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From a woman's point of view:

General chat from a Tgirl

Anyone know what is going on with the OP groups?
Posted:Aug 10, 2018 12:37 pm
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2018 10:39 am

About half or maybe more of my OP groups are missing. The group I frequent the most is one of the missing. I sent a message to Various asking what was going on but have not heard back from them yet and that was about 4 days ago. This is also happening in other groups under the Various umbrella. I can't even post in the groups.

Any info would be appreciated.
I type better with nails on!
Posted:Aug 7, 2018 9:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2018 9:19 am
Being in my world of total womanhood I have become much more feminine and everything I do now is as a woman. If you were to know me back in my male modes many years ago you would be surprised of me being a masculine and somewhat macho man to becoming totally feminine.
I am not like a drag queen or even a feminine acting male dressed like a woman but I am more like an everyday natural cis woman and I blend in and pass as a woman, which is my goal.
I found it is easier for me to type on a keyboard with my manicured longer fingernails than it was with my bare finger tips. I can type faster with my nails. I hit the key I need easier and do not hit 2 keys at once like I did many times with just a blunt finger tip. So actually it is faster to type with my nails cuz I don’t have to go back and correct and remove a letter that I did not mean to hit. Now my nail hits the key I want.
In the past I did use false fingernails before I retired and started living full time as a woman but there also were times in the past that I had my own nails when I was able to live full time as a woman as I am doing now. I did have a relationship with a married wealthy businessman and I was ‘the other woman’. I gave him what his prude wifey would not give him at home. He wanted to ‘keep me’ and had me take secretary classes in night school, which I learned how to type cuz I did take a typing class. He already had his own personal secretary for years but he created a position for me in the secretarial pool and I became his traveling secretary, which he took with him on business trips. Yes I became a ‘kept woman’ for well over a year and until his wife caught us fucking in his office. She walked in on us while he had me bent over his desk and my dress was up around my waist and my panty was down to my stocking tops and he was behind me slamming it to me good when his wife walked in. The scene was very ugly. He had been paying my bills and gave me credit cards and charge accounts; he also leased me a company car to use plus he gave me a decent salary that matched the salary that he paid the rest of the secretaries. That was all so he could have me and get a piece of butt or head whenever he wanted it. After being caught he had to fire me and take everything away from me. So if I were to make up a resume of my female jobs I could add ‘secretary’ to it. I did luv the opportunity to work and live as a woman full time. I did save all my salary because everything was already taken care of for me. But that was not the only time I was caught while I was being fucked by a man.
I had other jobs as a female at which I lived totally full time 24/7 as a woman. I was also a cocktail waitress, a live in house maid for a wealthy gay man and I was also his cook. As a cocktail waitress I was required to wear a skimpy uniform kinda like a playboy bunny. I did desire to be a bunny but never got that far but I do have a bunny uniform that I bought for a Halloween costume. The maid position the pay was not great, minimum wage at that time based upon a 48 hour week without overtime but I did have room and board. I did get to save most of my money I earned cuz he covered most of my expenses needed to live full time as a woman and that included my maid’s uniforms and I had to have a clean one every day along with my accessories. I was also a housewife for 3 months in a fantasy marriage with a man. In those jobs I had my own fingernails cuz I lived as a woman.
I have my own fingernails now and have had since I retired and started living full time as a woman again. My beautician, that knows what I really am, keeps them done and manicured for me. She owns her own one operator salon and she does everything; hair, nails (finger and toes both), facials and waxing.
I have went deeper into my womanhood this time cuz I know now that I will never have to go back into being male again. I live totally as a woman and do things that women do. I have financial matters set up for me to live as a woman and that includes being able to get cash from my bank by using ATMs. My retirement money still has to be direct deposit to my bank in my male name but I pay my utilities and other monthly bills online. I had my female name of Julie put on the utilities; it was easy and just took a few phone calls and added myself as a spouse on my credit cards and all that took was few phone calls. I was going to apply for a Victoria’s Secret charge account but that would not work cuz they wanted my Social Security number and that is in my male name. I still might do it under my male name and then try to have me added as a spouse under my female name. I can apply online. The key to this whole thing is keeping the payments made on time and nobody knows or cares. I do pay things online through my bank account. As soon as Nevada gets it figured out how they want to do choosing one’s own sex on their DL I will choose female if I can. Right now I can choose T for Transgendered but I want to be a female and have my ID pic as female. Some ways it is more difficult to change one’s sexual identity but in other ways it is becoming easier. I heard that California DMV is trying to make it easy for one to change their sexual gender identifies.
I do things to make me feel more like a woman and make my thinking like a woman. I douche regularly, insert tampons randomly, dress as a woman and wear makeup every day. Being fucked like a woman by a man also makes me feel like a woman.
At my doctor’s office I am considered transgendered. I can get occasional pelvic exams that are much like a woman’s pelvic exam and they do open me up with a speculum but it’s actually a rectal exam and they will do them for me cuz I submit to anal intercourse. My doctor also gives me manual breast exams and he also set up (gave me referrals) my last 2 mammograms for me.
This is what I am in what I consider my real life. I am a married woman, man’s wife and was a bride and am now a housewife!

