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From a woman's point of view:

General chat from a Tgirl

Happy New Year to you!
Posted:Jan 2, 2018 12:52 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 10:17 pm
Husband and I hosted a small party at our house last night. The other 2 couples that we party with that are like us; man with TG wife, have formed our own circle and we hang out together. Our husbands or normal looking masculine men and we wives are transwomen that do pass. We decided to have the party at our house because we live in a rural area without any close by neighbors. Plus we have a 3 bedrooms house with a guest bathroom. Each couple would have a private bedroom to themselves and they would be spending the night. I had placed a new small tube of KY in each of the guest bedrooms along with some hand towels.
The dress and theme was very casual. The husbands just wore boxer shorts and we wives wore a baby doll nightie and heels. Of course we women also had on our makeup, earrings and nails and we have all 3 developed breasts.
For dinner I prepared a casual meal of finger sandwiches (bread, ham and cheddar cheese), a platter with sliced summer sausage, slices of cheese and Ritz crackers, and also a platter of large shrimp with cocktail sauce. Husband and I do not drink alcohol but the other 2 couples brought some wine for them.
We had soft rock and jazz on the stereo. We had the TV on but the sound was turned down. Husband and I are into lava lamps so we had 4 of them around the living room and the rest of the lighting came from numerous candles around the room. Husband rolled 6 joints so that each couple had 2 each for the evening and we did get stoned. We all did a little twerk dancing with us girls grinding or bottoms against our husband's groin.
At midnight we did open a bottle of champagne and poured it for our guests while Husband and I each had a champagne flute with ginger ale to toast with. At about 12:30 AM we decided it was time to go fuck. Husband and I wished them a Happy Fucking New Year! Husband put his hand on my butt and guided me to our bedroom. I turned to wave good night to our guests and saw that the other 2 wives were being guided the same way by their husband's. Husband fucked me twice last night and really good both times.
This morning as we awakened and met in the living room. After a cup of coffee us girls fixed French toast and bacon with some orange juice. After breakfast he other 2 couples dressed and left.
I had a lazy day after that while Husband watched some TV and some football.
So to all you have a Happy New Year and be safe!
Julie's Boobs: 19
Posted:Dec 29, 2017 2:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2018 12:06 am
I guess my boobs have now reached their full growth. I was hoping for a D cup but I am happy with the C cup I now have. At least I did not get any stretch marks from their growth and development! It is said that through HRT a ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ (trans on both) can possibly develop breasts according to size of the women in her families. I say families because of the mother’s side and father’s both. My own mother was small and only an A cup. If I would have got stuck with that I definitely would have had a boob job and If I would have had augmentation I would have certainly desired a D cup to be done. But other women on both sides of the families did have somewhat larger breasts although none that I know of were huge. At least I have my firm C cup boobs so a boob job is not in the picture right now.

My last bras I bought are a 38C. I luv going bra shopping and trying on bras in the fitting rooms and I never catch any flak from the salesgirls cuz they do think I am a real cis woman. I have been passing as a girl and woman in public for many years and I luv the fact that my illusion and deception is that good. Of course I have spent the majority of my life in the female mode, only going back into male modes from time to time cuz of guilt feelings or when I had to support myself working as a male. But having 2 personalities, male and female, one of those had to be putting on an act. As it has turned out my male side was the act and my female side was the real . I do luv walking around with my own 2 natural breasts jutting out from my chest! Now if I just had a pussy down below then I would be complete!

I have had 2 mammograms so far and everything has looked good. Mammography’s can be of the most uncomfortable things in the world. What woman wants her breasts pressed almost flat from being pressed tightly between 2 plates? But this is a womanly thing to do so I do not mind and will continue to do so yearly, cuz I am a woman! Having my boobs is just one of the many things that have pushed me deeper into womanhood. Now it is almost as if I was not born a male and have never been a male with male genitals.

