogan, Grecoromano75, Aoanalsub, BBCSlut69 and Just2getsucked! You guys put me in a good and loving mood. Speaking of which, I've now seen Daxter3 on here three times this week. He even looked at me once. So to you and the other two local boys, Christo67851000 and Just_needing_fun, you have until my birthday next month to come in for your freebie. Valentine's Day is next week, if you are feeling lonely! I'll be your sweet hot chocolate for about an hour! lol I saw that gorgeous Fredpet on here as well, and I do want to pet you, all over, from head to toe, with about five different body parts! lol RoseboyDana, I think this is the first time I've seen you this year. Thanks for checking in! How you doing, and make that sound more like Joey Tribiani and less like Resputia from Norbitt or Wendy Williams. lol And I know this is the first time I've seen you here this year, Crskyler! Still looking awfully good! You too, Grant1970!!!

So Richard has been a regular client for about eight years now, and he's a good looking guy, and he is always more than I expect. He always comes in for one spot massage, but then ends up getting two, three or four. And he is usually the last client I have on that day, usually because he comes in after work and before he goes home. The only real problem I have with Richard, other than one of the most unusual mullets I've ever seen, is he's gotten so comfortable with it now, that he doesn't even schedule an appointment anymore. He just comes by after work, whenever he feels like it. Usually not a problem, as he gets off at five, and I try to get out of here at six, so he usually is the last client for the day when he comes.

So he shows up unexpectedly, as usual, and there was no one here, so I went ahead and did him. Now, he came in for two spot massages, neck & shoulders and a back massage. He has been known to get three other spots done as well, but since he only took off his shirt, it was cool. But I had to take of my pants because he requires really deep tissue work, and I'm at my most effective if I straddle him. So I'm basically sitting on his ass, as I devoted ten minutes to his neck, five minutes to each of his shoulders ten minutes to his upper back and ten minutes to his lower back. And of course, the lower I go, the further down I have to scoot to effectively work the area. And he starts doing his little ass dance, which means he's getting turned on, and it doesn't help that he's vibrating on the massage table with my weight pressing down on him. So when I finish his lower back, he decides he wants his feet done as well.

Now, Richard has very nice feet, so normally in the ten minutes per foot I give him, and he has dress shoes on, as I'm stretching and elongating the toes, I might do some licking and sucking. Because he has on sneakers however, I opted for no oral contact. If they start to smell, they aren't appetizing, and using a scented massage cream usually means they won't be tasty. And although sweat usually leaves a slightly salty favor on most parts of the body, it doesn't do so hot with the feet. So just put extra time in on the arches, the heels and the pads, as I call them, the area where the five toes seem to meet whatever connects them. When I finish, I assume he is reaching into his pants to get my money, but he is actually pulling them down. I guess there is one more spot. But I like doing Richard because I really doesn't take very long and he drops a large, creamy, tasty load each time!

It isn't unusual for people to give massages as birthday presents. Hey, some even get them for themselves on their birthday. What is unusual is when they ask for their birthday whacks as part of the massage. Or to have some edible surprises as part of the session. But hey, it is his birthday and someone is paying, so if that's what he wants, and I can handle it, who am I to say no? This was the case with Rodney!

Everything seemed strangely different, yet normal, until I got to the door to let him in. And here is this tall, lean, friendly, young guy with a great smile, jeans and a hoodie. I did mention young, right? Not a hint of facial hair anywhere. I had to do it. I carded learn that it was his 19th birthday! No body shots with this one! Since I had already prepared the room for this particular encounter, we talked as he got undressed, and I'm still looking for body hair. I found a little around the navel, a little under his arms and some around his lovely, uncut dick.

I start his massage with his feet of course, and it dons on me, this maybe history in the making for this young man, so try a few things, and make sure you are good, because it may be his first time and you don't want to scare him off of anything.

It was definitely the first time his feet had been licked, as he was extremely ticklish, so the sole and the arch were too much and sucking his toes were out of the questions. Still, he had this infectious joy about him and a great laugh, so I felt like I could continue to make this an exploration and discovery massage of his body. Working my way up, we discovered he loves to have the back of his knees licked. And it was obvious he was a bottom boy. So I went to his neck and shoulders and worked my way down. When I got to the mound of flesh in the middle, I worked it. I kneaded it. I massaged, caressed and molded it. And when I found it to be okay, I licked it and I tongued it. Eventually got around to fingering him when I got it lubed up with my saliva and his precum, which he was now oozing onto the sheets. And I gradually increased the number of fingers until I could comfortably squeeze four in there, and then, replaced it with a smoked sausage link, and gradually worked it in up to the half way point. And I left it there, as I dipped my cock in butterscotch topping and served it to him to clean. I think he like butterscotch, as he relaxed and allowed the sausage to start sliding out of his ass. But each time it started, I pushed it back in, a little farther, until we were three quarters of the way in. Once I was clean, I went and slowly pulled the smoked sausage out with my mouth. As much as he loved that, he was even more pleased when I sprayed in and on his ass with whipped cream and started eating it, licking it and feeding it to him in the form of kisses.

I cleaned him up and turned him over to see his meat had worked its way out of its casing. Now rock hard, I managed to get three glazed doughnuts around it. I got a couple of spoons of ice cream and put one on each nipple, waited a bit and then slowly licked it off, leaving the spoons there when I finished. I went back to the lower half with the actual massage, skipping the feet, as I remembered I forgot something. When I got to each thigh, I would lick his balls and eat a doughnut as I massaged it. When there was only one left, I tongue-washed his taint, his balls, his entire genital area and his belly button before eating the last one. I washed it down with the remaining melted ice cream from his nipples and then turned him over.

