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We will just share some of our stories and experiences involving one of our favorite pastimes!

Scott, Carlos, Jason & 6 Strip Poker Games in 2 Days!!!
Posted:Jul 18, 2018 3:13 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2018 12:39 am
This is another long one guys, so go the the restroom, grab yourself a meal, a snack, a cocktail or a cigarette and settle in!

Let me first thank Akl1234 and Onehotdear for the emails. Thank you for writing, and all the guys who responded to my last post, thank you so much! I may write a bit more often now that I can do it adequately when I'm drinking. Thank you for the flirts Bjhogan and Winsome_2. Very much appreciated! And thank you for adding me to your hot list, Winsome_2 and Whyknotnow! I too think my lips on a nice dick is hot! lol Allow me to be corny for a minute...Damn! you are all that and a bag of Chip46202! And welcome back, crskyler! It is always a pleasure to see you again! And where in the hell did all the hot guys come from? Thank you Seanrandall, Drew2205, BBbttmboi and CliffySexy14 for spending a little time with me. Come back anytime, and in person would be so much better! lol

So Scott was an interesting surprise. He was one of few guys who booked his appointment by email, my preference, and did not include or ask for a picture. So I really had no idea who was coming in on their lunch break yesterday. So when the door bell rung, I got a little nervous. There stood this young, slightly heavyset guy with an adorable face, nicely groomed facial hair, a great smile, and this long light brown hair in a ponytail. There was nothing feminine about him. And talked about the session as he shared his six pack of Mickey's with me.
he seemed a bit nervous about the session, and even awkwardly warned me that he might get aroused during the session. I informed him that most of my clients do, and we went to the massage room.

He was pretty much what I imagined he would be as he got undressed...palish skin, big ass, not a lot of body hair, a short, fat dick that was uncut, a slight case of man boobs with a patch of hair between them, a little around his belly button and some bush between his belly and his dick. he thoroughly enjoyed the foot massage portion of the massage. he told me how good it felt and how no one had ever spend that much time on his feet before. I did his calf, thigh, hips, ass and aligned him on one side, before I did the other. And each time I did his thigh, he would adjust himself uncomfortably and blush. He was paying for a sensual session, but seem to be uncomfortable with me being near his buttocks. He really appreciated the lower back massage, but neither of us were prepared for the stress and tension he collected in his shoulders, neck and upper back. Over half the session was spent there, and he still could have use some more work when I turned him over to give him the last fifteen minutes on the front.

His dick was hard when he turned over, and as he blushed, I again told him it was all right, and that most of my clients get there before we are ready. I hit his feet again quickly, because I knew he enjoyed it, and I thought it might relax him a bit. Worked my way up each leg, and his big balls tighten when I reached the inner upper thigh. I then massaged his belly and caressed his chest a bit, playing with his nipples slightly. He really liked it when I cupped them used my fingernails on them. I moved my hand off one and slowly made my way down his side to his balls and started caressing them. The noises he was making by this point let me know it wouldn't be long. I stuck a finger inside his foreskin, teasing his head as i checked for lint and smegma. Then I just kind of took my fingers and just massaged the head of his penis until his face turned beet red and it seemed he couldn't take it anymore. Then I massaged his shaft a little, grabbed it and gave it a few strokes, and watched as his load flew over his head and hit the wall. A few more squirts and he was done. He told me that was the best massage he had ever had before he left.

Carlos was this short, sexy Latino guy who came in last week. I loved his skin coloring, and the smile he had on his well groomed face. I think he tried to get undressed while I was pouring us some of the sangria he had brought, but you know I was paying attention. He had patches of hair around each nipple and a nice, thick line running from his neck to and around his navel. he had a nice, beautiful ass with hair that seem to wave an invitation to his hole. And he had big bush around a long, thin, uncut cock. Honestly, he was one of the guys that as a masseur, you wish you could get away with anything with.

He got on the table with that beautiful ass up. I didn't really care for his feet, but it was then that I decided to just go straight up one leg and then do the other, giving me two opportunities to "accidentally" touch his balls and cock. I actually did enjoy doing his legs, not too muscular, with just enough hair to make them sexy but not have to worry too much about pulling them. And of course, when I got to the upper inner thigh, I brushed my hand beside his balls a few times. When I got to the second thigh, I ran a finger across his dick head to find it already leaking. He really seemed to like the way I worked his hips through his butt cheeks, as this is when the purrs and whimpers began. They got louder as I did his lower back, and even more so when I did his upper back, neck and shoulders. Then I worked on his spine, lowering myself back down to that ass, and I sampled it with my tongue. His noise seemed to be a mixture of surprise and pleasure, so I made a meal out of it, massaging his ball with my fingers and rubbing my thumb along the underside of his shaft. We were both enjoying the moment when he told me he was about to blow. I stopped, wiped the excess cream off him and got him to turn over.

I guess he noticed the growth in my shorts and he grabbed it. I assumed I didn't have to do his feet again. I did do his thighs as he was stroking my cock. I then massaged his belly, cleaning his navel with my tongue and then working my way up his torso to his nipples. I guess it was a surprise to him how much his nipples turned him on, as he stopped playing with me, and rested the back of his head in his hands exposing his armpits. They were gorgeous, and I found myself licking them and slightly tugging on the hairs with my teeth. He seemed to be in delight when I sucked sections of his underarms into my mouth, like a vacuum. And then I did it. I licked up his neck and planted my lips on his. He seemed startled at first, but went with it, invading my mouth with his tongue. We enjoyed kissing and making out for a spell before I took my hand down and started stroking his cock. It wasn't long before he was issuing his warning that he was about to cum. I went from stroke to hold as I licked his balls some and then took his meat into my mouth. I had this secret thought as I was sucking on his, and it motivated me to take him over the top. I did a few things with my tongue and heard his sexy noises become loud words just before he erupted, blasting a large, tasty load into the back of my mouth. I clamped down on his shaft and sucked every morsel of nectar from this one. In fact, it took his ten minutes before he was able to lift himself off the massage table.

And then there was Jason. He was a short, white young guy who came in for a massage this past weekend. Everything I heard on the phone when he scheduled the appointment said he would be cool. But I still wasn't prepared for who showed up at my door.

I opened the door and there stood this extremely attractive boy, in a baseball cap, a pair of blue jeans and a red and black plaid shirt, flapping open, so I could already see his lean, muscular chest with no hair but nice nipples, no hair on his abs either. What he did have was a great face, of course, no hair, an awesome smile, twinkling eyes and a bottle of Jack he didn't wait to open. he came in friendly and ready to go. I made us bottle a cocktail and we went to the room. He took a big gulp and was nude in no time. And I'm now gawking at his surprisingly big, full beautiful ass and this nice thick cock.

He got on the table, ass up of course, and it motivated me to move quickly through his lower half. He really enjoyed me doing his feet. Then I did each calf, and each thigh, brushing his cock and balls as often as I could get away with. I went between his legs to do his hips and buttocks, and after spreading them a few times, I knew my mouth was going there. I went back to his inner upper thighs with both hands, rubbing and caressing and then rested my hands on his taint. I put one thumb on top of the each and massaged his taint. I heard some moans, groans, purrs and a grunt, which lead me to believe it was good to go, and I took one hand towards his balls and the other towards his hole. My tongue went drilling down that tunnels and he started whimpering. I massaged his taint and balls as I continued my oral assault on his ass. I straddled his ass between my legs as I worked his lower and upper back, neck and shoulders.

After I turned him over, I noticed his cock was fluffed and flowing, and I cleaned his pubic region with my tongue. I went back down to his feet and worked my way up, skipping the white meat I planned to devour later. I worked on his torso and made my way up, and as I was working his pecs, licking and flicking his nipples, he raised his arms, exposing his hairless pits, which usually don't turn me on, but I did some licking and sucking there anyway. He pulled my cock from the legs of my shorts and started stroking me. He seemed to be on a mission to get me off, and I hadn't even started really working on his yet. I grabbed his cock in one hand, and started pecking his lips with mine. Eventually he opened up and let my tongue in. He started moaning, and I felt like I needed to stop, because I wanted to drink the nectar from this god. I guess he had the same thought because he started sucking on me as I was sucking on his, both of us aiming to drain the vein we had. He was good, but I was better, and as his noises started to get louder, he slowed down his work on me. I knew then that he would be painting my throat in no time. I moved so he could not suck me anymore, and started rubbing his balls with one hand and teasing his asshole with the other. Soon the creamy center of this twink's dong was coating my taste buds with glee. I milked and drained it with my lips and tongue before I let it go.

The only bad this about this string of poker games was my record was 1 and 5. Somehow though, I still feel like a winner.

The first game on the first day had six guys plus myself. John, a young sexy guy with no body hair and a nice cock, Damon, a sexy older guy with a great built and a nice cock, Kevin, a tall hairy guy with a little one, Doug, a bearded trucker, hairy, sexy and a great kisser, Justin, not so great face but hot everywhere else, and Gavin, a young, tattooed, skinny guy who would eventually win this game. I ended up sucking a wonderful load from him, as Damon fucked John and Doug fucked Justin. The second game had a total of eight guys, and would be the only one I remember winning. They including a sexy deejay, who I would end up sucking off, a hairy, well-endowed older guy, Kevin, who would end up fucking Dan, a cute, hairless bottom, Jack, a sexy, funny bear with a thick dick fucking Steven, a chunky blonde guy, and the other Kevin, a body and dick of a god, face of a beast black guy, fucking David, a hairy well built, white bottom. Jim and Dan stayed for the last game of the night. This time, Jim got fucked by Rod, a sexy, well built bouncer, and Dan got fucked by Ray, a big dick, hairless blonde who was a fabulous kisser. Jeff, an attractive, heavyset, hairy guy, got fucked by Ted, a blonde, sexy musician/teacher and I sucked off the winner, Jerry, who I wouldn't have mind doing a hell of a lot more with.

The second day also started with six guys plus myself. Jim, the guy from the last two games on the first night, ended up getting fucked by Jeff, who got fucked by Ted at the last party of the first night. Michael, a big dick, older white guy, fucked Scott, a sexy, middle aged well-endowed bottom. Just watching them was a scene to behold. And ended up sucking Kelly, a long haired, sexy blond, and Mike, a hairy, young skinny guy who actually won the game. There were eight guys at the second game, including myself, who fucked the winner, Tim, a tall and sexy blonde, Greg, a tall, hairless blonde guy with a huge cock fucking Todd, a gorgeous, tanned body builder, and Curt, a well built, hairy guy with a nice piece of meat, fucking Trent, a skinny, hairless bisexual with a nice cock. I also ended up sucking Mike, physically perfect guy for me minus the lack of hair, and Cliff, the guy no one else really wanted to play with. And there were nine guys at the last party. Phillip, a cute, hairy bear type, got fucked by Andy, a sexy freak, Tom, a hairless blonde with glasses, fucked Mike, a skinny, hairy, sexy guy, Ted, from the last game of the first night, ended up fucking Dan, a sexy, hairy Russian. I ended up sucking off Patrick, a sexy, hairy young thing who kind of turned me off with his kissing, and giving an erotic massage to Jesse, a sexy, skinny, redneck sweetheart. I should probably go into details here, but perhaps another time. Ted, then ended up hanging out a few hours after the game. Turns out, he was interested in me for quite some time, and I was clueless...until now. lol
The Package Session I'm Not Allowed To Call By Name & Party Central!
Posted:Jul 2, 2018 3:00 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2018 12:29 am
A running theme throughout my life, or so I have been told, is that I do everything better when I am drinking alcohol. The thought process is, believe it or not, I have a lot of standards, rules, morals and such, that actually get in my way and stop me from doing some things I really want to do. Getting a good buzz on, allows me to drop the filters, social protocols, rules and yes, standards, and just enjoy being myself in those moments. And because I put truly enjoying myself over my care and concern for others in those moments, I get out of my own way and just go for it!!! To this end, I can "sound just like a bitch" singing karaoke, I've never lost a game of pool, though I don't know the rules, because I only play tipsy, and I was probably one of the best ad libbing drag queens on the planet!

