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From a woman's point of view:

General chat from a Tgirl

Julie's Boobs #20
Posted:May 9, 2018 6:19 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 4:14 pm
Almost every morning I put on a bra. I have been wearing bras for many but had them stuffed with something like falsies or breast forms. Now when I put on a bra the cups are stuffed with my own breasts.
I think of my breasts as my ‘girls’ and also use different terms for them such as my boobs, tits, hoots (hooters), my husband sometimes refers them my knockers and we also refer to them as my rack. If I had D cup or bigger I would refer to them as jugs.
I have given each of my boobs separate girl’s names. Being that they are a C cup I gave them names that start with a C and the names kind of rhyme. From left to right they are now called Cheryl and Carol. When they were a B cup I called them Beth and Betty and when they were an A cup they were Alice and Annie. It is common for girls and women to have names for their breasts; especially transwomen. I don’t think my girls will ever grow to a D but have thought about if they did what I would name them. My first thought was Dumb and Dumber but I luv my girls too much to name them something like that and have thought about names like Delilah, Delores, Daphne and Diane or Diana.
The only time I do not wear a bra now is if I’m going to wear a tight fitting T shirt, tank top, boob tube or swimsuit (I wear piece swimsuits). My nipple impressions do stand out and show when wearing of those articles of clothing and looking at myself in a mirror does make me feel ultra feminine and like a woman.
I really luv my life as a woman and am very happy. I luv putting on my bras and on the mornings when I’m going to wear a bra. I put my arms through each of the shoulder strap loops and put my bra cups in place over each tit and then take the ends of the band in each hand and pull them behind me. I can still reach behind me to fasten and hook the ends of the bands together, and I can also unfasten and unhook just by reaching behind me. As I am fastening it is pulling the cups up over my breasts. After fastening the cups are snugly pulled over my breasts. I have more step I need to do and that is bending over forward and putting a thumb under my band strap between my boobs and my index finger on the outside and wiggle the band strap side to side as I shake my boobs to get them snugly settled into the cups. I was always impressed with the ene in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” the way Nicole Kidman put on her bra.
I always wear bras when I’m going to wear a dress for the day and along with that underneath the dress I will have on a garter belt or corset/cincher with garter straps to attach to my hose and have on some sort of a panty. That also goes for a skirt and blouse or top and sometimes I wear a bra with jeans or shorts (both women’s of course) and a top or a blouse. All I have now are women’s clothes because I decided when I went full time as a woman I would only wear clothes made for a woman to wear.
When in the shower I do luv running my soapy hands over my soapy boobs and spend a little time doing that. I guess it would be a form of masturbation massaging with my breasts and I do not have to be in the shower but maybe during a bath, in bed or just sitting in private and I get something that is similar to an orgasm just from massaging my breasts. I vigorously massage them to a point that I have a climactic moment and during that moment I tightly cup them in my hands and that comes along with a sensation of satisfaction. I do this often when I am doing self hypnosis and some times when I std on weed. I also still run my soapy hands over my soapy buttocks when in the shower. My showers are a bit longer than other peoples because I feel so much like a woman while doing that with my breasts and butt. Sometimes I put a finger between my butt cheeks and with my fuck hole a bit.
Something else I started doing is using butt hole bleach to keep myself pink around my woman hole for my husband. I feel so feminine when doing that because it makes me feel like a woman and wife doing something intimate for my husband.
Having my breasts and tucking with the glue the way I do now so that it looks like I have a cunt down there between my legs and the way my estrogen is feminizing my body, I feel very much like a woman.

Preparation H commercial
Posted:Apr 30, 2018 1:14 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 4:18 pm
Woman on bicycle talking.
You wouldn’t believe what’s in this kiester. A farmer’s market, a fire truck and even a marching band and if I can get comfortable talking about this kiester you can get comfortable using Preparation H.

Yes, I have used Preparation H a few times in the past. Kiester is the name of the town she is talking about.

My husband and I laugh at this commercial and sometimes as we are getting into bed I will smile at him and ask him if he is going to put something up my kiester. He will look back at me smiling and say “How about 7 inches of thick hard man meat followed by a hot thick load of sperm filled jizz.”

I always like to hear that!

