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Rub You The Right Way!

We will just share some of our stories and experiences involving one of our favorite pastimes!

Vernon & The Birthday Club Hub Rub & Scrub!!!
Posted:Dec 9, 2017 2:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2017 2:55 pm
Let me first thank my newest friends, Bigmarco61950 and KScott5, for being such a thrill to hang out with. Let me also thank Bigmarco61950, along with Tommypup and Sexxxybiguy4u for the flirts you sent me. Very much appreciated. I also want to thank KScott5, as well as Dirtya2mslut and Engine5 for adding me to their hot lists. Five must be one of my lucky numbers here! lol Loving the new ass picture, Wanting_it_now, and if you're still wanting it, cum and get it! Liking your new picture as well, Christo67851000. Perhaps you can get your ass in here before Christmas. It is always good to see RoseboyDana, Dansdick, Crskyler and Cumlover401 when I get over here. If you guys are coming to the race in May, let me know and I will hook you up! And thank you so much for everything, Akl1234, especially the friendship and the emails. You are truly a delight!!!

When Vernon booked the appointment with me, I was intrigued. Although I prefer doing my business online, documentation and such, I booked him by phone, mainly because he sounded intelligent and had a rather deep, interesting voice. Boy, was I surprised when he showed up. He wasn't as smart as I though he would be, and he really came off kind of thuggish. But he was a nice-looking, caramel skinned, short-haired black guy with thick, beautiful lips and glasses. When he got undressed and on the table, I noticed he had nice looking feet, though I only massaged them. Actually, he had a nice looking, everything...legs, back, face. I was a bit disappointed with the body hair, a thin line between his pecs, a couple of hair around his nipples, a little under his arms, some public hair and some hair in the crack of his ass. His beautiful ass, that I spent lots of time on, but only kneading, massaging and eating, nothing more. By this time, his impatience had started to show, so I quickly got to what he was really after. It was nice size. It looked scrumptious. It didn't last very long. It seemed I was just hitting my stride and finding my rhythm when he flavored my mouth with his sweet, creamy syrup. I tortured him for a bit, as he didn't like to be touched after he climaxed, but I wanted to get every drop. There is a part of me that wouldn't mind seeing him again, but with that attitude, I will not cry if I don't.

A familiar face from my bar days contacted me on his birthday about a massage. I guess since our favorite bar has since closed, we are kind of now hanging around house bars until the next good bar opens up. Anyway, I offered him a discount, since he was familiar and it was his birthday, but instead, he opted to combine two of my packages together, making it one of the most profitable massages I've done this year. I was going to pull out the stops to make it one hell of a birthday massage session!

A little history here...Kurtis and I first got familiar at the bar I use to work at years ago. I was the hardest working guy there, so I rarely socialized with the patrons, though I was told several wished I did. There was one Tuesday night, I remember it was Karaoke Night and I had sung my ass off. And with every number I sang, came a drink and at least one shot. So by the end of the night, I was too drunk to drive home and just walked over to the nearest bath house to sleep it off a little. Eventually, I walked around and saw Kurtis. We started talking and I'm not sure why, but instead of my suite, we went back to his room and had a fine time. At the time, it seemed like he wanted to make something more out of it. He showed up at the bar more often, buying me drinks and dinners. But I didn't catch on until his interest had faded, but we remained friendly, even showing up at the same sex party once, but nothing else had ever happened between us...until this massage session.

I booked my suite and waited for him to arrive, and started trying to set things up without it looking obvious. I also wanted to make sure history didn't repeat itself, as he now has a husband, and I don't need that kind of drama or complication in my life right now. I went down to get him and showed him the room we would be working in. I pulled out the bottle of Arbor Mist and we killed it as we talked mainly about how to enjoy this experience without it complicating things. Once that was clear and the bottle was gone, I took him down for him first shower. Now, Kurtis just has an average face, but the body of a god, and he is pretty hairy too. We started kissing as I washed his hairy chest, his cock and balls, his hairy legs, his back and his ass! A good kisser can always get me into trouble. Fortunately, this was more for him than me, so when I dried him off, I suggested we go through the dark room, which is actually a long hallway with a few benches where you can't see who is doing what to you. I felt a few hand on me, so I turned him so that he was blocking me. At this point. some one forced his head down to suck his dick, someone got down to suck both of our dicks and someone started fucking him in his ass. I let this go on about fifteen minutes before we moved down towards the end of the hallway. This time, I kissed him so he could be bent over, but he did get his dick sucked some more and someone was eating my ass. I reminded him that he only booked two hours and we needed to move along.

From there. we went to the hot tub, and I sat on the edge with him between my legs and started massaging him with the water. I was actually enjoying playing with his hairy chest and nipples with the hot water when he turned around and started sucking my dick. Someone managed to start sucking his dick under the water and someone else was eating his ass. Before the guy switched his mouth for his dick, I took Kurtis to the sauna and put a long towel down on one of the higher bench areas. Then I laid him down and sat at his feet, starting to do his feet and legs. Other guys came in and started touching him and sucking me. I eventually turned him over so he could get sucked while I was doing his feet and legs on the other side. I noticed he was also sucking a cock. When he had sucked that guy off, I asked if he was ready to wrap up the massage or wanted to visit the steam room. He opted to wrap up the massage, as he only had 45 minutes remaining.

We get back to the suite, and I pulled out a pound cake, strawberries, whipped cream and a candle. I made a small, two layer strawberry shortcake and placed the candle in it. He blew out the candle and ate, and I quickly finished the massage part of the session, but we were still running late. I had cleared everything with the bath house so I could stay longer, so it was really a matter of how tightly he had to hold to his schedule. I pulled out a bottle of Asti Spumante and poured us each a glass. He sipped on it, as I fed him a few strawberries, and sprayed whipped cream on both his nipples and his cock and licked it all off. It was decided we would concluded the session sucking each other until one of us got off. After about ten minutes of sixty-nining, he came loud and strong, and fairly long, and I was revved up but didn't go. He paid me, Tipped me and I walked him out. But I still had more time so I went back to my suite, grabbed a clove cigarette and poured my Asti in a cup and went out to the pool to smoke.

A cute guy noticed my clove and gave me a menthol clove, so I stayed outside longer and hung out with him. Sadly, the rule is no more than three clove cigarettes, and I've now already had two. I'm getting amorous now, and after finding out he was interested, I made out with him and sucked him off. Then I went into the dark room where I made out with a few guys, got sucked by some guys and sucked on several guys, but I only remember three loads. When I came out of the dark room, Mike, my favorite employee there, asked how many I had smoked. I said two and he reminded me that I could only have one more. I asked when he got off from work, and at that time, I decided I was going to pay for extra time, just in case, it could happen. I jumped in the shower and a black guy started sucking my cock while a hairy white grabbed me from behind and started rubbing his dick up against my ass. After some time being mini-sandwiched, I dried myself off and went outside to cool off. My young friend from earlier was back and introduced me to his playmate, who gave me another menthol clove. I started to smoke it, when Mike came out and reminded me, only three. I hoped he was trying to save me for him, but I know what happens after three, so I went a head and finished it before I sucked the playmate off and got in the pool. Since I don't usually get in the pool, Mike knew I had "crossed the line."