Why am I telling you this? Because, I am currently about a fourth of the way of my second 52 ounce watermelon, strawberry, cranberry and Everclear cocktail, so we will see if drinking makes me better in my writing as well!

Thank you very much for the rather mysterious email, Just2getsucked. It was really quite a surprise!!! Cumlover401, my visits here are never complete without you! Ok, so I'm not only interested, but even now they say we are a match, so bring that hot ass and nice dick on in here, Just_needing_it! As the lyrics in the song goes, "I've got what you want, you've got what I need!" Wanting_it_now, it is nearly impossible to ignore you! Krboy, so far, everything between the two heads is exactly how I'd want it to be. Well, some body hair wouldn't hurt. So, what else you got? And if you read my status, this will make a bit more sense, but , DAMN, SON!!! You look good, Cliffysexy14! So my present on Mendependence Day is being your top fan. They wouldn't let me do it before then! lol

Now some of you may have figured out what this package session is called from the last time I wrote about it. It is one of my newest concepts, but it seems to be doing okay. It is one of my more expensive package deals, so I didn't expect it go flying off the shelf, but no one has left here unhappy! By the way, if you guys have any ideas for massage packages, scents for massage creams, etc., throw them on out here! By the way, dick discounts and cock coupons will not work here. Appearance alterations are factored into the quoted fee. lol

So in the process of negotiating Hank's fee, I had indicated that I wanted him to show up dressed to the nines, with a back-up pair of underwear. When Hank showed up, it was kind of weird for me. His long, dark blonde hair seemed like a mesh between Farrah Fawcett feathered heyday and Tarzan's. A decent tan, sadly with the lines, and a nice smile. A good amount of hair on his chest and a fairly thick but average length dick was also part of the package. His white thong flossed his beautiful, muscular, hairless, white ass, and I placed the thongs in a Ziploc bag for future use. He was built like he use to be a body builder, but must have developed a beer belly after retirement. He had asked me to be a bit aggressive, which really isn't in my nature, but a little roleplay would cost him extra, and the more of an ass he was, the better off he would be. And apparently, he must of been hot at some point, because he was vain as hell over it now!

I used his socks to tie his hands to the massage table, and his necktie secured his feet into the desired position. At this point, I grabbed a ruler and whacked the bottoms of his feet repeatedly. They were gnarly looking, so my mouth wasn't going anywhere near them, but when his feet were rosy, I soothe the burn with a combination of unscented massage cream and Hawaiian Tropic Suntan lotion, his idea. Would you want or consider a suntan massage?

I did that once more and quickly moved along with his calves and thighs. The suntan lotion smelled great, so I massaged his butt cheek as I ate his ass, once I got him on all fours. As dreamy as his ass was though, there was nothing spectacular about being there. Soon, I replaced my tongue with some unscented massage cream, and used the ruler on his butt cheeks, as I manipulated his balls and dick with my other hand. At this point, his noises were both confusing me and spurring me on. I wasn't sure if my edging him was bringing him pleasure, or the ruler was smacking his ass too hard, but the sounds was getting my party started and it was too late to turn back now.

I continued working his cock into a frenzy, before making him and his cock deflate before the deed was done. At the same time, I switched from ruler to hand, smacking his ass until near crimson before soothing them with massage cream and occasionally running a finger up his ass. He continued to make this audio of agony and ecstasy, and I was swelling up with pride, just not where he wanted me to! I continued the dick work, but switched from hands to paddle, and inserted a butt plug in his ass, feeling confident it would stay in place. After a bit, a decided to change the game up a bit.

I got under him, and started pulling, licking and sucking on his nipples. I then removed the butt plug and started pushing some anal beads up his ass, as I was now nibbling on his nipples. Eventually, the beads stopped moving, and I found myself slightly gnawing on his nipples as I forced the rest of the beads up his ass. At this point, I wasn't sure if it was precum, tears or sweat dripping down onto me, but I didn't like it! I got back up on my feet and put some clothespins on his nipples. Then I found my fairly normal size, vibrating dildo, and replaced the anal beads with that, slowly inserting it in as I once again got him hard with my hands, only to let it fall without spitting. I started slowly pulling the dildo in and out, never turning it on. I slowly increased the speed and varied the depth of the insertion. Eventually, I would push it all the way in, and leave it there. I momentarily released his nipples from the clothespins and cooled the burn with some ice. I then turned on the vibrator, holding it in place with one hand as I slapped his cock and balls with the cold wet one. Then I put the nipples back in the clothespin and prepared to wrap up the session.

I allowed him to get hard one last time before I removed the vibrating dildo from his ass. I grabbed the second to the largest dildo I have, a gag gift from Billy actually, smothered it lube, and started slowly trying to get it up his ass. Hell, it took forever just to get the head in. And I slapped the clothespins, and his dick and balls at this point. I decided it wasn't all going to get in him, but when I managed to get a couple of inches in. I held it there and got him hard one last time. I then just kind of wiggled the dildo, side to side, up and down and around. By this time he was all noise, sobs, moans, grunts, groans, yells, screams...I just couldn't let that stop us, not when we were so close. I put my mouth on his hard member, and in minutes, this near howl was followed by a large load, the pressure of which nearly choked me before I could swallow it down.

The dildo managed to stay lodged in his ass, so I slowly worked it out. Then I freed his nipples from their prison, and iced them down again to try to tone down the burn of the savage beast. I used my dripping hand to rub across his asshole, hoping it would soothe, cool or at least tighten things up. I grabbed a towel and cleaned him up, and another towel to dry him off. I am not going to lie, I don't know how he did it. Some of that I would never have done, and as uncomfortable as I was doing it, no real pain or discomfort came to me. He had to still be feeling some of it when he went home, but the smile on his face and the tip he left me said I did okay! lol

Now, if you will remember, at the last party I told you about, there was a guy there that sucked every dick in the room while I tortured his nipples. Well, I had back to back parties this weekend, and he was at the first. And he couldn't keep his big mouth shut!

Now I believe, as long as there is no scraping, scarring or biting, there is no such thing as a bad blow job. That doesn't necessarily make it good. There is no harm done and it doesn't hurt to have a mouth around your dick. You may never get hard. You may not shoot a load. But it doesn't hurt and it usually just feels good to get your dick sucked without teeth being involved.

This guy was one of those. I didn't feel the need to say anything, or warn anyone. I just knew he wouldn't get the job done, for me. Apparently, that was the sentiment of most of the guys he sucked on that night, so when he showed up Saturday, he wanted more, but no one wanted to revisit the subject. Unfortunately, this led to a rather lengthy discussion of his inability to suck cock, and my ability to work a nipple.

A line formed for me to get that party started, but I was ready to eat. When I sat at the dining room table, one guy came over anyway and asked, "If I suck on your cock, will you play with my nipples while I do it?" I pushed my plate aside and we each proceeded to do our thing. Another one with the inability to get me off, but he got hard while I working on his nipples. So I licked and sucked on one of his nipples while I massaged his small hard cock in my hand. Unfortunately, he made shitload of noise before he came in my hand. I spend most of the night dodging guys.

Every time I went down for a cigarette, someone who suck on my cock, hoping for some nipple work or a hand job. Sadly, this was a relatively small and fairly unattractive crowd, and I eventually decided that if they want to suck on me while I got them off, and I didn't have to put my mouth on anything, I would make do with what I had to work with. With that in mind, three more guys got off, and although I did have a wonderful time with the younger host of the affair, I was not one of them.

The following day was a dick sucking party, and after not getting sucked off by at least six guys the night before, I figured this was my time.

I feel the need to clarify something here. You guys read this blogs and you may think, he is a kisser, an ass eater, a cock sucker who swallows, a nipple player, a fucker, etc. I am a versatile, romantic slightly kinky freak who likes most of these things done to me as well. However, I also know that despite being a multiple cummer, the first one is always the hardest one to get, more work than most people are willing to put into it. Plus, my experience as a former hustler, stripper, sex surrogate, escort and current masseur probably makes me better than most. So it just seems, the best way to have a great evening is to focus on pleasing my company, let him do what we wants or will with me, and be grateful for the experience. Besides, I'm extremely noisy when I's embarrassing! lol Did I digress?

Again, this party was smaller than I expected, but at least it was a bit more attractive. There was a lovely, hairy young man there with a small cock, but that didn't stop me from sucking it to completion, as well as eating that ass, licking his chest and making out with him several times throughout the evening. There was an attractive Asian there, who I think only want to suck me to get me hard enough to fuck him. He lacked the skills so it didn't happen. There was the gorgeous, tall young fellow with the most awesome nipples, which lead to me getting two loads out of him, but they were far from tasty. I'm guessing asparagus. I also sucked off this nice looking well built older guy, who was hugging me and rubbing my back and shoulders all night. I guess he wanted some more. I should have gave it to him. There was also one fine ass nerd there who had the skills to make me think about bottoming for him. And yes, I finally got off, but not the way I expected. A cute Lebanese guy and I found ourselves in the restroom together, and one thing led to another. I ate his ass out and licked his taint, licked his balls and sucked his cock, and oops! He came in my mouth. I thought it was over, but he literally tried to return the favor. He ate my ass out, sucked my cock, but lacked the skills to take me over the top. I forced him over the toilet and I fucked him as I stroked him. Despite my grunts, growls, howls, he managed to get off a second time, and finally it happened. I shot my massive load in his ass, and tried retrieved as much as I could before we cleaned up and left. Unfortunately, the noises were a bit much, and most spent the night wondering if it was it was the big, black man or the cute little Lebanese boy! I played with two more guys in the pool, seven guys in the hot tub and three guys in the dungeon before I left!

And the party bus continues on for me. Saturday, there is a chance for more action at a Cock & Balls Party. Tuesday, I'm hosting strip poker. Wednesday, I may have been tricked into hosting the Daytime Orgy this month. Thursday is more strip poker. And there is a Dinner & A Movie Night, where the movie is always gay themed, supposedly not porn, but the dessert session of this affairs can be quite satisfying, so I'm told.
One Hell of A Party, Shawn, Sammy, Tony & Jordan!!!
Posted:Jun 27, 2018 9:56 pm
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2018 11:49 am
This is a long one, so I'm going to skip the usual formalities and salutations and get right into it!