Why would a man want to become a woman?
Posted:Apr 24, 2018 12:07 pm
Last Updated:May 7, 2018 11:52 am
We have heard that transgender and gay can be cured by the religious folks, or so they say anyway. But can it really be cured when not knowing the cause? Many heterosexuals and all homosexuals and bisexuals don’t see anything wrong with being gay or lesbian. Were we born this way or did something happen somewhere along the line that made us the way we are? Maybe we already had a start at birth on our sexualality whatever it may be but something happened along the way to enhance and strengthen what we have become.
It has not been proven yet that what makes a man or a woman gay or bi. I mean I have known butch bull dykes that the only thing that made them genetic female is that they were born with a vagina. Other than that there was nothing feminine about them at all! They had a couple of little mounds on their chests that they did not want because they wanted to be mauline. I knew Marty who I used to date and we were in a role reversal relationship. Marty would strap on a dildo harness and fuck me in the ass cuz he wanted to be a mauline man Marty was born female but identified as a male so I will refer to Marty as he. Marty was the man and boyfriend and I was the woman and girlfriend in our unusual and different relationship, and believe me Marty could fuck as well as any natural man and also last longer than most men. Marty had a roommate named Billy and there was nothing feminine at all with either of them. They did not have a woman’s shape and had flat butts, spoke like men and wanted to be men. They dressed like men and had men’s haircuts. I have also known others like Marty and Billy who by the way were truck drivers. They were mauline all their lives.
On the other side of the coin I knew and still know males that were born more on the feminine side and nothing about them other than having a penis was mauline at all.
Some say that people are born gay and others say that somewhere along the way something happened that turned them gay. I do not know what happened with me. I was born male with a penis and testicles and when I was taught by my father, a very manly man, to be like a boy and stand in front of the toilet to pee.
Then my parents divorced when I was 6 and my mom had to work and I was left in the care of a babysitter named Ruby during the day. Things happened that Ruby made me into a little girl when I was at her house. I have already written about this a few times so I will not go too deeply into it but Ruby did change me in ways that had a long lasting and lifelong effect on me. Being made into a girl felt so right and natural for me and it seemed to come easily. I was sworn to secrecy and could not even tell my mom about our special . This went on for 2 of being a girl 5 days a week for about 7 hours a day.
When I was around 8, mom had moved in with a couple of women that she worked with to save on babysitting costs because there was always some around to watch me. Each of the women had teenage daughters and I was the only male in a female dominated household. I wanted to be of the females so I would fit in better. Mom was about the only that showed any modesty around me. I wanted to have a pussy instead of a penis. I did learn a lot from the females by just watching them. I got basics for applying makeup among other things. I don’t think they knew that I watched them like I did.
When I was 12 mom figured that I was old enough to take care of myself and she did not need babysitters anymore. She bought a small modest 2 bedrooms, 1 bath house for us. I had lots of time at home al and this was when my female desires got the best of me and I started prowling through mom’s clothes and other things while she was at work. I found clothes that I thought she did not wear too often. Actually what sparked this was mom subribed to Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs and left them on the coffee table in the living room and I looked at them often and loved it when a new came. This was in the early 160s and back then Frederick’s was like Victoria’s Secret is now. I found panties, bras, garter belts, panty girdles and a bag with stockings that had runs in them and she would not use anymore and found things I saw in the Fredericks catalogs. I do not know if they still make these or not cuz I have not seen them around for awhile but my mom was small breasted and she sometimes used foam rubber falsies and I used those to stuff in the bra cups to give me tits. I also found dresses that she hardly wore and a blonde pageboy cut wig that I started using. There was a shoe box that had her old makeup that she did not use anymore and it had everything I needed and I latched on to that. I spent a lot of time dressed and madeup as a girl and sitting on the couch looking at the Fredericks catalogs. I found other things too and started douching and inserting tampons. When a new catalog arrived I would totally feminize myself, take a douche and insert a tampon and go view the new catalog. I felt so feminine and girlish. Mom and I were about the same size then and I could even wear her shoes and learned to walk in heels. This went on all through high hool and got to the point that I wanted to remain as a girl until she got home from work and have a talk with her but I never did and chickened out. I wanted to tell her, “Mom I am not your son but am really your daughter” and had fantasies about asking her if I could start at a new hool and start as a girl. Also when I was dolled up I had fantasies about having a boyfriend and us dating. I thought what it would be like to be taken out to a drive-in movie and after we had a hot make out session with him finger fucking me in the front seat and then my boyfriend got us in the back seat took my virginity. On dates after that I fantasized about my BF rewing me in the back seat at the drive-ins. I had thought about seeing if of the guys I knew from hool would be my boyfriend. In the summer I had just about all day at home al being a girl and I tried thinking of which boy I could approach and he could come over and I would give him some pussy on my bed but I knew he would have to rew me in the butt. That never happened because on my male side I was athletic and a good athlete and was a normal mauline boy at hool. I ed varsity baseball and football. I was afraid that if I revealed my secret side that I might get outed at hool and the worst some could be back then was a queer or a fag so I kept my secret life a secret. During football games I would look at the cheerleaders and want to be of them and I think more so than being a er. In the spring after baseball practice I would walk by the tennis courts and watch the girl’s tennis team practice. girl caught my eye; she had blond hair back in a ponytail, was cute and wore a short tennis skirt that when she bent forward dised her perfect shaped pantied bottom. I did not want to fuck her but I wanted to be her or a duplicate of her. I actually would have rather been on the girl’s tennis team other than an outfielder in baseball. I was realizing then that I was probably gay with wanting to be a girl and get fucked in the ass by a boy. Why else would I have those thoughts and fantasies.
A little later on after high hool I did serve in the military but I don’t like to think too much about that anymore. My thinking now is that of a woman.
My first apartment when I lived al I had the freedom of being a girl or young woman anytime I wanted except I did have a male job that I had to work. I worked at an upale restaurant that paid minimum wage but the tips were good did raise my standard of living. I had to start buying what I needed to be a female. My first time out in public as a female was successful and made me feel very confident because the 3 people that I encountered that night when I took a drive in my car all thought I was a real female. I did practice being a girl at home a lot by practicing my walk, mannerisms and gestures, the way I sat and had a reel to reel tape recorder (this was still in the 160s) that I practiced my female voice. Back then there were not the resources for a girl like me to take advantage of as there is now in modern times. I see now on the internet that there are so many resources for young male to female transsexuals and it is easier to get horms at a younger age.
My sexual attraction to men has always been much stronger than sexual attraction to females. Mostly when I see a sexy woman is that I want to be her or like her. I had thoughts of being rewed like a girl by a man. I wanted to lose my female (anal) virginity to a man but I knew that the man would have to fuck me in the ass. But that was ok because I already thought of my rectum being my vagina. I used it to douche and insert tampons. I slept in baby doll nighties and I would fantasize about a man rewing me in many different positions. When I would see an attractive man I would wonder how well hung he was and what it would be like to have him on top of me and inside me. I felt very submissive and knew I would be passive with a man.
Ass or butt fucking back then was commonly referred to as Greek and the partners were active (top) or passive (bottom) but now I don’t hear the term Greek used too much anymore but now people are a top or a bottom. Top meaning gets his dick sucked and penetrates and fucks while bottom is the that gets fucked and sucks dick.
I did find a man to fuck me and take my virginity. I got dolled up and was in my feminine finest to go to his place; I was very nervous on the way there but also anxious and looking forward to it. The first time did not hurt but was a bit uncomfortable and felt like there was something lodged up my ass, which there was. I could not feel him moving inside but I knew he was thrusting and I did not feel him cum inside me, which he did. Lying next to him after we fucked I could feel the wetness of his semen inside me but I did not feel him shoot it up me that time. I did get horny again feeling his wetness inside me and we did it again and this time was much better. I could actually feel his dick moving inside me like a piston. I was on the verge of cumming but couldn’t get there yet but a few weeks later I could feel him shoot his load inside. We did it a third time and it was just as good as the second time. After we were d I went to set on the toilet to drip out and as I thought about how wonderful it was going to be to be a girl as I felt the silky smooth satiny texture of semen sliding through my butthole and after I stood up and looked into the toilet and saw a lot of semen in the water. Some of it was floating and heavier gobs were at the bottom of the toilet. I had arrived there about pm and at 3am he walked me out to my car where we French kissed just like a man and a woman. He made me feel like a woman as he reached around my waist and held a butt cheek in each hand to pull me up to him. I drove home feeling very much like a woman. I went there a virgin girl and left there a well fucked woman. We made a date for the following week I went to his place again. That led to a 3 year BF/GF relationship which he was my BF and I was his GF. I was feeling very gay but in a feminine way. I became a promiuous nympho slut that loved being fucked. I told my BF that I wanted to try being gang banged and he arranged it with 2 of his friends. As they arrived I was in the bathroom making myself into a pretty and cute girl for them. All 3 men each did me twice and left me full of semen. When I was finally able to get up from the bed the cum was seeping from my well fucked hole and running down the back insides of my thighs.
So many later I’m still being a woman even after being side tracked a few times and still using tampons. In fact I have an ultra size tampon inserted up my ‘vagina’ and I squirted some water in a small bulb syringe behind it to soften and fully expand it inside me.
I do not consider myself as a gay male anymore and more like a cis woman. I do think of myself as a woman. I’m sure that all have their stories but this was mine and how I got where I am.