I make this shorter. before I left, I had fucked someone in the dark room. Turned out, it was my best friend's ex. I sucked a few more guys off in there as well. I cuddled and made out with a hairy black guy in his room. I sucked off a former employee and a former stripper in the sauna, and another former stripper in the steam room. I took a shower, had another drink and clove and went outside to wait for Mike. All I got from Mike was a view of his furry chest and ass as he left the showers. I hope he isn't pissed with me. I did a blond guy in the dark room and took an awesome familiar face to my suite for a while before I left.

Days don't get much better than this, all those men, all that sex and a tidy sum of money to boot!
Robbie, Billy, Daniel & Jeff!
Posted:Dec 1, 2017 7:24 am
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2017 7:55 am
I love the holidays. I guess it makes people sentimental, or appreciative or something, because I'm shocked at the good time I am having right now.

I now have neighbors I'm currently massaging on the regular basis. I still get to hang out with Sawyer when he is in town. Stephane is back around and we try to see each other every week. Then there is Danny, or young Dan, since there is now another Dan on the roster. My ex, Johnnie, is still trying to come back at least once every weeks, not to be confused with my regular client Johnny. And then there is the regular party guest, turned massage client, hoping for something more. Never going to happen. In fairness, most of these guys are still ing for their sessions, so with the exceptions of Sawyer, Stephane and Danny, it is a wonderful way to pass the time and still make a few bucks! lol And for clarity in today's debate, as my speech coach use to say, I didn't include every there, so those of you reading who were not mentid, you still have your place with me.

Onlygayman, there are not many guys who can get my attention with solely face pictures. And after reading your profile, you kept it! Holler at your boy sometime. I am about as real as it gets! Thank you very much for your email, Akl1234! I hope we can make that happen for you! Wanting_it_now, Yes! I still am! So bring it on!!! And thank you so much, Herbstgewitter, for hot-listing me, for the flirt and for becoming my newest friend here!

I should kill the pictures, as this is going to be a long now, but I will see if I can't condense. Robbie is that cute, young neighbor who came in for his first massage this summer. Well, he came back for another and this time, it was even better. I think he was more comfortable this time, because he made a lot more noise, always a turn-on for me when I'm eating ass or sucking cock. I got to lick his armpits during the massage, no deodorant and no funk! In a cute moment, he told me he would try to grow his chest hair out for me this winter. I gave him the full body workup, including the toes, the nipples. (mutual this time), kissing, he is so good at it! He even sucked on me for a spell, and when it was all over, I swallowed, we kissed, he tipped and he left!

You may remember Billy as well. He is the neighborhood handyman who came in for his first massage session this summer as well. Well, with Sawyer now out of town most of the time and Stephane doing maintenance on another building, I thought we could negotiate on some stuff, and we decided that if he handled the outdoor stuff every other week, I would give him a 90 minute Rub and rub session. If you will remember, he is attractive, but hygiene was not that important to him. So he did the yard work and I took him inside for his bubble bath. I started off bathing his front, but he was shocked after fifteen minutes, when I slid in behind him, and continued to wash him as my cock crawled up his back. He got nervous when I asked him to bend over, but it was just so I could wash it good, as I knew I wanted to eat it this time.When I got him good and clean and smelling good, I dried him off and got him on the massage table. To make a long story short, he got a full body massage and I got to eat his ass out, and to empty of the truly most impressive cocks I've ever seen in my life. He will be back in weeks, unless some unforeseen circumstances has him coming by before then!

The new Dan is actually an old friend of mine who I use to have a huge crush on a while back. When I confessed, he informed me that he was interested when we first met, but we were such good friends now, he'd hate to ruin it with sex! How would you take that? Some would be flattered that our friendship meant that much to him. Others might say that the sex might add another dimension to the friendship, possibly even creating a relationship. Me, I was secretly pissed, especially after seeing all the uglies and pieces of shit he has dealt with since then. So not only did I charge him for the session, I was determined to show him what he missed out on, while satisfying my own curiosities about him. Hey, if it was only going to happen once, better try and make it something to remember!

When his cute Russian ass got to the door, I showed him to the room, where I had a mixed cd of his favorite stuff ing, candles burning, and I had made some massage cream ented with vanilla and sandalwood. Few men can resist this combination. I gave him a thorough, full body massage with emphasis on his nipples (I sucked and licked and made sure my cock was in his face most of the time) I licked his armpits and kissed him, (In fairness, this was a mistake because he was good), his ass ( I ate, fingered and fucked it, and it felt so good inside I nearly, but couldn't give him that satisfaction) and cock and balls,(Again, very nice and I sucked a second load out of him. The first came when I was fucking him!) We talked for a bit after it was d and I got paid and tipped. I'm not sure if that was my smartest move, as I could be more into him now than I was before! We will just have to wait and see how that s out!

And Jeff, an attractive black guy, is not only a co-worker at the hospital I work at, he's also a former stripper. And every since he told me this, I have tried to picture what he looked like under them clothes, secretly of course. Well, he did something to his back and decided to come in and let me work on it. When he arrived, I dilosed that I was gay again, in case he didn't know, and he informed me that he had d a stretch in the joint, so this wasn't exactly new to him. He was beautiful. Beautiful, muular, hairy chest with awesome nipples, mouthwatering, full, muular, td ass, and an amazing, thick, long, uncut, dreamy cock! Yes, I did his back, neck and shoulder. And yes, I massaged his feet, hips and legs. But yes, I enjoyed it all! He wouldn't let me kiss him, but he shocked me sucking on my nipples. And he wouldn't go any further than eating that tasty ass of his. And when the juices flowed from that uncut slab of meat, I thought I was going to faint! The whole experience was just awesome and so much better than I expected.
Half The Team, Twice The Fun!!!
Posted:Nov 26, 2017 10:51 am
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2017 12:52 am
Thank you very much for your comments to my last post, bjhogan. Thank you very much for your email, Akl1234. Damn, your new pictures look good! Speaking of looking good, Damike, Roseboy_Dana and Cumlover401, you are still making my mouth water! Don't be shy, Shuai690217! You look like something I can work with. Thank you for the flirt, CDcumdumpster! Thank you for your comments as well, Mral65. Now please do something on you blog! Can't learn much about you until you start to. And thank you interraciallove7 for your comments on my blog. You gave me extra time to think on a very special man on Thanksgiving.

So my house was glistening like the first snow of winter. The aromas in it reminded you of a Boston Market meeting up with a bakery. And both of my Thanksgiving get-togethers were kind of disappointing.

The first one got off to an awful start, as the guy who was suppose to bring the meat burnt the turkey, and his ham was salty and dry. So I ended up doing extra cooking. So I'm in the kitchen, cooking, smoking and having cocktails, being interrupted by the door bell ringing. Some guy tried to suck my dick in front of the stove, but I couldn't really stay still long enough. About halfway through the party, I get the meats out and look to see if there was anyone left to have fun with. Not really, so I spent the bulk of the night sitting in my favorite chair, sipping cocktails, eating and occasionally changing out the porn.