If someone is banned by accident how does one unban that person?
Posted:Aug 4, 2018 3:22 pm
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2018 10:50 pm

I looked all over the pages and could not get an answer for this. Anybody help?
Like I said, I do not care about your blog wars!
Posted:Aug 4, 2018 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2018 8:43 am

Also like I said I will not attack or bother anyone unless they attack me or bother me first. You say something nice to me and I will say something nice back to you.
I really do not care!
Posted:Jul 30, 2018 11:39 am
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2018 10:33 am

Rather one has the most views or not in the OP blogs is something I really don't care or am concerned about. Whomever has the highest number of views and comments still is not the boss of the blogs, or not mine anyway. Only OP is really the boss or head of the blogs. These blogs are for everyone to share and write their own personal views and opinions. I will not attack anyone else' blog unless they attack me first. These blogs do not affect my life!

If you do not see me on here for awhile means that I am busy with something else at the time. After all, even being a bio male I am a man's wife and legally married and am a housewife. At my age I have paid my dues in life and have done many things.

Me becoming a woman is what I have chose to be and in my womanhood I am happier than I ever have been in my life.

If one has to be number one then all they are is number one on a gay blog and that's all!

We took another drive to go fuck but this time it was unusuall
Posted:Jul 29, 2018 10:19 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2018 10:19 pm
We had to drive for a couple of hours to get away from Reno and the smoke from the fires in California. The smoke from the fires over there is fouling our air in northern and western Nevada.
The first time at first I thought we were just going on another fuck trip like we do sometimes to go find a secluded place to fuck in the woods. That gives us something unusual and different but this time turned out to be way different than what we have done before.
The pictures below are not us but they are pictures that Husband saw that gave him the idea for this particular trip.
We were in Husband’s Jeep and went off the paved road we had been on and onto a dirt road that went back up into a wooded area. I commented to Husband about where we were at and he told me that this was a place he has known about for many years and no one ever came up here. He used to go camping here by himself when he wanted to get away. He would just bring the basics with him but there was a creek that had kind of a pond or wide spot that he would catch fish to cook and eat. The basics he brought were a pup tent, sleeping bag, a camper’s mess kit, a Bowie knife on his belt at his side, a pocket knife, folding combat shovel and hatchet, a flashlight and small battery powered lantern with extra batteries and some preserved food like granola bars, jerky, boiled eggs, dried fruit. Also small sectional put together fishing rod and reel and creel with tackle. He carried what he could on his back in a pack or on his hip (including his .357 mag revolver in case if needed). He did carry a cowboy canteen with water over his shoulder but the creek had cold clean and clear water and when he used it he would either boil it or put iodine tablets in it to purify it.
He did not have to go too far up into the woods to get to the spot he wanted and had to carry his gear and food very far. He has been there many times and never has seen another person there. Husband has had Army Ranger survival training and feels at home in the woods.
The first time we went was just for the day. He found the spot where he always parked which was at the end of the road. I thought we were going to go as normal and dressed but Husband had something different in mind this time. He sternly said to me while we were standing outside the Jeep, “Get undressed, woman! Take off everything including panties and shoes.” I replied, “Wait a minute are we going to walk naked?” His response was, “No, just you.” I was a little confused as to what we were doing and said, “Why just me?” He said, “This is for your submissive side, this is a captive woman adventure. I’m going to take you up to the spot I told you about and fuck the shit outta you, maybe even a couple of times. Now get undressed, bitch.” Sometimes he will call me bitch just to set a mood for what we are doing at the time.
Husband isn’t mean to me and mostly pretty loving but this was just part of the scenario. I was supposed to be a captive woman being taken into the woods to be forcibly fucked. Husband did not say anything until we got there. He just felt that it being a surprise would make it more exciting and it was as I was slowly figuring this out. I was standing nude alongside the Jeep and I was tucked the way I always tuck now so that it looked I have a pussy. If anyone else would have seen us they would have just thought that I was a real cis woman that was totally naked.
Husband came up behind me and pulled my wrists together behind my back and cuffed them together with a set of regular handcuffs like what cops use. As he was doing that I asked him, “Honey what if someone sees us like this.” He responded, “Woman this is the only way in and the only way out. Now did you see any other cars on this road on the way here? If there would have been somebody else around here we would have seen them.” Even though I was born a biological male, Husband did often call me ‘woman’ because I was the woman in our marriage. Next he used an old leather to put around my elbows and pushed the pointed end through the buckle and pulled so that my elbows were together. We were both silent as he prepared me to be led up the trail. He had a rope with a hangman’s knot. The rope was like a regular cowboy rope and was about 12 feet in length. He placed the loop of the hangman’s noose over my head but did not tighten it all the way and left some slack o I could breathe.
