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Rub You The Right Way!

We will just share some of our stories and experiences involving one of our favorite pastimes!

The Story of Devin!!!
Posted:Aug 19, 2017 10:30 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2017 4:34 pm

There will be not massage client stories this time.There won't even be a picture this time. There will not be any personal party anecdotes either. Thank you very much Hungr4yungr, for you gave me the inspiration for this post, one of the happiest times in my life actually. So if you have heard parts of this before I'm sorry. But I'm sure there will be some new details you probably didn't know.

In keeping with Hungr's demands, lol, Sawyer is doing some better. He is taking more responsibility for his own life, which is really what I wanted. I didn't want to do everything and get so little for it! So he is working two jobs now, and I only cover his food, rent and utilities! He is even spoiling me a little bit and is even managing to top himself in the bedroom on the regular basis. Yes, he still gets sloppy and irresponsible at times, and can be caught being shady and dishonest, but I expect that now and he more than makes up for it. I just needed to be reminded of why I started putting up with his shit in the first place. Let me holler at a few more guys and I will finish with your request, Hungr4yungr!!!

Thank you bjhogan! You just may be my biggest fan! Thank you very much Bdawg007 for commenting on the last post! Burbank, Illinois is starting to look like a damn road trip to me, thanks to Damike! Wanting_it_now, YES! I still do!!! Just_needing_fun, avoiding me is not the way to get to have some fun!!!The same holds true to you too, tennisnfun!!! And I haven't forgotten! I'm still waiting on you two, Akl1234 and christo6785100!!!

After my second husband died, I took two years to grieve, to figure out what I learn about myself through the marriage, and what I wanted or needed from the next man in my life. Because of the substantial inheritance I received from his death, and my first husband's as well, I didn't have to work. So I got soaps! All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless made sure I had a four hour lunch break! I wouldn't leave the house until Dynasty, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest, The Colbys, Dallas and Melrose Place went off in the evening, and then it was to hit Wendy's Church's chicken or Shrimp Hut for dinner.

Eventually, I got back into the gay world again, in a huge way! I started closing somebody's bar every night of the week. Martini Night! Karaoke Night! Piano Bar Night! Disco Night! Retro Night! And because I was spending ungodly amounts of money each night, I pretty much had my way at the bars I went to. Tubes, NYC, Utopia, Jimmy's, Jaguar's, etc. Undie Mondays was my personal favorite, because between the three hot bartenders who worked that night, and my money, we could get almost any guy down to his underwear, if not more! This obsession with undressed men led me to the only male stripper bar in town, the Unicorn.

Despite the weak drinks, the security and the eventual inclusion of females, I usually had a great time. Most of the bartenders were also strippers, and the strippers didn't get a base pay, meaning they worked for their tips only. So you know what that meant? I didn't realize how badly I needed companionship until one night, Danny, a gorgeous guy and very dear friend, was passionately kissing me and playing with my nipples perfectly and I came...on the bar...with no one touching my cock! It was still inside my pants!!! I started dating strippers that night!

Danny was amazing! Jayrock and Shawn were an awesome stripping couple! J.T., Andreas, Char, Aaron, Steven, Kyler, Mason, Taylor, Chris, Barth, Gabor, Matt, Kevin, and these were just some of the ones from this place alone. I was still checking out stripper nights at the other gay bars in town. Alexander, Craig, Little Jimmy, Conrad, Peter, Wolf, David, Justin and Rusty! Alex was my personal favorite! And then there was Devin!

Devin wasn't as hot as some, not as well built, not as endowed. What he did have was great face, an amazing smile, a beautiful ass, an awesome ability to kiss, and an eagerness to please. He was also a bit of a romantic, despite being mostly straight. I know, the story of my life, right?

It took us about six months to even start talking, but once the ice was broken, we went hot and heavy fast! In no time, he wanted me to give up all the other strippers and be his exclusively. But I would get jealous when he was with other patrons of the bar and never ask him to stop. I might get uncomfortable. A few times I may have even left. But I knew that was his money so I attempted to cope. He didn't fare so well with mine so we compromised and I gave up most of my stripper guys and he stopped doing a few things with patrons other than me, so I felt "special." lol

So we started dating, but he still had this jealous streak. See, back then, I had no unattractive friends. Didn't know money could do that, huh? I remember when I took my best friend, who was in a menage a trois relationship at the time with two guys hotter than he was, to the bar to meet him. He was so jealous, he refuse to leave the table except for when he had to be on stage! Andy, the hottest guy, further pissed him off by jumping on the back stage and taking off his shirt, then dancing up on me and shit. So we weren't perfect, but we were damn close.

And our date nights were wonderful, so romantic, so passionate! We would go out to eat sometimes, and sometimes I would cook for him before I went to see him at the bar and brought him a plate. We would drink, a lot! lol But we had things in common. We both loved tennis, late night walks on the canal, holding hands when we could. Our big thing was music! He was an awesome pianist, and back in the day, I use to play the flute, the saxophone, the oboe and the clarinet. Might have mastered my oral technique back then too. We were both singers as well, so we would play and sing duets, even got booked a few times in a local hotel lobby! And since I wrote poetry and he wrote music, our songwriting ability was incredible.

We had a few songs, which still get to me when I hear them. And we had this pet project, this car, this red Tropeo that we worked on. Actually, he worked on them, I just paid for the stuff! God, I miss that car, and the cuddling, and the kissing, and the bubble baths, and the massages. He even introduced me to his girlfriend, now wife, and their daughter, and his father and his step mom! We all spent holidays together! I was with this man for over four years, and would have stayed longer if work hadn't taken me to Missouri.