So I got to this party, that was hosted by a well-endowed older sweetheart and his younger, hairy other half. I went with homemade blueberry muffins, a gallon of one of my homemade concoctions and bottle of another concoction meant to be used for shots. The younger host was all over my shot bottle, as we did several before he laid out on a bed. I sampled the goodies, (kissing, armpits, chest, ass and dick) leaving with just the appetizer, because I wanted to make sure it was cool with his other half before I really started enjoying myself. Poured myself a regular cocktail, grabbed a clove and sat out by the pool!

When I got outside, there was several pieces of eye candy that caught my attention. There were these two guys, never figured out if they were together or not, skinny, young hairy guys with pretty cocks and great smiles. They started me on my clove cigarette, and after a couple of sips of my cocktail, this big-dicked, young, black guy came over and started playing with my nipples as I sucked on his dick. After he came, he went to another table and three other guys formed a line for me. I was about to get started when the younger host showed up for another shot...of liquor.

We went into the kitchen, and two other guys joined us for shots. We did a couple more shots by ourselves, when the two guys I saw earlier went into the stripping room. I followed them to see them getting dressed. I stopped the presses long enough to suck one off and get the other one close. Someone came into the room that made them get dressed and leave. I attempted to get to my cocktail and clove outside when the younger host and my tequila showed up for yet more shots. I then followed the younger host downstairs to the basement, but when he discovered someone else down there, he turned around and left. I made out with the guy for quite some time before I pushed him on the bed. He started sucking my cock, and that's when I found his ultra-sensitive nipples. I worked them to the point of torture, making him suck every cock in the room as I did so. I wore him out and finally made it back outside to finish my cocktail and clove.

I finished them and the black guy showed up for seconds. Then another hot guy showed up and he gave me a beer as he was sucking on me. I returned the favor when I finished. I was eating his ass out when he came in another guy's mouth. The three of us did another beer before they took off. I made out a few more times that night, sucked a few more cocks, ate some more ass, finally got in the pool, and had a few more drinks. But I never ate a damn thing, at least not food! lol

I'm going to start with Tony first, because he has already been back for seconds on the massage. The first thing I noticed about Tony was his huge calves, which protruded from his blue jean shorts when he arrived. He had a great face too, but I rarely see calves that pretty, that hairy, that large! Eventually I would discover his nice arms too, muscular, but each one had a tattoo on them. Nice, hairy armpits, and a nice muscular chest, with a little hair between the pecs, but awesome nipples. He had an awesome tan, all over, a nice ass, and a nice, big cock.

We started the massage with his ass in the air, as I worked on his hideous and funky feet. I decided I would not be hitting them a second time when I turned him over. I loved working on his legs, both thighs and calves, and by this point, I was getting the combination of his masculine musk and his cologne in my nose, like a sensual incense driving me crazy. I knew I was going ass-eating whether he wanted it or not. I worked on his hips first, then his butt cheeks, spreading them to make room for my face. It was awesome! The combination of salty sweat, the warmth of his hole, flossing my teeth with his anal hair and the clean, natural aroma of his ass was incredible. I stayed there way too long, and he let me! I went down his taint and licked his tasty balls before I did his neck, back and shoulders, playing with the hairs of his armpits in the process. There was just something about his natural, sweaty musk that thrilled me to no end. Finally turned his over and his nipples and his cock were hard and pointing. Where was I to go? I hit his chest and made my way down, and was shocked when I felt his hand on my cock. I licked the juices from his navel, teased his pubic hair with my tongue, sucked and licked his balls again, and then went in for the gusto. It wasn't long before I heard a series of grunts, followed one long moan and a sigh, as I felt the release of his last bits of tension and stress splatter my tongue. I was surprised he would even come back, but so soon as well!

Once again, the university came through for me with Shawn, a young, dark-haired, blue-eyed kid. In the outfit he had on, I thought he needed to eat. And his beard and mustache indicated that he wasn't much of a metrosexual. We did a couple of his beers as we talked and he undressed. And again, I'm noticing the lack of features that thrill me...small, sad ass, the small patch of hair between his bony breast plates, the few hairs around each of his non-existent nipples, and around his navel. About the only thing I was remotely happy about was his dreamy cock, and perhaps the longest, straightest pubic hair I've ever seen in my life. But it wasn't long before I changed my mind about him.

The original session he booked didn't require me to get undressed, but he paid extra so I would. The moment I started working on his foot, the other one was rubbing against my cock. Of course, it was better when I did the other foot, but it did set the tone for the session. I did his calves, thighs, hips and butt cheeks, and then aligned his lower half. By this time, his hand had replaced his feet on my cock. I had reservations about rimming him, but he was pleased I did. In fact, he came while I was doing it, which kind of bothered me, as I was sure the massage was over and the only thing I was hoping to get my hands on, I didn't get to. Fortunately, that dreamy cock had seconds, and he had no problem being touched after he climaxed the first time. So I went ahead and did his back, neck and shoulders, and he sucked on my cock some before he turned all the way over.

This posed a little bit of a private issue for me, as I wasn't thrilled with anything but his cock on the front, and I felt like I needed to give it time, or at least stimulate the body before we went for that second. So we made out for a spell, not bad! I massaged and played with his chest and nipples. I rubbed his legs and licked his navel. He sucked on me some more. Then I played with that long, straight pubic hair of his, and I licked his balls. The sweat, load combination down there got me going, and that got the party started for the second time. I massaged his balls with one hand, and played with his pubic hair with the other until it grew to capacity and started to drip. I wrapped my mouth around it and let my tongue and lips do the rest. He got louder as he played with my balls. When I finally got hard, he put me in his mouth and blew a second wad down my throat.

Jordan struck me as a bit of a redneck over the phone, so he was a bit of a surprise when he showed up. There was something strangely attractive about his really long face, his long nose, his beautiful long eye lashes and his bald head. He had an average chest with average nipples, but no hair there. Plenty under his arms and the bush he had grown around his navel. He was a bit on the skinny side, with a surprisingly full ass and he was even better in the front. We started on his beer and conversation, about the massage among other things.

He was amazingly cool. We talked a lot during the session, about television, about dogs, about his work. He had really soft skin, and nice feet. He really enjoyed the foot massage. He wanted me to be a bit rough with his calves, so he really liked that too. At this point, I noticed his beautiful balls, but wasn't even sure I could go there, so I tested the waters when I was working on his thighs. This was important because I also wanted to taste that ass. When I was working his inner thighs, I brushed his balls a few time with my index finger and got no reaction. I dug into his inner thigh and pressed my thumb against his taint a few times, still nothing. As I did both inner thighs at once, and ran the sides of both hands along, I finally got a groan from the groin and decided the coast was clear. I did his hips, then aligned him and then did his butt cheeks. This lead to me eating his awesome ass, licking his taint and finally tasting them balls!

As I was doing his lower back, I felt his left hand searching my shorts for the leg. He never found it, and settled for caressing and massaging my calf as I finished his back, neck and shoulders. As soon as I turned him over, he snatched my shorts down and started playing with my balls with his hand as he sucked on my cock. Eventually, I replaced my cock with my mouth, and we kissed as I positioned him correctly on the massage table. We continued making out, as I stepped out of my shorts. I worked on his neck as we finished up the make out session. Then I went lower, massaging his pecs as I licked his armpits. licking and sucking on his nipple, licking down his torso to his belly button, around and inside of it. I sucked and licked on his balls as i played with his pubic hair. Then I took his shaft in my hand, and started doing little tricks to tease and tantalize him. His moans indicated I was doing a swell job. I then operated on the shaft with one hands, massaged his balls with the other and licked and pulled on his pubic hair with my lips and tongue. I continued this maneuver until I felt my one hand getting sticky, and then I replaced it with my mouth. In no time, he was loud, near screaming. I tightened my lips along the shaft and teased the tip of his head with my tongue. He was bouncing and squirming at this point, and I knew I wanted to take a little longer. He called it torture, but I was actually just savoring the moment. A loud, unfinished sentence came out of his mouth, as he came into mine, a large delicious load. I laid with him as he recovered, sipping on a beer and arranging out next session.

And then there was construction worker, Sammy. Some things are so good, you ought to ask for them by their full name. I didn't, but make no mistake, he qualifies.

Short, muscular, lean, extremely hairy, some might say excessively so, but you know me. The more, the merrier, the hairier, the better. He had short, light black hair with a beard and a mustache, beautiful blue eyes and an amazing smile. He even came with a bottle of wine, so there is nothing I'm not liking about this guy so far.

We started talking as I poured us both a glass and he undressed. I noticed the blanket of fur on his back, his awesome ass as he bent over, and his balls hanging between his beautiful thighs. I'm so digging this dude right now. And it gets even better. He has a nice, thick eight inch slab of uncut meat in front. And when it is all said and done, he is a great kisser, a nipple player, an ass eater and a cock sucker.

To make a long beautiful story short, I gave him an awesome massage and he gave almost as good as he got. I flossed my teeth eating his ass, and nearly sucked the soul out of me eating mine. He worked my nipples into a frenzy, hell, I'm getting hard reliving it, and I worked his until he needed a break. We kissed, and made out and cuddling and sipped more wine. I licked his armpits, his back, his navel. He sucked on me until I almost came, and I got two wonderful loads out of that man before he left. We even docked, which I haven't done in ages. We finished the wine, made out a little more and he split.

I've been on a bit of a role lately. Since my rates went up, the number of clients have been down. But I'm getting more lookers and guys who are my type. And they are paying more for the sessions, and doing what I want to do for the most part! It really can't get much better than this, as far as work is concerned!!!
Eric, Shane and the Worst Party Ever!!!! Warning...I might offend!!!
Posted:Jun 15, 2018 12:29 pm
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2018 6:55 pm
Howdy folks! Sorry I have been slow about posting. Just doesn't feel good to be here these days. But the show must go on, and even though I have started posting on other sites, I don't think I'm quite d here yet.

Thank you very much for the email, Wildsucker67. Very much appreciated! Thanks for checking me out, Akl1234. My main man, Cumlover401...How are you? Mral65, I hope I got that right, it is always great to see and hear from you. Now do me a favor. Just post a picture or something on your blog, so we can comment on it and holler at you there! I haven't quite figured out what it is yet, but there is something fainating to me about Retsailor180! Thanks for continuing to visit. Dansdick still looks delish! Damn! It's been a while since I've seen you guys, Uncutubtoo and BBCSlut6! Welcome back! Boy, the theme to "Welcome Back, Kotter" wanted to come out then. And just when I was going to leave you al, Just_needing_it, the powers that be selected you as a new match for me. Perhaps you should come in and find out what you are missing! lol

We are going to start with the worst party ever! And remember, I have now warned you times that some of you might be offended! I will apologize again, in advance!!!

The party was attended by 43 guys. Sounds good, right? Well, if you listen them in order of ages oldest to youngest, I would have been in the bottom , possibly ! While some gay guys avoid the question of age, there was a lengthy diussion of who was the oldest here. You'd have thought there was a senior citizen's diount or something! A nice looking 72 year old, 73, 75, 77, 81 83. Oh my God! If I had said that there, surely somebody would have said, "Yes?"