The second was easier because there was less cooking and cleaning to do, and I even managed to get a bubble bath, moisturize and scent myself before the party started. Unfortunately, five guys showed up fifteen minutes early, and I was pretty much on after that. The heavyset blond guy sucked on my cock for about an hour, getting close but never getting the goods. I sucked on the heavyset guy while his cuter, brunette friend sucked on me. Then an older guy with a huge cock started making out with me and working my nipples. I was sure I was going to the blow, but it still didn't happen. Instead I sucked the older guy with the huge cock off, and he became even more dedicated to make me cum. Another older guy with a nice cock joined us. He came quickly, but did allow us to eat his ass and fuck him. My tequila guy showed up and we started drinking before I sent him upstairs to get busy with the guys! During this time, I found myself avoiding a really heavy guy and an older skinny guy with a small penis, the later one made me feel like I was running from him. Another guy, Cedric. showed up and I thought he would pick up the slack. He didn't. The two older, well-endowed guys came back for seconds, but only one came a second time. And despite all of that, I still went to bed fully loaded.

Years and years ago, when Dee was still part of the business, we had this gorgeous client, Dominick, who came in for a ninety minute, four hands massage. To look at, he was flawless. I mean even Sawyer had three spots I would have changed, but this guy was physically perfect. Now occasionally when Dee and I were together, we would make the client feel like he was part of a threeway. You know, both of us bring about an oral happy ending together, or make out with each other and add him in. And during the course of this massage, Dominick made it obvious that he was really more into me. In fairness, Dee had a tendency to give up much too soon on guys sexually. If it took more than ten, fifteen minutes to get a guy off, Dee was out of there and i was left to do the work. Once it was obvious Dee was over this situation, I started turning down Dominick's requests. During the course of the massage, Dee and I both sucked on him, I made out with him, ate his ass out. But when Dominick asked to suck my cock, I gave him Dee's instead, hoping it would get Dee back into the game. I turned down his request for me to fuck him, because I didn't want to further irritate Dee. We concluded the massage, got tipped well and he left.

Well, it is Dom now, and with Dee out of the way this time, there was really no reason why I couldn't accommodate more of his requests, especially since he was only getting one guy working on him this time. So when he booked the appointment, I made him aware of everything and altered the price of the session. I knew it was going to be all right when when he arrived, he gave me a hug instead of our usual handshake.

To make a wonderful massage session short, I gave him the full body massage sucking on his toes and everything. I could tell he was Italian, not just because of his coloring, or the hair on his chest, but the lingering garlic aroma I got from his kisses. I licked his nipples and his fuzzy happy trail. I sucked his dick and balls and he did the same to me. The difference being that he got off and I didn't. I even ate his gorgeous ass real good before I fucked him. He came a second time and I fed it back to him with a kiss. He even hang out for a spell after the session was over, mainly talking, but some sucking and making out did come into play. I think he will be coming back, trying to earn that frequent visitor discount! lol
2 Strip Poker Games & The Repeat Client from Hell!!!
Posted:Nov 20, 2017 5:35 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2017 9:04 am
Awh, ShaynieDee!!! it is so good to see you again! Fredpet, I'm loving you from afar already! Thank you very much for the comments, the flirt and for hot-listing me, TKMcHenry! Hope you guys are holding it together! Damn, Scott44u55! I haven't seen you in forever! Still looking good though! Thank you for your email Akl1234! Glad everything is going so well. Thank you for your email as well, Bitchlinda300. I hope I was able to help you some. And thank you for your emails and your flirt too, Mike69usa! RoseboyDana, Heik0173 and Dansdick, it is always good to drool over you guys while I am here. And Just_needing_fun, you just need to bring that pretty ass, cock and face in here for a massage. I promise to make it fun!!!

Let's deal with this client first. This would be the second time he has been here, so I just figured that this appointment would go pretty much the same as the last one. Otherwise, he would have booked something different, change the length of the session, or went to someone else, right? Now, the guy is great looking, with a beautiful dick and a dreamy ass, great face and smile, somewhat hairy chest. He has a great job, so I knew he could pay. The first time he was here, he booked a sensual, ninety minute session, and it went pretty much like most of them do. I spent a little extra time on his back and shoulders, enjoyed massaging and eating his ass, gave him an oral happy ending and sent him on his way. he gave me a rather small tip, but I didn't think anything of it at the time.

So I'm pretty much doing the same thing. But he is different. He's not talking near as much, he seems a bit agitated and impatient, and he seemed to be fighting his body's natural response to some of the touches and maneuvers I did. Most noticeable was, the first time, he pretty much kept his hands to himself. This time, he is frequently grabbing, groping and stroking my cock! I'm dealing with it, and under normal circumstances, it may have responded more favorably. But the difference is freaking me out, and I am just not getting hard. I finish the massage and give him his happy ending. I'm wiping off the sweat, oil and saliva on him, and doesn't seem happy or pleased. As he is getting dressed, he complains. "Why didn't your dick get hard?" "When are you going to fuck me?" Again, I remind him of the differences of the types of massage sessions I offer, and the difference between a masseur and an escort, even threw the hustler in there for good measure. "So you are never going to fuck me?" That was his response. And I responded, "Not as a massage client." To which he said, "What the hell you think I came here for? What a waste!" He gave me my fee, no tip, and he left!

Fortunately, I was in a rush to get things together for my two strip poker games. The first one started at 2, and at about 1:45, my first guess arrived. And I decided to give the first arrival a minute blowjob as a door prize. Alex was a gorgeous, young, hairy hunk with an awesome cock. I probably sucked on it longer than a minute, and when I got up, he grabbed both my nipples and gave me one hell of a kiss. My day was getting better already. I poured us both a drink, and we kind of talked, drank and made out as we waited for others to arrive. I was feeling so good, I decided more door prizes were in order, and the recipients of those were Terry, Kevin, Damon, Dan and Johnathan. Yes, five instead of my usual three. Alex did an amazing job of picking up my mood. Among the other guest were Ted, a sexy, short guy with a small dick, Steve, a hairy, somewhat moody older guy and another Kevin, an attractive, somewhat uptight young man. Dave, David and Sean were the first three on their knees. Then Terry and Alex, and at this point, all the remaining players were their dicks sucked under the table, but me. Then Ted and the first Kevin,and that left the moody Steve, the uptight Kevin, Damon, Dan, Johnathan and myself. Dan was the next one naked, followed by Damon, and then Johnathan, leaving me with the uptight and the moody. Steve ended up sucking on Kevin before Kevin had to suck on me. As the winner, I stated my be fucked by someone I could fuck afterwards, and I ended up with Ted, and he was incredible! Between Alex and Ted, I was feeling all kinds of afterglow when the second game started.

Unfortunately, no one from the first game stayed for the second, but that meant no witnesses to my behavior for the second. I went back to my three door prizes, so Jeremiah got the kiss, Andy and I did shots, and then I did a body shot from his dreamy armpit. And the blowjob went to James, before I did another body shot, this time off Andy's even dreamier ass! Some of the other guys were Clayton, a cute young guy with bad breath, Roger, a sexy, hairy leather guy, Jeff, a shockingly hot bear, and Shawn, a short, well built, sexy mother fucker with a gigantic cock. Actually there were several large cocks in the room this time. Clayton was the first one naked and one his knees, which was a shame because he had a thick dick that never got touched. Then Rick, David, Andy and Billy. And when Jeff went down, the remaining players never got a break from getting a blow job. Then Larry, and then Jeremiah. Sadly, I was the next to go, and I would end up sucking Joe, Shawn, James, Pat and Roger before the game was over. As the winner, Joe wanted to fuck somebody, but as one of the smaller dicks in the room, no one volunteered. So as the host with the most, I took the hit for the team and let him fuck me. While he was in me, I saw James fucking Shawn, Pat fucking Rick, Roger fucking Jeff and Billy fucking Clayton.Shockingly, when it was over, Joe went home with Billy and Andy went home with Jeff, James stuck around so Shawn could give me an amazing massage, and Larry ended up spending the night.
3 Disturbing Trends with Clients, hopefully not all men!!!
Posted:Nov 12, 2017 2:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2017 3:54 am

I thought my last post was what all of you wanted. Decent pictures, spaced out finally. A party memory and a massage replay! My usual conversation with my visitors, fans and readers. And no personal life stuff. And although it was well read, it didn't get one comment. Perhaps my posts were getting too long. I did notice several typos. So I'm changing this pictures, no recalls, no stories, no memories. I'll just holler at my peeps and get to my subject!