I have developed some new sensations now having my own breasts. Wearing a bra is of them. I have always worn bras but the cups were filled with something or with prosthetic breast forms to create the illusion of having tits. Now my bra cups are filled with my own tits and this is totally a different sensation feeling them snugly encased in the bra cup. The material and my own skin are making contact. Another sensation is when I sleep I am no longer wearing a bra since having my own breasts and I sleep on my sides mostly but sometimes on my back or my tummy. If I’m on my side I can feel my breast laying flat pressed against the sheet on the mattress. The outside of my boob covers area that it didn’t before. And I can now feel the texture of the sheet pressed against my skin. If I am on my tummy I can now feel my breasts pressed underneath me. When I was lactating I did leave some milk stains on the sheets beneath from seepage from my nipples. Sometimes I sleep on my back and can feel my tits slightly flatten and fall to the side towards my armpits. I am getting used to it now but I can feel the motion of my breasts bouncing and jiggling when I walk, more so if I’m not wearing a bra and also when I’m not wearing a bra I do get some sway. When Husband sucks on and massages my tits I have different sensations, is physical and the other is mental and the thought of a man sucking on or playing with my breasts.

I wanted to lactate mainly just to experience what a woman does when her breasts are full of milk. If you have read some of my previous posts you might remember of writing about my lactation experience. I had always heard, read and saw films about Tgirls with their own natural breasts being able to lactate. I did provide breast milk for a young single mom that worked with my husband. I loved the thought of producing ‘mother’s milk’ that provided nutrition. I did purchase online a Medela electronic breast pump (and still have it) mainly to start my lactation. I did reading and research on how to start lactation and even asked my doctor about it. He did not know much on that subject because he is just a little beyond a GP but said he would research it. I am his first and only transwoman he has had for a patient. He told me pretty much the same as I already studied and read and the conditions would have to be right for me to produce milk. of the things was that I had to have the proper female hormones, which are mainly estrogen and progesterone. My testosterone had already been diminishing and I was taking a male hormone blocker. As soon as my new breast pump arrived, I call it my milking machine because it milked me like a cow, I set it up and started using it as it was attached to my nipples. It took awhile and a few times for my breasts to start producing milk but they finally did. The young mom had to work full time and did not have time to breast feed or take breaks at work to pump her breasts. I would sit in front of my milking machine on the kitchen table and sit the 2 glass baby bottles on the table in front of me and attach the suction cups to my nipples and turn on the machine. At first I could not fill both the bottles but as it went along and a short time later I could fill most of the bottle on each side. I would sit and watch TV or set up my laptop and do things while I was being milked. I did order extra bottles so that I could fill more of them to refrigerate. I did like the fact that I could help the young mom in this fashion. Being that I was a stay at home housewife I had lots of free time so to help the young woman out and for her to save her money I started babysitting for her for free. I felt so womanly being mommy to her baby for about 9 to 10 hours a day and I was thrilled that I was actually nursing an infant from my breasts. It made me feel so much more womanly and feminine walking around with milk in my breasts, sometimes to where they might start leaking if I didn’t get them pumped out some way to relieve the pressure inside them.

So my breasts have played a very big and important role in my womanhood. I luv the cleavage they create when wearing a low cut dress or top. I do know now just how important a woman’s breasts are to her. That is something that I share with GGs (cis women).

The top pic #1 was about the size of my breasts when I first noticed them starting to develop.
Pic 2 was about what they were after several months.
Pic 3 is about what they were at about 10 months of living full time as a woman.
Pic 4 is close to what I am now
Pic 5 I have bras like all of these.
N of the girls in the pics are me. Just pics I borrowed

Something different for Halloween
Posted:Sep 23, 2017 12:00 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2017 1:27 pm
I have been mostly Elvira on Halloween the past years. I have also been Peggy Bundy twice and a Playboy Bunny once and Sarah Palin once.