Now, let's take the same list and arrange it by w, going from lightest to heaviest. Now, I won't lie, I'm a somewhat muular, stocky, black guy...6', football er built. There is some w here. That's the biggest reason just about every gay bar in this city had me as a bouncer or security at some point. But I would have been in the top of this list, and there was only guy taller than me, and I was the only black guy! Never have I seen so many 300 pounders in space! I swear sometimes, what I thought was a spill on the floor was the furniture crying!

Well, we have already established that I was the only black. I know for sure there was only guy better endowed than me, and guy comparable to me. So I'm of the top cocks, and the biggest that tops!

Some managed to get their asses up the stairs to the bedroom. Some sat their butts in the living room, watching porn. Most were in the dining room, eating, getting up only when the door bell rung, like a stampede checking out the fresh meat. Now that I think about it, it might have been the newest item to the dining room buffet that they were checking out.

The youngest guy, who also was the hottest guy, also had the biggest dick, and of course, he was a bottom. Several guys sucked on him, before he went to the room. My tequila guy, an Indian top with a little dick and I were asked to join him. I was either eating, smoking or drinking, but said I would be up later. When I got up there, the room smelled like shit, with the Indian finger-fucking the young guy because his dick wasn't big enough. My tequila guy sucked him off and when he finished, the Indian pulled his finger out of the ass, cleaning off his hands with a roll of paper towels. Oh, hot! I think not!

I was stalked by of these guys during the course of the evening. We were all required to be nude, so I actually sat down away from all the action. Well, I got sandwiched in between a heavy old guy, who had hand holding his belly up while the other did the stroking, and another , not as heavy, who kept looking at me like I was suppose to be turned on and jump on him. Since the main restroom we used didn't have a door, another stalker tried to come in on me in the bathroom.

It was a long, exasperating night. In hours, the only buns I ate were White Castles, the only thing I sucked on was cocktails and the only thing in my mouth was cigarettes, and not even a clove!

The last time I saw Eric, he was very average. A nice face, great smile, and something thrilled me about his legs. But he was really too skinny to get my juices flowing, and minus his armpits and pubic hair, no hair anywhere. Average and forgettable. In fact, when I got the email, I had to look in the archives to see why the address looked familiar. Since he had been here before, I had no real problem booking the appointment, since he knew what to expect. But I was the who was in for the surprise!

That great smile was encompassed by a beautiful beard. Those rawny arms and that pitiful chest had been injected with mules and wrapped in fur. The nipples were still non-existent, and I think I counted tattoos on his upper half, but hey, no body's perfect! He had even managed to get a little badonkadonk going in the back, and it was fuzzy too. I could just feel...I was going to like this so much better than the last time. And indeed I did!

He loved the foot massage, and when I worked on his hips and aligned his lower half. I loved eating that ass out, and not since Sawyer had I felt an ass so warm and inviting. I only went there with my finger during the prostate massage though. I think we both enjoyed the back, neck and shoulder part of the session, as I had gotten hot and sweaty and took my shirt off. I kind of NURUed that part and he grabbed my nipples and enjoyed the ride as I continued to work out the kinks. Somehow we managed to turn over while we were making out. And he sucked on my nipples while I work on his, and his chest, and his torso, and his arms. I got off of him to do his feet again, and then very slowly work my way up to his family jewels. I licked the salt and probably suck off half the skin on his balls before I put his sausage in my mouth. And it wasn't long before it felt like it was melting, fluids and juices captivating the taste buds on my tongue. I snaked my way up his foreskin to collect any remaining goodies before I let him go. Since he came back after that last , I know he will be back after this .

And Shane will be in my head for quite a while. I have a huge weakness for ginger guys and red heads. But although I've enjoyed the company of a few over the , only would be what I would call attractive. I even hung out with with a severe case of acne and green teeth. Now, for some reason, freckles on a red head, just s things up a notch. And you already know how I feel about hair. Shane had all of these and then some, so as you might imagine, it was very, very keep myself under control.

He came...with a bottle of wine, and looked great in his ball cap, plaid shirt and jeans shorts. He seems to have a glow about him, and an awesome smile, and a gleam in his eye. Yes, I was sinking fast and he hadn't even taken any clothes off yet.

We opened the wine, poured a couple of glasses, went to the massage room and he took off his shirt. It was all there, the freckles on his upper arms, back and chest, if you searched under the fur, which started off plentiful between his succulent nipples, and tapered off toward his navel. When he took the shorts off, his fuzzy, speckled ass was mere inches from my face. I could smell his musk and so wanted to taste him. That trail picked up under his navel, leading to a patch of thick musky hair, and dick that flaccid, looked perfect for me to sit on, and I don't usually roll like that. I was drowning in ginger awesomeness, and wasn't sure what to do, or how to go about it!

To make a long, beautiful session short, it was much of a massage at all. It started off that way, as we were talking, sipping wine and I was massaging his feet. But we were learning too much about each other, and the chemistry and the connection started rolling in. And I think I skipped his legs and went straight to his ass. Massaging his cheeks as I was licking, rimming, tasting and eating his ass out. I did get naked at this point and teased my cock with his ass as I worked on his back, and he trusted me not to violate our understanding, him being a top and all. Not sure I managed to do that, and I'm not sure how he managed to turn over under me, but he started teasing my ass with his dick. Then I grabbed both of his nipples, and ed with them as I felt his cock grow between my cheeks. Then I made out with him, tweaking and twisting his nipples as my thighs embraced his cock, and moved up and down against it, occasionally squeezing. At this point, we were both moaning with our kisses, and although I knew I wasn't going to cum, I was thoroughly enjoying the best sexperience I've ever had with a ginger guy.

He sucked on my nipples for a bit and then he ate my ass out as I sucked him off. His load was awesome, sweet, creamy and swallows. I got off of him and he asked me to lay with him for a second. It turned out to be twenty minutes of compliments, sexual banter and truly sweet talk. There was some kissing, hugging, touching, like a passionate winding down of a beautiful interlude. We got dressed, he paid and we finished the wine on the couch before we embraced some more, made out and he left!

I'd really hate to end this with a woefully overused and ed out line, but, "Come back Shane! Come Back!"
The Last Time I was here...
Posted:Jun 5, 2018 3:45 am
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2018 10:01 am
All my pictures had disappeared. I checked out a few other blogs and noticed a bunch of naughty photos notices with no pictures. So I decided that i wasn't going to post again until I saw we could post pictures again. Hell, even i can admit I had been a roll for a spell! Now, as they still going to make me feel like I'm drunk, stupid or just can't spell, even after winning the state spelling bee years ago. I guess we are about to find out!

Tom is actually a guy who use to come to some of my parties. Actually, he didn't attend my strip poker nights. I never saw him at an orgy. I don't even remember him being at a dick sucking party. No. Tom only seem to show up at the jack off parties. Since jacking off really isn't my thing, I was usually there for security, or to cook. But I had an ulterior motive. The host, use to regularly suspend the rules and let whatever happen, happen. Back then, there were nicely attended. But when the host made them strictly jack off affairs, attendance plummeted, and after a few months, he stopped hosting them altogether.

Tom is an attractive middle aged guy. Nice face with a lovely trimmed beard, a hairy chest, a very nice ass and an about average dick. But boy, could he shoot! Most of the time, his was the best show of the night. But he never touched anyone, and he never let anyone touch him. Just came in, sat down, jacked for a spell, shot his load and left. So I was shocked as hell when he asked about a massage and set up an appointment.

He came in with a bottle of Dewar's and we sipped on it while we talked. Turns out, he is slowly discovering his bisexuality. And the parties were his way of checking out other guys, seeing how he would feel about being nude with them, and eventually figuring out if he could "function" in a public setting. And now, he felt like he was ready to be touched and maybe even touch someone, and I was the lucky guinea pig!

It was a long massage, thirty minutes longer than he had planned. And I, understanding my role, took my time, exercised a lot of patience, using a more gentle touch, and taking my cues from him and his body. It was basically your standard exploratory massage. For a guy his age, he had incredibly soft skin. He loved the foot massage, but didn't care much for the chest and nipple thing. We did discover that behind his knee and his armpits were trigger spots, and he loved to have his ass and belly rubbed. He let me played with his wonderful ass some, but wasn't inclined to let anything go up in it. He even touch my cock some. But when we got to his genitals, it was all good. Loved having his balls played with, licked and sucked. His dick felt shorter but thicker in my mouth, but that awesome load to look at was much better to taste.

I'm assuming I did a good job, because two parties ago, he was there and being very touchy-feely, and not just with me. He was visibly uncomfortable moving around, but as long as he was sitting on his ass, he was good...and a good time was had by many.

Mike was a newcomer on a mission. So when he showed up for his appointment, he made it perfectly clear what he was after. He wanted a good back massage, an actual butt cheek massage and a happy ending. Didn't seem like a problem to me, but apparently he had gone to several other guys and wasn't very happy with their performance.

His face was rather average, but as he stripped out of his clothes, I admired his tanned, muscular, hairless body. His chest, impressive. His nipples, tantalizing. His ass, awesome! And his dick was slightly above average in length, but it was the girth that might have made things awkward for some.

I started him face down and worked on his lower half. After I did his feet, calves and thighs, I started on his hips, deciding that that would lead into the working of his massive, muscular anal globes, finish all the prostate and anal work and then align him before I moved on to his back. After doing his hips, I moved into his butt cheeks. Several minutes with my fingers, then a good working around with my fists and then finishing up with my elbows. He loved it, moaning, near screaming as I got more into it! Unfortunately, I felt like I might suffocate if I tried to rim him, so I mixed some baby lotion and baby oil together and proceeded with a prostate massage and it wasn't long before there was some leakage between his legs. I continued using this baby concoction for finish up his massage. More noises ensued as I did his back, neck and shoulders, especially around the blades.

I turned his over and started working his neck and chest, and as I worked on his nipples, I felt his hand go between my legs. I worked my way down his torso down around his navel. Then I teased him by massaging his pubic hair and balls without touching his cock. I watched as it grew and leaked, and then I went to his feet. I did the foot, calves and thigh of one leg before I did the other. Not my usual move but it gave him two more times to do the rise and fall of his cock, especially when I actually licked his balls and shaft. When both side was done, he was fully erect, with a slight curve. Again, I teased, grabbing more baby gunk and working on his genitals. I stroked him for a bit, hoping he would assume that that was how the happy ending was going to work. Then I did a quick, wrap my mouth around, go all the way down, swirl my tongue around, just to get a feel for it. Awkward, but not impossible or intolerable. And the next time my mouth was on it, it didn't come off until he got off, painting my tonsils with his man gel. He tipped me well, said that was the best blow job of his life, and schedule another appointment for two weeks later.

Apparently, I still haven't found all the ads that Dee and I put out for four hand massages, and John had called about one. When I informed him that I fly solo now, he asked if I was the black one, and when I confirmed, he scheduled an appointment. Now, I always assume that means they either was to suck me or get fucked by me, and it is less about the massage and more about them getting off. This one was a little bit different!

John showed up, an attractive older guy. Great personality, decent ass for someone his age, impressive cock, decent nipples on a somewhat saggy chest. I get him on the table and start doing his feet. I work my way up the calves and the thighs, and apprehensively go to do the butt. Wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. Did his cheeks and his ass was surprisingly clean. I went ahead and ate it out, and proceeded to do a prostate massage, but maybe three minutes in, he wanted me out. I go ahead and do his back, neck and shoulders and when I turn him over, he puts my cock in his mouth. It doesn't hurt. He isn't biting or scraping. But I'm not getting hard.

