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Lookingnhi 38M  
6 posts
7/23/2017 6:33 am
Frowning or smiling, liking or loving...

When i finally find my opportunity, will I spit and scrub my mouth out? Or will I start sucking cock flavored hard candies and a butt plug shoved in my ass to always be ready..

Will I enjoy my new bisexual life?
Will the memory of the taste of cum and mypushing of my intestines back in hount me for ever..
A. Hate the taste of cock.
Hate the feel of cock in my right ass.
Love the flavor of cum and the saltiness of cock
Try to shove everything I can in my stretched and loose cum dripping fuck hole.
Start doing weekly blow bangs and selling sperm for gas money..

cocksucker4u67 51M
66 posts
7/26/2017 4:21 am

love to stuff my little hole

JoRay63 54M
72 posts
7/28/2017 9:54 am

I Love the taste of CUM !! Also a Nice tight ASS !!

cruz1965 52M
40 posts
7/31/2017 4:17 pm

The first taste should cum from your balls. Commit to eat every drop of your next load and DO IT. Don't get hung up on taste, make your Top happy.

ccguy69 60M  
57 posts
8/1/2017 3:04 am

Eat a mint before sucking a guy - it will tingle his cock and the cum squirting in your mouth will make you happy! The more cock you suck and the more cum you swallow will make you crave cum more and more.

ardvon 60M
1 post
8/4/2017 11:24 am

Suck on an ice cube before sucking his cock, that will bring him back again and again.

BiNJGuy4U2 64M  
1 post
8/10/2017 5:13 am

I love the feeling of a cock getting harder & harder as it begins to tremble then fills my hot mouth with that lovely warm nectar!!!