Thank you very much, Mozart1218, for the hot-listing, the comments, the flirt and the email. Really like that picture! Thank you for adding me to your hot list as well, Quietgvlguy2! Thank you for the emails, just2getsucked, Heik0173, and Akl1234! Extremely much appreciated! Thank you for your comments to my picture, Markivany69! RoseboyDana, please get a few more pictures on your profile so I can see if I need to make a trip to Portland! And you guys are still looking awesome Just_needing_fun, Wanting_it_now, Tennisnfun and Cubsfan123!

Trend # 1~~~I am a fan of traditional assholes. You know, the normal looking ones with the lips still on the inside of the ass, preferably clean, fresh and with some hair for decoration. But I know some guys who manage to let the lips fall out, and for me, it starts to resemble the female counterpart, which is a huge turn off for me. My very last massage ended on a sour note because I stayed away from such an asshole. But those aren't even the worse.

I actually keep some Preparation H in the massage room because several of my clients have hemorrhoids. One or two, I can work with or around as the case may be. But when it starts to look like cauliflower down there, I don't want to see it, yet along touch it or go near it with my tongue! I do know that all of these things can be worked on or repaired. I have directed a few friends and clients in that direction. Please pay a little more attention to what is going on back there. Even if it doesn't hurt you yet, it could serve as a preventive measure and make for a more attractive tunnel of love and lust!

Trend #2~~~In the last month, I have come across a party guest and two massage clients with similar issues going on in the genital area. Nasty little white bumps or huge, skin colored warts, or boils or something, on their scrotum, inner thigh, taints and the lower end of the shaft. Now, since I have no personal experience with STD's, I try not to assume anything ( herpes, genital warts, etc.) I just refuse to go there with anything other than my hand.

But I do know in three cases, it was just a matter of bacterial, fungal, viral or microbial build-up. Like a lot of guys I know, these three were no huge fans of showers or baths. So there was all this sweat collecting down there, with dirt and dead skin and such. Then there was or might have been urine, saliva and other bodily fluids resulting from natural processes or sexual activities. On top of all of that, the oils, creams, lotions and lubricants used for masturbatory purposes add to the build-up of materials that can result in skin irritations or infections in the area.

Let's just clean up a little better down there guys. Keep some baby wipes near where you self-manipulate! Make water part of your regular routine. Jack off in the shower! Hell, make a bath or shower part of the foreplay before the main event. A massage doesn't hurt either! lol My favorite practice...twice a week, I wet a washcloth with hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly wipe the area.

Trend #3~~~Hair is the most awesome decoration the male body can have. But so damn many of you guys want to take it ALL off...EVERYWHERE!!! What a disturbing trend! Now as much as I love chest hair, and facial hair, and hairy armpits, and happy trails, and hairy legs, my main interest here is pubic hair.

Not only does pubic hair decorate the genitals, but it helps hold the natural musk that men have, and then with the pheromones down there, OOOOOHHH WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I think I just got a horny high! If you must mess with it, just trim is some.

Just don't take it all off! Not only does it take away from the aroma, ambiance and attraction, but for me personally, it comes across as less masculine and more pedophilic!
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Crappy Party and the "Long Time, No See," Massage!!!
Posted:Nov 9, 2017 9:19 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2017 10:37 pm
Thank all of you for your comments and responses to my last post. I responded to all of them there, as well as made a correction I came across well I was there. I alos want to give a huge shout out and thank you to OnDaFence. It looks like I may have a handle on this picture thing, finally. Thank you for all your help, advice and time. Very much appreciated. Thank you very much for your delightful email, Akl1234! I look forward to our next appointment. Thank you very much for your email as well, Heik0173, and for your email and pictures, Just2 getsucked! And if you don't mind me saying, your name seems like a misnomer. lol I could not tell you how flattered I was that you flirted with me, grecoromano75. Thank you so much! Thank you for your flirts as well Just2getsucked and Bahtman8. Satyr135, where the hell were you when I lived there? lol DAMN! Grant1970, I thought you were just wet from the shower, but you are simply mouth-watering!!! Cumlover401, Cum! Lover! Cum! Ready to come in yet, Daxter3? Christo67851000? And Aching4urcum you may have to cum in as well!

So I hosted a party yesterday and it was crappy as hell! Hideous! Dreadful! Awful! Have I made it clear how bad it was? I was still mopping the floors and doing dishes when people started showing up. I hate it when people show up way too early. I'm not finished cleaning, which usually means I can't clean myself properly, and it really just puts me in a shitty mood that I can't shake off, because things can't get done like they ought to. So it is me and three guys, Allan, an older heavyset guy with an uncut dick, Daryl, a tired old guy who is that annoying blend of intelligent and stupid, and Bob, a sweet, older guy with glasses and a husband who regularly attends the parties as well. Apparently, Bob only came to meet up with Allan, but Allan wanted all three of us, so I allowed them to entertain themselves while I finish cleaning up the house. I had a moment of joy when I got my work done and the food out and everything ready, but it was short-lived when I realized I was going to be cleaning myself up at the kitchen sink. I hit the highs and lows, scented myself and prayed I wouldn't have to do too much today. The feminine Indian showed up and he took Allan to the playroom and Bob took off. Scott and Chris came in during their lunch hour. I managed to eat both their asses, suck both their dicks and get both their loads before they left. And then, the lull. Daryl took a nap on the couch. The feminine Indian took a nap on the bed in the playroom. Eventually, the tequila guy would show up and we emptied half the bottle. Then he went after Allan and they played for a while. Eventually, Allan left him to come play with me, and since there wasn't anything else going on, after I got Allan hard with my hands, I put the tequila guy on his knees in front of Allan and let him finish him off. I played with the nipples for a spell, then went for a clove cigarette. When I came back, Allan had his dick in his hands and the tequila guy was working his nipples and balls. I was strange for me to watch his foreskin fill up with cum and then start to ooze over the top. Allan played with me a bit after he got off, but eventually took off. And for the rest of the time, it was Daryl, the tequila guy and I. Yep, the thrill was gone at this point, and it never came back!

Keith use to be a real regular massage client, back when he had a girlfriend and was a basketball coach at a high school. Because of this, he would come in twice a week, and was usually my last client. It was nothing for me to get a call from him, after he had finished at school, when he was sure his girl was sleep or gone for the evening for a ten o'clock at night appointment. I remembered him having an afro and a goatee, and a patch of hair on his chest, and around his navel. I also remembered thinking, he looked clean, his skin looked good, but he never really smelled good. Okay, his breath stunk, and you could always smell his not-so-fresh ass when you got anywhere near his hips. Not although he thoroughly enjoyed the massage, his truly motivation was was the happy ending. And even though it was quite a chore for me, he tipped extremely well for the oral happy ending, mainly because she refuse to even try anymore. Now, even though it sometimes took hours to do, and I hated the smell, if you could have seen this slab of meat. I swear, it was double digits in length, thick as hell, looked gorgeous in its caramel brown casing. His tube sausage was awesome and I could take the entire thing in my mouth after a bit. This impressed the shit out of him! And he rewarded me handsomely for it, and then again for swallowing his large, sweet, creamy load.