Facebook afforded us the occasional catch up, and when I moved back, we started talking more regularly. That's when he shared with me what was going on with him, and my care and concern might have opened up the possibility of rekindling this thing. And that's kind of where we are now.

I is time for me to find an all the way gay guy to take me away from all this! lol
Jeff and Gary!!!
Posted:Aug 15, 2017 8:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2017 10:31 am
Thanks to my new friend, SISSY4U2! Thank you Bjhogan, Hungr4yungr, and OnDaFence for your comments to my latest post. Qasim786, you really should hang out here more often! Chadlse, thank you for your very kind words to my picture! Tennisnfun, when do we get to the fun part? lol And Cumlover401, Melbourne has never looked so good!

The night of the day I wrote my last post, Sawyer came home and put it on me better than he has in months! And I thoroughly enjoyed it. But it felt wrong. The next day, however, he started fucking up again, and then I figured out why. I ended up reminding him that he has a little more than two weeks to figure out what he wants to do about this. I guess he thought one night of great sex was going to fix everything. Or maybe, he was jealous and wanted to remind me of what he could do. I appreciated it...greatly, but the issues aren't just in the bedroom anymore. I did get to spend some more time with Devin, and I've planned our big night, but will come in September, once Sawyer knows what he is doing.

So I scheduled an appointment with Gary, and it started off all kinds of unusual. First, it is an out call, which I rarely do these days, except for the Club Hubs. Then, he was picking me up, but I didn't need to bring anything, not even my massage table. Then he picks me a limo! So I'm thinking we are headed for one of the nicer hotels, but we ended up at a very lovely home. This is one strange bird, I thought.

Gary is actually gorgeous! Very nice face, with long, mostly black hair, a goatee, a bit on the slender side, but hey, everyone looks good in a nice suit, right? Turns out, he has his own business and supplements his income as a limo driver, and this was his house. We get inside and he gives me a tour. We get a couple of glasses of water and go upstairs to one of his rooms.

As he is undressing, I'm noticing his slightly hairy chest, his pecs and nipples, his happy trail and belly button, and then the shock. How can a guy this slender have such a big beautiful ass? He also had a beautiful but barely average size dick. he pulls out some baby oil and lays his stomach on the bed so we can begin.

I loved his feet and as I started to lick his feet and suck his toes, I heard this soft whimpering coming from him. Damn! Already? I worked his slender calves and his nice thighs. Then went to his neck, because I knew I would be with his ass for a while! He pounced on my cock like a lion on a gazelle! I could barely contain myself, or focus on his back and shoulders, where most guys need extra attention. It took forever for me to get to that ass, but boy, am I glad I did! It was clean! It was beautiful! It was almost sweet! It was awesome! I stayed there much too long. So long in fact, I didn't actually finish the massage. I licked up his taint to his balls. I licked around them, tasting the sweet precum that had made its way around them. I jumped on that uncut dick and in less than five minutes, he had dropped his creamy load in my mouth. He then grabbed mine and tried to do the same, but it didn't work out. He actually wanted me to fuck him, but there was no time. So he paid and tipped me and drove me back.

Jeff was the last black client I had for the day. I'm not usually that into black guys, Jeff was an exception to that rule. Great face, awesome smile, goatee, nice hair and dressed in all white. I can tell he is well built already, so I'm actually really looking forward to getting him on the table. Turns out, he is a talker too.

I'm noticing everything, as he slowly gets undressed. Since he paid for a sensual session, I got to keep my clothes on, though I'm sure he noticed me tenting during the course of our massage. He had long feet with unattractive toes, nearly perfect legs...thick, muscular thighs with long, lean calves with just the right amount of hair. That chest, awesome...slightly hairy patch between two well developed, muscular pecs, with large pointing nipples, a happy trail leading to a massive cock, and the most beautiful caramel ass I've seen in ages. I didn't know where to begin.

I rushed over the feet because everything else was good, but he even enjoyed that little bit. I worked those calves and started to work the thighs, and things started to change. It was like he was conflicted or uncomfortable or something. His cock had gotten hard and I guess he wasn't expecting that. Of course, he tried to adjust himself, or hide it, but with all of that, it was no use. I told him that it happens all the time, not to worry about it. As I worked my way higher on his thighs, he started to squirm. I was almost unsure about touching his ass, so I went to the hips, and the noise he made told me I made the right decision. He made this sigh of relief and wormed himself back onto the massage table. he was putty in my hands after that.

So I not only got to work on his ass, I got to eat it too. He laughed at first. I guess I might have tickled his hair or the hole, but soon, he was all about it. Then I did his back, neck and shoulders, which he desperately needed. Should have spent the hour there, but instead, I flipped him over...and it was the most fascinating creature I'd ever seen. This mountain of uncut cock, oozing globs of cream, much like an erupting volcano, but it was only precum! Sweet, creamy precum that nearly made the rest of the massage not happen. So I hit everything in the front, but after each section, I'd revisit that fountain of man juice. He responded well to the nipple play as well, cranking ever more man butter out of the churn! He was too much! It was too much! I couldn't take it anymore. I put that python in my mouth and drained it of all its magnificent venom. Then I licked his balls and made him purr like a kitten. He left a very happy camper, and a couple of loads lighter to boot!
The Party & My Celebrity Client!!!
Posted:Aug 12, 2017 6:57 am
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2017 10:31 am
A couple of long paragraphs before we get to the good stuff!!! lol

Thank you so much for your blog comments Bdawg007, Cocksucker4u67, Virg2 and Hungr4yungr!!! Very much appreciated! Thank you for becoming my newest watcher, YesIswallow3! Thank you Bjhogan and Biglotofun4u for your comments on my new pictures!!! Thank you Bjhogan, Just2getsucked and Subjoiel4u for the flirts, and Subjoiel4u for becoming my newest friend! Rendezvous4u and Cubsfan123, very nice! Still looking good Krboy, Crskyler and Gloryholefreak!!! Always good to see and hear from you, OnDaFence!!! Cumlover401...Come, Lover!!! And Akl1234, let me know when you are ready and we will make it happen!!!