This year I'm going to be Jessica Rabbit the sexy redhead from Roger Rabbit. I have been out looking and shopping for all I need; the long low cut red gown with a slit up one leg, the gloves, and I already have red hair but do have some extensions to give me long red hair. I will use a tight waist restricting corset to give me the shape. I already have the rest of what I need.
Born a boy ...but now a girl 7
Posted:Aug 19, 2017 1:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 10:18 pm
There are some genetic males that just don’t make good looking women no matter how hard they try or who helps transform them. So I will refrain from showing any of them.
The better looking transwomen and shemales have put much effort into being a convincing woman and like me they have pretty much made being a woman their life’s work. With me there have been times that I did have to go back to being a male part time for employment just to support myself. There were a few jobs that I had as a female. Then I could live full time as a woman and get ready for work as a woman.
One female job I had was when I was a live-in house maid for a wealthy gay man and I slept in what was known as the maid’s quarters, which was a bedroom with attached bathroom in the basement. I had to be in full makeup and have my hair and nails done in a maid’s uniform with at least 3” heels. Under my outer uniform I had to have on a black corset with garter straps. Black or suntan (brown) stockings were also required but had to be back seamed. Black stockings could be fishnets. A black push-up bra and panty were also part of my under uniform. I did not have my own boobs then but I did use realistic prosthetic breast forms glued to me. It was required for whoever the maid was that she lives totally and full time as a woman even on her off time from work. That was me and one of the reasons I was selected over other shemale applicants. Sir, my employer did not desire sex with a shemale or Tgirl and his preference was twink boys but he thought with his lifestyle that a shemale maid would be appropriate. I let it slip that I sometimes used tampons and he thought it would be good for me to do my maid’s duties with a tampon inserted. He started randomly checking me to make sure I did. I would have to turn my back to him while holding up my dress and he would pull down my panty to see if the little white tampon string hanging down from between my butt cheeks. He would always say “Good girl” when he saw it. So I had to start doing all my duties with a tampon inserted and some days were longer than others especially if he entertained and I had to serve guests. I was allowed to go to my bathroom several times a day to change my tampon and that did make me feel more womanly. I had to do the grocery shopping in my uniform at a special market that Beverly Hills people used. His chauffer/body guard drove me there and watched over me while I shopped. I was not the only TG maid there at the market and saw others like me that was also shopping for their employers. Sir supplied my tampons by having me buy them at the market. I was embarrassed at first but the people at the market and the patrons also were used to see TG maids shopping there. It seemed to become a fad to have a TG maid in employ. I was also the cook and being that room and board was part of my meager wage, minimum wage based upon 48 hours a week with no OT no matter how long my days were, I would fix me a portion of whatever I fixed him or his guests and eat in the kitchen. I did have Sundays off which I was allowed to use the swimming pool if Sir didn’t have guests but I did have to wear a women’s swimsuit. I was also allowed to have my boyfriend over. Even though the hours were long and having to work in heels made my feet, legs and lower back sore plus the meager pay, I still enjoyed the job and working as a woman. Another thing I liked was that I could live full time as a woman. I did that over a year until Sir passed away.
It is usually bisexual men that go for women like us. My husband is actually bisexual but transwomen and shemales are his favorite. He likes the femininity of genetic women but also is an anal sex addict that attracts him to transwomen and shemales because many of us like me luv it in the butt cuz that is the only way we girls and women can fuck. Some ‘girls’ will penetrate and fuck someone male, female or TG.
It is also surprising how many so called straight men like to have sex with shemales and transwomen because of the anal sex thing. They might not be interested in gay men but I have had a number of straight hetero married men that were not getting much pussy at home go for some TG pussy.
Gay men usually just go for other gay men like themselves and are not inclined to be with a Tgirl.
The four pics below are of shemales and transwomen that have obviously been on HRT but their male parts have not shrunken down yet like many of us have.
I have also posted a GIF of a man fucking a woman in the ass and that is what husband does to me frequently. The GIF is not us. OP might remove it though.