In us thoroughly enjoying ourselves, I forgot to give him his birthday spanking. Now, I like to think I have strong hands, with a firm grip, and an easy, tender gentle touch. But I'm also a bit heavy-headed, and have frequently bruised people with one slap of my hand. Since he was nineteen, I added to one to grow on, making twenty, or ten per butt cheek. And a true cooling off period about halfway through. Well, I left a hand print on each cheek after the first round, and it just reddened after that. When we got to five, I smeared some ice cream on each butt cheek to sooth the burn, and licked it off as an apology, or a sign of remorse. lol I did the same thing again, when we finished spanking, replacing the ice cream with the rest of the whipped cream. Cleaned him up and turned him over, noticing we were running way behind! lol

I squirted chocolate syrup over his dick and my cock, and we started sixty-nining. Although he felt pretty good, I knew I wanted him to climax here for his birthday, and it wasn't long before his sausage started leaking its juices. A few minutes later, he exploded, let out one hell of a moan as well as lots of sweet man nectar, as only youngsters can do! And of course, I milked the hell out of it, even licking under the foreskin several times to remove any chance of smegma. After making noise and flouncing around for a bit, Rodney expressed concern that I hadn't got off. I told him not to worry about it, that I had a damn good time, and that there was still one more thing to do. I told him Happy Birthday as I pulled out a twinkie and placed an end in each of our mouths. We met in the middle and swapped cream and crumbs before he got dressed and continued celebrating his big day!
AGAIN! (Billy, Robbie, Kevin & Bernie, probably for the last time!!!)
Posted:Jan 26, 2018 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2018 4:38 am
WARNING!!! This will be fairly long, and will likely get a little personal with it, so if that isn't your thing, you might want to skip this , as you might learn more than you care to about me. lol As if the whole Stephane, Sawyer, Devin thing wasn't enough! lol

But first, let me thank Tomboysubmissive for adding me to his hotlist. Very much appreciated. I also appreciate the flirts,so thank you Bjhogan and Heik0173. I really appreciate you checking in on me, and making sure I'm doing the pictures right and stuff, but OnDaFence, you are permitted to say a few words here. You aren't limited to just your blog! So say hi sometime! lol And Cumlover401, from down under, when shall I come over!

Let me get into Bernie first, because it is the I'm likely to get the most personal about, meaning that I may get to be more fun as the post goes on.

Bernie was a regular client for about now. He was never of those guys who was physiy attractive to me, but twice a month, I would see him for 90 minutes. Our session were usually sensual, which to him meant he wasn't cheating after he got married, because he never did much to me and there was no kind of penetration.

Now, I've been told that I'm that Prince kind of sexy. Not overtly, and definitely not obviously, but when I hit my groove, I come off as strangely sexy. And yes, I know it is a compliment, but I, too, find it strange because I don't see it. I'm just me, but once I'm more comfortable with some, especially that I'm attracted to, I become less reserved. I don't that sexy, but okay. On top of that, I have this tendency to grow on people like moss. If you give me the chance, you will come to like me! And the longer you know me, the more you like me. That's probably why I have manage to be intimate with about 78% of the guys in my life. You can probably see where this is going, so back to Bernie.

After Bernie's husband left him, he became more...greedy, I guess you could say. He started getting more erotic sessions, and then we started doing Rub & rubs only, and then those Rub & rubs had to be d at the bath house, so he wouldn't have to go al, and if all else failed, he'd still get a massage session with a happy ending before he left. Not only did this make his sessions more mtarily beneficial, but it also got me a extra massage client or before I left the bath house. I guess this became his substitute for sex after his husband left.

And this became obvious during our last session. I had given him his public shower, and massaged him in the hot tub. I had massaged him in the steam room, and moisturized in the sauna. I had even taken him into the dark room, in hopes that he would get lucky, but nothing panned out for him. In fact, in hindsight, it might have frustrated him more, because when we got to the suite to do the actual massage, he decided to for a TURU session. Basiy, this is where I use my entire body to "massage" your body...a lot of fondling, cuddling, frottage and kissing if I can make myself go there. Definitely not for therapeutic purposes. So for about ty minutes or so, I'm rubbing my naked body over his, tweaking his nipples, groping his genitals and mainly moving my naked front all over his naked back. And then he said the words, "I want you to fuck me."

Killed it! The main reason I gave up ing was because over time, al was not enough to engage in anal sex with some people. As a masseur, this isn't an issue, because the client s for a great full body massage, sometimes with the diovery and exploration of various erogenous zs and usually a happy ending. The rest is up to the the happy ending is d, which erogenous zs to hit and how to hit them, etc. So if the masseur is truly feeling the client, anything can happen, but shouldn't be expected, unless it is arranged ahead of time.

To shorten this, as I have more guys to get to here, I had to explain to Bernie why that couldn't happen. That I didn't and couldn't see him that way, that he didn't have the skills to bring that kind of activity about, or the ability to work me into that kind of frenzy. I gave him his happy ending by hand, gave him a shower to clean him up, collected my fee, walked him out, gave him a hug, and I suspect I will never see him again.

After the amazing session I had with Robbie last week, I was surprised when he booked another for this week. After all, it is usually if I'm lucky a once every to month treat for me, but twice in weeks, damn, I am good! lol Anyway, days before his next session, I got a bittersweet surprise.

Keep in mind now, we have been neighbors for about now, and although Robbie and I have always been at least friendly, his old lady had never said word to me...Until that night!