So, I put Sawyer on better or be out by the end of the month!!! He's trying to get me to soften my stance, but I will not make it easy, and the guys around me aren't making it easy for him either. Devin has been amazing through this whole thing. I have to give him a very special night in the near future. Robbie has been by once. Hell, even Stephane has come over to talk to him, and explained how lucky he is to be in the situation we have. But there was one particular incident that even I felt a bit bad about.

I hosted a party Thursday, and honestly, I was really disappointed with the turn out. The supposed "best cocksucker" came out. A bunch of older, heavyset guys, one with a colostomy bag, and my tequila guy! Thank goodness because i drunk myself into tipsiness. Still not willing to do anything with anyone. Sawyer comes in from work, so I basically followed him up to our room. We started talking and I had pretty much decided I would hang out with him for a spell. We were talking and laughing and shit, and he decided he was going to hang out with some friends of his. I was a little disappointed, but I knew he didn't get to see them very often, and I still had the party to deal with. Just as he was about to leave the room, there was a knock at the door. It was one of my out-of-town playmates, and when I opened the door, he just blurted out, in from of Sawyer, "Can you come out here so I can suck on that big cock of yours?"

Now, since I rarely play at these things, Sawyer never had a problem with me attending them. And normally, because Sawyer is in the house, I don't. I figured I don't want to see him fucking around without me, I will extend the same courtesy. But there was something about Sawyer's face when he realized that I was actually going to go hang out with the guy at the door, it broke him a bit. he just kind of sadly slipped out of the room and the house.

And my out-of-towner made up for most of the lackluster party for me. He is an awesome kisser, and isn't too bad as a cocksucker either. We are both big fans of nipple play, so we did quite a bit of that. And I ate his ass out. He even wanted me to fuck him, so I tried to accommodate. But the condom he gave me was to small or tight so I didn't stay hard at first. Also, we discovered that he wasn't as clean as we thought, which also put a damper on things. He took the shitty condom off and started sucking my cock again, getting it hard and then sitting down on it anyway. For about thirty minutes we went at it, but the damage was done for me. I could stay hard in the hole, but I wasn't going to cum. He on the other hand came three times, once when I was sucking him and two when he was riding me. After that, the party pretty much came to an end. Sawyer would eventually come in drunk and we just opted not to talk about what happened earlier.

As for my massage client, I should say that he was no stranger to me. I think it is safe to call him a closeted bisexual. But actually, I was his first boyfriend, and we even lived together for over a year, but this was all before he started acting, when he was hot! 6'1, strawberry blond, mustache, lean, trim muscular body, decent ass, nice cock. So when he called me for the appointment, I was shocked, but I didn't know he was a celebrity at that point.

When he shows up for the massage, he gives me a gift. I open it to see it is a DVD. From the title, I knew it was something I wouldn't normally go see, but I thanked him and readied him for the massage. He asked if we could play it in the massage room, and although I had no interest in it, I allowed him the television as oppose to the music I normally play. Now he is so into this movie, he cutting into my time. So I hint at him to get started and he informed me that he will pay for what we agreed to, but really only want an oral happy ending, explaining that his girlfriend doesn't suck his cock because she can't get it into her mouth.

I'm looking at this guy, who is now older, heavier and less attractive than he use to be when we lived together. His ass is so much bigger, and his dick is now shorter and thicker than I remember. Why can't she handle this? I have no idea!

I'm looking at the cover of this movie, and wonder why he has a copy of a movie currently in theaters. Turns out, the big budget adaptation of the story is in theaters now, but the low budget version of the same story went straight to DVD. Then I finally see what the big deal is...he and his son both have decent parts in the low budget version. "So I've fucked celebrity ass!?!" I said. And his response was "and a whole lot more."

We spend most of the time reminiscing about old times as we glanced over his son's and his parts in the show, and then I did what he really wanted me to do. It just wasn't as satisfying for me as it used to be. But I did get the job done, and apparently quite well, as he gave me my fee, a tip, his new phone number and his itinerary for the rest of the year. When he is in town and his girl is away, he will book appointments with me.

My world is so fucked up, but it does keep things interesting around here! lol

P.S. As I was wrapping this up, I saw the awesome Damike was checking me out! Good to see you again!!!
Joe, Sam, Tony and Dean!!!
Posted:Aug 7, 2017 6:33 am
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2017 5:50 am
Sawyer has started getting sloppy again. He was doing fine, being romantic and affectionate, but not very sexual. And that was fine with me, until I discovered why. He didn't cheat on me, but he did do something he knew I wouldn't care for, and then waited almost a week before I found out. Then he did something to make matters worse, hoping it would make things better, and when he didn't get the results he wanted, he opted to spend the weekend elsewhere. He will be back later today, but I tried to distract myself from my thoughts this weekend.

I was only able to spend a little time with Devin. I saw Robbie, but only once and for a limited time. I even chatted with a few guys who want to come to the next party, but most show little to no promise. So I tried to stay focused on my work, which is why there are so many names in the title.