I move to his feet and work my way up his front side. When I got to his genitalia, I started rubbing his balls, and watched his dick expand. Shortly thereafter, he moved my hand. I moved on up to the torso, working my way to his chest and again, he put my cock in his mouth. I work on his nipples and wait for my dick to get hard. Still, nothing! He moves off my cock and moves my head towards his face and starts kissing me. He wasn't a bad kisser. I just wasn't expecting it. Turns out, that's the main thing he wanted to do. Oh, no! Like me and most thing, these things don't work out so great if I'm not feeling it. I suspect that's why I wasn't getting hard, or that I'm selective about how the happy ending occurs, or what I will do with an ass. Hell, probably why I stopped escorting...I can't just get hard or happy on command anymore. I have to be feeling it! It either comes automatically, or you'd better be able to work me into a frenzy. And this guy wasn't capable of either!

To make a long story short, the rest of the session became a battle of wills. Me trying to be nice and kiss him, and him trying to get tongues involved. Him trying to suck on me to get me hard, and me trying to get this session over with. Me trying to get him off, and him moving my hand before I got the job done. At one point we were alternating, me getting him hard and near climax before he moved my hand, and him sucking on me until his dick had returned to normal. I finally ended it by putting my mouth on him, and he came quickly. The load wasn't but it certainly wasn't worth all the trouble it took to get it.

And I was in dire need of a massage myself. Dee isn't permitted to see me anymore, since I was deemed a threat to their relationship. The stripper that was best at doing them moved to Colorado. And the guy I went to last got married and is no longer doing them. And now I know that those of us who can afford the luxury regularly had better find one and keep him! I settle on a guy name Curt, and issued several warning before I arrived. I was likely to get aroused, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. I was probably going to make a lot of noise, especially if he was any good. My body REALLY needed a massage.

When I arrived, a short, burly muscular guy let me in. I took a six pack of beer and a bottle of tequila with me. I think I did a beer and three shots and he did two beer and a shot before we got started.

He did a lousy job on my feet. Horrible! He did better on my calves. He did my thighs, but seemed for some reason to be focused on my inner upper thigh. Another lousy job on my hips. He did a decent job on my ass, but I didn't make any noise until he started eating my ass out. He was pretty good at that, and best yet, he didn't try anything else in that regards. When he did my neck, backs and shoulders, I was in heaven! The moans, groans, and grunts started. I actually think I left my body a few times. When he turned me over, we were both erect, the difference being about five inches. He was even worse on the front half. His only remote saving grace was he found my main trigger, and spent a great deal of time on it, causing my cock to rise again a second time. Sadly, he didn't have the skills to make anything happen there. He asked what else could he do, and I turned over. And he worked some more on my neck, back and shoulders and ate my ass until time was up. Now, I know why I am doing so well around here. I have to be one of the top five masseur in the city, that cater to men!

And before I forget...Yes, I still want it, wanting_it_now! You're only needing it because you haven't brought your ass in here yet, just_needing_it! And cumlover401, you really should cum hand out with me sometime!!!
George, Curtis and Anthony!!!
Posted:May 23, 2018 1:19 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2018 12:39 am
Well! Well! Well! I knew I had been gone a while, but long enough not to see anything about myself until I get my blog. Guess that means the crazy stuff among us is still going on! And now, on top of the insanity that the powers that's be seem to inclined to go with! What in the hell is this "naughty picture" crap I saw as I check out some of the other blogs? Are we really monitoring the picture we post in the blogs for nudity? Well, the plan was for four in this post, so we will see if we get them. And they are still screwing up my spelling and letter combinations. Damn! There was a time when it use to be fun to come over here. Now I'm more pissed than tipsy. So, I only know of Blogspot, Tumblr and WordPress . Anyone else know of anyother blog sites I might go to continue my work?

Thank you very much for the email, Akl1234. I hope I answered it as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Thank you very much for the flirt, Just2getsucked. very much appreciated. Thanks for checking on me, OnDaFence. I came here hoping things were going well for you on all fronts, but I'm just going to remind you that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, especially for those who may not be as talented. Thank you for checking me out, Aarrin4men. Since you are local, you should check out my blog and see if we should be getting better acquainted. the same could be said for TwoFunGuys as well!

So George had been here once before, and I remembered it being like a normal experience. He basically came in for an actual full body massage with a happy ending. I remembered him being one of those "hit or miss" guys. Entirely too many tattoos for me, hairy lower half but not much going on above the waste. I remembered looking at his dick and thinking that I really wanted to suck it, but the unpleasant aroma of him made me not so inclined. I also remembered him calling and setting up the appointment at work, and coming by after he got off. So I was surprised when he called about a 1 a.m. appointment on a Saturday night. And even more surprised when he showed up.

I remembered him being bald when we met, but he had grown a full head of hair and a beard. He had also let his upper body hair grow out, and it was so dark and thick, it nearly completely the tattoos underneath. All of this made him much more attractive in my eyes. The complete removal of his teeth did not. and I'm guessing he was out and about, because his outfit was very nice and his scent was very pleasant.

To make an interesting massage session a little shorter, he still basically got his full body rubdown. But this time, I got to eat his ass out, though he wouldn't let anything else go in. I actually enjoyed playing with his hairy chest and his tiny, pointed nipples. And the handy happy ending was replaced with oral satisfaction, serving up a thick, sweet, creamy large load for myself. And I learned something about myself...actually two. 1) I prefer to meet a guy at his worst in appearance, and if he can improve his appeal that's even better. And 2) I still prefer guys with teeth giving me blow jobs, but at least I know now that not all toothless cocksuckers still manage to scrape.

How can a guy be so hot and yet so not at the same time? I haven't quite figured that out yet, but that was the case with Curtis. And the best thing about Curtis was he was an unexpected client I got during my Club Hub. After I had showered, rubbed, caressed, massaged and scented and basically showcased my original client in the sauna, the hot tub, the pool and the steam room, completely our session, and cleaned him up again before he left, I was headed for a soda and a clove when he knocked at the glass partition separating the wet and dry areas and motioned for me to come to the sauna.

Now, what I had noticed at this point was he had an awesome looking, full ass, hairy, muscular. Unfortunately, there was a tramp stamp that took away from its beauty to me. From the back, he was shorter, but very well built and muscular looking. And he had huge hands that definitely screamed blue collar. When I walked into the sauna, I noticed hairy pecs, beautiful nipples, muscular arms, a succulent slab of meat and maybe twelve more tattoos. By far, his least attractive feature was his face, until he spoke. He had this raspy, gravelly voice, like a baritone Carol Channing. He asked about what he had seen earlier and I explained it to him, and he opted for a shorter version.

I cleaned him up thoroughly in the shower, and even managed to get his ass a little cleaner in the hot tub. And we actually did the massage in the sauna. It was awesome and intoxicating. And as the scent of chocolate, almonds and coconut permeated the dimly lit room. I found myself being more and more into him. So in addition to the full body massage, he got his ass ate out. He got his bald scalp rubbed. He even got his armpits licked. And although we appreciated the interruptions from the guys, to get a break from the heat when they entered and left the sauna, and a few of them played with me as I worked on him, he didn't think he could climax in publish. So we went back to my suite, where I gave him a quick rush job before I sucked him off. It was huge, dreamy, creamy load from a guy I can't imagine I will ever do again.

And then there was Anthony, a young skinny guy I did last week. And the thing I remember most about him is how much his face reminded me of his cock. Or would that be the other way around?

He was really young looking, not a stitch of hair on his face. And with the inappropriate haircut of his dishwater brown hair, his gigantic nose and his large pout lips, I remembered thinking he looked like some sort of bird. And as he stripped for me, I found myself critiquing. Flat, bony chest with two dots serving as nipples, hair under his arms and around his navel, scrawny legs, and a big, beautiful, hairless ass. And as his large uncut cock pressed against his low-hanging balls, with the large patch of pubic hair, it truly reminded me of his face.

On top of this, he already had ideas about what he wanted from the session. He wanted some kissing and plenty of attention paid to his ass. He was also determined to suck me off, but did not possess the skills to get the job done. I gave him a full body massage, though there were times I thought I might break something on him. His ass was tight and tasty, but there was no way I was going to do what he really wanted, so after lots of rimming and a lengthy finger prostate massage, I grabbed some vibrating anal beads and inserted them into his ass, slowly but surely until they were about three-fourths of the way in. He turned out to be a pretty good kisser, but somehow, I could taste the garlic but the stank was of something else. And after sucking his sweaty, salty, hairless balls, I turned on the beads and started sucking his delicious cock. I cleaned the foreskin thoroughly, and felt interesting bits of smegma in my mouth. I continued my oral assault and he became more vocal about his pleasure. I tried to insert the anal beads further, and this just made him louder, which made me suck faster. And as everything intensified, he let out a long, loud moan, and a tasty outpouring of milk came from his massive man udder. He laid there for quite a spell before he made out with me, settled matters and left.
Doug, Dell, Steven and Jim!!!
Posted:May 10, 2018 7:34 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2018 1:15 am
Thank you very much for the email, Akl1234. It was good to hear from you again. Glad to hear things are going well and I guess I will be seeing you soon! funguys317, you need to holler at a brother! I can probably you out! lol Not too shabby there, Vital42. Still looking good there, Just_wanting_it. And it is always good to see my Outpersonals husband on here, Cumlover401!

Do you all know what a behr is? Well, Doug was a fine example of this, and I was really disappointed.

Behrs are guys who from the neck up, look like they would be hairy as hell, but there is really little to no hair anywhere else. He sounded great when he booked the appointment, and when he showed up at the door, I was pleased. Well built, in jeans and an oversized t-shirt with the arms cut out. There was a large tattoo on of his shoulders, but he had a great smile, a full, thick beard and a head full of dark brown hair. Unfortunately, that's where the hair ended. And believe me, I searched as he was getting undressed.

He got on the table and I started with his feet, which he thoroughly seemed to enjoy. I did his hairless, muular calves and thighs, and I worked his hips before I pulled and stretched his lower half into alignment. I then massaged his ass, which was full, beautiful and tanned, and proceeded to do a little finger prostate massage. This too, he seemed to like. By this time, he had started to sweat, but there was little chance at it creating an intoxicating, manly musk. I finished his upper back half and turned him over. He was already dripping from his slightly above average member. I proceeded to do his lower half and then decided to go from the neck down. His nipples started to point and harden, so I spent a little time on them before I massaged his torso. And by this point, he had already filled his belly button with precum. I took his dick in my hand and started rubbing it up and down while I caressed his balls with the other. It was then that the noises began, and I decided to built up to a quick and easy finish. And as he got louder, I slowed down both hands. I'm not sure why he grabbed my cock, but when he did, I took it as a sign to bring this thing to a close. I put my mouth on his dick and got a savory blend of salty sweat and sweet precum. And in less than minutes, he had shot his wad into my mouth and started to deflate. We had a beer as he got dressed, and soon after he left.