Born a boy....but now a girl!...6
Posted:Jul 25, 2017 3:59 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2017 1:31 pm
The pics I post on here are of the transwomen and shemales that really go all out and to great lengths to pass as a woman in public. There are part time cross dressers some are passable with a professional makeover bust most aren’t on their own. Then there are the flamboyant, gaudy, loud, shrill drag queens that over accentuate their femininity with overdone makeup, bright clothes and pink, purple or fluorescent hair and these are actually a dead giveaway as to what they are. Not saying that’s bad if that is what one wants.
Then in the middle are the girls and women like me. I say girls instead of gurls because we want to be a real girl with breasts, womanly butt and a vagina and a pretty face. We want to be feminine in our appearance. We want to pass as a woman in public and when others see us we want them to think they are looking at a woman, girl and female. Yes I use makeup but just enough to make me look like a woman in the face. How attractive I am is up to the person looking at me. Like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am in my mid 60s now and do not look as I did when I was younger. But I still pass as a woman in everyday life and live as a woman with my Husband whom I am legally married to. I try to dress sharp and sexy but do not overdo it. I wear dresses on most days but my jeans and shorts are women’s. As I mentioned a few times already, the day after I retired from working as a male I tossed all my male clothing and anything else male I had. I was going to live totally as a woman and now I only wear clothes made for a woman to wear and buy products for women to use. I even tossed the clothing I bought from TG specialty shops because TG clothing is made for a male to wear to appear as a female and this girl was going to be totally a woman.
I try to be a blend in woman and not one that would draw extra attention to me. Yes I want people to see me but want them to see me as a woman and as a real and natural woman and not as what they would consider a freak of nature such as a flamboyant drag queen that over accentuates her femininity or someone that looks half boy and half girl. This is where blending in is important. I get along just fine with being a woman and have never had any problem with passing and no one has ever second guessed my sex and accused me of being a male dressed as a female.
My first time out in public was when I was 18 and I had an obsession to go out in public as a girl. The night came that I just had to do it and got dolled up in my feminine finest and took a drive in my car around town. I was extremely nervous and euphoric to the point I was shaking. I encountered 3 people that night that all thought I was a real female. The first was a man in a pick-up sitting in the lane next to me at a red light. He was in the right lane and I was in the left inside lane. I glanced over at him and he was flirting with me. I happened to look down and saw what he was looking at and saw that the hem of my dress had ridden up above my stocking welts and the garter clips attached to the welts were exposed. I tried to pull my dress down as best I could. From his angle sitting up above he could see right down into my car and most of me. The light changed and I sped away. He thought I was a real girl. The next I encountered was when I noticed my fuel gauge. In my concentration of going out as a girl I had forgot to put gas in my car earlier that day. I got nervous because I did not want to run out and have to walk home while dressed as a girl. I pulled into a gas station and this was before self serve and the stations still had attendants to pump gas. This was back in the late 1960s.A young man approached me as I parked in front of the pumps and asked if he could help me. I had been practicing my female voice and this was the first time I used it in public. He looked at me the same as a young man would if he was looking at a cute girl. He started the gas pumping in my car and then started washing my windshield and he looked down and got embarrassed. I looked down and once again my dress had ridden up above my stocking welts and where my garter clips were attached. He might have been able to see the white V of my panties also but before I went out I had tucked by pushing my testicles back up into my body and my penis tucked and taped back between my legs so if anyone did get a beaver shot it would have just been the feminine V with no male bulge. He must have felt that I was a girl because he said, “Thank you miss” after I paid him. Next I noticed I was out of cigarettes, I smoked back then and stopped at a convenience store and after building up the nerve I got out of my car and walked in the store. There was a middle age woman working behind the counter and asked me, “What can I do for you young lady?” I told her what cigarettes I wanted and handed her the money. She thanked me after giving me my cigarettes and my change and I walked on out. So the 3 people that I came in contact with thought I was a real female. None of them gave any indication that they thought any differently. That night was a real confidence builder and led to me to start going out in public as a girl more often and until I was doing it regularly. I went to the mall as a girl I went to the market as a girl, etc. That was almost 50 years ago.
The pics I will be showing are women very similar to me. These women, and yes I will call them women, takes those extra measures to be a woman even if they have not had SRS. They are similar to me in the respect that I am going to feature married women. They may be legally married via same sex, or just living with their husbands and considering themselves married and consider themselves as wives. These women I got from a transgendered housewives board.
Pic 1: This slender beauty was born a boy but has decided she wants to live as a woman and judging from where I found her at is a wife and housewife and has a husband. There are signs that she is on HRT but has small breasts. She does know how to doll herself up. Notice she is wearing a wedding ring. That means that is is obviously the woman in the marriage and if she is like the rest of us she probably takes it in the ass and gives her husband head.
Pic 2: You notice that this dark haired babe wearing the LBD is also wearing a wedding ring. She was found on the same board as the woman in pic 1 so we can presume she is also a housewife and a man’s wife. There are indications that she is also on HRT and we can also assume that she takes it in the butt from her husband and sucks him which most TG wives do.
Pic 3: Notice that all the women in the pics are wearing rings on their wedding finger just as this hot little blonde babe is. It will surprise many people that many transwomen do desire to be wives and housewives so this is nothing new. Most of those that do desire having a husband and being a man’s wife also take the role of the wife and woman in bed during sex and submit to anal intercourse from their husband and also suck his dick. I would say there is a good chance she is on HRT.
Pic 4: I would say she has a wifey look about her but it looks like she could be wearing a wig. She does look as if she could possibly be on HRT. She is wearing a wedding ring and I did find her on the TG wives board.
Pic 5 & 6: This woman is not me but we look very much alike. We could be close to the age and are both mature women and are built much the same and have pretty much the same hairstyle and about the same shade of red. I believe she is on HRT from looking at her and has had lots of experience at being a woman. Her name is Elizabeth and she is a transwoman like me. She wears rings on her wedding finger but I could not find any info if she is married or not. She has secretary listed as her occupation. So she does work a woman’s job. Other pics that I have seen of her it does appear she has breasts.
Some refer to me as a transwoman and some also refer to me as a shemale and some refer to me using some other not to nice of words. I think of myself as a woman!