But first, thank you Bjhogan for your continued in my party and massage microcosm. Thank you Boux601 and Bdawg007 for your delightful comments to past posts. Cubsfan123, interesting, very interesting! Krboy, nice, very nice! Crskyler, still looking great! Gloryholefreak, welcome back!!! It is always good to see you in these parts again! And Akl1234, I beg of you to change this picture! It simply doesn't do you justice!!! And to a group that I have neglected for far too long, my most faithful readers, my watchers! I noticed I was up to ten, thanks again Bdawg007 and Boux601, my newest fan! Thank you all so much!!!

So Sam was this sexy, hairy, young thing that showed up for his appointment a little early. With his clothes on, he was hot, but with them off, he was awesome! From his hair, beard and smile to his long, slender toes with clean, perfect nails, he was amazing. Yes, I licked and sucked on those toes of his, rubbed his hairy thighs and calves and ate his hairy, white, fleshy ass. That he may have enjoyed too much, as he started to leak on my sheets then. Finished his backside and licked his armpits to work my way to the front, hitting those nipples and working on his neck. We even did some kissing and making out, before I licked his happy trail down to the promise land, the land of milk, nuts and honey! And before we knew it, I was slurping the nectar of the gods! He even seemed a bit disappointed that he only got to play with my cock and balls, but we have been talking, so I'm sure he will be back.

Joe was my very first Nuru client, an although he was a perfectly delightful man, he would not have been my first choice for this type of massage. For those who don't know, in simple terms, Nuru is like a body to body massage, who both client and masseur are nude and the masseur uses his various body parts to massage the body. Actually it is more of an erotic touch session than a massage, with lots of oil, body contact and frottage. But with him being so hairy, with pierced nipples and navel and a Prince Albert, I was uncomfortable just doing it at times. Perhaps he was into that kind of thing. I did love rubbing his legs with my legs and feet, and laying my cock between his thighs, stimulating him from the taint to the balls. He was a bit of a noisy one too, which really turned me on and got my imagination flowing! And even though he had a significant other, he claimed he hadn't gotten off in months. That streak was broken as he got off three times in his hour with me. I kept thinking, which will win out, his beautiful, oversize cock or his tiny little balls. I'm thinking the balls won, because they were tasty, they were also quite small loads. But he really appreciated me not making him take his PA out, and he was a great kisser and an amazing cocksucker, so I'm kind of hoping to see him again!

Tony was this gorgeous, hairy Italian who showed up for his appointment with a six pack of beer. I guess he was nervous and needed to relax. But he was so sweet and kind and hot, I drank with him just to calm and slow me down. When I saw the abundance of hair on his back, I had to lay him down, ass up, and started licking his back and flossing my teeth as I kneaded his neck and shoulders. I got stuck on that patch of hair that was trapped on the small of his back, just above his beautiful, round, white hairy ass. Once again, I got for quite a while, with my tongue in his asshole and my teeth slightly pulling hair. I even slipped between his thighs, licking his taint and the underside of his balls. By this time, he was releasing an erotic opera of moans, groans, grunts and screams. It was music to my ears and I just kept on going. eventually, I would finish his legs and feet and flip him over. I couldn't decide between his muscular, hairy chest with huge, pointed, succulent nipples or go for the gusto that was his dick. I went at licking, sucking and biting his upper body. Turns out, he was a pretty decent kisser. And it didn't take me long to empty the contents of his slab of meat into my greedy, eager gut. Not only did he pay and tip me, he even left me the rest of the beer.

And then, there was Dean. Dean use to see an acquaintance of mine. I always thought he was interesting, but would never compete with someone I know for a man! But my acquaintance has moved, which is why he actually called and set up the appointment. Another hairy attractive man shows up at the door with his million dollar smile and his own massage oil. The next thing I noticed is that a man that small shouldn't have an ass that big! I was disappointed he had shaved his legs, but they were quite muscular at least. To make a long post shorter, he was a great kisser, but his oral talents did not extend to nipples or cocks as he never got me hard. Which was really quite a shame, because that big, beautiful ass was also the cleanest ass I've come across in quite some time. I could have ate and fucked that one for hours, but it wasn't meant to be. He got off the first time as I was rimming him, and the second as I was sucking his cock. I don't come across tapered cocks very often, but it was cool to suck a dick whose head was smaller than the base or shaft, and it was a large and quite tasty load. I suspect he will come back again as well!

One hell of a weekend I had!
Kevin, Lance and the Party!!!
Posted:Jul 29, 2017 8:02 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2017 4:34 pm

Thank you for adding me to your hot list, Chadlse! It is very much appreciated. How is that new project going, Christo67851000? Glad you haven't forgotten about me! Still looking good, Jenu1218, and Elerebo, you need to show some more skin!

Robbie did not make it in this week, but I did get to hang out with my friend Paul. We had a lovely time getting reacquainted. Devin has been an absolute sweetheart since I lost the frequency of hanging with Stephane. And even sawyer is back on the upswing, being far more romantic, affectionate, communicative, and yes, sexual too!

The two massage clients I'm sharing with you are two that did not turn out the way I had expected.