A piece of their mail ended up in my box, and it didn't look like junk, so I waited for of their cars to pull up, grabbed a cigarette and walked it down. I hit the doorbell, and after a bit, he shows up, in a white towel wrapped around his waist. I gave him the mail, and he ask me in. But I'm smoking a cigarette, and I've seen him out enough to know that there is no smoking in the house, so I politely declined and returned home. After dinner, I'm doing dishes and my doorbell rings. It is Robbie, and he is not al. The mail was hers, and he thought this was the opportunity for him to introduce us. I grab a cigarette and my dog, and gab with them a bit on the porch... the whole time thinking...WTF!!!

I don't do well with the women in my bi-guys lives. First of all, most of them are so unattractive, I wonder how the hell I even got noticed, and how the hell they got together in the first place. And second, it changes the dynamic between us. To me, it feels like a threat to the primary relationship, which is usually not my intention. I look to secretly compliment the situation, not make things worse. In this case, he is now growing chest hair for me, now introducing me to his lady. In my track record in the past, these usually turn into prolonged friends with benefits situations, usually lasting , and usually I'm still there when the lady has left.

So when he comes in for his session, I'm more concerned with figuring things out than enjoying our session together. Eventually I say something lamely humorous to extract information, something like, " You are looking at the wrong grain of pepper to spice up you grains of salt!" "What was that about the other night?" He attempted to explain himself. But do I feel any better? Only in the knowledge that I'm not expected to do anything with her. He told me that he is growing fond of me, and really looks forward to our time together. I reminded him of my situation, with Sawyer, and with the couple of guys in the wings, and reiterated to him that neither of us are in a good space to make radical changes in our lives right now, so if he could handle it, let's just enjoy our time together physiy and focus on our primary relationships right now, and if we need to address the situation again, we will talk about it on his birthday massage session. Then we finished up our make out, cuddling massage session and he walked down the street. I love to watch him walk away! lol

You guys may well be tired of reading about Kevin and his humongous cock, and his pretty ass. After all he has been a on and off again client for like year now. Still, when we have of our better sessions, it seems worth talking about. And now that he is working jobs, his sessions have to be down early in the morning. Like 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning. So of course, I have to be feeling it, which means I'm in a more romantic, amorous mood. Make it kind of odd actually, because we are quite opposites.

He is more about the physical and sexual, and at that time, I'm amorous enough to just settle for having a man in my hands. He hates kissing, and although it is awesome for me, his breath stinks and I don't care for looking at his face, so it works out. There is no hair hardly on his upper body, but the lower back and front is so amazing to look at, to touch and to taste, when they are fresh. Unfortunately, that was a bit of a problem when he was last here.

I guess he thought he was prepared, and since the focus needed to be on his back upper half, that's were I put the bulk of my attention, his back, his neck and his shoulders. Then I skipped down to his feet and worked my way up. He apparently really wanted some attention paid to his ass that night, and it didn't take me long to decide that I wanted to be in front. For some reason, I wasn't trying to be mean or bitchy with him, so we just kind of ended up doing this tug-of-war thing, going back and forth in the middle. I massaged his cheeks real good, then I'd work my way around his hips and back to the crotch. I'd get it hard and he would start purring before he turned himself back to ass up. I'd rub around his asshole for a bit, massage his taint, knead his upper thighs and be back on his cock again. Again, he'd get hard and start making noises again before he turned back over. It was a ful hours, and I guess you could say, I ended up being the most satisfied. lol And when he put his underwear on, I said something that surprisingly got a huge laugh out of him. "It is a clear indication to whoever is visiting, that when there is tissue paper coming out of your actual asshole, you don't want to spend too much time there!"

Another you probably tired of hearing about is Billy, the funky handyman. Well, when my normal Thursday morning appointment didn't hedule yesterday, I decided to have Billy get the rest of the outdoor Christmas decorations down. And I had heard it through the grapevine that he was doing pretty good financially, so I was pretty sure a massage would be the method of ment.

He really did seem happy when he arrived. I didn't really care for the new hair cut, but beyond that he looked good, and even cleaner than usual. Though when we were diussing the project, I noticed a growth on his lip, and diover some unattractive shit going on near the gums of his lower teeth. It was then that I decided there would be no kissing, and I would only focus on the things that mattered.

When he finished, and he did a fine job, I threw him in the tub. I didn't offer him a drink. Nor did I give him a cigarette. I actually didn't take off my clothes, nor got in with him. I rolled up my sleeves and bathed his entire body, spending extra time on his chest, armpits, ass and dick. That dick is still the most impressive flaccid dick I have ever seen, and now that it was clean I could barely wait to taste it. I dried him off and got him on the massage table. And I will admit, it was a bit of a rush job. But I did hit everything, just not like I usually would. And he took notice. As I was finishing up the actual massage, he ask me what was up. In fairness and in all hsty, I was still needing that amorous, romantic session, and thought we could do a similar deal to the last time he was here. But the oral issues killed it for me, and since you aren't drunk, I didn't see anything anal happening, so the cock it what I'm settling for. He was very sweet about it, even giving me a couple of hugs after I sucked him off.