To those that write to me, I am a stadard member
Posted:Mar 28, 2018 10:52 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 4:22 pm

I recently received 3 emails form one member and some from other members but I cannot read them as a standard member. Even if you are a gold member sending them I can't read them. I just get blurred unreadable lines. I have had mail I could read from gold members but they had some kind of special designation that standard members could read their mail.

Standard members are very restricted so if I do not respond to you, it's because I can't.
The things I do to be a woman and the reasons
Posted:Mar 18, 2018 12:23 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2018 12:39 pm
People in here that read my stuff know that even though I was born male, that I want to be a woman. I live everyday life as a woman and am a man’s wife and his woman.
There are so many things that I do to make me like a woman in every way. I surround myself with femininity and do things that a woman would do. I do not have anything left that were male items except my firearms, some ID cards and my karate gi. My gi is the same one that I have worn for years as a male but it hangs on me much looser now since I have lost weight and become a woman. The rest of my clothing is all female and made for a woman to wear. Also I still have my male genitals but I keep them very well tucked so that I look like a woman down there. I do have a new way of tucking that works very well and looks natural and like a cis woman’s cunt.

The following are the things I do to make me feel feminine and womanly.

: Getting fucked like a woman is one of the most important. Even though it is anal intercourse and I take it in the ass, it makes me feel very much like a woman when a man is fucking me. Now that I am legally married to a man and am his wife I get fucked by my husband regularly, like every day! Every day I do Kegel exercises sometimes 2 or 3 times a day to keep me tight and so far have not had any problems from being fucked in the ass regularly. I luv the thought of keeping my pussy tight for my husband and thinking about it like that does make me feel more womanly. When I told my husband about Kegel exercises he asked me why I do them and I blushed as I told him that I did them to keep my pussy tight for him. My rectum has become my vagina. I feel that if I keep Husband satisfied sexually and let him have a piece of ass or sucking his dick any time he wants that he will not stray from our marriage.

: Being legally married even though it is same sex is still legal and in my mind makes me feel like a married woman. Husband and I both wear our wedding rings, mine is a woman’s ring of course. Our marriage is more like a heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman. In our marriage Husband is the man and husband, and I am the woman and wife. Our second wedding anniversary was last November 7th and we spent it in Las Vegas where we were married. We do not have to limit ourselves to just going out to TG friendly gay drag bars or nightclubs anymore. Being I pass as a woman we go anyplace a hetero couple does and nobody has ever questioned what sex I am. I luv being a woman and a man’s wife and all the things that come with being a wife and a married woman and housewife! I am a submissive obedient wife and luv it, I would not have it any other way!

: To keep myself thinking like a woman I surround myself with femininity. I wear all women’s clothing and do not have any male clothes left, except my gi. I even tossed all my TG clothing that were feminine clothes made for a man to wear. I now only wear clothes that are made for a woman to wear! I have went into my womanhood fully and decided to go all the way (except for SRS and that is only because I can’t). I buy women’s products; such as deodorants, bath soaps, perfumes and colognes. I think like a woman because I am a woman! I have used Giorgio perfume for many years and luv the fragrance it gives me but I also use another one called WOMAN. I use WOMAN mainly because of the name and yes it does make me feel more womanly wearing it because of the name. The words ‘woman’ and also ‘wife’ have special meaning to me. When I hear or read the word ‘woman’ I get a warm feeling inside and I visualize myself as a sexy nude woman. I get that same feeling when I hear the word wife but visualize being led to bed by my husband to get a good fucking from him, also being a housewife for my husband.

: I do not douche everyday but do douche regularly to keep my ‘vagina’ clean inside for my husband. My 2 quart pink douche bag hangs on the wall above the toilet and to the side. Sometimes I use a woman’s douche powder called Massengill.
I also use a dab on substance called ‘Secret Sent’ that I buy from the place I bought my prosthetic pussies from. It gives the wearer the musky yeasty scent of a woman’s cunt when dabbed down below. It works well with my new way of tucking and gives me the scent of a woman down there. I do also use squirt on female pheromones to give me the scent of a woman. The pheromones are supposed are supposed to emit the scent of a woman that needs to be fucked or in estrus. I guess they work because quite a few men I have been around while wearing the pheromones desired to take me to bed and fuck me, some of them have! Husband likes them. I try to smell like a woman in all areas of my body.