So when he showed up out of the blue, I was shocked. The afro was gone, as was the goatee. He had lost a considerable amount of weight. So when he asked if I could take him, I made it work out, as I knew he needed to talk, or it would not have been at such a doable hour. So I learned that he lost his job, and is now a truck driver. His old lady left him when he learned he had cancer, and he really wanted a sensual massage, to be touched more than just massaged. And of course, I understood. Even though he hasn't quite handled the halitosis thing, I was pleased that his natural musk had improved, though I did discover that the closer you got to the ass, the more you noticed the old unpleasant aroma. Nonetheless, I did what he wanted, and I was shocked. He was actually touching me, rubbing my calves and thighs, touching my ass and eventually even grabbing my cock. I massaged his back, and licked it some, and kissed my way down to where I really shouldn't have gone. I massaged his ass moved on the his thighs and calves. Then in a first, he took off his socks and let me rub his feet. They didn't stink, and they weren't even as hideous as I thought they would be. Went back up his back side and nibbled and licked his ears a bit. Gave him a scalp massage and started stroking his face. He grabbed my hand in such a way that I knew he was moved by my understanding what he truly needed. Eventually he would turn over, and I continued to caress him, touch him and stroke him romantically and lovingly all over. I never knew he had sensitive nipples. I never knew that he really needed his knees toughed up regularly. And by this time, the anaconda had made his presence known. He swears he is 9'5", and it does seem smaller than I remembered. But it was also thicker than I thought it was, and it pissed me off because I could not get the whole thing in my mouth this time. And it was more uncomfortable than I remembered having it in there as well. But the end result was still the same. All the compliments he gave me before he climaxed. The loud noises as he got close. The way he use to put my cock in his mouth and scratch me butt to ankle as he started to lose it. The way he vibrated on the table when he had done it, wanted to be milked, but fought you every step of the way. The four and a half minutes it took him to recover.

There were a few differences this time. he touched me a lot when he was getting dressed and getting my money out. He was much more affectionate with me and even tried to hug me when he left. And I have yet another regular, but I don't think he can afford me at the frequency he would like to see me. I may make a discount program in 2018 for my more frequent patrons. Like a mutual back rub, "You rub my back, I rub yours," thing! And then an Appearance discount! And a thick dick discount! And an uncut discount! Soon I'll have more discounts than Progressive and Flo!!! lol
David and My Two Halloween Parties!!!
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Last Updated:Nov 9, 2017 7:33 pm
Another long one, and allow me to apologize if I am repeating some things from my last post. It just seems like I have been gone for a while and I would rather thank you twice than accidentally not thank you at all!

Dansdick, Asdyx, Cumlover401, RockinHisBottom, Tbull4320, ImyourFathernow, Just_needing_fun and Wanting_it_now, you were all looking fantastic as I was prepared for this post. Thanks for visiting me! Akl1234, thank you for the emails! Much appreciated! Thank you for hot-listing me Hotcravings! Thank you for the flirts Heik0173, Raff444, Nora6666 and CDcumdumpster! Frenchy8864, thank you very much for the hot-listing, and the flirt, and the comments to my pictures, and for becoming my number one fan! Don't worry, Bjhogan! you are still my number one blog fan! lol Speaking of blogs. I guess it is time for me to rope Mral65 into posting something on his blog, even if it is just more great pictures of yourself! And thanks to whoever it is who became my new watcher of this blog! You guys are FANtastic!!!

So I had my "Trick-or-Treat, Dick-or-Seat" fiesta on Saturday the weekend before the holiday and 28 guys showed up. Among them were the former #1 cock sucker, his roommate and his boyfriend, my tequila guy, Gill, and a beautiful young guy, Matt. Sadly, Matt showed me pretty early on that he was far too feminine for me. We also had a guy show up who wasn't aware of what kind of party it was, but left soon after arrival. At least, he left whatever it was he brought to the party. So I got off to a slow start, drinking and smoking and playing host as I watched couples kissing, making out and groping one another. I think I started truly enjoying myself when it was less than two hours left in it. There was this black acquaintance I knew from the bars, Sid, and we started out making out, as my nickname at one of the bars was "Kisseyface." Then we started playing and sucking on each other's nipples. Then we started taking turns sucking on each other. To be honest, I discovered these huge bumps on his shaft and scrotum and decided not to stay there any longer. He sucked on me a bit longer, and when he realized I had lost interest, he tried to revitalize it with kisses and more nipple play. When that didn't work, he moved on. At this point, a furry young man, Bill, expressed an interest in me, but I went back to drinking and smoking and playing host. I eventually went upstairs to the playroom and started playing with Ben, a redhead I use to play with regularly, but grew tired of hid moodiness and his lack of attention to my wants. He was a bit better on this night, as not only did I get to suck him off, I also had his ass for about an hour. Eating, fingering and tagging that ass, and he was thoroughly enjoying himself. In fact, at one point, both of his husbands came in and seem to be impressed, one even expressing an interest in us playing together again. When we had finished, we went downstairs and Bill was still wanting some. To make a long story short, Ben ended up spending the night. He is a pretty good cocksucker and a better than average kisser. I did enjoy eating his ass, but it was decided that I was too big to actually fuck him. so we just kind of made out, and held each other the rest of the night and I made him breakfast before he left!

My Halloweenie HootenManny was held on the actual holiday, and the turn out was much slower than I anticipated. For the longer time, there was only the former #1 cocksucker, his roommate, his boyfriend, two couples and myself. It took a while for things to start to pick up. Eventually, my tequila guy would show up. And then another couple, from out of town. Then a feminine Indian, who had brought a date, but he left early, deciding it wasn't young enough for him. In fairness, he was the baby in the group at the time, and I would have been next in line in age. Then a string of black guys showed up. Angelo, a good looking guy with no body hair, a nice dick and a jheri curl. A heavyset dude with bad teeth and too many tattoos. Rod, a tall skinny dude with a small dick. And then Sid, the black guy from my other Halloween party showed up. He came with beer, perhaps thinking that getting me liquored up would entice me into going down again. I was cool with kissing and making out with him again. I was good with the mutual nipple play. But I wouldn't go below the waist with him. Fortunately, my tequila guy came in with the overly tattooed, heavyset black guy, and he took over for me, while I grabbed a bottle from my private stock and started drinking more with the tequila guy. Got downstairs, smoked a clove cigarette and then started playing with Les, an older white guy with a nice uncut cock. Pretty much the same thing I did with Sid, Les and I did, but then, his husband, Rob came over and we started making out while Les worked on my cock and nipples. Eventually, I would suck Les off, and then feed it to Rob in the form of a passionate kiss. Then my unexpected surprise...this tall, young drink of water, David, showed up. Now we had talked, but I didn't actually expect him to come. Not only did he come, but he brought a half gallon of gin and juice for me! So of course I had to be nice to him. I set him up with the tequila guy while I started enjoying my present. Much like clockwork, two hours later, David came downstairs practically begging guys to come join them upstairs. Fred and I came to the rescued, sort of speak. David and I started making out, and he must have been getting really into it, because then he decided to eat my ass out. I enjoyed it, but I grew concerned because usually when I eat ass, I'm hoping to fuck it. Now, David was handsome, and sweet and romantic and attentive and appreciative, but he also had one of the smallest, thickest dicks I've ever seen, and I wasn't sure I wanted that in my ass. So I literally flipped the script and turned so I could suck his cock. It was different from what I was use to, but he seemed to enjoy it. So much so that when he was near eruption, he jumped up and started making out with me again. This is when Fred entered him from behind, and I continued to make out with him, as well as played with his nipples, and ground my body into his. The frottage, the kissing and the fucking worked together, quickly building into a frenzy he could not contain for very long. He exploded all over me, and then collapsed on top of me. When he got himself together, he washed me with his tongue and the three of us went downstairs to learn that the party had run late because of us!