So I'm still in need of that amorous, romantic thing. Thank goodness I have an orgy to go to tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some there who can give me everything I desire!
Matt, Jay, Eric and Fred!!!
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First, some bad news. One of my new year's resolutions, I have 27, is not to use any of the guys from my life pictures in the blog this year. So for the next year, I will be looking for guys on the net who look similar to the guys I had on my massage table or at my parties. So all my playmates, exes and clients should feel safe for a year!!! lol

So I got the online newsletter and saw this beautiful creature, Fredpet, who just happened to be on here when I arrived. It was him and Mayorbibala2017 who got me over here this early in the morning. But I'm not complaining, because I saw Daxter3's sexy ass when I got here as well. I can say that because we are somewhat acquainted with each other. Cum on in for that massage and a good laugh, will you? Hell, I'll even throw in a cocktail and some music and it will be like we are at our now closed, but favorite bar! The rest will be our little secret! lol That reminds me, Christo67851000, you will find it much more enjoyable to pay me a visit in person than on this site. But thanks for popping by. The same goes to Akl1234 and Cumlover401!

Matt was this cutie patootie who came in for a massage last week. And I swear, he was the cutest, most adorable guy I'm come across in a long time. Everything about him was either cute, adorable, playful, young or sweet. His face, his smile, even his personality. Yes, even his body, which made it really interesting to work on him. He was trying to grow a goatee, and had some awesome armpits, but then, there was no more hair until you got to his lower half. Not a lot of muscle, but a lot of ass. even his genitals were...cute. As I gave him a full body massage, he was ticklish in a few spots. I couldn't massage his feet properly, and sucking his toes were out of the question. He laughed when I tried to rim his beautiful ass, and his nipples, and his belly button. But he was so cute, and playful and fun, I just let it all go. We actually talked quite a bit as well, something that rarely happens with first time guys. I feel like I massaged a cute, new friend, but I do hope the happy ending happens differently next time.

I always get a little tense when a masseur from out of town comes in. So when Jay booked the appointment, i wanted to find out as much as I could before the actual massage, so I gave him a ninety minute session at a seventy-five minute fee. That would give me time to figure out his preferred methodologies, pressure, limitations and expectations. The one thing you don't want is a another masseur speaking badly about you, especially from out of town. He was a little on the heavy side, but not unattractive with it. His clean shaved face was a bit misleading, because most of him was quite hairy, except his face and chest. I gave him a complete full body massage, and thank goodness, he gave me clues along the way. Like lifting his ass up when I was in that general area, so I knew it was okay to give him a prostate massage, and later rim his, big beautiful, hairy ass. Or grabbing my cock when I was working on his torso and upper thighs. Or moving my head up slowly so I was slowly licking from his nipples, to his chest and then to an awesome make out session! After that, I felt obligated to give him a happy ending. I think he wanted me to enter him, but he never got me hard or frenzied enough to do so, so he settled for some rimming, and my sucking his balls as I manipulated his prostate with my finger. I slowly made my way up the shaft, getting it wet enough to stroke on while we made out again. And we watched in amazement as he shoot his wad on the wall above us. Damn, I wish it hadn't gone to waste, but I know I'm getting good word of mouth from him.

Eric was another cutie patootie I had last week. Not as adorable as the other one, but definitely sexier. He had an infectious smile on his clean shaven, and his eyes had this gleam about them that scream playful, which was sexy as hell on him. Another one with hardly any hair, but some awesome armpits, and he too, had a gab for talking, though he was more complementary and flirtatious. He told one had ever enjoyed his feet like that before, so spent that much time on his knees, or played with his big, beautiful nipples like that before. I spent a lot of time eating his big, beautiful ass, and sucking on his thick dick, despite it being virtually hairless, and making out with him. I actually tried to make it more of a massage, but he wouldn't let me. I would try to massage his shoulder, only to have him kiss me again. I was working on his lower back, when he pulled my cock out and tried to get me hard...with his weaker hand. When the time came, I just put my mouth on his member and massaged his balls until he exploded in my mouth. Not only did I gain a new massage client, but I think he will be a gym buddy of some sort, as he really wants to wrestle with me. Trust me, I look forward to that!

Hairy! Sexy! Hot! Words to describe Fred! Imagine if you will, George Michael during the "Faith" era, but hairier, thinner and eight inches taller. That was Fred. And when he was booking the appointment, he told me he was into muscle worship, so I figured the ninety minute session would be more of a deep tissue, elongating, stretching kind of session. He wasn't nearly as muscular as I expected him to be, but that didn't stop me from being in awe went I saw him. Easily one of the five sexiest guys I've ever met in my life. So he gets naked and on the table, and he is another one who is quite pleased with my fascination with feet. I muscle worshiped his hairy, sinewy calves, but massaged his thighs, which were surprisingly less toned. Same thing with his ass, and then he went taut, tight and toned again the rest of the way up. And in a rarity for me and a client, he actually wanted me to massage his arms down to his hands. I found this whole thing enjoyable, though I didn't spend nearly enough time on that ass. I turned him over and found a third foot. Okay, not quite twelve inches, but it was hard, long, thin, hairy and erect, and already oozing sweet nectar. But I made it wait. I went back to his feet, his calves and his thighs. Then I did his torso, pecs and nipples, noticing the rise of the cock again at this point. I did his arms again as well, and his hand cupped my cock each time. I knew I wanted to tease and savor then. I kissed him and decided he was Italian, which he later confirmed. I then sucked on his nipples, watching the rise one more time. Then I went to his thighs, and as I massaged then one more time, I licked and sucked his balls, but only licked up the shaft and teased the head with my tongue. After doing both sides, I tasted enough sweet nectar to be greedy. And down I went, slowly licking and sucking every inch of it and every way you can imagine. The swirling thing really got to him, and just as he was about to let go, I wrapped both hands around his balls and caressed them until the call of the wild had concluded. He called it the best blow job of his life, and after then tip he left, I believe him!
Damn...What A Week!!! Tony, Robbie (again) and more!!!
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So much to do! So much to say! So many men! So little time! LMAO