Kevin was a tall black guy, with lovely caramel skin, but everything went badly almost from the moment he showed up. He wasn't nearly as hairy or attractive as he made himself out to be. He was also quite arrogant, actually, cocky is a far more better description, as you will learn. Average built with a beautiful ass and a huge cock, I think he let it go to his head. I spent a lot of time on his back, shoulders and neck, then went to his feet, calves and thighs. I could smell his ass even before I massaged it, and prayed he wanted nothing more done with it. Turned him and immediately noticed his double digit, thick cock! I started at his feet again and worked my way up to his pubic region, then stood behind his head to do his chest and neck. i discovered the most untalented mouth that has ever been on my massage table. The guy couldn't kiss and his breath was horrible. He attempted to suck my cock and bit it three times before I decided to move and bit the bullet. I started sucking his cock with about ten minutes left in the session. He was thrilled that I had managed to take it all down, but not happy he hadn't got off. So he pay for another hour, and after a while sucking on that long, thick pole, my lips, jaws and mouth started getting tired and or sore. So I started using my hands. My personal philosophy on blow jobs doesn't leave your mouth until the vein is drained. But it just wouldn't blow! He pays for yet another hour and offers suggestions. Eat my ass! Finger my ass! Remember now, we know his ass isn't ready for this. Eventually I would put a finger in there, and just as I suspected, it came out another shade of brown. Pissed me off enough to make me seductively put it in his mouth. By this time, I'm ready for it to be over, but he pays four yet another hour, saying no one has even taken his cock all the way down like that for that long before. So mustered up and summoned all my remaining strength and sucked until he finally blew his huge load in my mouth. It wasn't bad, just not worth the effort, and I've never been that ready for anyone to leave in my life. He paid for four hours, left me a tip, and hopefully, our paths will never cross again.

Maybe it is just me, but when I think of Lance, I think of a tall, gorgeous white man. So I had high hopes when I booked his appointment. So why when I opened the door, I find this short, dark-skinned black guy standing there? Nicely built, but older, somewhat unattractive and missing several teeth, I was not looking forward to this one anymore, especially when he upgraded to erotic, meaning I had to be nude and allow him to play with me during the massage. It started off as bad as I thought it might...ugly feet, skinny, hairy legs, decent butt but ashy, dry skin all over. He did smell good though. Things did improve when I turned him over. Another huge black cock, decent chest with adequate nipples and some nappy hairy on it. It was when he showed me what he could do that made all the difference. He was actually an awesome kisser, though I had to close my eyes to fully appreciate it. He also did an excellent job sucking on my nipples, enough to actually win me over. He scraped my cock a few times sucking it, but it wasn't that bad, or I was still in a frenzy over the nipple play and just didn't care. And he ate my ass out well, though he was thinking he was going to fuck me. Not with that huge mother fucker, he wasn't. Instead, I sucked him off. It was the freshest, creamiest sweetest load I've ever had. I mean, it felt like I could still feel them swimming in my mouth.

Then there was the party. Seventeen guys were there, but i was really disappointed. The tequila guy showed up so we shared a pint. I have a fifth of Everclear and lemonade and didn't share it with anyone. A heavyset, black, unattractive guy ask to play and I said no. An older, well endowed guy caught me upstairs and coaxed me into playing, only to frustrate me in two ways. One, stopping me from making him cum five times, and two, thinking since he couldn't return the favor, I should whack off a load for him. Another philosophy of mine is...I work hard to get mine, you'll do the same to get yours, unless you make me feel good some other way. He came, we went downstairs and he left. I went to get a cigarette and heard this crash. Sawyer had fallen and hurt himself so I spent the rest of the party playing doctor to him, but was well rewarded for that later.

No picture this time...This thing is long enough and I have a party to get ready for!
Strip Poker Night & Andy!!!
Posted:Jul 20, 2017 6:32 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2017 5:33 am
NH_CumSLUT, damn! Cum and get it! Looking great, Bobeb67! And so you're back, Jenu1218, and still looking good! Oh, Cumlover401, always a pleasure and a treat to see you! You are one hot tamale, Cronos442! Which of those pictures are you, Cocrichp, because you could earn a freebie from me! Part of me agrees with you, Hungr4yungr, but I can also see that he is truly trying! Thank you for your comments as well, Bdawg007!

Most of you remember that Stephane, my romantic playmate before and during the early stages of the Sawyer saga, got married Monday. Of course, I was there, acting as the bartender. But it afforded me the opportunity to get tipsy and get away with some shitty comments and shady behavior. Let's just say, I think he will be hanging out of here as oppose to me going over there.

So Tuesday I had an interesting massage session with Andy, a tall, skinny, twenty-three year old nerd. In fact, he was the only client I've had in recent years who kept his underwear on for part of the massage. I took it he didn't get touched much because he was moaning, groaning and vibrating off the massage table from the moment I started on his feet. And as I moved up to his surprisingly hairy calves, a huge turn-on for me, he seem to get more and more into it. When I got to his thighs, he raised himself off the table, pointing his ass in my direction. And I noticed the pink and yellow stripes on his underwear getting darker in color. When I suggested I put them in the dryer, he took them, and his glasses off and flashed me an awesome smile. This guy had that Clark Kent/Superman thing going on and sex appeal was his superpower.

So I'm massaging his hips as I'm eating his ass and he decides he want to upgrade, from sensual to erotic. So I finish his back half and then sit in a chair to get naked. He comes over and sits on my cock as I'm trying to undress. He bounces on it a few times, stands up and shoots his first load down my throat. It wasn't very big, but it was tasty enough to spur on my next move. I put him on the massage table, face up, and go to town on him, kissing him, licking his armpits and flossing my teeth with the hair there, sucking on his nipples, caressing his pecs, licking down and around his navel. I went to his feet again to tease him and by the time I got to his pubic region, he was near screams of ecstasy and passion. He sucked my cock some, I guess thinking I was going to fuck him. Instead, I sucked on his balls, licked down his taint and ate his ass some more. Then I reversed my actions and when I finished with his balls, I sucked the slightly above average, think dick that awaited me. Five minutes later, he blow another, much larger load down my throat.