: Using tampons is another feminine booster. I don’t insert them every day but do use them regularly maybe 3 to 4 days a week I have tampon days. Some ‘gurls’ pretend they have period times but I use them when I want to feel the extra femininity and womanliness, like when I go shopping or out, I will insert one. I use super or ultra tampons and after I insert one I use a small bulb syringe with water in it to squirt up my woman hole to soften and fully expand the tampon inside me. This makes it comfortable to have inside me and the feeling it gives me is pleasurable. I am very aware that the fully expanded tampon is in me and I luv the feeling. People that see me out and about do not know that I have a tampon up my butt with the little white string hanging from my puckered hole. I do have tampons delivered by mail but sometimes just go to the store to buy a box of tampons just because of the excitement I get from feeling like a woman. One reason I insert a tampon before going out of the house is cuz I think it helps make me walk like a woman with the female hip roll, wiggle and sway, my husband thinks it does. There are more Tgirls that use tampons than many people think.

: Developing boobs also makes me feel very feminine and womanly. The best part of having them is that they are natural and real. I have had 2 mammograms so far and will continue with a yearly mammography cuz I am just as susceptible to breast cancer as any other woman. My doctor did tell me that I had real female breasts with his physical examination of feeling up my boobs and the first mammogram confirmed it. I had the same things inside my breasts as any other woman has in her breasts. My breasts were started by gynecomastia which is from a hormonal imbalance. When I discovered what was going on I did everything I could think of and learned about to promote the development and growth of my boobs. That all involved diet and hormones (estrogen and progesterone), breast massage and I also read in several sources that smoking weed could raise estrogen levels so after I retired from working as a male I started smoking weed again. I did many things to promote my breast growth and really don’t know what worked and what didn’t but the main thing was that something worked, maybe all of it?
I luv wearing bras cuz women wear bras. Not all women like wearing a bra and sometimes I don’t if I’m wearing a snug T-shirt or boob tube (tube top). My last bra size was 38C. I was hoping to grow to a D cup but am satisfied with a C. Another thing that confirms my breasts are real is I lactated!

: Before developing my breasts my best female and womanly ‘ass-ette’ was my butt. I have always done exercises that target my butt and have always been told by men and some women too, that I had a girlish womanly butt. My estrogen regimen has helped keep my girly bottom looking like a woman’s. I am now starting to get kind of a bubble butt thanks to my hormones. The estrogen and progesterone are working together to reshape and feminize my body. My skin seems softer also and what body hair I do get now is a lot sparser but I still keep myself shaved. I do wear butt shaper panties often especially when going out. I wear them under dresses and skirts and also even under jeans or shorts.

: Estrogen is the main and dominant hormone that flows through my veins and body. The next would be progesterone which helps women with their breasts and reproductive organs. I do take Spironolactone (Spiro or Spirno) which is a testosterone blocker. I feel that my female hormones and lack of testosterone controls my thinking and keeps me thinking like a woman.

: Husband and I fuck bareback and he cums inside me. I love the feeling of him shooting his hot thick load up inside me. I cannot feel him cum every time but I do often feel him shoot inside me. Out of curiosity I did some research on sperm living inside a rectum, colon and intestinal tract. What seemed to be the most credible source I read was that sperm can live from 3 to 5 days inside the intestine. I did read one source that said that sperm died immediately when injected into the rectum and colon but that was just someone’s opinion. We all know that sperm are swimmers and if they live 3 to 5 days inside the intestine, that would mean that I have Husband’s sperm swimming around in my tummy continually and all the time. I might wash some of them out when I douche but sperm are pretty hardy little fellows and they might go someplace up inside me that the douche has not reached. I luv the thought of having Husband’s sperm swimming around inside me all the time and that also makes me feel more feminine, girlish and womanly. I know his sperm are trying to get me pregnant with his baby.

: Dressing and makeup. I do have some old fashion girl in me with the way I do my makeup and the way I dress. I do my makeup everyday just like most women do but I am not a flamboyant drag queen that over actuates my femininity by too much eye makeup or unnatural hair colors and dressing gaudy. I do consider myself a cis woman even though I still do have male genitals but I want to blend in and when people see me I want them to think that they are looking at a real woman. I do enough makeup to make my face appear to that of the face of a woman. I use a skin tone foundation for my base and on top of that I use a light amount of rose pink blush on my upper cheeks. I use a light covering of light blue eye shadow on my eyelids and sometimes false eyelashes and at other times I will use mascara on my lashes but still use mascara on my lower lashes with false lashes. I also use black eyeliner mostly on the upper lid. I cover most of my face with a translucent powder. My lipstick is red and my nails, finger and toes both, are the same shade of red as my lipstick.
I want to blend in as a woman and want people who see me to think that they are looking at a real, natural and everyday woman. I pass as a cis woman. I do dress to look good and mostly wear dresses but sometimes skirts with a blouse or top. When I wear jeans and athletic shoes they are women’s. I must say that Husband and others agree with me, when I wear women’s snug leans with a butt shaper underneath with hip pads and am well tucked in the groin I appear as a woman. My dresses and skirts do come several inches above my knees cuz I am a garters and Hose girl and just about always have on a garter belt or corset/cincher on underneath my dresses and skirts. I luv having my garter clips attached to my stocking welts cuz it makes me feel so feminine and womanly. That also goes with high heels. If someone sees me walking down a sidewalk or in a shopping mall, they will see me as a woman wearing makeup and a feminine hairstyle walking with my shoulder strap purse by my side. I might even have a tampon up my butt also!