Husband started up the trail holding the rope leading me. Several parts of the narrow walking path were pretty steep. I had to be careful being barefoot as I was feeling the rocks and twigs underneath my feet and also brush, weeds and foliage along the pathway could scratch my bare legs mainly my calves. If I were to fall I would not be able to use my arms to break the fall and I could land on my face or my head. He would sometimes look back to watch my boobs bounce and jiggle from walking. There were some rocks sticking up through the dirt that I had to be careful on. On the way up I had weird thoughts of him taking me up there to hang me and end my life but I am still here writing this. I had it pictured in my mind of me being a hanging woman just left there to rot after my passing.
It seemed that it took about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the spot where Husband used to camp. It was a clearing but the ground was not level. I could see his rock fire pit that he used for campfires for light, cooking and boiling water.
He tied my rope leash to a tree so that I could not escape and went to check out the creek and the pond. He returned and came right to me and bent me over so that I was looking back between my legs and tied a portion of the rope to a root in the ground to keep me bent over in that position. I was bent over so that my head was pointing at the ground. Husband came up behind me and I could feel him spreading lube on my hole and then inserting a lubed finger. I could just barely see him behind me while looking between my thighs but knew he was also lubing his dick. Yes I was about to be fucked. He had not taken off any clothing and just lowered his pants and underwear. He placed the head of his rock hard dick at my opening and took hold of my hips and rammed the full length of his thick 7 inch dick up into me in one forceful thrust. I could not raise up because of my restrained position but this caused me to loudly yelp and he just said, “Scream bitch, no one can hear you!” He started slamming into me hard and fast and the heavy breathing and my whimpering and moaning could be heard but the loudest noise of all was the slapping of our bodies together as his hips and groin area made rapid contact with my buttocks each time. He fucked me like this as we were standing for a long time and each time he was getting close to cumming he would slow down and sometimes even stop completely to keep himself from cumming. Finally after awhile he could not hold back any longer and started thrusting into me harder and faster. His dick was like a piston inside me as it erupted spewing forth a large hot thick load of jizz inside me and I could feel it as the spurts hit up inside me and immediately started spreading that wonderful warm wetness of that smooth, silky, satiny semen inside me. It was delightful and made the experience one of the best sensations I have ever felt. He left me like that while he went and laid down on the ground to take a nap. After about 15 or 20 minutes he got up and came over to fuck me again but this time we were both standing up straight. After he had cum inside me again and after a few minutes he untied the rope from the tree and started leading me back down the trail.
I had not been wiped by him or myself and the semen was seeping and dripping from my well fucked hole and running down in trails down the back insides of my thighs. My butt crack was a mess and gooey as my buttocks slid smoothly against each other. Husband still would look back at me to check on me and enjoy looking at my jiggling and bouncing boobs.
We got to the bottom and were standing beside the Jeep and Husband loosened the belt and took off the handcuffs. He looked at my bottom and commented on the mess I was. He told me to take a towel from the back seat that he brought and he also had some large wet naps for me to clean myself up with. I got dressed after cleaning myself up and we headed home.
We went back there a couple of weeks later to camp for several days and Husband took all the stuff that he took when he used to go there by himself. I was still kept naked and restrained as I was before with the handcuffs behind my back, and my elbows belted together and the noose around my neck. The other end of the rope was tied to a tree limb. I slept in the open in a zippered halfway sleeping bag while husband slept in the pup tent next to me. If I had to pee I just worked my way out of the sleeping bag and walked a few feet away to squat and pee on the ground. I then had to make my way back into the sleeping bag. He caught and cleaned and cooked fish for us to eat at night over the campfire. He would give me bites after he checked it for bones and hand fed me as I sat next to him on the ground. He would also hold a biscuit for me to bite from. He hand held all my food for me as he fed me. This included boiled egg and biscuit in the morning for breakfast. Husband liked playing this game of him being a mountain man with a captured woman. He fucked me a total of 9 times when we spent 3 days there. He would wipe out my butt crack if I got too sloppy down there.
He wants to play this game again!