Born a boy....but now a girl...5
Posted:Jul 18, 2017 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2017 3:32 pm
A really important time of our lives and for others like me is when we transition. Since the age of 18 I have lived off and on at various times of my life as a woman. But I also had some guilt feelings along the way and went into male modes, which cost me lots of money.
When I was male I was very masculine. When I was feminine I was very feminine, womanly and girlish. The fem side was stronger and that is what I wound up being. I wasted thousands of dollars when I did go into male modes by tossing all my female stuff; my dresses, bras, panties, shoes, make up, wigs, douche bags, etc. This was due to guilt feelings about being feminine and thinking of sex with men.
When I was masculine I only had sex with women. When I was fem I desired sex with men. When I was male if I saw an attractive and beautiful woman I wanted to fuck her. When I was fem I wanted a man to fuck me like I was a woman. If I saw an attractive beautiful woman I wanted to be her or be like her, I was envious. Overall, I received much more pleasure and enjoyment from being fucked by a man than I did fucking a woman.
Actually though I spent most of my life in the female mode and each time I went back into a female mode I had to spend a lot of money to buy all that stuff again! I have lived as woman a number of times during my life. I also had some jobs as a woman, some legit and some illegal. Just so that I could keep living as a woman, I was a whore and prostitute a few times selling my ass for butt fucking and also sucking dicks. If I did not have a legitimate legal job I would prostitute to keep living as a woman. Actually being a whore is not that uncommon for transwomen and transgender because let’s face it we have to make a living somehow. But whoring is a dangerous line of work especially for a transwoman. If the cops arrest you they take you to jail just as you are and I have heard horror stories of transwomen being put into cells with men and it did not end well. I would suggest that if a transwoman ever got into a situation like that and the cop wanted a piece of butt or his dick sucked to go along with it if he agrees to let you go afterward. If you are taken to jail and booked it is on your record.
My first time as whore was working for a Dominatrix in a house of domination. I started as a maid and had to wear a maid’s uniform. That worked into me being the house anal whore and Mistress made my appointments for me and collected the money. I was a street whore on Santa Monica BLVD in L.A. in the 1980s. I do not know if that is still the ho stroll or not but there was a section for the GG prostitutes and close by was a section the tranny whores worked. Most men that came there knew what we girls really were and most wanted anal sex but some just wanted to get their dick sucked. I had been fucked in the back seats of cars, vans and campers and some men that wanted to fuck took me to a motel so we didn’t have to worry about police. More recently I was a truck stop whore, working truck stops. That was dangerous because some truckers can be assholes and did not like people like me. They seemed to be ok with GG whores but did not like tranny whores. I always passed and never had any incidents because I guess they thought I was a woman. I had my regulars that I took care of and we stayed in contact by cell phone. They would call me and let me they were coming and I would go to the truck stop and wait in my car. Most of them I knew their trucks and after they parked they would call me and I would walk across the parking lot with my heels clicking like a woman walking. My trick would let me in and take me back to his sleeper to screw me on his bunk. I was obviously a whore to those that saw me.
There were also times that I had to maintain a male job for about 9 hours a day and be a female the rest of the time on my off time.
I started preparing myself before I retired because this time living as a woman was going to be permanent. The day after I worked my last shift I tossed all my male clothes and anything else that was male so I would not have them anymore. All my clothes now are made for a woman to wear and I buy products made for female use. I even tossed all my specially made TG clothing because TG clothing is made for a man to wear to appear as a woman. I was going to buy and wear things made only for a woman if I was going to be a woman. I decided I was going to do this even before Husband and I got legally married thanks to same sex marriages. Since then I have went even deeper into womanhood to the point that I think of myself a woman and also think like a woman. I am a woman full time totally and 24/7/365 and have been since my retirement at the start of 2015. I do not think of myself as a male anymore at all. I have become more feminine and womanly and in love with my Husband. We have anal intercourse daily and he ejaculates inside me each time which is one of things I think makes me more feminine and womanly. Husband treats and talks to me like I’m a woman, which also helps keep me fem and feeling like a woman. So Husband does help keep me being a woman.
Other things I do like douching regularly and randomly using tampons are other things that drive me deeper into womanhood. I think like a woman does. I even have desires to get pregnant.
Developing my own breasts has greatly aided with my desires to be a woman. I had to pass on my chances of SRS in the past but if I could have the surgery today I would and I mean right today and this minute.