: Just like many other women I do have a beautician/cosmetologist. She keeps my hair, eyebrows and nails (finger and toes both) done for me. She also does some waxing for me. My natural hair color is dark but I have it dyed red and we keep my fingernails and toenails the same shade of red as my hair. I also work on my nails in between visits to her. She has her own shop and is the only operator. She knows what I am but keeps it a secret and the other female patrons think that I am real and a cis woman. When it is just her and I in her studio she will ask me questions about being a transwoman. She also knows that I am legally married and a wife and awhile back she asks me what it feels like to get fucked in the ass. She meant well and was just trying to get information because her husband has been trying to talk her into doing anal. She was curious about it being messy or smelly and what it was like for a man to cum up my ass. I told her to take an enema first, which to me is taking a douche. A couple of months ago I went in to see her and it was just her and I in the shop. She smiled and confessed to me that she and her husband have been having anal sex. So now we are just like 2 cis women, beauty operator and client confiding in each other.

: Inside I feel like I am a woman. Something that I do to help keep me in my womanhood is self hypnosis. I do not know if I have ever been hypnotized or not and do not know if I can be hypnotized but I have heard and read that if one has been hypnotized they will not know it. I have also heard and read that about the only way to actually tell if one has been hypnotized is to see a video of them while they were supposedly under hypnosis. So far I have not seen any videos of me hypnotized but I have never requested one and no one has suggested that to me. I do self hypno at home using video and audio recordings. Some I do in front of my computer. Others I lay on the bed and listen to over our sound system while wearing ear phones or watching a DVD on the bedroom TV. I usually do them when Husband is at work and in the afternoons. They seem to work best if I’m a bit tired and stoned on weed cuz I can relax more so I do them after all my housework and housewifely duties are and also after my daily work out of women’s aerobics. Once years ago I did attend a live hypno session with a professional Dominatrix that specialized in male to female transformation. I do not know for sure if she hypnotized me or not, it never was said but I went there dressed as a woman and with a tampon inserted up my bottom and left there feeling very feminine and very much like a woman. Those emotions lasted for weeks! I’m glad that I did not have to work as a male during that time.

: I have a new way of tucking that is better than what I was doing for the last decade or so. Many surgeons are using surgical glue now to close up incisions and wounds. This adhesive lasts for days until the patient has started healing. It is expensive but only a little is needed. I use one that is called Dermabond. I do not use my prosthetic devices (pussy) anymore because using the adhesive is all I need to make me look like a natural woman down there. For the girls and women (TG of course) that want to try this, if done in steps and each step is done with care and caution you can look just like you have a cunt down there. When I first started doing this my pubic area was completely shaved. Your penis will need to be flaccid and you will need to be careful how you handle things. The testicles will need to be pushed up back where they came from inside your body. Gently move and push them around and upward until you find the right spot and they will go back up to where they were originally. There should not be any discomfort if it is done correctly. I think of mine as my ovaries because they are up inside my lower abdomen. Apply a little line of glue down the underside of your penis and pull it back up between your legs. The skin of your scrotum (ball sac) will now be empty and this skin can be used for vagina lips, or pussy lips if you prefer. Hold your penis with one hand being careful to not make contact with the adhesive or you get your fingers stuck to your penis. Use your thumb and index finger of your other hand to reach down and flatten and spread flat the loose skin of your scrotum. Once this is done pull or push you penis back between your legs and pressing it to your body. Your penis will now be secured back between your legs and not hanging down or swinging; if you stand you will not be able to see it when you look down. Next step is to pinch the skin together right above the base of your penis to create a crease and place some glue in the crease to hold it in place after you release it, this can take a little practice but the idea is to start creating a slit and this is just about where a cis woman’s slit starts. Start squeezing the skin together and gluing it as you work your way down. At this point you are forming a cunt. If you really want to be a girl or woman then you would much rather have a cunt, pussy, twat or snatch other than have a penis and testicles, right! When you get to your loose scrotal skin pull it from each side over your secured penis to where it meets in the middle and glue it. You are now creating pussy lips and will appear much like a cis woman’s pussy lips between her legs. As you go down you will have to stop to leave part of the penis head exposed, this is so you can pee but of course you will have to pee like a woman and sit on the toilet. If you are out for a walk in the woods where there are not any facilities you will have to lift your skirt and pull down your panty and squat and pee like a girl. I do this and I also reach back between my legs with tissue in hand and wipe my pussy after I pee. I don’t mind going pee because I enjoy the tinkle sound of my stream hitting the toilet water. It also makes me feel more girlish and womanly. I do my procedures lying on the bed with my legs spread with a mirror between my feet and ample lighting so that I can see what I’m doing. I have been doing this for a while now and have perfected my methods and can do it fairly quickly now. The more one does this the better and faster they will get. I am like this all the time now. I do change mine about every 5 days for cleaning and airing out the areas and use a little anti-fungal cream. Vaseline does help break down and remove the glue and there are also solvents that can aid with removal. I have grown back my pubic hair but wax the areas that need to be stuck together. I look like a nude woman now with a cunt. My husband likes me like this and says that I look like a real genetic woman nude because I have my tits also. This is one way for me to have a cunt without surgery so I will do that from now on. I do this when husband is at work.

The 2 animated pics are of the tucking process but was designed for professional female impersonators and this procedure is for using tape but they remove the tape after they are done performing for the night. One of the main drawbacks of using tape is one cannot pee while taped. The things I do are the same as they but using the medical adhesive instead so I can tinkle and therefore can remain like that for a number of days.

The next pic is a series of smaller pics of the gluing process.

The last pic is 5 transwomen. All born male but now each lives as a woman. They are much like me. I got this off from a transwoman page from a website. There was not any information if they were post-op or pre-op or mixed.