Gay Pride and Rainbow crawl in Reno.
Posted:Jul 28, 2018 10:18 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2018 10:20 pm

Husband and I do not consider ourselves gay anymore and are more like a man and woman heterosexual couple, with him being the man and me the woman of course. But we still do tie ourselves to gay activities because Husband is actually or was bisexual and me born a bio male that has transitioned to womanhood and now can be considered a transwoman, Tgirl, sissy, and I know that some in the lifestyle don’t like this term but a ‘shemale’. I have learned to accept ‘shemale’ because it is becoming being used more often. No matter what I am called and considered, Husband and I consider me a woman. This has to do with me passing as a woman in public but we still go to gay bars and nightclubs in Reno. We do strongly support the LGBTQ community in Reno being that we were part of it.
The Rainbow Pride crawl was last night 7/27/18 mainly in downtown Reno. It is a pub crawl from bar to bar carrying your drink cup and having it filled at each station (participating bar). Today 7/28/18 is the Pride Parade downtown and we will be attending that but just watching and not participating in the actual parade.
The 3 other couples that we with party with, all of them are legally married with transwoman wives and like Husband and myself. We are like 4 heterosexual married couples and hope we appear that way. We ‘girls’ are the wives in each marriage. Husband and I do not drink alcohol but the other 3 couples do so we kind of hung out with them during the crawl last night.
We will follow the parade along the parade route and join the festivities later after the parade. Then we will go back home and the other 3 couples will join us for a barbecue in the backyard and by our above ground pool. The girls will bring their swimsuits so we can all enjoy the pool on a hot day like this. This area has set records for heat this year with more days being 100+ degrees in a row than ever before. So this will be a good day for using the pool. We girls like opportunities to wear our one piece woman’s swim suits. Our husbands like it too.
Formative teen years
Posted:Jul 19, 2018 2:11 pm
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2018 11:25 am
It was mostly just mom and me the whole time. My parents divorced when I was very young. I still saw my dad often but he was not around when I needed him to help and teach me. These years were very important in my upbringing and kind of set a standard for myself for the years to come.
Mom worked days when I was in my teens and so far being in female dominated households I was developing female feelings of my own and things from farther back in the past also came into play and I think the wrong hormones took over. It wasn’t testosterone that took over like it should in most boys but instead it must have been estrogen that was controlling my thinking. I was a good athlete in high school in football and baseball but there were times that I would have rather been doing one of the girl’s sports instead. I really did want to be on the girl’s tennis team instead of baseball. They looked so cute in their skimpy little outfits and I wanted to be wearing one. I was also a good tennis player and could‘ve been an asset to the team. During football being on starting defense I would have rather been a cheerleader and not a male cheerleader either but a girl, and there was also the girl’s volleyball team, which I was also good at. I would have been good on the girls softball team.
Before high school when I was 12, I was starting to get strong feminine feelings and I was caught between being a boy or a girl. Mom worked days and during the school year I was at home a few hours by myself. In the summer when school was out I spent days alone if I wasn’t playing baseball. Mom had week days off and worked weekends so that gave me more time alone.
This was when the feminine feelings would come on the strongest. Mom ordered sales catalogs from ‘Frederick’s of Hollywood’, which was then the same as is now Victoria’s Secret. She left them lying out on the coffee table. I started looking at these and it fed my feminine side. Some of the drawings of the models were sexier than the photographs. I wanted to be like them.
This would be the first that I would be dressed as a girl since my much younger days with my babysitter. I prowled through mom’s closet to see what kind of clothing I could find that she did not use anymore. There seemed to be quite a bit that mom had in her closet that she did not use; dresses, skirts, blouses and tops and also some baby doll nighties. My thinking at this time was that I had all this time to myself that I could do as I pleased. So why not try on some of these clothes. But If I was going to try on dresses why not have on undergarments to fit the occasion.
Prowling through her drawers I saw some of the same underthings that I saw in the Frederick’s catalogs. Bras, panties (bikini and full cut granny panties), panty girdles made of elastane, garter belts and used stockings and she even had the foam rubber falsies to put inside a bra cup. To me this was like a treasure trove. I was getting very excited looking through her things. I never thought of my own mom as sexy but she sure had some sexy things. I do know she had some sexy female card dealer friends that she worked with in a Reno casino. She did have boyfriends on occasion and sometimes dated.
Back in those days a woman’s appearance and sexiness did play a big role if she was hired in a casino as a card dealer or especially cocktail waitress. But my mom had pretty much a mundane life maybe because she had me. She went to work at a certain time and came home pretty regularly and she managed to get on day shift so that she would be at work when I was in school or in the summer months I would be at home during the day. But even if she had been working swing shift I probably would have changed my schedule of being a girl to the night time.