Dell was nearly blonde perfection, minus the receding hairline. Very nice face with a cool mustache, full, luious lips and a great smile. He also had a bit of a mihievous aura about him that said he could be a lot of fun, and he was!

We started with beer as we diussed the finer nuances of his session. He warned me of a couple of things that might happen on his end...he likes to kiss, he would probably make quite a bit of noise, especially when it felt really good and that he warned to taste my ass before he climaxed. I understood that sometimes, the smell of a man can with the orgasm, and several times, I have worn the ent of a guy long after our moment was g.

He had a lot going for him... massive, hairy chest, full, hairy, pale ass and a large thick cock. So when he got on the table, I started with his feet and he started with the noise. He was pretty silent when I did his legs, but was all about all the anal work I did on him. The hips, the globes and the prostate massage, but he was loudest when I was rimming his tasty ass! I could have stayed there a while but we only had ninety minutes. The noises continued as I did his back, neck and shoulders, and when I turned him over, that's when he decided to kiss me. It was awesome, and we did some making out as I massaged his pecs and nipples. I slowly worked and licked my way down to his navel, and then hit his feet again. His laughter turned into noises and his cock became erect. What a sight, but it didn't begin to ooze until I got to his inner thighs. I then worked his taint and ed with his pubic hair...anything to keep away from his cock and balls. By this time, his hands were inside my shorts, as he worked them down and asked me to turn around. That rim job has to be in the top I've ever had in my life, and by the time he had finished, I was leaking my damn self! Then he started sucking me as I returned the favor. Sadly, he wasn't that good there and as I started to deflate, his noises increased. I decided to intensify my work, in hopes that it would distract him from noticing that I was coming down. And it worked. I started rubbing his balls while sucking his cock, then sucking and licking his balls as I was stroking his meat. He got very loud, finally ending in a long moan as the liquids started coating my mouth. It was of those loads you wanted everywhere, so I refused to swallow until I had drained every drop from him, causing him to flounce and flop on the table. He laid there a bit as I cleaned him up and got us another beer. We even made out a little more before he put on his clothes. I have a feeling he will be back!

Steven was a construction worker who coming by right after work, so he booked a Rub & rub, and I convinced him to take a bath as oppose to a shower. I was preparing his bubble bath when he arrived, with cigarettes and a bottle of wine. And while I was pouring the wine, he got out of his clothes and slipped into the water without inspection.

He laid back, with his glass of wine in hand and a cigarette in the other, as I puffed on a cigarette as I worked. His face was just all right, but he had a beautiful, well built, tanned body. And again, no hair except for the stubble on his chest.

His nipples responded extremely well to the loofah rubbing across them and the clamminess of his sweaty skin was replaced by the moisture of the sensuous, ented water. I found his large, beautiful cock underneath the suds and washed his huge balls. And I slowly bathe the rest of his front as I waited for him to finish his smoke and drink. I had him turn over and started caading the water over his back. He really did seem to enjoy his bath and even said he was glad we did it this way. Hey, some bathing you in a tub is much more relaxing then standing in a shower, though there are benefits to both. I focused my attention to his feet and his ass before I dried him off and took him to the massage room.

He got on the table face down and I started massaging his feet. It is amazing how many guys really appreciate a good foot massage. I did his legs, hips and ass, and spent entirely too much time eating it. In fact, he actually asked me to stop, warning me that he could cum before I finished, and then wouldn't want to be touched anymore. I know a lot of guys like that, so I moved on to doing the rest of his back half before I started working on the front. When he turned over, his massive meat was glazed in precum and his balls indicated that it wouldn't be long now. I quickly did his feet and legs and then started working on his chest and nipples. By now, I had hand on his cock, on his balls and my mouth was working those nipples into a frenzy. He was squirming by this point, cupping my ass in his hands and teasing my cock with his mouth with my shorts still on. And it wasn't long before the juices flowed from his meat. He didn't really appreciate me licking and lapping after I swallowed his large and tasty load. We finished of the wine before he paid his tab and left.

Jim is actually an awesome 73 year, semi-regular party guess who has started taking more of an interest in me over his last few parties. We had actually started bonding after he was going through some stuff with the lady he was seeing at the time. He is very intelligent, very active, extremely handy and loves to cook. I can not lie...I am very impressed by this man. So when he asked me about the massage appointment, I was a bit perplexed. After all, we have kind of already established a connection of sorts, talked about the each other's lives to some degree, and we've ed around the last few times he attended parties, In fact, the last parties, he made it obvious he was primarily there to see me. So why would he want a massage?

Jim showed up with clove cigarettes, my thing, a bottle of wine and a bottle of tequila, things he had learned from watching me at the parties. And as I poured us a shot and a glass, we started talking. Turns out he actually wanted a massage, but he also wanted some private time with me, and figured this was the way to go. Fortunately, he was my last massage for the day, so I said it would take as long as it takes. lol

He shared with me about his job, and his kids, and splitting from the lady he was seeing. I told him about my hectic life. He poured us another shot of tequila and after it, we had our first kiss. It was nice, not ground-breaking or soul-stirring, but it was nice. And I poured us another glass of wine and took him up to the massage room.

Now Jim doesn't look his age at all. More importantly, he does act it! He is in excellent shape for a man his age, even to the point that his ass doesn't sag and isn't nearly are wrinkled as most. His gray hair is receding, but he has this youthful glow and aura about him. You'd think was in his late forties, early fifties, tops!

So the real purpose of this session was to feel each other out physically and sexually I guess, beyond what we do at the parties, which is usually talk, drink, smoke and suck each other until I get him off. This was our chance to inspect each other physically, see how compatible we might be sexually, and try out a few things we might be interested in with each other, like our first kiss.

During the course of the massage session, we diovered that I will enjoy his ass immensely and he loves my chest. He has fetishes that I can really get into and vice versa, and he loves that I am a versatile, give as good as you get kind of guy, although if he is like most of the bisexual guys I know, who actually have a preference for the ladies, he will mostly want to bottom. But he does have the right kind of cock to work for me, and I'm almost certain he knows how to work it.

We are going to tennis next week. But I'm walking into to this as a potentially good friend with benefits kind of thing. I'm getting this vibe that this is going to be a good enough fit to be anything more than that, at least for me. And I hope he is walking into this wisely as well. I'd hate to think he might feel like I led him on if it doesn't work out as a relationship.

So Jim, if you are reading this, I'm still taking applications...for now.
Adam, Aaron and Jason!
Posted:May 2, 2018 9:14 pm
Last Updated:May 9, 2018 3:01 pm
So I got my Outpersonals Newsletter and there was a young man on it who should be doing centerfolds. So Felipe02081988, thank you for guiding me over here today! And when I got here, there was a hottie online. Damn shame, Fwb4me2please wasn't around when I lived there! Thank you for hot-listing me and becoming my newest friend, Uargurl37664. There is apparently a beautiful, young man here with a new blog, so Mercurius, welcome!!! Thank you for continuing to check on me, OnDaFence! And to the readers of my last post, thank you and your responses are there with mine! And I was going to leave you be, but thank you Wanting_it_now, for looking at me!

I noticed again that several of my words were badly rewed over in my last post. It is really getting bad. Letter groupings like "," "pay," "," "," and "" and not showing up repeatedly. Along with the other frustrations of the site and the blogs, I've started looking into Wordpress, Blogspot and Tumblr, in case I want to continue somewhere else. I of course will keep you informed.

So I got an email during my lunch about some guy, Adam, who wanted to come in between and for a massage. We worked out the details and about an hour later, Adam showed up.

He was in his mid-twenties, with dishwater blonde hair, not facial hair, pretty blue eyes and eye catching lips. Normally looking youthful doesn't work for me, but he would be an exception to that rule. It turns out he is a gymnast, taking classes at the university nearby, and works for a landaping company. He wore the combination well... the legs, the thighs, that ass, the arms and the armpits, along with that face... just an awesome looking young man!

He got naked and laid down on the table ass up. And I'm noticing a whole lot of mule and only patches of fur on his body. There were so many places I either wanted or needed to go, that I almost skipped his feet. But he did appreciated the little time I did give to them. This time, I did the whole left leg, hip and butt cheek before I moved to the right, so I could do some aligning, stretching and contouring along the way. It took a little longer, especially with his muular calves and thighs, but it also gave me opportunities to eat that amazing ass. After I did the right side and ate his ass out some more, I started fingering him with hand and massaging his taint and balls with the other. I did this for a while, because he had requested I work his legs, back, neck and shoulders, and I wasn't sure how much time would be left when I finished what he wanted. And as I suspected, when I had finished his entire back side, minus the few minutes I licked his armpits, there really wasn't much time to do the front, especially the happy ending.

I only did the upper half on the front, assuming the lower body work I did earlier would suffice. I started licking his navel as I rubbed his torso, balls and dick, worked my way up the happy trail to the hairy patch between his pecs. I massaged them as I licked and sucked on his nipples. And shockingly, he was completely comfortable with me massaging his hands and arms. Then I went for the finishing touches, and eventually he dropped his load in my mouth. As I was cleaning him up, he said he had last request, and as he kissed me, he said my lips had been everywhere else but where he really wanted them to go! He was awesome, and I'm sure I will be seeing him again!

I didn't think or know it could happen, but somehow Aaron managed to be the perfect combination of African-American, Latino and Middle Eastern, and it was a beautiful thing to see!

When he showed up for the appointment, he was shy and serious. The coloring of his skin complemented both his big, pinkish lips and his dark hair and mustache. He was a taller than me, and I could see hair trying to eape the top button of his shirt. His furry legs were exposed from his loose, yellow shorts. From this point, the only thing I wouldn't care for was his feet. I offered him a drink as we talked about the massage, and it was obvious this was his first time getting a massage from a man and he was going to be a challenge. After all, he had already indicated he wanted a happy ending, so it was a matter of finding out what would trigger him, and what I might be able to get away with.

I quickly did his feet, as I had already decided they were the least attractive thing about him. I was working on his thin, hairy calves when he started making noises, and they intensified when I got to the back of his knees. I decided to go ahead and do the other calf at this point, as he continued to sound like he was enjoying my work. I got half way up that thigh when something warm and wet brushed me. Upon inspection, it was his huge uncut cock, already oozing cream. I finished that thigh and went back to the other. When I finished, I moved the towel and started on the hips before I did his booty. His hairy ass with his huge, uncut cock dripping between his legs was of the most awesome views I've seen in a while. I did not eat his ass, as I thought there might be a better way to guarantee that activity. I went ahead and did his back, neck, shoulders and even threw in a head massage before I turned him over!

The vision between his armpits and just above the knees was a heavenly dream, despite him being a bit on a thin side. The hair, the nipples, the complexion, the cock, the was almost more than I could take. Trying to stay professional, I gave him a face massage, and learned his earlobes were another hot spot on him. I rubbed his pecs as I ed with his nipples and all that luious fur on his chest. I got the feeling that did more for me than it did for him. And I continued to with his fur, lowering myself down to the milky, massive meat that waited for me. I combed his pubic hair with the fingers of hand, as I massaged his balls with the other, watching the cock inflate further and the flow grow more plentiful. I spread his legs open and replaced the hand on his balls with my mouth. He nearly reamed and almost fainted. I slowly went lower with my mouth, towards the taint, then the butt cheeks and finally the hole. That was the quickest, sweetest, tastiest 20 seconds I've ever spent in a man's buns. But he couldn't take it, and sure enough, I moved just in time to catch the load as it was exiting the pump. It was sweet and tasty too, and so was he, as he asked me to lay with him for a spell before I cleaned him up. I had to settle for a peck instead of a kiss, but I did get to smell the aroma of his mauline musk, cologne and sweat. He tipped me extremely well, got dressed and left.