Happy New Year to you!
Posted:Jan 2, 2018 12:52 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 10:17 pm
Husband and I hosted a small party at our house last night. The other 2 couples that we party with that are like us; man with TG wife, have formed our own circle and we hang out together. Our husbands or normal looking masculine men and we wives are transwomen that do pass. We decided to have the party at our house because we live in a rural area without any close by neighbors. Plus we have a 3 bedrooms house with a guest bathroom. Each couple would have a private bedroom to themselves and they would be spending the night. I had placed a new small tube of KY in each of the guest bedrooms along with some hand towels.
The dress and theme was very casual. The husbands just wore boxer shorts and we wives wore a baby doll nightie and heels. Of course we women also had on our makeup, earrings and nails and we have all 3 developed breasts.
For dinner I prepared a casual meal of finger sandwiches (bread, ham and cheddar cheese), a platter with sliced summer sausage, slices of cheese and Ritz crackers, and also a platter of large shrimp with cocktail sauce. Husband and I do not drink alcohol but the other 2 couples brought some wine for them.
We had soft rock and jazz on the stereo. We had the TV on but the sound was turned down. Husband and I are into lava lamps so we had 4 of them around the living room and the rest of the lighting came from numerous candles around the room. Husband rolled 6 joints so that each couple had 2 each for the evening and we did get stoned. We all did a little twerk dancing with us girls grinding or bottoms against our husband's groin.
At midnight we did open a bottle of champagne and poured it for our guests while Husband and I each had a champagne flute with ginger ale to toast with. At about 12:30 AM we decided it was time to go fuck. Husband and I wished them a Happy Fucking New Year! Husband put his hand on my butt and guided me to our bedroom. I turned to wave good night to our guests and saw that the other 2 wives were being guided the same way by their husband's. Husband fucked me twice last night and really good both times.
This morning as we awakened and met in the living room. After a cup of coffee us girls fixed French toast and bacon with some orange juice. After breakfast he other 2 couples dressed and left.
I had a lazy day after that while Husband watched some TV and some football.
So to all you have a Happy New Year and be safe!
Julie's Boobs: 19
Posted:Dec 29, 2017 2:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2018 12:06 am
I guess my boobs have now reached their full growth. I was hoping for a D cup but I am happy with the C cup I now have. At least I did not get any stretch marks from their growth and development! It is said that through HRT a ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ (trans on both) can possibly develop breasts according to size of the women in her families. I say families because of the mother’s side and father’s both. My own mother was small and only an A cup. If I would have got stuck with that I definitely would have had a boob job and If I would have had augmentation I would have certainly desired a D cup to be done. But other women on both sides of the families did have somewhat larger breasts although none that I know of were huge. At least I have my firm C cup boobs so a boob job is not in the picture right now.

My last bras I bought are a 38C. I luv going bra shopping and trying on bras in the fitting rooms and I never catch any flak from the salesgirls cuz they do think I am a real cis woman. I have been passing as a girl and woman in public for many years and I luv the fact that my illusion and deception is that good. Of course I have spent the majority of my life in the female mode, only going back into male modes from time to time cuz of guilt feelings or when I had to support myself working as a male. But having 2 personalities, male and female, one of those had to be putting on an act. As it has turned out my male side was the act and my female side was the real . I do luv walking around with my own 2 natural breasts jutting out from my chest! Now if I just had a pussy down below then I would be complete!

I have had 2 mammograms so far and everything has looked good. Mammography’s can be of the most uncomfortable things in the world. What woman wants her breasts pressed almost flat from being pressed tightly between 2 plates? But this is a womanly thing to do so I do not mind and will continue to do so yearly, cuz I am a woman! Having my boobs is just one of the many things that have pushed me deeper into womanhood. Now it is almost as if I was not born a male and have never been a male with male genitals.

I have developed some new sensations now having my own breasts. Wearing a bra is of them. I have always worn bras but the cups were filled with something or with prosthetic breast forms to create the illusion of having tits. Now my bra cups are filled with my own tits and this is totally a different sensation feeling them snugly encased in the bra cup. The material and my own skin are making contact. Another sensation is when I sleep I am no longer wearing a bra since having my own breasts and I sleep on my sides mostly but sometimes on my back or my tummy. If I’m on my side I can feel my breast laying flat pressed against the sheet on the mattress. The outside of my boob covers area that it didn’t before. And I can now feel the texture of the sheet pressed against my skin. If I am on my tummy I can now feel my breasts pressed underneath me. When I was lactating I did leave some milk stains on the sheets beneath from seepage from my nipples. Sometimes I sleep on my back and can feel my tits slightly flatten and fall to the side towards my armpits. I am getting used to it now but I can feel the motion of my breasts bouncing and jiggling when I walk, more so if I’m not wearing a bra and also when I’m not wearing a bra I do get some sway. When Husband sucks on and massages my tits I have different sensations, is physical and the other is mental and the thought of a man sucking on or playing with my breasts.

I wanted to lactate mainly just to experience what a woman does when her breasts are full of milk. If you have read some of my previous posts you might remember of writing about my lactation experience. I had always heard, read and saw films about Tgirls with their own natural breasts being able to lactate. I did provide breast milk for a young single mom that worked with my husband. I loved the thought of producing ‘mother’s milk’ that provided nutrition. I did purchase online a Medela electronic breast pump (and still have it) mainly to start my lactation. I did reading and research on how to start lactation and even asked my doctor about it. He did not know much on that subject because he is just a little beyond a GP but said he would research it. I am his first and only transwoman he has had for a patient. He told me pretty much the same as I already studied and read and the conditions would have to be right for me to produce milk. of the things was that I had to have the proper female hormones, which are mainly estrogen and progesterone. My testosterone had already been diminishing and I was taking a male hormone blocker. As soon as my new breast pump arrived, I call it my milking machine because it milked me like a cow, I set it up and started using it as it was attached to my nipples. It took awhile and a few times for my breasts to start producing milk but they finally did. The young mom had to work full time and did not have time to breast feed or take breaks at work to pump her breasts. I would sit in front of my milking machine on the kitchen table and sit the 2 glass baby bottles on the table in front of me and attach the suction cups to my nipples and turn on the machine. At first I could not fill both the bottles but as it went along and a short time later I could fill most of the bottle on each side. I would sit and watch TV or set up my laptop and do things while I was being milked. I did order extra bottles so that I could fill more of them to refrigerate. I did like the fact that I could help the young mom in this fashion. Being that I was a stay at home housewife I had lots of free time so to help the young woman out and for her to save her money I started babysitting for her for free. I felt so womanly being mommy to her baby for about 9 to 10 hours a day and I was thrilled that I was actually nursing an infant from my breasts. It made me feel so much more womanly and feminine walking around with milk in my breasts, sometimes to where they might start leaking if I didn’t get them pumped out some way to relieve the pressure inside them.