And David was this reserved, gentle giant I had an interesting massage with last week. He was physically lovely, about 6'4", maybe 200 lbs, with pretty dark eyes, goatee, and long, curly gorgeous hair! He also had an excellent bottle of wine, so we started sipping on it as he got undressed. I learned he played piano, is socially awkward, was single and was frankly tired of using his left hand! lol I found him to be adorable, and I enjoyed the wine and conversation so much, I actually forgot to check him out. This is when I discovered his unattractive feet, but I massaged them anyway, as well as his calves and thighs. I'm not sure if he was getting aroused or uncomfortable at this point, but he was doing a lot of adjusting at this point. I did his hips and that made me want to do a little extra stretching and pulling on the legs, and do something of a leg adjustment. Sometimes I find that especially taller guy need a little extra work on their lower halves. I then went back to his ass, and I just wasn't sure what I could get away with. As I was massaging the tanned, hairy globes of flesh, the hair between them beckoned me to come closer, but when I tried to wet the way, he clamped down and seal it up. As I was working on his neck, back and shoulders, he explained that up until this time, the hole was strictly exit, and although he is interested in changing that at some point, that was not the time. I gave him that, but it did give me an idea. Before I turned him over, I poured us a shot of my patented Long Island Iced Tea and another glass each of his wine. because I wanted to talk to him before I went any further.

I told him that I knew he wanted a happy ending, but felt he need to loosen up before he could appreciate not having to do it himself for a change. I informed him that I wanted to do a little exploration during the massage to see if we could enhance or heighten the sensation. I poured him one more shot, and asked if he thought he could trust me with his body for the next thirty minutes, and when he said yes, I knew what to do.

When he go back on the massage table, I tied his arms and legs to the legs on the massage table. Then I tried to hurry up and do his feet, but we discovered that there is a part of each of his toes that seems to thrill him a bit. He said he didn't know it before, but it was obvious that rubbing his toes were triggering a positive response. They were just too ugly to suck on. We also discovered a spot behind each of his knees, and that going up slowly each of his inner thighs was a very good idea. Then I toyed with his awesome freaking hair, and massaged his scalp a bit. He seemed to enjoy it, but it didn't register the response that tugging and pulling on his earlobes did. Blowing on them, his ears and his neck also thrilled him. I'm hoping he was not ready, or uncomfortable or something, but the kiss was not good. He had the most sensitive nipples I have ever seen in my life, the brush of a finger, a slight blow of air and he would not only make this high pitched noise, but would vibrate off the table. It would be fun to work on those some, but this was not the time. I stroked the line of hair running from between his pecs to and around his navel to the happy trail to lush, pubic hair and an awesome looking cock. I stroked his scrotum in one hand while I played with the pubic hair with the other. We were both thoroughly enjoying this part of the massage. I then caressed each testicle with my fingers, and then replaced then with my mouth as I slowly rubbed each side of his shaft with my fingers, then hand. He was moaning, groaning, whimpering and bouncing on the table at this point, turning and twisting as best he could to get away, but being tied down kind of kept him in place. I slowly licked lines from his balls, along the shaft to the tip of his manhood. When I finally encompassed the entire thing in my mouth, he flounced, and squirmed and finally I had to hold him down at the hips to finish up. His muffled screams got louder and higher and I knew it wouldn't take long. Maybe three minutes, and this this long, high-pitched note became silent, a sigh was released and a limped body laid flat on the table, while I had claimed a large load of funky spunk.

We finished the bottle and talked a whole lot more. And now I have a new monthly regular. A three hour out-call to his home, where we will use the jacuzzi and drink wine before each session, working out the details of each erogenous discovery, sexual exploration and fantastical realization we can, now that he has found someone he is comfortable doing these things with. And if I can help him become a better kisser and create a more appetizing protein shake in the process, it will be so much the better!
Nehemiah, Sean the Dick Wad & The Strip Poker Night!!!
Posted:Oct 21, 2017 12:35 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2017 11:51 pm
This will be a long one so read it only if you have a bit of time! lol

Just_needing_fun and wanting_it_now, Wow! And boy, do I! Welcome back, crskyler! I've missed you! I'm so cumming for you, cumlover401! Rimme, you've got my attention! Looking absolutely wonderful, dansdick! Asdyx123, love the name! Love the picture! Love it all! Thank you for the hot-listing, hotcravings! Thank you for the emails bitchlinda and Akl1234. By the way, there is a hitch in the plan this week, so contact me when you can, Akl1234. Thank you for the email and the flirt, Heik0173. Very much appreciated and I really hope it works out. Thank you for the flirt, raff444. Thank you for the friendship and the flirt, Jay7714. Thank you for adding me to your hot list, grandpaindiana. By the way, the first time I read your name was cute...Grand pain Diana? lol Thank you for the flirt, easyoff. Thank you for checking on me, OnDaFence. I will read your directions again and try again on the next post. And you really need to come see me, IBC40802000!

So, while Sean and I were internet chatting, he seem cool and could have possibly been a lot of fun. He had even sent three pictures, so I had an idea of what I wanted to do, and the one thing I didn't. Therefore, we settle on a sensual hour long session. Now, he wasn't ugly, but I didn't care for his face, so I didn't want any kissing. He was friendly and cool though, he even contacted when he was leaving to come in, saying he couldn't wait until ten o'clock. Well, somewhere along the drive, the cool guy got lost and the asshole is what showed up. He parked half way down the block and walked up, of course, making him late. He hardly speaks the whole time he is here, and everything he did say rubbed me wrong. I started doing his feet, which he seem to enjoy, moaning and such when all of a sudden..."Can you turn the music off and turn the tv on ESPN so I can watch the basketball game?" There are at least three things wrong with this, but I did it anyway. I made his ashy legs smooth and silky, and when I got to his upper thigh, he started screaming with delight! It only got worse as I did his hips and actual ass. Now before all of this, I had a picture of his ass, and knew I wanted to explore it a bit. Of course now, he's so wiled up, I can barely taste it, and my fingers any where near it is driving him crazy. "Fuck me daddy, and I like it rough!" I know I didn't hear that right. I move on to his lower back and he pulls my hands back down to his ass. But then, he's screaming and vibrating and gyrating on the massage table and I'm not even trying to go there yet. I go back to his back and he settles down when I get to his upper back, neck and shoulders. Now he is clawing at me, trying to get my clothes off and my dick hard, and I'm quickly losing interest and patience. I turn him over, and started to do his feet and legs again, when again, he moves my hands, this time to his nipples. I had seen a picture of his cock, and it actually looked better in person. So I'm massaging his balls for a bit, and then I put my mouth over and around his shaft, tickling his pubic hair with my tongue. Three minutes later, he tells me to get off him, and as I do, this thick goo starts flying, and there is lots of it. My sheet, my towel, three paper towels were soaked, and he still has some in his pubic hair and belly button. He's ready to go after the happy ending, but he is booked for another 22 minutes. He was disappointed when he asked how much it was and I stated the original fee. He didn't leave a tip, but I didn't expect one, nor do I expect him back, especially when I got his last email. "I really wanted you to fuck me. Why do you have a cock picture if you don't intend to use it?" I decided to let sleeping dogs lie and not dignify that with a response.