Pic 1, is a transwoman in a position that I am very familiar with. It is a position that I have been in and still am placed in frequently but I’m usually naked or with very little clothing on like maybe a baby doll nightie or just a garter belt and stockings and there would be a nude man on top me with his hard dick up my ass fucking me like I’m a woman. Many men have done it to me in this position and Husband frequently does now because we are fucking like a man and a woman, me the woman of course.

Pic 2, is of a girl that is obviously on HRT because she has budding breasts. She makes a cuter girl than she would a boy. If she is like most of us transwomen she takes it in the butt and also sucks dick. I wish her luck with her transition. Maybe she will go onto SRS and a full transition.

Pic 3, believe it or not the cute and pretty blond woman with the big tits was really born a boy but now has transitioned. She may have completed her transition but I do not know if she is post-op or not. I have seen her on numerous transgender sites. She definitely passes as a genetic woman. HRT is obvious.

Pic 4, is a group of transwomen. It shows 3 but it looks like the redhead on the right which would have made 4 got cut out. Maybe whoever took the pic is mad at her. But these were born boys and have decided to live as a woman. I have a group of friends that are similar to this and we hang out together as women. They were my bridesmaids at my wedding. A couple of them in the pic do need to do a better job with their wigs mainly the placement.

Pic 5, is a genetic female. I put her in here because she is similar to me in some ways and we are built similar, except in the groin. I want to look like her down there with a cunt. If I were to ever have or had SRS I would want my own cunt to look like hers. I do envy her. We do have a similar hairstyle except I’m a redhead. We also may dress alike. I dream of having a cunt like hers.

Born a boy....but now a girl !. ...4
Posted:Jul 14, 2017 3:02 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2017 10:55 am
HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is important and almost necessary for transitioning from male to female. There are some males that are naturally feminine and they have an easier time of transitioning if they are.

These modern times more people that are transitioning are coming out at a younger age and hormones are easily accessible. My first time on pharmaceutical hormones was in my mid 20s in the mid 1970s and I was living as a woman full time and was also working as a woman as a cocktail waitress in a gay drag nightclub and wearing a skimpy uniform; corset, stockings, heels, makeup, earrings and nails and also smell like a woman. But I was preparing for SRS and have a sex change. I had to halt my SRS at this time mainly because of costs and other reasons. At this time I was waiting and on the list at the nightclub to be one of the Vegas style chorus girl dancers. The hormones did have a definite feminizing effect on me and my body making me more feminine and like a woman. I did another stint on HRT in the mid 80s and I was in my mid 30s so they do work. Now since retiring and living permanently as a woman I am doing HRT again plus other things to elevate my estrogen and other female hormone levels and that is how I have developed my breasts through gynecomastia.