So my breasts have played a very big and important role in my womanhood. I luv the cleavage they create when wearing a low cut dress or top. I do know now just how important a woman’s breasts are to her. That is something that I share with GGs (cis women).

The top pic #1 was about the size of my breasts when I first noticed them starting to develop.
Pic 2 was about what they were after several months.
Pic 3 is about what they were at about 10 months of living full time as a woman.
Pic 4 is close to what I am now
Pic 5 I have bras like all of these.
N of the girls in the pics are me. Just pics I borrowed

Something different for Halloween
Posted:Sep 23, 2017 12:00 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2017 1:27 pm
I have been mostly Elvira on Halloween the past years. I have also been Peggy Bundy twice and a Playboy Bunny once and Sarah Palin once.

This year I'm going to be Jessica Rabbit the sexy redhead from Roger Rabbit. I have been out looking and shopping for all I need; the long low cut red gown with a slit up one leg, the gloves, and I already have red hair but do have some extensions to give me long red hair. I will use a tight waist restricting corset to give me the shape. I already have the rest of what I need.
Born a boy ...but now a girl 7
Posted:Aug 19, 2017 1:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 10:18 pm
There are some genetic males that just don’t make good looking women no matter how hard they try or who helps transform them. So I will refrain from showing any of them.
The better looking transwomen and shemales have put much effort into being a convincing woman and like me they have pretty much made being a woman their life’s work. With me there have been times that I did have to go back to being a male part time for employment just to support myself. There were a few jobs that I had as a female. Then I could live full time as a woman and get ready for work as a woman.
One female job I had was when I was a live-in house maid for a wealthy gay man and I slept in what was known as the maid’s quarters, which was a bedroom with attached bathroom in the basement. I had to be in full makeup and have my hair and nails done in a maid’s uniform with at least 3” heels. Under my outer uniform I had to have on a black corset with garter straps. Black or suntan (brown) stockings were also required but had to be back seamed. Black stockings could be fishnets. A black push-up bra and panty were also part of my under uniform. I did not have my own boobs then but I did use realistic prosthetic breast forms glued to me. It was required for whoever the maid was that she lives totally and full time as a woman even on her off time from work. That was me and one of the reasons I was selected over other shemale applicants. Sir, my employer did not desire sex with a shemale or Tgirl and his preference was twink boys but he thought with his lifestyle that a shemale maid would be appropriate. I let it slip that I sometimes used tampons and he thought it would be good for me to do my maid’s duties with a tampon inserted. He started randomly checking me to make sure I did. I would have to turn my back to him while holding up my dress and he would pull down my panty to see if the little white tampon string hanging down from between my butt cheeks. He would always say “Good girl” when he saw it. So I had to start doing all my duties with a tampon inserted and some days were longer than others especially if he entertained and I had to serve guests. I was allowed to go to my bathroom several times a day to change my tampon and that did make me feel more womanly. I had to do the grocery shopping in my uniform at a special market that Beverly Hills people used. His chauffer/body guard drove me there and watched over me while I shopped. I was not the only TG maid there at the market and saw others like me that was also shopping for their employers. Sir supplied my tampons by having me buy them at the market. I was embarrassed at first but the people at the market and the patrons also were used to see TG maids shopping there. It seemed to become a fad to have a TG maid in employ. I was also the cook and being that room and board was part of my meager wage, minimum wage based upon 48 hours a week with no OT no matter how long my days were, I would fix me a portion of whatever I fixed him or his guests and eat in the kitchen. I did have Sundays off which I was allowed to use the swimming pool if Sir didn’t have guests but I did have to wear a women’s swimsuit. I was also allowed to have my boyfriend over. Even though the hours were long and having to work in heels made my feet, legs and lower back sore plus the meager pay, I still enjoyed the job and working as a woman. Another thing I liked was that I could live full time as a woman. I did that over a year until Sir passed away.
It is usually bisexual men that go for women like us. My husband is actually bisexual but transwomen and shemales are his favorite. He likes the femininity of genetic women but also is an anal sex addict that attracts him to transwomen and shemales because many of us like me luv it in the butt cuz that is the only way we girls and women can fuck. Some ‘girls’ will penetrate and fuck someone male, female or TG.
It is also surprising how many so called straight men like to have sex with shemales and transwomen because of the anal sex thing. They might not be interested in gay men but I have had a number of straight hetero married men that were not getting much pussy at home go for some TG pussy.
Gay men usually just go for other gay men like themselves and are not inclined to be with a Tgirl.
The four pics below are of shemales and transwomen that have obviously been on HRT but their male parts have not shrunken down yet like many of us have.
I have also posted a GIF of a man fucking a woman in the ass and that is what husband does to me frequently. The GIF is not us. OP might remove it though.