Lately, I have been heduling my Club Hubs on the same days, for each bath house. It saves me a few bucks, as well as gives me a little time, or the opportunity to book an unexpected client. Bath house is the better deal, as I for twelve hours. the guys there are a bit more mission oriented, if you know what I mean, but they aren't as attractive and there are fewer amenities there. Bath house gives you blocks of hours, but the guys are hotter and there are more things to enjoy.

Jason saw me during of my Club Hub days at bathhouse 2, and I had booked clients that day with a break after each . The first client was old and the hour session included me cleaning him before and after the massage, plus time in the hot tub and the sauna. When I was d with him, I had an hour and a half before my other hedule client showed up. In that time, I sat at the pool mostly, though I did smoke a clove and braved the dark room and spent some time in the steam room before cleaning myself up for his arrival. Steve, my second client, was young and attractive, but a bit on the heavy side. He wanted a part of his massage in the sauna, part of it in the steam room, with some time in the hot tub, a happy ending in the suite I had booked and cleanup before he left. After Steve left, I smoked another clove, did some serious nipple with some guy at the pool, sucked Damon off in the Sauna and Johnathan off in the steam room, got sucked and fucked somebody in the dark room and ed with a few guys in the hall. I'm not sure what or how much Jason saw, but it made him decide to book a private session with me the following week.

Please do not be offended by what I am about to say...despite looking like he might have Down's syndrome, Jason still managed to be attractive. Awkward looking face, but beautiful eyes, a big, sexy nose and nice looking lips. He even turned out to be a wonderful kisser. His slightly muular chest had succulent nipples, but not a stitch of hair. A little peach fuzz around his belly button, he was skinny with a huge, dreamy ass. He had a slightly above average piece of meat with big balls.

I did what I was suppose to do...gave him a good, thorough, full body massage. We both enjoyed it when he was getting his big ass rimmed, and I did that for way too long. I think we both enjoyed the prostate massage, though he did seem pissed that I wasn't planning on fucking him. I worked really hard on his neck, back and shoulders, like he wanted. I massaged his entire front, which usually due to time, I rarely get to do. And I did suck him off, getting another thick, rich, creamy, tasty load! And even though, we kissed before he left and he tipped me, I still don't think he will be coming back. He was really upset about me stopping with my fingers with his ass. It might have been nice to go there sometime, but I guess we will never know!!!
Mark, Scott, Sam & Another Couple's Massage!!!
Posted:Apr 19, 2018 10:23 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2018 11:55 am
of my regulars, who also happens to be a reader of this blog, seems to be under the impression that I only have attractive guys around me. This is just not true. In my business, you usually don't know what is coming until it shows up. So there have been many less than desirables on that massage table, of all kinds. It is also of the reasons that I don't at most of the parties I attend. I think part of it was because up until this year, I was using guys from my past in this blog for pictures. Probably the biggest reason why now, I come up with a theme and check the internet before each post. And this guy may have seen a few party guys. I know he has seen Sawyer, and possibly Billy, so that probably didn't . But no, I get some heavyws, some antiques, some uglies and some just plain gross guys too. There are others with just bad chemistry with me, or ridiculous expectations, or just for some reason, just went wrong. But I figured, my readers would prefer to hear about my better sessions. And hstly, some of the others I would like to forget! lol

To with this though, I will try to remove a few guys from the blog. I will try to leave Robbie out, unless something significant happens, and he has been here once since my last post. I will also avoid using Billy here, mainly because, he has been here twice since my last post, and will likely be here every weekend now. He can be filler if my blog looks short, but otherwise, I will leave him out of it as well.

Thank you for the emails, Jackiebound. Very much appreciated. Welcome back, cumlover401! It feels like it has been a while. And allnighttweeaker, if you ever want to change your name for about an hour or so, let me know!

ott has been here several times now, but it had been a while since his last visit, and I will not lie. I was pleased to see him. He still looked good, and he had a gift for me as well. We started sipping on some Strawberry Zinfandel Arbor Mist, and he started to strip, when he asked me if we could do something different. And as I'm looking at his awesome body being slowly revealed to me once again, I could deny him nothing.

Instead of our usual therapeutic massage, he wanted a light touch, sensual session. So I start by rubbing the tops of his feet, as I slowly lick the heels and soles of them and suck on each and every toe. This guys takes wonderful care of himself, so there is usually place I ever worry about going, and today, that wasn't even going to be an issue. I knew already how this was going to go, as he was already moaning and vibrating on the massage table. I lightly and slowly stroked his calves and his thighs, and caressed his buttocks before I started working on his back. I brushed my hand over his back several times, then started using my fingertips, occasionally poking into his flesh and slowly rubbing out any knots or kinks. I did his shoulders, neck and even gave him a alp massage before I turned him over.

ott has a true anaconda down there, but it doesn't take it long to strike, and it can only strike once. So I massaged his temples and caressed his face. I rubbed his nose, stroked my thumbs across his cheeks, down towards his chin, over his lips and we shared our first peck. It was very nice and led to our first kiss, and it was almost too much for him. I backed off, and started working his pecs and teasing his nipples. When that too seemed like it could be more than he could take, I just started brushing his legs with my hands until it was time to wrap things up. I made long, slow stroke, from the underside of his balls, along the shaft of his cock to the head, and he was back to vibrating on the table. I used both of my hands for the second stroke, hitting the sides this time, and his cock was fully erect. After about bobs, his moan became a yell, then a sigh, as he dropped a small but tasty load into my mouth.

This might have been the third time I saw Mark, and his visits are always months apart. Mark was actually a guest at a friend's party. But since I don't compete with friends over a man, I wasn't going to pursue it. To make a long story short, he made it a point of letting me know he was interested. But since we are always at this friend's place when we see each other, nothing ever happens...until he heard I did massages. Then he started skipping the parties and got his first massage from me. I figured out he had a significant other during this massage, which is why his presence at both the parties and the massage table are so sporadic. Our second occasion was quite fun, but it was also when he explained a few things to me about himself, and I designed my "Half My Claim To Fame" session just for him. Less than thirty minutes, fifty bucks, we both have a good time, you leave lighter and feeling better, and n of the extra crap! lol

He looked older than the last time I saw him. He also had less hair, all over...head, chest, pubic. I had to ask if he had been sick, and he was hesitant about answering. I rephrased, asking if I should change the usual. Turns out, he has or had been battling cancer, and since his other half won't let him forget about it at home, he was hoping he could get some time away from it with me. Enough said and I did my part.

He got naked, I took my shirt off and we got on the massage table, where we kissed, spod, cuddling and made out for quite some time. I could see this was actually ing him, distracting him or something, but it was exactly what he wanted. As I was positioning myself to eat his ass out, I found myself wondering if he would taste the same. he always comes in smelling soapy clean, and I hope to get him sweaty before I finish the massage. I went in and it was pretty much what I expected, and he moaned as I went deeper and deeper.And I found myself stirring down below, but I knew that was pointless. After a bit, I started sucking his cock. Another big with not much staying power and no recovery. The first time he nearly came, he forced me off of it, pissing me off. So when the second time came, I clamped down on it and almost literally vacuumed the cum out of him. It was a large and tasty load. So much so, I attempted to drain it by licking and slapping it with my tongue with my vice grip still on it. I wrapped my tongue around the shaft and tried to wring it before I loosened my grasp on him. He was in pleasurable agony, and I wasn't quite d yet. I slowly came off of his cock, licking it as I went, then licked, sucked ed with the head with my tongue, extracting any remaining morsels of man milk. Our session ran a bit late, but I just made him promise to text, call or email me to keep me in the loop about his condition. He hugged and kissed me, thanked me for his eape and he left.

By now, you all know what I hate more than anything since Dee moved...couple massages. Triangle situations work best when or all the sides are good and strong, but rarely is that the case. You like half of the couple more than the other, or of them likes you more than the other. Then you have to treat each the same, and do the exact same thing to each, in front of the other. It just gets crazy. So I'm not even sure why I booked Mason and Ryan, but now I can say, I am very glad I did.

When I opened the door, I was flabbergasted. gorgeous brunettes were there, smiling with bags. The shorter , Mason, struck me as a wild child, a bad boy, with long hair and a goatee, a nice tan. Later on, when I see him in his leopard print underwear, I thought Tarzan! lol The taller, more conservative Ryan, was clean shaved, with short hair and glasses. He had an awesome eye-smile combo, like a gleaming, twinkling effect from both. We diussed massage session over a glass of wine, then poured another and went into the massage room.

Mason got on the table first, and Ryan stripped down to his white boxer-briefs and sat in a chair at the foot of the massage table and started doing his feet. I started with his neck and shoulders, and he was already having a good time, his beautiful ass already bouncing off the massage table. I made my way lower and lower down Mason's back, but Ryan was still on his feet. It was only when I got to the ass that Ryan got up and moved to the other side of the massage table. I decided to do his calf on my side, and Ryan worked his thigh on his. I figured he he could get him stimulated, then we would flip, prolonging the sensation. Eventually, I would be working on his hips and he was working on his ass. Then Ryan kissed me. It was an awesome kiss, and I could still taste the wine and presence of garlic before he started eating Mason's ass. When he had finished, we turned Mason over, and I diovered his huge, thick cock. I also noticed some hair on his chest. Did the front off Mason, who would eventually get off in my mouth as Ryan was fucking him.

Then Ryan got naked and got on the massage table. Mason started at the feet again, and it pretty much went the same way as the first half of Mason's did. I did notice during the kiss, Mason's awesome tongue, and couldn't but to wonder...never mind. Also Mason only ate Ryan out for maybe a minute. When we turned him over, things got interesting. Ryan had a slightly above average dick with lots of pubic hair. He smelled amazing down there. Ryan wanted to kiss and make out. Mason gave his consent, so we did. Ryan wanted to suck my cock. Mason gave him permission, so we did. And after the massage was over and it was time for the final happy ending, it was decided that I could suck on Ryan as long as Mason was sucking on me. Mason did a great job on me, but I collected an excellent specimen from Ryan and thought it was over. The end would actually be over when I dropped a huge load down Ryan's throat while Mason was all up in my ass with that tongue of his. They invited me over for a cookout by the pool and now both of these guys are calling me boo! lol

Sam! The beautiful bearded brute from yesterday! OH! MY! GOD! Was he awesome or what. He had set up the appointment by email, and asked if there was a way to keep a pack cold in the room. Sawyer had left this mini-fridge with just enough room for a pack here, so I brought it out. He also indicated he would be coming from work, but wanted a ent when he left, so I pulled out several rarely used s. Mesmerize, which was inspired by Billy Dee Williams back in the day, Stetson 4, which is what I thought he would choose before seeing him. and baby powder.

