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buttlover76 42M
39 posts
8/29/2017 3:18 am
In the shower

Do you play with your butt hole while taking a shower?

hotnready40 77M  
1 post
8/30/2017 8:14 am

Yes I play with my butt hole but really like it fucked.

skuden 55M
23 posts
8/30/2017 2:24 pm

Sometimes 😳

come2u24seven 45M
4 posts
8/30/2017 4:30 pm

I love playing with My butt hole ,but really love having white cocks in it

qasim786 37M
390 posts
8/30/2017 5:52 pm

Fingers don't do any good.... LONG, THICK and HARD cocks for me always.


jjfsrvt77 53M
15 posts
8/30/2017 7:16 pm

has to make sure its clean, never can tell.

Upforall 57M
165 posts
8/31/2017 3:00 am

I do play in the shower. I have a nice dildo with suction cup on the wall, like to back up against it taking it inside me.

cocksucker4u67 52M
146 posts
8/31/2017 3:29 am

I love to play with mine so would you

tgluver61 57M
4 posts
8/31/2017 11:13 am

Love fucking and getting fucked in the shower

bttmm4u4 64M
34 posts
8/31/2017 12:52 pm

Love playing with my butt hole, have to make sure it's clean just in case.

jrodd 59M
2533 posts
9/2/2017 12:14 am

Rather someone in the shower plays with my ass in the shower

bigman1956 61M  
3668 posts
9/2/2017 5:39 am

I have in the past and still do occasionally but not as often nowdays....

spermdump 52M
11 posts
9/2/2017 8:48 am

Since i am almost always alone when i'm taking a shower, i masturbate every times i'm taking a shower, and i do really enjoy playing with my butt hole and fucking myself with a realistic dildo with balls.
But of course, if i have the chance to get fucked by a real man with a real hard cock and real cum to pump balls deep in ma ass.

luv219333 58M
19 posts
9/3/2017 7:58 am

Yes sometimes in the shower. I do enjoy playing with my own ass butt I love when others do it for me.

wiser2 63M
22 posts
9/4/2017 3:32 pm

No - I play with someone else's and ask them to return the favor

DandR4hands4men 48M/47M
286 posts
9/6/2017 8:38 am

It serves several purposes for me, like getting and keeping it clean, and making sure I can still take one from time to time, since mostly I'm a top.

Julie_Tgirl 68T
1288 posts
9/6/2017 2:12 pm

When I'm trying to clean it before sex. When Husband wants to fuck me in the shower he will come in behind me and lube us both with Vaseline and finger my hole to get it slick and ready. Vaseline in the shower, KY in bed and other places.

GimmeyourShoes01 45M
234 posts
9/25/2017 5:44 am

Yeh finger that hole

Lasts4Long 59M
8 posts
9/29/2017 1:33 pm

Absolutely a must in the shower

boux601 69M
401 posts
12/4/2017 11:18 am

I always clean it in the shower