This bitch is getting long and we haven't even got to the strip poker night.

I was one of a dozen guys there. I gave everyone shots of tequila when they came in, and the five hottest guys got minute long blow jobs, just long enough to tease them and show the others what they had to offer. If you remember, the winner gets his wish, and since I win most of the time, I had started plotting my reward. Shawn, this short, adorable redhead with sexy freckles, I had already decided I was going to fuck him. Fred, the extremely tall and hairy hunk, I wanted to suck his dick again, to completion this time. The same was true for Josh, Mason and Ceasar. Another redhead, Ryan had already indicated he wanted me to fuck him, and there was a blond guy Steve who wanted me to fuck him again, as well as Dan. The guest list was rigged for me to have one hell of a time.

Ted was the first one naked, and started sucking dick under the table. Then Chris and Dan. And before too long, there was enough guys under the table to suck the remaining players. At the time it was Josh. Shawn, Fred, Steve, Ryan and myself. Unfortunately, Ryan was sucked off before he lost all of his clothes, but begrudgingly sucked cock until the end. Then went Steve, Shawn and Fred, leaving Josh and I up for the prize. To make a long story short, I ended up fucking Josh before most people left, and had an after party with Fred and Shawn. It was an amazing time.

I'm still trying to deal with an overwhelming week. Stephane's marriage Monday, Andy's massage Tuesday, Strip Poker Wednesday, Sawyer still trying to hang in there with me and a birthday orgy for a very dear friend of mine on Saturday!

Give me strength!!! LMAO

P.S. I saw you checking me out as I was typing this Christo67851000! Adult contact is still waiting for you when you truly ready for it! lol
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Middle of an Insane Week!!!
Posted:Jul 15, 2017 12:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2017 5:06 am
Jenu1218, you look awfully familiar to me. How would I know you? Markc1957 and MikeCompany, very cute! Glad to see you, Hungr4Yungr! You've got some catching up to do, but you couldn't have picked a better time. Thank you for the flirt, Sfrench8582! Consider your ass officially slapped, literally. Welcome back, BiCuriousVic. Always good to hear from you, OnDaFence! The same to you, bjhogan, and thank you so much for your comments. Christo67851000, I wish you luck with your current project, but still hope you find time to come in for some of that adult contact you're craving. Always a delight to see you, Heik0173! Just_needing_fun and wanting_it_now, I sure do! Damn, ruallicaneat2! And to answer your question, and then some.And if Canadian men still love their dark meat, then the first one I will serve when I get to Toronto is sensual_lover!

So I got my degree in dosimetry this week. I've been doing the work at four hospitals over the last seven years so it is time to make it official. I rewarded myself with a homemade fried buffalo chicken, and it was the shit!

Wednesday, I hosted a party and it was hideous! Counting myself, there was five guys there. Thank goodness, one of them was the tequila guy because we were drinking our asses off. The other three guys ended up playing amongst themselves, with two of them cumming at about the same time and the three of them leaving. At least, I didn't have to cook dinner.

Robbie, from I believe my last post, has been in twice, looking better and getting friendlier every time. He is so freaking cute. Then little Mikey from a much earlier post was back, and he was just awesome. Still had that beautiful ass and that impressive cock. He's even improved on his kissing and sucking skills. And Devin has been an absolute sweetheart. This is all good because Sawyer has been slacking off lately.

I don't know if you guys will remember Stephane. He is the maintenance guy I got really close to before and during the early stages of my time with Sawyer. Well, Stephane is getting married on Monday, so yesterday, last night rather, I threw him a bachelor party, our way. He got on the grill with some steaks and gourmet burgers. I made potato salad, baked beans, macaroni and cheese and peach cobbler. We had cases of beer and seventeen bottles of hard liquor. We had a few other libations that either he, I or we partake in, and then we did it for what I thought would be the last time. He is such a romantic and an excellent kisser. I licked him from head to toe, including his toes, armpits, nipples and belly button. He worked my nipples and played with my ass and sucked my cock. Of course, I had to rim that ass and suck his dick. After he dropped three loads, he laid in my arms and informed me that it didn't have to end. So now we are going to be really good friends with benefits when we can work them out.

I say this is all good because if Sawyer continues the route he's taking, he will find himself at the end of the road alone. Yes, I will hurt, but I'm hoping to have enough distractions to keep me from being down for too long.

And Wednesday, I'm hosting strip poker, but I'm being such a bitch about it. Gary, a decent looking regular wanted to come but I'm hoping for better looking guys with better attitudes. Jim also wants to come, and he is a regular at most of my affairs. Great guy, but his appearance and his attitude also doesn't fit into what I'm aiming for. One guy does want to play one on one, and another wants private lessons, but we will see. I only have one guy who truly qualifies, and I'd love to hook up with him again, but I may have to recant some rejections if more hot and fun drinkers don't start inquiring about the event.

And then Saturday, I'm hosting a birthday party for a very dear friend of mine. He's a popular slut who usually overbooks for himself, so it could be very interesting.
Two Gregs and a Robbie!!!
Posted:Jul 2, 2017 3:38 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2017 12:00 am
Thank you very much for the email, Christo67851000. I really hope you make it in soon. And to the one who came in last week, thank you so much! You were a very pleasant surprise. These pictures don't do you justice. I do hope you will come in again. Welcome to Blogland, Tony4664! I look forward to reading about you! Cumlover401, thank you for coming back. You are still looking fabulous, Heik0173! Thank you for popping by again! Wanting_it_now, I'm loving the new picture. if you were closer, you'd be having it already! And just_wanting_fun, you are still welcome to come in and have some fun with me.