More prowling in her closet I did find a blond pageboy cut wig on a Styrofoam head. I never saw her wear this wig and it looked like it had not been worn for awhile. I brushed it out and it did not smell like it had been worn so I kind of claimed it as mine and it was a good find for me. She had other things that I also claimed a mine. Mom had a metal allergy and she had to have expensive earrings. They had to be a certain amount of gold or silver or else they gave her problems. She could not afford the expensive earrings so she did have a good section of clip on. This was another great find for me! I would wear the dangling earrings.
Mom kept her makeup on the bathroom counter top but underneath in the cabinet she had a shoe box full of old makeup that she did not use anymore. That was claimed as mine also. I had been trying on some things that I found in mom’s closet and at that age we were about the same size and everything I tried on fit well. Also under the sink in the cabinet, she had 3 douche bags in boxes that were stacked on top of each other. I figured that the one in the top box was the one she used most but at that time. I had not thought about douching at that time but knew that it was a feminine thing to do. At that time period many women did douche.
The day came right after mom left to go to work that I decided was the day I was going to become a girl. I knew I had about 9 hours until she got home so I had plenty of time. First I took a good shower cuz I did not want to leave any smells on what I was wearing. I put on a bra and put falsies inside the cups so I would have titties and full cut panties and started with my makeup. I had seen makeup done many times before by mom and her roommates and had a pretty good idea of what to do. I did feel feminine standing there in the bra and panties, now my panties cuz I laid claim to them also. My first time with doing my own makeup did need some improvement. After that I pulled a sneaky and would stand at the bathroom door and talk to mom as she was doing her makeup in the morning and I could see her face in the large mirror. She never thought anything of it and did not realize that I was standing there to take lessons and just thought it was mother and son conversation. Over time I did greatly improve and by the time I moved out from mom’s my makeup was perfect and I was an expert.
On that day I also put on a garter belt and hose and stepped into a pair of heels. I did have to learn how to walk in the shoes but that only took a short while. I saw how garter belts were attached in the Fredericks catalogs. I had a dress picked out and pulled it over my head and it was a back zip but I was nimble and agile enough to reach behind me to zip it up. I spent many trips to the full length mirror that day looking at myself as a girl. I even sat to pee.
I did this very same thing the next day and the day after and this happened every day except for mom’s days off. This went on for years but when I was 13 I started douching and using tampons just because they were feminine things to do.
So many times I wanted to stay as a girl until mom got home so I could have a talk with her about me being a girl and her daughter but I did not know how she would take it. Thinking back on it though, mom and I were close as mother and son and she might have been open to the idea. She was a single mom trying to raise a boy and her being female just maybe she would have been open to the idea of having me as a daughter to make her life easier. I always chickened out and changed back to a boy by the time she got home. Sometimes I wish I had the chance to do it over again. If she would have agreed she could have became a ‘Dommy Mommy’ and started training me to be a girl. She could have been very strict on me as mothers are with their daughters when they are training them to be a woman.
I let a lot of things go by during those years like not having that talk with mom. I could have asked her to put me on female hormones and that would have started shaping my body at an earlier age. I could have developed as a female and got the female pubic bone, which is the pelvis and had wider hips now.
I did have sexual desires for boys during my high school years and wanted a boyfriend to give my virginity to. I knew about sex and that boys and girls, also men and women fucked. I heard that it felt good to a girl/woman when she was fucked by a boy/man and I wanted to experience that. I knew that it would have to be in my ass cuz I didn’t have a vagina. I had thought about some of boys at school to have a secret conversation with and discuss us being BF and GF. Yes I wanted to be a ‘girlfriend’, somehow I felt good about with having that distinction. It would be secret, I would still be the masculine boy at school but a girl when we were away from school and it was just him and I together. I imagined him coming over to my house a couple of days a week when mom was at work. Saturdays and Sundays during the school year would have been perfect with mom having to work. Whomever my BF would have been we could have spent the better part of the day together with me as a girl and maybe have fucked a couple of times. I did want a BF that would come over to fuck me.
I was afraid to talk to any boys about a secret BF/GF relationship. I did not want to be outed back in those days. I did have a fantasy though of mom accepting me as her daughter and was training me to be a girl and starting me at a new high school as a girl. But of course that never happened.