Born a boy....but now a girl!...6
Posted:Jul 25, 2017 3:59 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2017 1:31 pm
The pics I post on here are of the transwomen and shemales that really go all out and to great lengths to pass as a woman in public. There are part time cross dressers some are passable with a professional makeover bust most aren’t on their own. Then there are the flamboyant, gaudy, loud, shrill drag queens that over accentuate their femininity with overdone makeup, bright clothes and pink, purple or fluorescent hair and these are actually a dead giveaway as to what they are. Not saying that’s bad if that is what one wants.
Then in the middle are the girls and women like me. I say girls instead of gurls because we want to be a real girl with breasts, womanly butt and a vagina and a pretty face. We want to be feminine in our appearance. We want to pass as a woman in public and when others see us we want them to think they are looking at a woman, girl and female. Yes I use makeup but just enough to make me look like a woman in the face. How attractive I am is up to the person looking at me. Like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am in my mid 60s now and do not look as I did when I was younger. But I still pass as a woman in everyday life and live as a woman with my Husband whom I am legally married to. I try to dress sharp and sexy but do not overdo it. I wear dresses on most days but my jeans and shorts are women’s. As I mentioned a few times already, the day after I retired from working as a male I tossed all my male clothing and anything else male I had. I was going to live totally as a woman and now I only wear clothes made for a woman to wear and buy products for women to use. I even tossed the clothing I bought from TG specialty shops because TG clothing is made for a male to wear to appear as a female and this girl was going to be totally a woman.
I try to be a blend in woman and not one that would draw extra attention to me. Yes I want people to see me but want them to see me as a woman and as a real and natural woman and not as what they would consider a freak of nature such as a flamboyant drag queen that over accentuates her femininity or someone that looks half boy and half girl. This is where blending in is important. I get along just fine with being a woman and have never had any problem with passing and no one has ever second guessed my sex and accused me of being a male dressed as a female.
My first time out in public was when I was 18 and I had an obsession to go out in public as a girl. The night came that I just had to do it and got dolled up in my feminine finest and took a drive in my car around town. I was extremely nervous and euphoric to the point I was shaking. I encountered 3 people that night that all thought I was a real female. The first was a man in a pick-up sitting in the lane next to me at a red light. He was in the right lane and I was in the left inside lane. I glanced over at him and he was flirting with me. I happened to look down and saw what he was looking at and saw that the hem of my dress had ridden up above my stocking welts and the garter clips attached to the welts were exposed. I tried to pull my dress down as best I could. From his angle sitting up above he could see right down into my car and most of me. The light changed and I sped away. He thought I was a real girl. The next I encountered was when I noticed my fuel gauge. In my concentration of going out as a girl I had forgot to put gas in my car earlier that day. I got nervous because I did not want to run out and have to walk home while dressed as a girl. I pulled into a gas station and this was before self serve and the stations still had attendants to pump gas. This was back in the late 1960s.A young man approached me as I parked in front of the pumps and asked if he could help me. I had been practicing my female voice and this was the first time I used it in public. He looked at me the same as a young man would if he was looking at a cute girl. He started the gas pumping in my car and then started washing my windshield and he looked down and got embarrassed. I looked down and once again my dress had ridden up above my stocking welts and where my garter clips were attached. He might have been able to see the white V of my panties also but before I went out I had tucked by pushing my testicles back up into my body and my penis tucked and taped back between my legs so if anyone did get a beaver shot it would have just been the feminine V with no male bulge. He must have felt that I was a girl because he said, “Thank you miss” after I paid him. Next I noticed I was out of cigarettes, I smoked back then and stopped at a convenience store and after building up the nerve I got out of my car and walked in the store. There was a middle age woman working behind the counter and asked me, “What can I do for you young lady?” I told her what cigarettes I wanted and handed her the money. She thanked me after giving me my cigarettes and my change and I walked on out. So the 3 people that I came in contact with thought I was a real female. None of them gave any indication that they thought any differently. That night was a real confidence builder and led to me to start going out in public as a girl more often and until I was doing it regularly. I went to the mall as a girl I went to the market as a girl, etc. That was almost 50 years ago.
The pics I will be showing are women very similar to me. These women, and yes I will call them women, takes those extra measures to be a woman even if they have not had SRS. They are similar to me in the respect that I am going to feature married women. They may be legally married via same sex, or just living with their husbands and considering themselves married and consider themselves as wives. These women I got from a transgendered housewives board.
Pic 1: This slender beauty was born a boy but has decided she wants to live as a woman and judging from where I found her at is a wife and housewife and has a husband. There are signs that she is on HRT but has small breasts. She does know how to doll herself up. Notice she is wearing a wedding ring. That means that is is obviously the woman in the marriage and if she is like the rest of us she probably takes it in the ass and gives her husband head.
Pic 2: You notice that this dark haired babe wearing the LBD is also wearing a wedding ring. She was found on the same board as the woman in pic 1 so we can presume she is also a housewife and a man’s wife. There are indications that she is also on HRT and we can also assume that she takes it in the butt from her husband and sucks him which most TG wives do.
Pic 3: Notice that all the women in the pics are wearing rings on their wedding finger just as this hot little blonde babe is. It will surprise many people that many transwomen do desire to be wives and housewives so this is nothing new. Most of those that do desire having a husband and being a man’s wife also take the role of the wife and woman in bed during sex and submit to anal intercourse from their husband and also suck his dick. I would say there is a good chance she is on HRT.
Pic 4: I would say she has a wifey look about her but it looks like she could be wearing a wig. She does look as if she could possibly be on HRT. She is wearing a wedding ring and I did find her on the TG wives board.
Pic 5 & 6: This woman is not me but we look very much alike. We could be close to the age and are both mature women and are built much the same and have pretty much the same hairstyle and about the same shade of red. I believe she is on HRT from looking at her and has had lots of experience at being a woman. Her name is Elizabeth and she is a transwoman like me. She wears rings on her wedding finger but I could not find any info if she is married or not. She has secretary listed as her occupation. So she does work a woman’s job. Other pics that I have seen of her it does appear she has breasts.
Some refer to me as a transwoman and some also refer to me as a shemale and some refer to me using some other not to nice of words. I think of myself as a woman!


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