Thank you to my hot new friend, CuteBottomboi99, who also commented on my picture, put me on his hot list, and flirted with me. Speaking of flirts, I also want to thank Just2getsucked, Sexxxybiguy4u, bjhogan and Buddy916 for theirs. Very much appreciated. Thank you LorenzoLover and Dansdick for checking me out! Always appreciated! Cumlover401, there goes my song again, When we meet. I'll let you hear it, maybe even perform it for you! lol Damn, Heik0173, thank you for stopping by as I write this! You are the bomb! Christo67851000, you're still looking, but you won't come in! How about a few words at least? Thank you for the emails, John40059, Buddy916 and Akl1234 ! Very much appreciated! And thank you for checking me out, Borsucer69! I have a very dear and awesome truck driving friend where you are, and seeing you made me think of him!

So Kevin, one of my regular black clients, just left. And I think we have a renewed connection or chemistry between us. I can say that I still don't care much for his new look, but from the neck down, when the clothes are off, Mm! Mm! Mm! Damn, that is almost appropriate, as his gorgeous, cocoa-caramel skin, his beautiful and now, clean and tasty ass, and his large and definitely in charge cock with its sweet, large and delicious load left me in a bit of afterglow. And this time, I was in such a amorous state, I took the whole damn thing in my mouth, and thrilled him to no end. The man was moaning and groaning like he has done yet this year. And you know you did well when a client tips you just as much as the fee. It I was a fool, I would have given part of it back, as I enjoyed this session that much! lol

I also got a new client in Tony, a dancer at one of the local universities! And at first glance, his face was awkwardly cute. When the shirt came off, his upper body was all right. Gorgeous armpits, but the hair didn't make it to his nearly scrawny chest. A little hair around his navel before you reached the hairy promised land. And hidden in the bush was a rare average but fairly thick, uncut dick. On top of that, given how thin he was, a surprisingly huge ass! He really appreciated the foot massage. And when I worked my way up, I discovered that, although I was expecting one of jello, jiggly butts, his was quite muscular! He actually smelled clean, like soap, so eating that ass and sucking that dick was great. He loved my work on his foreskin so much, he started sucking on me as well. And he wasn't too bad! Eventually, I finished the massage and "handled" the happy ending, so I could watch how it erupted. The show was awesome and if there is a next time, I will definitely be sucking it!

I had a late night session with David, a long-haired, blonde guy who looked like a surfer dude! I opened the door to see a tall, skinny guy with an average looking face and badly oversize clothes. Given his size, I was surprised to find decent pecs, with a hairy line running between them and around his belly button, and delightful nipples, which he was surprised to learn were a trigger for him. As I massaged and explored his body, he smiled a lot. He also got so relaxed that he fell asleep, so when I finished with his back side, I went for his backside, half-heartedly, in an endeavor to wake him up. And as I was rimming him upside-down, his legs started to spread. So I gradually moved lower and lower with my licks, eventually licking his taint and his balls as well. I dried him off, and when I turned him over, his cock must have thought it was morning! And rather than waste a lot of time, I just kind of sucked on it as I massaged his thighs, torso and chest. Again, the nipples helped out, as his whimpers became the sounds of pleasure and ecstasy. When I started stroking his balls, he got even louder, and he muffled his mouth with mine. It was an totally unexpected and amazing kiss. I went back down to finish the job and nearly suffocated on the succulent juices of that massive slab of meat. He gave me another kiss and a tip, put his clothes on and was on his way!

I was a bit nervous about my appointment with Todd, as it turned out, he was a cop! I grew even more concerned when he showed up. He was gorgeous! Where the hell did all the doughnuts go? Bald, goatee, blue eyes, great smile, and even with his clothes on, you could tell he was in shape. He was paying for a sensual session, and I found myself wondering if I could control and contain myself. I would end up sucking his toes while I was massaging his feet, both of which he thoroughly enjoyed. I licked his armpits and sucked on his nipples as I worked on his chest. But I was nervous when it came to his ass, because I kind of wanted to go there. He was fine with the kneading of the cheeks, and he was cool with the licking of the hole, but the finger was only in for a moment before he motioned for me to come out. I worked long and hard on his back, shoulders and neck. And when i told him to turn over, he was erect. I rushed the chest, legs and feet so I could feel out if and how the happy ending should go. As I was working on his thighs, I frequently brushed and rubbed against his balls. And as I was rubbing his torso, again I made it a point to regularly, but "accidentally" touch his dick. He was hard when I finished the massage, and I still wasn't sure what to do. But his smile said, "Go for it!" I started stroking his cock as I massaged his balls. Then I licked his balls and teased his cock. Then I placed one hand on the shaft, and the other on his balls, and rubbed them up, down and all around until the noises started coming. And then I placed my mouth on his member until it started cumming. Kind of reminded me of the glaze on a doughnut, actually!

And then, there was Robbie, my neighbor, but not the handyman! I had seen him once recently in just a towel, so I was really looking forward to this one! And because he was so wonderful the first time he was here, I was hoping that this one might be even better. He showed up and the first thing I noticed was that he had more hair on his chest than the last time. Jokingly, I asked, "Winter coat?" To which, he responded, "I thought you would like it." Turning serious for a moment, I asked, "And what does she think about it?" And he answered, "She doesn't care." From that, it was on, and I'm not even sure we can actually call it a massage session. We kissed and made out a lot! We both managed to fit on the massage table, so we also did a lot of touching and rubbing and cuddling. I do remember doing his shoulders at one point. And I remember eating his ass out too. I know we sixty-nined because that's when he came in my mouth and then made out with me to get a taste. And of course I had to get some extra attention to his chest, since he is growing the hair out for me! It was wonderful, and I am really looking forward to our next encounter.