Nehemiah was a complete surprise for me. Think about it. How many guys do you know with the name? In fact, I only know it as a book in the Bible, so I was expecting an old man, possibly religious, a bit uptight. When this gorgeous, hairy, young creature arrived at the door, I was floored! He also turned out to be quite friendly and talkative. He had said he would bring a bottle of white merlot, to help him relax before the massage. In fact, he paid for ninety minutes, but only wanted an hour massage, so we just got acquainted and talked about the massage as we killed the bottle of wine. I remember him having the most mesmerizing smile. He got naked and jumped up on the table face down, and I remember thinking, could he be anymore perfect? I did his pretty feet, sucking on his toes some, his hairy legs and his beautiful back. His ass was just dreamy, and I wanted to be there a while. Apparently, he wanted me to be there a while too, so I molded, and kneaded, and rubbed, and caressed, and massaged those gorgeous, hairy mounds of flesh. And I sampled, and tasted and devoured that clean, hairy, tasty little hole of his. And I fingered my way to anal heaven, his tight hole wrapped around my finger, feeling the warmth of his insides and finally finding the spot that made him whimper and purr. When I turned him over, I was shocked. He was oozing liquid pleasure from quite possibly the smallest dick I've ever seen in my life. He was hard and dripping, and it might as well had been his thumb. I went back to his feet, then his legs. I really wasn't sure how to do the happy ending, so I skipped it. I rubbed his torso, massaged his gorgeous hairy chest, played with and sucked on his protruding nipples, licked my way up his neck and planted a Spiderman kiss on him. You know, where the heads are going in opposite directions and your eyes meet his chin and vice versa. And it was awesome, and it was passionate and it was romantic. I found myself moving one hand around on his chest and the other one down to his dick, as I stroked him as we kissed. It was fucking hot, especially when he shot his huge load all over. His navel, his chest, even my hair, and then I licked up his sweet nectar.

My strip poker night consisted of only two games, but they were fairly long. I gave door prize blow jobs to Skip, a well endowed short white guy with a big ass, and Ray, a big dick guy with no body hair and awesome nipple , and Steve, just an average blond with a thick dick. I also gave everyone a glass of my patented Long Island Iced Tea...very few people can drink two. And the tone and the mood was set for the first game. Dan was the first one naked and started sucking dicks under the table. Nick, Tim and Skip soon followed suit. Then Troy, Rick and Brandon. At this point, the remaining players, Brian, Daniel, Steve, Ray and myself, were in a constant of oral ecstasy, because the guys under the table were just moving from one dick to another with no breaks. Eventually Steve and then ray would join them, leaving Brian, Daniel and I to fight it out. Daniel then fell to his knees, and finally Daniel had to suck me as I won. Then I made out with Ray and Brian, ate Brian's ass and sucked him off, while Brandon ate my ass and Skip sucked my cock. Troy fucked Nick and Ray did both Tim and Steve. I then had another cocktail, a clove cigarette and prepared for the second game.

Daniel was the only guest to stay for both games, and he was joined by Darryl, a tall, skinny, hot young thing, my tequila guy, Curtis, a tattooed redneck with a beautiful cock and ass, Oscar, a feminine Latino, Vincent, a well endowed black guy, George, a sexy, hairy guy with an unpleasant musk, and several others. There were seventeen guys in all for the second game. Randy, the old, hairy, skinny guy was the first one to lose all of his clothes and started sucking dick under the table. Hey was followed by Bones, another redneck with a big dick, and then Trent, a big dick guy with no ass or teeth. My tequila guy, Oscar and Frank, the big dick bottom from out of town were next. Then Matt, David and Brad, leaving Darryl, Will, Curtis, George, Chuck, Mike, Vince, Brett and I trying to play poker while being sucked on all the time. One hell of a distraction, huh? Chuck, George, Vince and Mike were the next few to go under. The top five became four went Brent down and then three when Curtis lost. Darryl was the next one to go and then finally Will ended up sucking my cock. Daniel ended up playing with the tequila guy, while Vince fucked Frank, David and Matt played, Chuck and George went at it, Brent fucked Darryl, and Curtis fucked Bones, who eventually fucked Randy. Tequila guy did a lot more sucking, and Oscar did a lot more bottoming, even for Brad, who had my attention until I saw his damn tattoo. What did I do? After passing on Brad, and eventually David and George, I sucked Will off while Darryl sucked on me, then I sucked Darryl off, I played with Curtis and Trent and sucked on Vince.

Scott, Brandon and the Dirty Dozen Party!!!
Posted:Oct 12, 2017 2:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2017 1:19 am
National Coming Out Day was yesterday, but I didn't see where any new celebrities took advantage of the occasion. So I working on the mid month edition of the group newsletter, aiming for Taylor Lautner's confirmation and pictures, when I was bombarded with Diana Ross's "I'm Coming Out," over and over and over again. Love the song, but damn! Since I always writing articles, columns and even poetry for the occasion, my next article will be a list of suggested songs to play for the occasion. I would love to hear your picks!!!

Thank you for the emails, Heik0173! I do hope we can make that happen. Christo67851000, we were just talking about you in my massage room last week. Love the new picture by the way, now bring your ass on in here! Thank you for cumming on my back, I mean, coming back, Cumlover401! And thanks to all of you who responded to my last post. They were informative and delightful, and I responded to each and every one of them with that post. Now for this one...

Scott had been here once before, and I had made some excellent notes. I knew that he was extremely attractive, with a huge cock, and a beautiful ass that is never clean enough to enter. I knew his nipples were sensitive and that he was just an okay kisser. And I remembered that he cums easily and doesn't care to be touched afterwards. So when he showed up, I pretty much knew what I was getting, I didn't realize his feet were so unattractive, but I guess that wasn't what had my attention the first time. I did spend quite a bit of time on his ass, kneading, molding, caressing and massaging it. I decided to go ahead and eat, and was pleasant surprised. It was clean and quite tasty. But when I went in to massage the prostate with my finger, it came out a different shade of brown. I turned him over and did his front, teasing and edging, by first massaging his testicles and stroking his shaft until he got hard and started to show ecstasy on his face. Then by rubbing my around his pubic area as I reached for various parts of his body. And finally by orally stimulating his genitals as I massaged each thigh, nipple and his torso area. When it came time for his happy ending, it was quick, easy and plentiful. I didn't remember him tipping so well, so I guess he may be back!