So things are going well with Sawyer.And things are going swell with Devin. I'm even looking forward to the Independence Day orgy this week.

Speaking of parties, I was just at one, and there was an interesting guy named Greg there. Greg was attractive, but not my type, with the tattoos and all. But I was the only black guy there and he was really into dark meat. I basically played door guy, had a lot to drink and smoked my clove cigarettes. It was the cloves that got his attention and eventually gave him a reason to take to me. We started smoking one when my tequila showed up, and the three of us started drinking. Actually, he and I were drinking and the tequila guy went down on him. Eventually, Greg got up the nerve to kiss me, and the game was on. For hours, we made out, did some nipple and ass play, and did a lot of touching, rubbing and caressing all over. He praised me on my handwork. He then started sucking on me, which eventually forced the tequila guy to seek fun elsewhere. I then returned the favor, and we ended up sixty-nining...sucking each other's cocks and eating each other's asses. He wanted me to fuck him but he came before I got there. He hung out with me for a while, making out and such until he had to leave. But he has been trying to set up an one-on-one every since.

I also had an interesting massage client named Greg this week. He was from out-of-town. And when he showed up, I saw the most gorgeous older gentleman I've seen in quite some time. Gorgeous white hair, a beautiful tan, and an awesome smile. His trimmed body looked even better without clothes...a beautiful tanned, hairy chest with nice nipples, a wonderful happy trail, a decent ass and an amazing cock. He was definitely someone I could enjoy from head to toe, and I did. As I massaged, I sucked his toes, licked his legs and thighs, licked and eat his ass, licked and kissed his back, etc. I flipped him over and licked his chest and sucked his nipples, licked his navel, and sucked him off the first time. He demonstrated his talents on me as well, kissing me, sucking my nipples, eating my ass and sucking my cock. I didn't get off, but I did make sure he got off a second time before he left. He left an awesome tip and will be back next week.

Another great massage client I had was Robbie. He was young and cute and thin. I loved his hairy legs and face, but there was none on his chest. I loved his pubic hair, his armpit hair and the thin trail leading around and from his belly button. I got him on the table and got to work on him quick. Again, I found myself licking his calves and thighs as I kneaded his legs. I worked on his hips and noticed his adjusting himself frequently. Of course, I had to eat that dreamy ass of his. He asked me to fuck him, but there just wasn't enough time. In fact, I rushed the rest of the back side of him so i could see what was going on in the front. Damn, that python was spewing venom as soon as I turned him over. In a strange mode for me, I did his upper half before the bottom, trying to get those nipples and lick the river of precum that had made its way to his navel. Hell, it was so good, I jumped on his dick, rubbing his thighs and legs as I sucked. And when he came, I thought I would choke on the sweet, creamy manmilk he shot into my mouth. We shared a passionate kiss when he asked me to share it with him. And then it was over. Fortunately, he lives in the neighborhood, so I'm sure he will be back for seconds and thirds!
St. Jean Baptiste Party!!!
Posted:Jun 25, 2017 3:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2017 5:09 pm
Thank you for the email, Akl1234! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday. And yes, I'm still waiting to see you guys as well, Daxter3 and Christo67851000! Retsailor1980, I've got to say, you sure do make 76 look damn good! Ruallicaneat2, damn, I love your name! lol Always good to see you Crskyler! Great to see you again, RockinHisBottom! You as well, Bjhogan! And My! My! My! Gastonia is starting to look much more interesting thanks to wanting_it_now_!

I know there is at least one person who is going to be thrilled to read this next section. Just when I thought I was finally in a comfortable place with Sawyer, life would send me one hell of a curve ball! Several years ago, I hung out with an amazing stripper, Devin. It started off like most stripper/patron relationships go, pay as you go while you are at the club, the more money you spend, the more you can get kind of thing. But eventually, we started dating. I actually dated or was asked on dates by several strippers over the years, but Devin was by far the most serious. He was an amazing kisser...I could cum sometimes just kissing him. He also had this awesome ass I loved eating. He had a decent body and a great face, but it was his inner qualities that I was really drawn to. He was extremely romantic, we had a great deal in common, and he was highly intelligent. We spent over four years together.

Well, I usually see Devin once or twice a month when I go on my shopping excursions. But this last time was a bit different. He gave me the most amazing hug, another thing I use to love to get from him. He looked for me later and we started talking about his life now and our past, and the next thing I knew, I was being asked out. I did tell him about Sawyer and how unpredictable our relationship is, and Devin isn't with his complications as well. So we have decided to just see each other as friends and see how things develop. I have got to tell you, having two wonderful guys pay attention to you is a beautiful thing. That's enough of that...for now.

So I hosted on orgy last night. No, I didn't know it was a holiday in Quebec at the time, but Canadian men do love their dark meat! The very first guest actually came in, got naked and started sucking on me. He is a fan of mine, but he isn't as talented as I am, I guess. He likes nipple play, making out and sixty-nine, but I always end up sucking him off before he can get my load, and he doesn't really want to be bothered afterwards, so he figured if he had a head start, we might get a different result. Sadly, 90 minutes later, he was leaving a load lighter and I had his load as well as my own. Another guy, an unattractive redhead...who knew there was such a thing, also took a stab at my cock with similar results. My tequila was there and so we went through a bottle of tequila, a bottle of scotch and a bottle of Everclear before the night was over. The guy he hooked up with, Doug, wanted me to come over, but I don't do that to my friends. Another guy I've known for 25 years showed up. It was great to see him with his clothes off, but honestly, that Elvis Presley song kept running through my head with him all night...a little less conversation, a little more action! And just as I was ready to call it a night, the ringleader, the great cocksucker, called me over to him and a relatively new guy. Seems the new guy was complaining about the ringleader's teeth. Now in fairness, our ringleader prefers average size dicks, but he was fucking with the biggest cock at the party now, and it just wasn't working out for either of them.