Most transwomen start out by just imagining they are a girl or woman. They might start with just wearing a bra or panties or both. Then add some makeup and combing the hair in a feminine way. It can go deeper and doing more as the person wants to go farther. Some start differently as I did with my babysitter feminizing me when I was 6 and then in my teen years I started using my mom’s clothes and spare makeup. I started with bra and panties but kept progressing until I would dress fully as a girl or woman and wearing dresses over the underthings. Unless one gets caught they keep going farther with it because they figure they’re safe.

The first girl in the top pic looks as if she had just been caught. Of course this could be staged and her just posing but sometimes people do get over confident and unexpectedly get caught. She is passable and I do know this is a transwoman or transgender because this came from a transgender page and also look at her hands and forearms. One theory I read was that this was a married man that the wife went shopping but came home early. There is that look and body language of panic and confusion.

The second is a transgirl that obviously has made up her mind what she wants to be in life. Born a boy but wants to be a girl and female in life. She appears to be on HRT but maybe not for very long. She has the little mounds of budding breasts and a slender body of a female. The caption could be right about her. I would guess that she likes taking a man’s dick up her ass and also sucking one as most transwomen do. I know I do! She wants to be treated like a girl.

Pic 3 is a transwoman that looks as if she started early in life and has been in the lifestyle for awhile. Her boobs have fully developed and may have had some help with augmentation but they do have a nice natural hang to them. Her male junk cold be tucked back between her legs or maybe she is post-op SRS. From her look she definitely wants to be a woman. She could make some lucky man a good wife.

Pic 4 is from the 1950s and chances are she has not had any surgery yet because this was before or right around the time sex change operations began with Christine Jorgensen. They did have female impersonators then though and men that lived as women. From what I read she was a professional female impersonator that lived as a woman and had boyfriends. I would guess with her lifestyle that she took it in the ass and also sucked her lovers. I have read on this subject and for many years there were men that wanted to be women and lived as a woman and they would be the bottom half of anal intercourse. I do know that then it was common for gay butch man to ejaculate inside the rectum of another man and also bottom men or drag queens that let men cum inside them. This was years before HIV and AIDS. I do love a man cumming inside me. The way she is dressed looks like she is going out on a date with a man.

Privacy Arrested !
Posted:Jul 9, 2017 4:26 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2017 7:16 am

In today’s technological world our Constitutional right to privacy is being taken away.
For years I have been walking around in my backyard as a nude woman when I wanted. My back and side yards are very secluded. Years ago I built a 6 foot high fence. To make my yards even more secluded and private I elevated the fence posts by 3 feet by adding to them and also added some wire and grew ivy from the ground to the top, which gave the fences up to 8 to 9 foot high. I live in a rural area with no immediate neighbors close by. No one could see in my private areas of my yards from ground level and even if someone was to come too close to my fence my two 100 pound plus dogs would let me know. The only way someone could see into my yards was by air.
Even well before Husband and I were married and before he moved in I used to walk around in my back and side yards as a nude woman. When I first started I would wear a women’s one piece swimsuit but then got kind of brave realizing that no one could see me anyway, so I would step out of the swimsuit and just hang out in the nude. I loved the feeling of being a naked woman in my yards and had a feeling of freedom and then started just walking outside already naked. Back then I did not have my boobs yet but would glue on my female parts, which were my lifelike realistic breast forms and my prosthetic lifelike vulva (my cunt). The only clothes I had on were my shoes which were strappy sandals with a 2 inch heel that is a wide heel because I learned it was not good to walk on lawn grass with a spike or stiletto heel that sinks into the ground. My hair was at average length then because I was still working as a male but I put on a long wig. I would have on makeup and dangling earrings and on my days off from work I had on press on fake fingernails. The only other thing that I had most of the time was a tampon inserted and the little white string hanging from between my butt cheeks. So I was as a totally nude woman.
After retiring and living full time totally as a woman I now have my own hair down to my shoulders and my own nails because I have a beautician that keeps my hair and nails done for me but also now have my own natural and real C cup boobs. I still glue on my prosthetic pussy to make me look like a woman. I also wear the same type of shoes and Husband gets a kick of seeing the little white tampon string hanging down from between my buttocks.
Now that we have warm weather Husband and I have been going outside nude and enjoying the seclusion of our yards. A few days ago a drone flies over while Husband and I were out there. The drone hesitated for a few moments right above us and then went back the direction it came from. We do not know why it was there to start with and if it was either filming us or taking pictures. All they could see there was a nude man and woman in the privacy and seclusion of their yard. We did not like the idea of our privacy being invaded that way. There was no reason for that drone to be there. We did talk about maybe taking the thing down next time its owner decides to invade our privacy and we do have the firearms, shotguns and semi automatic rifles to do it with. A couple of years ago on the news I heard of a man that shot down a drone over his property and was arrested for it.