Brandon sent me a picture before we schedule the appointment...remember, I prefer to book my appointments via email, mainly so there is a written account of expectations for the massage sessions, but pictures are nice when I can get them. And his face was nice! he reminded me of a young man I've been pen pals with in South Carolina, but that's where the similarities ended. My pen pal is thin and hairless in most places. My client was hairy all over and about average built. He had beautiful feet, but he was ticklish, so i wasn't allowed to do much with them. I loved his hairy legs and thighs, and ass too, but it was a bit too full and jiggly for me. I did work on it though, and had to lick the asshole when I saw how wonderfully hairy it was, but that was as far as I went. He had lots of hair on his back, so I finished the massage with my cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe and baby oil combination, as to not pull on the hairs. And in a shocking move, I enjoyed it so much, I turned him over and started caressing and rubbing his hairy chest, playing with his nipples along the way. Then he kissed me, and it was awesome. We were both moaning as our tongues slithered around, over and under each other. It was hot, so hot in fact, I got hard, even with my clothes on. He grabbed my cock and started to reach for his when I realized it was smaller than I expected, even hard. Still I was having a damn good time, so I tried to suck on it as he sucked on mine. Eventually, I concluded the massage by kissing him as I stroked the dick, watching the milk ooze over his shaft, balls and pubic hair, and then licking it all up. Another good tipper, and I now find myself wondering about what my pen pal looks like without clothes on and how much fun he might be!

The party was not intended to be a dirty dozen party. In fact, I had hoped for a lot of great looking guys, as I haven't done much sexually since Sawyer left. For the first five hours, everything was done in little groups. At one point, the feminine Indian was playing with the bearded, heavyset trucker and the guy from Evansville, before fucking the trucker with his small, thick dick. Later, the hot otter with the small dick was making out and doing some nipple play with Evansville guy, while sucking on the guy from Arizona and being sucked by the trucker. How the hell you can have all these guys on you at once and still end up jacking off, I will never know. But he did, and the three of them just watched him do it. I thought is was sad, but by then, both my wine guy and my tequila guy had showed up, and I was engaging in their libations, as well as my own. Eventually I did play with Allan, mainly because of his uncut dick. He would have been a great kisser if he didn't drool like a Saint Bernard. He sucked on my for a while, but barely got me hard, and he decided we should kiss some more. I sucked him off basically just to get the kissing over with, but it was a large and tasty load, and he didn't care for kissing me once I got it. Then Marvin decided to have a make out session with me, which ended in some mutual nipple play and cock sucking, but neither of us got off.

Oh my God!!! Sawyer's here and he is staying for dinner. Guess who's getting some dessert!!!
The Results Are In....And....
Posted:Oct 9, 2017 2:53 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2017 12:47 pm
Thank you bjhogan and Mral65 for your comments to my last post! Always great to see you, OnDaFence! I sent you an email to get some help for my next post. Thank you again in advance for your assistance and for all your help in the past!!! Looking pretty good there, cyskyler! You too, Samnine! Thank you for your comments on my pictures, Bjhogan! I find you to be very interesting, Mral65. You too, 10010NYC, and thank you for the flirt! Thank you for the flirt and your friendship, nslover20X6! And thank you for the emails, the flirts and the friendship, Heik0173. I look forward to getting together with you as well!

If you read my status, it has been a very slow few weekend for me! I haven't seen much of Robbie, my neighborly patron! Devin has been working so much lately, that I have to pop by his job to see him now, bringing lunch or shopping. Hopefully he will get a break soon. And Sawyer left Friday, and I guess I still wasn't ready or prepared. I have missed him so! I haven't slept since Wednesday of last week, so I'm running on empty these days, but try to stay busy just to keep from thinking about things.

For those of you who don't know, I've been in the private sector since 2003, working for myself or being privately contracted to assist on various projects. That would be my main job. Then the massage business got started about ten years ago. It is my last position that is the focus of the rest of this post.

I was hosting strip poker nights in Kansas City, Missouri, when a few guys asked me if I would be interested in helping them start up a group for guys into the homosexual group scene. And I became the low man on the totem pole, writing the newsletters and other periodicals for that group. The group has changed names three times now, has been in eight states and has had as many as 32 chapters. We've lost two of the original members, so now, I am considered to be one of the three remaining founders of the group. Well, the group turned eleven this past weekend, and we had a huge affair to celebrate our birthday.

My beautiful, hairy, skinny friend from Montana, Lane, showed up, and we kind of rehashed our first outing, me giving him car head in the driveway. Skip, my wonderful fan from Louisville, made his first actual appearance. Normally, he hollers at me via internet during my strip poker games, and I get to see his huge cock, big ass and beautiful smile on screen. I was so nice to be able to check these things out up close and personal! So much better! Richard from Saint Joseph showed up and literally showed his ass, as only he can! It was great to see and play with him again. My kissing cowboy from Saint Louis, my strip pool hottie from Kansas City, Steve, and my strip tennis partner, Tim, also from Kansas City were also in attendance. Darius from Cincinnati, Phil from Philly and so many others were there, but we ended up being one shy of one hundred in attendance. We had a damn good time Friday night!

Our local celebration happened Saturday night and I really had a good time there. I guess I was so busy playing host the night before that I didn't really have all that much physical interaction with a lot of guys. I made up for it Saturday though. I trapped a new guy in the basement, and basically stripped and seduced him. I coaxed him into kissing me as I removed the shirt from his muscular but hairless body. Then I ate his ass out a little bit before I fingered him in the back as I sucked his rather impressive cock. he tried to fight it, but he came a ton in my mouth and about ten minutes later, he left! A bald, fat guy tried to suck me off, but I didn't even get hard for him. I made out with one guy as I was spanking another one. Another heavyset, blond guy tried to suck me off , but the results was still the same. I sat down for a cigarette and a nice looking guy started talking to me. We started playing with each other's nipples, when my tequila guy came in, gave me the bottle and he sucked that guy's dick while I emptied the bottle. Since he couldn't get him off, it was almost a fair trade. My ass would eventually get eaten, and I learned that I'm not a fan of gum blowjob, and not just because taking your dentures out changes your look to me. Somehow, you can still manage to feel like you're scraping my shit! One more guy tried to suck my cock before I got my hands on the redhead hosting the affair. I ate his plump, fuzzy ass before I fingered it. And then, I fucked him, and we kissed, and we made out, and I played with his nipples. Then I sat in a chair while he gave me a very nice blowjob, but before I got off, I lifted him up and placed his member in my mouth. Five minutes into the blowjob, he told me he missed that, and I finished him off. I had another cocktail and a clove cigarette before we came to the main event of the evening... the awards!!!

I was voted the most talented mouth and hands, the later one surprising me because I rarely get to use the parties. Because I don't cum easy, I was voted seventh in the getting sucked category, but second best top. probably because there aren't that many in this particular group. I was voted the best kisser, which was no real surprise. I was also voted best rimmer, but I thought I should have beat out the only other guy who had a shot at winning that one. I was a bit surprised that I actually won best cocksucker, as so many try to claim that one themselves. The only real contender for the award doesn't come to enough parties, but I did vote for him. Hell, if he can actually suck me off, he deserved it. But I guess my ability to suck all sizes and my frequency at the parties made me the winner. And all of those wins, plus my freaky kinkiness and my versatility also got me the top honor of the night... best playmate!!!

Now that I'm single again, that may come in handy until the next significant man comes along! lol


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