The cock was lovely, gorgeous even, but it was the only thing this guy had going for him. But I got to thinking... if this guy, the ringleader, the self-proclaimed best cocksucker in the city, refers someone to me that he couldn't handle, doesn't that at least raise my profile among the cocksuckers in the group. As shallow as it might seem, that was the only reason I went there. And ten minutes later, the new guy was bragging about how he had gotten an awesome blow job and came without getting completely hard.

All I've got to say October, when we do our rankings of all things among our members, I had so better be in the top five cocksuckers! lol
The Father's Day Massage!!!
Posted:Jun 20, 2017 11:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2017 4:34 pm
I am extremely grateful for Father's Day this year. It was busy and a bit low key, then it became amorous and romantic. It spent the day cooking and baking for when Sawyer got back. I baked a pineapple upside-down cake and some toffee brownies with M&Ms on top, his favorite. Then I fried some chicken, stuffed some manicotti, made my seven green salad, and twice cooked some asparagus, with colored peppers, onions and mushrooms. Sawyer had been having issues with his father, but I talked him into using that day to attempt to mend things. He came back in an appreciative, loving and romantic mood and has been there ever since.

But I also did an erotic massage with a hot little freak. I mean, some of the things he wanted. But let me first tell you that for a guy with three grown kids, he was sexy! Salt and pepper, graying hair, clean shaved face, extremely well built, but with a bit of a gut, and some awesome legs. I love muscular, hairy legs. Actually, I love hairy muscular everything, but I digress. As he got undress, I'm noticing a beautiful hairy chest, gorgeous furry armpits, a truly fuzzy navel, a beautiful ass and an interesting dick.

So he gets on the table and as usual, I start with his feet. He thoroughly enjoyed that, and even asked me to suck his toes. Now, with the right guy, I can lick a man from bald head to foot soles, and there are a few guys from my past who can back that up, including the one I currently hang with, but he only paid for ninety minutes and I had basically a whole body left to massage and explore. When he offered to pay for two hours, how could I say no? Actually, it wasn't that bad. Feet are usually a downfall for most of my clients, and I actually pray they keep their socks on, saying I don't have to deal with them at all. I did those beautiful legs, and as I was working on his thighs, he was moaning and groaning and grabbing at my cock. I made it easier, by working on his hips and moving to that beautiful ass of his. Yes, I had to taste it, and as I did, I sampled the precum that was rolling down his balls and across his taint. I probably stayed there too long, and since he wanted attention focused on his back, I probably slighted his neck.

Turning him over was like turning on a freak button for him. I spent a little time on his feet and shins, and I guess in a first for him, worked on his knees, unaware that behind them was a erogenous zone for him. "Bite me, " he says. "What?" I asked. He repeated his request and upon further inquiry, he wanted me to bite him everywhere and leave marks. I just could bring myself to do it everywhere, but I do some and even put a few hickeys in some unusual places. His dick was hard and covered with spunk when I went back to the massage. But I did kind of tease him, brushing across his member and scrotum frequently as I worked on his thighs. Then I went to his head to massage his scalp and forehead, and he took my cock in his mouth. He was a bit rougher with it than I like, so I rushed that part of the massage as well. He was however, a fabulous kisser, though I got the impression he didn't care for doing it.

As I was working on his chest, he asked me about clothespins. Yes, he wanted clothespins put on him, not just his nipples, but on the extra skin on his scrotum. It didn't hurt me, so I did, and I was to leave them there until the happy ending. So I did his stomach, navel and sides, as I plotted how to do this happy ending thing here. My plan was to suck him off, but wasn't so sure about that now with the clothespins down there.

To finish of the session, I had to spank his ass, slap on his dick, bite on his dick as I removed the clothespins from his balls, bite on them afterwards, edge him a couple of times and then, finish him off...all the while, he had him tongue in my ass. When I finally got that load, it was creamy, sweet and plentiful.

As he was dressing, he asked if I would have fucked him, and when I spelled out the conditions by which that might happened, he gave me nearly twice the fee. I thought maybe he was prepaying for the next appointment, but he said I had earned it. Thanks daddy!!!

Before I go, let me thank you all for all the fabulous responses I have been receiving lately to my posts. Gee, I feel like you like really like me! lol To thumper92277, thank you for being a friend! Now, you may finish the theme to the Golden Girls at your leisure. PenisPoet, let me know when you will be in the area and I will hook you up. Welcome back, BiCuriousVic! It is good to see you again! Crskyler, still looking good baby! Again, thank you OnDaFence for all your help and assistance with my blog! You are the bomb!!! And cumlover401, when I get to Australia, you will be a cumming attraction. You might stay in practice with my buddy, Bernie, in the meantime. And if you didn't see your name here and you know you said something, check where you said it and there should be a response there. Speaking of responses, I'm still waiting on three guys from here to reschedule or come let me sweeten the pot.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, so if you schedule soon, I will rub you down with suntan lotion afterwards. Then you can have fun with the one before your fun in the sun!

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