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Randyass83 34M
31 posts
4/3/2017 2:23 pm
What's Your Favorite Arse Angle

You can't beat a bit of arse
Covered in White Underwear?
Step Thrust?
Looking Up?
Bubble Style?
Slightly Arched?
Bent Over Side View?
Bent Over Face On View?
Cock in Shot View?
On Back, Legs Up?
Bent Over Open?

woodcarver2 68M
910 posts
4/3/2017 8:00 pm

You have one of the sweetest asses' I seen here on OP!!

Hungr4Yungr 68M
2707 posts
4/3/2017 8:41 pm

I'll take a good look from any angle.

OnDaFence 30M/37M  
16193 posts
4/3/2017 9:21 pm

Try posting this in BLOG form the pictures will turn out and come through for you... I could never get poll pics to work and abandoned polls all together. as not worth my effort... One thing I do recommend is that you watermark your pictures so that they STAY YOURS!

JoRay63 54M
52 posts
4/3/2017 9:51 pm

Any way is so SWEET !!!

hamonman 57M
184 posts
4/4/2017 8:23 am

favourite angle is 23.5°

1NearbyGuy 48M
118 posts
4/4/2017 8:27 am

I love anal sexing any position, I do favor me on my back legs up, and bent over open legs.

flipflop87 29M
712 posts
4/4/2017 8:44 am

A cute ass like your's in any and all angles is worth fucking in the opinion of my ass fucking cock.

Lefty657 59M
3 posts
4/4/2017 1:34 pm

Beautiful Ass. Could have loads of fun with you.

qasim786 36M
385 posts
4/5/2017 12:13 am

Being a born bottom, I like, want and enjoy being in all these and yet some more angles and positions to entertain a solid meat shaft.


jrodd 59M
1774 posts
4/5/2017 1:53 am

The parallel angle of your love tunnel sweetie ,lol

HOT10012 55M
12 posts
4/11/2017 10:01 pm

Just the way yours is ... Hot!

KimFox 29T
1 post
4/14/2017 2:53 am

Anyway is fine by i am vers

boi4oldman 27M
11 posts
4/16/2017 10:51 pm

I'm a bottom, so you guys tell me lol

outout24 51M
1 post
4/20/2017 7:29 am

So hot, I am speechless!

easyduzit99 65M
11 posts
4/20/2017 5:04 pm

love to be fucked on my back...sucking tongue and nipples!!!

easyduzit99 65M
11 posts
4/20/2017 5:04 pm

love it too....

easyduzit99 65M
11 posts
4/20/2017 5:07 pm

I love that, too!!!!

vital42 45M
6 posts
5/3/2017 4:18 am

Top ass