There were a couple of other noteworthy clients in, plus I caught up with two exes, both of whom are suppose to be in for a massage soon. I went to a lame ass jack off party and was hit on by a local Latino business owner.

And how was your week? lol
What Kind of Party should we have?
Posted:Jan 8, 2018 1:26 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2018 11:00 pm

In addition to the strip poker day and two strip poker nights I personally host each month, I co-host several parties for an older couple of guys. It use to be six or seven a month, but now they are down to four. Not a real problem, but they don't want to go less than four.

The problem is, what kind of party should it be? Currently, they host a daytime orgy, a nightly orgy and cock-sucking party a month. They tried a bi-sexual party but only bisexual men showed up and there was only men to play with so they stopped coming. We changed it to a mixed gender party, YUCK! and over nine months, only two ladies showed up, and one only stayed for fifteen minutes. They tried at my suggestion a massage party for a few months, but the guys hated the rules, which were designed to keep things fair for everyone. After all, if you left after you got your massage, the last massages wouldn't be the same as the first. And then most of the guys who came wanted a massage, but didn't know how to give one.

The main issue is, lately, we have been making it a jack off party, and the attendance is pathetic. Never more than five guys and three of them are the hosts. So we want to change it out and replace it with something else. But what?

I have a couple of ideas, but I want to get a feel for them. And we are definitely interested in other guys's input, especially those in the homosexual group scene. Is there some fetish out there we should be explore? Is there some sort of party we are not aware of? Body part that should be focused on or probed more into? By the way, we have considered a cross-dressing party, a sex toy party, an aged theme party, another strip poker night and even a Dick & Balls party, which to me is like a cock-sucking party but you have to get the balls too. Even a rimming party has been discussed, but most guys just don't get their asses clean enough for that. By the way, the age themed party sounded good, but the thought was Daddy-Son, and my other two hosts would be Grandpas!

My other two ideas were 1) A Best "X" Man Night, where all the attendees are eventually strapped in the form of an "X" between the living room and the dining room. Then when the timer starts, everyone not strapped in attack the "X" man, with the goal being to get him off in the shortest amount of time. Kissing, sucking, fucking rimming, toes, nipples, armpits, whatever. Nothing is off limits until he cums. Then he comes out and the next one enters, and so on and so forth, until everyone one has came. The guy who held out the longest get a prize.

And 2) A Nudie Game Night when we play two or three games, with the object is to have fun getting naked, and then you get your freak on! My favorite would have to be Paper Scattergories followed by a few hands of poker. Scattergories is done on paper for strategic reasons as well as to give everyone at least on category they can work with. We don't need to get into the rules and such, but it is fun, the answers can be hilarious and after the the first game, the lowest scoring half strips their top half, and the lowest scoring half loses their bottom half. Anyone who still has clothes on then moves to the poker table, and strip poker resumes until we have a winner who gets his wish...with a twist of course! But this could be done with any two board games, or trivia games with wrong answers costing you clothes, even video games on Playstation or Wii.

What are your thoughts and ideas? You can vote for one of these or feel free to add your own...PLEASE!
Nudie Game Night
Best "X" Men Night
Another Strip Poker Night
Rimming Party
Massage Party
Sex Toy/Underwear Party
Dick & Balls Party
Cross-Dressing Party
Mixed Gender Party
Adding My own Thoughts---And Please Do In Your Comments!
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Jeremy, Billy (again!) & The Birthday Massage!!!
Posted:Jan 6, 2018 11:16 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2018 7:58 am
I realize that I'm usually trying to squeeze my posts in here, and I might even be sipping on something at the time, but as I read some of my more recent posts, I found myself wondering, "Am I really making that many mistakes and typos?" Damn, I hope not! Is anyone else experiencing lots of missing words in their post?

Thank you so much Markivany69, for being my first new friend and first flirt of the year! Very much appreciated. Hey, Cumlover401, have you seen "Burlesque?" It is a cute little modern musical with Cher, Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci and an awesome Cam Gigandet. Anyway, in it, Christina sings a song, "Tough Lover," and now, every time I see you, I change the words to "Cum Lover" as I'm on the site. Any drag queens reading this, feel free! lol Anyway, Cumlover401 and Akl1234, thank you for popping by. And I would encourage everyone to take a look at Middlesex1979's blog. Let's help him get his party started!!!

Jeremy was this sexy little Latino guy who came in for a massage recently. And he just about had it all, great face, wonderful smile, beautiful ass, hairy chest, nice cock. When I see him at the door, I was quite pleased. When he got undressed, I was impressed. So he gets on the table face down, and I start my work with his feet. I knead up his calves, rub his knees, and massage his thighs. Now, I'm looking at this awesome ass, nearly perfect, and I plan my attack. I start with his hips, even doing an alignment of sorts before returning to his ass. Then I knead his butt cheeks, and tease his hairy hole. Finally, I rim his ass for quite some time before doing some fingering and a prostate massage. We are now over half way through his time, so I focus on his back, neck and shoulders and then turn him over. I rushed his feet and legs, as I wanted to spend some time on his chest before giving him his happy ending. He was apparently not pleased with this, nor with the fact that I wasn't hard at this point. So he is scraping my dick with his teeth as I am massaging his chest, which of course, rushes me to the happy ending. Apparently, he thought he was going to get fucked, and was awfully pissed when his happy ending came in the form of getting sucked off during another prostate massage. Honestly, my thoughts were to get inside him, but his greed or attitude or something just made it, and him for that matter, unattractive to me. He left a small tip when he left, and I don't expect to see him again. Just goes to show you, sometimes looks aren't everything!