1st pic getting caught by mom while looking in the mirror.
2nd pic magazine for moms raising sons as daughters
3rd and 4th pics getting caught by mom doing makeup and dressing
5th pic remembering my teen years wearing moms clothes

First amndment and freedom of speech
Posted:Jul 13, 2018 1:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2018 8:58 pm

What it says:

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

That is the way it was intended by congress in the year 1791 and again revised in 1992. As with many other articles and amendments the interpretation and use of this can vary. Sometimes this can be and has been misinterpreted and used to verbally attack and troll others in a cowardly fashion.
I really don’t think that this amendment was intended to tell others how to live their lives and what they can do and not do with their own bodies. Example, if I want to use my ass as my pussy (use as my rectum as my vagina) that should be solely up to me. It is my body not someone else’. A couple of the verbal attacks on me are from a couple of profiles that are listed as living in the UK and outside of the U.S Constitution. I will not mention any names but I think most of us will know who he/they are. But I will be sending a copy of this directly to OP and I will mention the profiles to them if the troll does not cease.
Imagine someone that probably never served in any military in defense action of any country coming in our blogs and attacking and trolling us. Common sense is not always used in freedom of speech and it is not being used in a sensible way by our resident blog troll/s.
I do have some of their attacks printed out and ready to be sent to OP and if they continue to include me in his or their trolling action, I will proceed. In the past there have been people banned on OP for these very same offenses. I do have his/their suspected profiles listed for OP. Maybe all of us that have been victim of these cowardly troll attacks should complain to OP.
I have served in the US military and was in combat overseas and even had to result to hand to hand combat with the enemy and I do not think our cowardly resident troll/s would want to face me in person. I feel that I have the right to be as I want to be as long as I am not hurting others, and if I choose to be a girl/woman/female, that it is my choice and no one else'. That is really what freedom is about! I should not be ridiculed about it by a total coward.
Freedom of speech can be used by everyone and our troll/s just may get some of his/their own medicine to see how they like it. I have read some of the musings of the resident troll/s and I find it boring and non-appealing to me. But I did not appoint myself as their critic and make negative comments but just do not read their stuff anymore. It was also brought up to me in the blogs, the rules of the blogs per our resident troll/s. I have been in these blogs much longer than our troll/s have been and just who made them the boss of the blogs. I just might ask OP if they appointed these troll/s the boss of the blogs. If someone does not appreciate what I write then just don’t read it, that simple! But I do have the common courtesy to not make negative comments on other people’s blogs. I only retaliate when I am attacked.
There are those that do appreciate my writing and subject matter, and I do get many views and numerous positive comments.
Happy 4th of July. Independace day
Posted:Jul 4, 2018 4:59 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2018 12:23 pm

Husband and I are at Lake Tahoe right now at the same motel in Kings Beach that we spent our first anniversary at in the same upper level room with a big picture window over looking the lake. They do shoot off fireworks from several locations and from where we are we will be able to see all of them. Happy 4th everyone!

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