Another incident a few years ago was when I was still working was a cocktail waitress that is a very good looking girl was very upset because she saw on GOOGLE that gave her personal information; such as name, telephone number, address and where she worked. A picture of her neighborhood was displayed and a white box with her personal info was above her house with an arrow pointing directly at her home. She works a job that she is continually being hit on by men and she was very upset.

I do remember in California years ago the law was that your car registration was inside a plastic folder and wrapped around the steering post. California did discontinue that because it was a source of information for bad guys to get addresses for sexual assaults and burglaries. Many women were sexually assaulted and brutally. It took awhile for California to figure it out. So now we have GOOGLE freely giving out personal info on people. So what happened to our Constitutional right to privacy!
Born a boy....but now a girl !... #3
Posted:Jul 8, 2017 3:00 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2017 2:56 pm
The first girl on top is obvious to what she is and what her choice in life is. She appears to be on HRT because she is developing as a female but her breast growth may be a little slow because of small breasted women in her family and she may need the assistance of a boob job. Transwomen on HRT and doing other things can develop their own natural breasts but the size of their breasts will depend on the women in their family and what they inherit from them. I had small breasted and fairly large breasted women in my family and I was happy to develop a C cup. My mom was an A cup but I did have aunts on both sides of the family that were bigger and that helped me out. My goal was a D cup but with my cup size now I am not planning augmentation. My C cup is a natural size.

The second pic is also obvious of what she wants to be in life. She is developing nicely and has some nice boobs and she also to be on HRT, which most of the girls I will post are. I can see her going post-op in the near future if she hasn’t already.

The next girl in the third pic, dressed casually is also a transwoman that chose to live as a woman. She is on HRT but it is unknown at this time if she is pre-op or post-op. She does pass as a woman in everyday life. She is doing the right things.

Pic number 4, the blond on the bottom with her white panties in her hand could possibly be post-op. She is cute and looks great and like a feminine woman but the only thing is that she has not had her boobs done yet and most transwomen do want at least a B or C cup to help them appear as a woman. Some even go D or DD with augmentation. The docs usually now-a-days do breast augmentation and vaginoplasty at the same time during SRS/GRS (sex change) after the girl has lived totally as a female for at least 1 year and on HRT to make sure if they want to continue life as a female or not. The HRT also will help develop their breasts for them. The docs figure that the girl’s breasts should develop to what they would naturally during that year.

Most (but not all) transwomen do desire sex as a woman when with a man. They suck, swallow and luv it up the butt if they don’t have a vagina as of yet. I do have something in common with these girls. HRT is important and girls are starting younger and developing more like women. Our numbers are growing.

Born a boy...but now a girl !... #2
Posted:Jul 7, 2017 5:32 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2017 9:37 am
I am going to do a series of pics and info on some M to F transsexuals, shemales and transwomen. This is the second edition.

The top pic is of a transgirl being finger fucked to get her ready to be fucked like a woman by a man. She might have small natural breasts if she were to straighten up but they would flatten out while lying on her back. My husband finger fucks me also getting me ready for him to fuck but he holds me and kisses me and sometimes sucks my boobs while finger fucking me.

The next pic is of 2 former boys, they were born that way but are now girls and women. This is how they live now. The internet is full of pics of former boys that are now girls.

The next pic on the bottom is a sissy girl that decided she would rather be a girl. All that I display are former males that are now females.


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