A couple of days ago, one of my holiday massage gift certificates seemed like it was going to come back to bite me in my ass! I got a call from what sounded like a redneck, asking about a massage. Apparently, an older client had bought the gift certificate for his younger wife, and when I made it clear that I don't do females, she passed it on to a friend or something. Anyway, on the phone. he sounded hideous, but I didn't feel like I should try to get out of it, since it was already paid for and I had already turned down the intended recipient.

The time came and the door bell rung. As I slowly and begrudgingly approached it, it was clear that he was tall and thin. And as I opened the door, it became more bittersweet. He was most definitely a redneck, but he was also a ginger. Soon, it was apparent that the most attractive feature on the man was his closed mouth. Not just the words, or the tone or the sound, but the lack of teeth. But as he was getting undressed, I discovered the awesome freckles on his back, arms and legs, and his beautiful hairy chest. Not much ass and an above average dick, I still wanted it to go as quickly as possible. It didn't!

I was doing his feet, calves and thighs when I realized how extremely dry his joints were. Elbows, knees, even knuckles and I made the suggestion that for a while, he should switch from lube to lotion for masturbation. But as I was working on his knees, especially the back of them, that copperhead rose from the bush. And the look on his face was one of surprise and embarrassment. I reassured him that most guys get at least one hard on during a sensual or erotic session. I wasn't sure if it was the knee thing, the guy thing or the black thing that made him change. But the rest of the session became a question and answer thing as I worked on him, and he even paid for another thirty minutes. And as we kept exploring and discovering things about his body, he let his guard down and became much more comfortable and even kind of fun.

Let's make a long story short. Despite his teeth, he was a great kisser, and he was pretty good on my nipples as well. Beyond that, he didn't touch me I did do a thorough, full body massage on him and discovered that his ears and his neck are also hot spots for him. His awesome nipples are wasted on him, but I did love his natural aroma. He received his first two prostate massages, the second of which resulted in him shooting an awesome, large and tasty load in my mouth as I was sucking on his long, thin dick, my personal favorite kind for all things. And as he got dressed, he asked for on of my business cards, and asked if this could become a regular thing, because as much as he enjoyed the massage, he really liked being comfortable enough to talk about sex with me. So for at least two hours every month, I'm going to be a sex surrogate/masseur. Shockingly, he gave me a kiss and a tip on the way out!

So Billy needed some quick cash, so I invited him to come over and do some snow removal and deal with some of the outdoor Christmas decorations. It was really cold out there, so I offered him some hot chocolate, but of course, it had some liquor in it. A few hours go by, and I offer him another, and then it becomes obvious that he isn't going to get everything done. I pay him for what he has done, but it isn't enough, so he gives me the money back and settles for another massage. Shockingly, he allows me to strip him as his bath water runs. I suspect at this point he is tipsy, which is confirmed when he hugs me twice and starts rubbing on my chest. And as I remove his clothes, I'm appreciating his decent chest, his beautiful ass and his dreamy, awesome cock, at the same time nearly gagging from the various malodorous scents.

I place him in the tub and pour us both a cocktail and grab cigarettes for us as well. Again, I started out bathing him from the outside of the tub, but when I finish my cigarette, I get in behind him and give him my patented Mouthwash shot. Now, you may think I'm trying to get him drunk, but it was really to freshen his breath some. I bathed him some more and we do another and we do one more as I'm drying him off. This is when he kisses me, for the first time. I realize he was a bit altered, but I thought it would be hotter.

I get him on the massage table and start using my almond joy scented moisturizer on his feet. And as I worked my way up, I couldn't make up my mind if the noises were moans and groans from the massage or grunts from the liquor. But when I got to his ass, I was finally able to rim him for the first time, and this time he didn't laugh. I considered this a victory and wanted to celebrate, so I grabbed some whipped cream and sprayed it between his butt cheeks, down his taint and around his balls. The noises were no longer liquor talking as I cleaned him up. I straddled him as I did him back, neck and shoulders and even did his scalp a bit. As I got off him so he could turn over, he grabbed my ass. Another large dick trying to get in my shit? Story for another blog, but anyway, turned him over and his started playing and sucking on my nipples. This, he was born to do, and he worked me into a sexual frenzy. Yes, I was making noises as I was working on his upper half. Since I wasn't going to let him fuck me, me being that amorous seemed like a waste, and so I jumped on his dick with my mouth. And he dropped a healthy, tasty load in less than ten minutes.

This episode kind of concerns me, as I would like to see him one more time professionally, so he can handle the rest of the outdoor Christmas decorations. Not knowing how much of that was him, and how much of it was the alcohol, I'm a bit nervous about the next time I see him, but I did give him everything he needed that night, so perhaps everything will work out just fine!
My Men of the Year~2017
Posted:Dec 29, 2017 10:51 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2018 2:46 pm
Thank you to my newest friend, Passionategaybtm, who is also my latest watcher. Thank you so much! Thank you for the email, Akl1234! Very much appreciated and Happy New Year!!! Thank you for flirting with me, Grecoromano75! Cumlover401, thank you for giving me a little part of your Christmas. I like you even more now!!! Hell, a lot of you guys gave me part of your Christmases. Thank you so much! I feel special!!!