When I opened the door for Sam, I could have melted. Gorgeous guy, a bit shorter than me, black t-shirt with a blue and black, plaid, flannel shirt-jacket over it, (you could still see the chest hair climbing out the neck of the shirt.) Jeans and a baseball cap. Brunette with the most amazing blue eyes, and an awesome beard that surrounded some kissable lips and an amazing smile. Hstly, when he smiled at me, it was over!

When we got to the massage room, I put beers in the mini-fridge, and we started talking about the session over beers. He just seemed so damn happy, like some sort of glow was oozing out of him. He downed the rest of his beer and shockingly chose Mesmerize before starting to undress. Except for his hands and feet, he was hairy all over. And I had ninety minutes to convince this man to come back more often! lol

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this man, and I found it hard to do just a strict massage on him. In fact, it was hard not to lick or suck his feet when i was massaging them. And I have never actually drooled on a client before, but I did on him, several times. I did his hairy legs without incident. Then I tried to align him as I worked on his hips. All of a sudden, he laughs and says, " I thought you would have misbehaved by now!"

And so I did. eating that ass as I was working on him. licking his back as I worked on it. Working on his neck, shoulders and alp before we sucked on another beer and I turned him over. This time, I did suck them toes, as I watched his member inflate. I rubbed his torso as I licked his hairy navel, and tasted the nectar that now oozed from his enlarged appendage. Somehow, I managed to lick his armpits, as well his nipples when I was working on his muular and extremely hairy chest. And we kissed quite a bit before I sucked him off. I re-moisturized everywhere with Mesmerize, before I left him off the table.

We finished off the beer as we talked, he got dressed and paid. It turns out that Robert, that truck driver I did from Texas, is his best friend, and he shared my business card and our experience with him. Fortunately, Sam is local so hopefully, I will see a lot more of him, and more often. But both of these guys are going on the special VIP package list. If I have already impressed them, wait until they get "The Remy Experience!" lol
Robbie (again!), Billy (again!) & The Massage Party!!!
Posted:Apr 10, 2018 11:15 am
Last Updated:May 12, 2018 1:06 am
Thank you all for reading my last couple of posts, sharing your thoughts and feelings, and continuing to be good people around here. I did notice that several of my blends, ( "sc", "one", "play" and "six", etc.) are again not showing up in my posts, making me appear to be more tipsy than I am, so I will try hard to stop using them. May make my postings a little slower, but they will be coming! Those of you who left responses will find a reply with them. And very nice, Cubsfan123! There is a local Cubs fan around here as well, and if you are anything like him, take me out to the ball game! Let's play!!!

So Robbie was here yesterday morning for a massage session that turned out to be interesting. I guess he thought it might be as he brought two bottles of wine with him. I started smoking a clove cigarette and sipping on a glass when he started conversing about the elephant in the room.

He expressed his concern and hesitation about bringing it up, but although the overnight visits had stopped, he had been spending several nights away from home, and was having quite a bit of company. He also pointed out to me that I had been having more visitors as well, in particular two, who turned out to be Billy and Mikey. Since we had had conversations about growing closer and stuff, he kind of wanted to get a feeling for what was going on, and hell, I thought it was a fine idea.

After I put him on the table, I did the unthinkable...I started with his head, neck shoulders and back, instead of his feet and legs. At this point, I only took off my shirt and I didn't join him on the massage table. And as I was massaging, kneading and rubbing his upper half, I shared my thoughts with him.

I figured he was discovering his bisexuality, and I was thrilled to be a part of the process. And in addition to the amazing benefits, I think we have a real, good friendship, and the potential is there to be more, much more. But I feel like he has some homo oats to sow, after being with that girl for so long, and he might want to try other things and explore other options. And I want him to feel free to do that.

I skipped his ass and did his thighs, calves and feet, as I explained that I wasn't going to just wait around while he did his exploration. I would still have clients, who will get what they are suppose to, and in addition to a few regular and favorite party playmates, there may be other guys around, but he only had three he needed to keep in mind.

I turned him over, and as I worked on his legs, I explained who they were and why, as sincerely and as gently as I could. And as I worked on his chest, I asked him to keep me informed on the guys and or girls that might be a threat, if indeed he is indeed interested in more than a friends with benefits relationship with me.

His time was up, and he paid for another hour. I thought it would be awkward between us, but it wasn't. We started the second bottle of wine, and I had another clove, and things warmed up rather quickly between us. He pulled me on the massage table, and he got on me and we started making out for a long time. Then we went to spooning and cuddling, and I started rubbing and teasing his ass with my cock while I playing with his pubic hair and caressed his cock and balls. We spent a lot of time like that, before time was nearly up and I wanted to take a load off him before he left. And I did, went down, licked his balls and stroked his dick a spell, before I vacuumed the cum out of it with my mouth! "something to remember by!" I said, as we were wrapping things up. "Would you be interested in going for a walk with me later?" he asked, in what would turn out to be our first official date.

Billy showed up late last night, which usually means he needs some quick money,fast! And of course, it was really too late for him to do any real work. What really shocked me was, what he normally needed it for, he already had, I would fine out later. And although his appearance would grow on me as the night went on, the smell was once again undesirable. So I insisted he get in the tub. I ran the water, with lots of scents and bubbles, stripped him and placed him in the tub. Then I went to grabbed a couple of cocktails and a clove cigarette.

When I got back, he had started a party of his own. And although I was somewhat concerned about getting a contact, that aroma was better than than anything he was giving off at the time. I gave him his cocktail and sat on the floor and started bathing him. I did not strip or get in the water, just rolled up my sleeves and started washing and scrubbing him down. I did his chest and upper body first, then did his feet and legs, thinking my clove would be done by then. What I didn't count on was him, passing out, or falling asleep in the tub.

I went ahead and finished bathing him, though I did take a few liberties along the way. You will remember, he has the most amazing looking flaccid cock I've ever seen in my life. Perhaps too thick for me anally, but definitely and appetizing more than a mouthful. And as well as it shows, its something else when it grows. Probably, honestly the only reason I deal with him. Though he does have a beautiful ass, and there is more than you would expect from the clothes he wears. Yes, I took the time to make sure both my favorite parts were clean and ready to go, though I probably spent way too much time in his ass.

Now Billy is a cocky, muscular mother fucker, but he also surprisingly lightweight. I managed to pick him up, dry him off and put him in the bed in the basement. I also took the bike he rode on down there too. And since his clothes were off, I went ahead and washed them. And as I waited for them to wash and dry, I played with him a bit. I ate his ass out first because he is still uncomfortable about that part. I figured I could get that out the way before he got up. But I also managed to rise the dead and suck him off before he woke up too! In fact, I ended up doing my thing, leaving his clean and dried clothes and a few bucks on the bed with him. I locked the basement door and slept on the couch in the living room, so I could hear him when he knocked at the door to go!

I haven't had a massage party in quite some time. Basically because most guys don't like the rules, or more accurately, don't have the stamina to play by the my rules. You will stay from beginning to end! You will get a massage of your own! And you will help with everyone's else massage! Most want to get a massage, but don't really want to work on more than one of two other guys. Others feel like you should give a massage after you've had yours, as it kind of defeats the purpose. Hell, the way I see it, I am always the last one on the table, so I always get the crappiest massage anyway. Most of the guys don't really know what they are doing anyway, and either because the guys are tired or too relaxed to actually do it, and since I rarely exercise the happy ending option, they make a lame ass attempt before they leave. Did I digress?

The new member of the massage group wanted a massage party, and after I explained the rules, he still wanted to do one. So I planned it and told him not to expect many people.

So there we were...Del, the new guy, young, hairy blonde, nice cock and ass, really cool guy...David, older guy with the large dick, I taught him a few basics at the last massage party, Chris, cute, young, hairless guy with a big ass and a little dick, and myself. I served some snacks and cocktails and had a clove, trying to give everyone a chance to get in before I locked the door.

Chris got on the table facedown first, and I stood at his feet, with David on one side and Del on the other. As I was massaging his feet, Del was working on his back and shoulders and David was rubbing his ass. After a spell, we moved and David worked on his legs, Del did his lower back and ass and I did his neck, shoulders and upper back. The next move and I worked on his hips and shoulders, Del did his feet and David was trying to rim him, but just ended up licking and biting his butt cheeks. Turned him over, And I was on his feet again, ad Del did his chest and David again tried to go for the gusto. I think David was too old to actually bend over and get what he wanted, but he did try, though the massage was pretty lacking where he stood. When David went to the feet, I started working on the chest and Del started rubbing on the pubic area. He spent a lot of time on the balls, as I worked on his nipples. I guess Del wasn't getting the rise he wanted out of Chris, and started sucking on his huge balls, Chris was moaning at this point, but the growth still was getting significant, Sensing Del's frustration, I made the final move, putting Del at his feet and David on his side, working his nipples and balls mostly. I started licking his taint, trying to get to his tight and tasty ass. After a spell there, I got a finger in and started a prostate massage, then slowly licked his taint, licked and sucked on those big ass balls, before I started sucking his rather small penis. It was enough to get the job done, as he dropped a huge, creamy, sweet load down my throat.

David was the next one on the table, and he made it abundantly clear that his main interest was the happy ending. I started at the feet again, and as Chris and Del were on both side of him, David grabbed a cock in each hand. Del was cool with this, but Chris, having just got sucked off, was not. Chris moved to above his head, and started doing his scalp, neck and shoulders. The next move and Chris went to the feet and Del and I each took a side. Chris worked his feet, but Del and I each took a nipple, and as I caressed his balls, Del stroked his cock. This seemed to be working for everyone, as David was getting louder, and getting a bit careless with the two dicks he had in his hands. Then Del and I started kissing each other, right above his erect cock. Chris wasn't ready to move into grabbing range, so he stayed on the feet as Del and I switched sides. David reminded me that the last time he was at a massage party, I sucked him off...something that hadn't happened to him for two years prior. I knew Chris wasn't interested, so I offered the chance to Del, who declined. Again, I went down on David, and came up with another load.

Del was next on the table, and again I started at the feet with Chris and David on either side. I worked on the feet and legs, Chris worked on the thighs, and David worked on his chest, trying to get some kisses along the way. Del tried to play along, but David was exhibiting more passion than Del wanted to express, which defeated the purpose of the massage. A quick switch put Chris at the feet, David in the middle and me up top. David spent the whole time sucking Del's dick, as Chris and I massaged our respective parts. The next move put David at his feet, and Chris and I on each side. Del, being respectful of Chris, focused his playful nature on me. Del would eventually end up dropping two loads, one nice, tasty load down my throat, and he shot another as David was sucking his balls.

As it was finally my turn on the table, I reminded everyone that I had worked hard on everyone, and that the focus of my massage should be the massage!
Chris was excellent, did a good job on my back , shoulders and legs and only once tried to get my cock hard with his hand. Del was good too, did a really good job on my chest and nipples, did a nice job on my ass and feet. And he was indeed quite the cock sucker, though he respected David's request...sort of. David was determined to suck me off, as this was now the second time I had gotten him off, and he didn't get the job done at the last massage party. And boy did he try, from both sides of the table, stroking and sucking, tugging and licking, pulling and blowing. The only time he took off was when he was on my feet. He still didn't get the job done, but at least I got a decent massage...for a change!
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