I actually had a party on Christmas! I ate. I drank. I smoked. I cooked. I cleaned. I received a lot of great stuff. I had a damn good time and did absolutely nothing sexual during the affair. Okay, I briefly recycled a guy for about minutes, and there was a really hot guy there. We talked quite a bit, but we knew we wouldn't be a good fit, so we shared a bottle of wine between his conquests. I did what turned out to be the best way for me to spend this particular holiday. I spent time with Sawyer and Stephane, via Facebook, as well as stripper Dan, little Mikey and my exes, John and Michael. I spent time on the ph with very sexy mates, Jeff and Jeremiah. And through my underwear collection and my photo albums, I spent time with my dead husbands, very special friends, a lot of wonderful, beautiful guys, and amazing night stands, Lester, Kelly and Larry. Believe me, it was hot holiday!

And now, my top ten lists of sorts...

10] Trent~ a sweet neighborhood guy who had a thing for both Sawyer and me. Not much to look at, but a very sweet older guy with a nice cock. He would bring drinks and hang out with us. Good guy!

9] Brandon~ attractive, Indian guy who would be the way Sawyer and I enjoyed this year. He was fun, but then wanted to split us up. Sawyer lost interest fairly quickly, but it took me a bit to decide he was just too out there for me.

8] Tony~ gorgeous, hairy Italian guy who use to come regularly to the parties, and actually wanted to date me. Unfortunately, there was an embarrassing incident during of our times together, and although I told him it was cool, I haven't seen or heard from him since. Damn shame!

7] Billy~ you should remember Billy, the neighborhood handyman I worked out a deal with. If you ever get to read about our last encounter, you might be able to understand how he made the list. Read any of my post with Billy in the title, and it is likely to be him!

6] Robbie~ the hot neighborhood guy I've d a couple of massages on. I did him a non-related favor that pretty much sealed our friendship, and then I caught him checking me out, which pretty much sealed out mutual interest.

5] John~ you are more likely to remember him as the celebrity massage, as I've written about him twice this year. And if you have read those, you will remember that he is an ex, who lived with me for about before his acting took off.

4] Mikey~ an absolutely adorable guy who came in for a massage, but we have been communicating every since. He sends me pictures and we talk about his life. He is now of the top contenders to replace Sawyer in 2018. This guy is awesome, inside and out, and all over!!!

3] Stripper Dan~ remember there are Dans now, so I have to differentiate. My ex, the stripper I dated for , who has come back in my life in a big way. Despite his physical changes, he is still the guy I was crazy about back then. Hopefully, our friendship will continue to grow in the new year!

2] Stephane~ since Sawyer moved and he and his wife are already having issues, we have been spending a lot of quality time together. Hstly, it doesn't quite feel like it did the first time around, but if we can get that magic back, it could be awesome!

1] Sawyer~ of course! What can I say? He is incredible when he wants to be, and since we are making the most of the time we have together, there just are no words to how wonderful he has been. I just wish we could figure out a way to be together more. Damn you, Nashville!

I also made a list of my guys here, if you are interested. Warning...there are a few ties in here!!!

10} Daxter5 & Christo67851000~ Both of these fine local boys have been offered free massage sessions and still haven't come in. It really gets me because the first and I actually know another, and the second and I have communicated several times. I'm going to give them until my birthday to come in....your free birthday presents to me! After that, you will ! lol

9} Gloryholefreak~ Texas has a special place in my heart as far as long distance and online friends go! There is a very special trucker who use to see me every week. There is a couple that my second husband and I use to spend part of vacations with. And there was a very dear and sexy friend who came close to being number ! And now, there is this long haired, sexy freak!

8} Cumlover401~ of my first everything on here, fan, friend, flirts. A beautiful man from down under I ought to get on top of! Just kidding...kind of! lol

7} Just_needing_fun & Wanting_it_now~ Both of you sexy guys have had my attention for quite some time. I consider this my dark meat sandwich and you are my flipping pieces of bread. But all you guys seem to do is look, and I have given you both the options of free massages as well, especially the local . Well, I'm going to keep looking too, so let me know when you want to do something about it! lol

6} Heik0173~ My European sports guy. You have been nothing but awesome since we started communicating. You may actually be my number fan with the pictures I think. I really hope this trip works out better than the last , and I really look forward to continuing our correspondence.

5} OnDaFence~ of my first friends, my tutor and mentor where the blogs are concerned, and instrumental with the all the pictures on my blog. Not too hard to look at or read about either! I can not say it enough...thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!

4} Mral65~ My version of a mystery man. Thank you so much for your patronage and your support. And your great pictures. You need to share more, so use your blog...resolution for 2018!!! I promise to read it!!!

3} Bjhogan~ Probably my biggest blog fan here. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your input, your ideas and for sharing your stories, first as comments in my blog, and now in a blog of your own! Thank you so much for all your and support!

2} Hungr4yungr~ My strongest advocate and supporter of my relationship with Sawyer, quite possibly my first watcher, fan and friend. You have been nothing but awesome and amazing since we first crossed paths. Your wisdom, support and friendship have become of the best gifts I have gotten from this site. Thank you so much!

1} Akl1234~ Thank you for the laughs, the friendship and your patronage. This has been a banner year for me, and where the massage business is concern, you have been a big factor. I've branched into other things, come up with new packages and ideas, and restored my hope in the local guys on this site! Thank you so much for all you have d for me and my business!

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