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dont let the lipstick fool you

a ts T.O.Pgirl going thur life putting to bed thoses myths about what girls dont do to bed

where am i
Posted:Dec 1, 2017 3:35 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2017 2:12 am

the answer to that upstate ny
and what i often found myself asking is why do people always prefer to take there time almost as if they are hedging there bets the place is called smallbany for a reason i equate it to a person who is obviously drowning you throw them a life saver and then they stop to look around and then make excuses to not just put the dam thing on.
maybe outlook comes the amount of risk i took in my fomative years as i am a salty old bird now still i keep coming back to why the procrastination?
if you if your balls literally fell off you would want the doctor to give there utmost attention and tell you the next door neighbor came home or how some died you would be like
um fix my ball sack please gotta run i will re-edit this when i get back
ok a day latter and i am back on this train of thought
this place has made even a bit home sick for newark i mean freaking newark anywho i never been able to understand i wanna burn all my bridges all two of them what i mean by that the people the people who are local1 who out weight the people who are moving here2 which are not that many all in the name of NSA soon or later you will run out of people and you have a bunch of folks running around like chickens with no heads looking for eithier a pole or a hole all the while looking for a porn star to sleep very few fit that billl
sure there are other things people use like tinder and craig's list but again its the burn bridges mindset that keeps popping up
so in short for anyone even thinking of coming to albany my advice
simply dont
just go to a big city cuz if you know what you wwant there is no reason to waste your time in a town where folks take time to do things and i am not talking in a good way
mood:glad i am not here often
so what have i been up too post
Posted:Oct 4, 2017 5:20 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2018 7:15 am

well mostly work movies mostly, you will see my handy work in your action movies making break away stuff crazy hours one of the perks ? of being non-union the other added perk is it keeps me out of trouble so in other news i am kinda pleased i been pro-dom free for sometime and to me that cool no more phoning it in or boxing or wrestling matches no more late nights doing that at least right? now when i dom i am full of fire again

my social life is kinda dead due to work but wait for it here comes the twist i get 2 weeks off each month which brings me to sex
I am seeing more ass than the tiddy bowl man granted its from my babies and i now hearing things like "please be gentle " to my ears 2 weeks with nothing and then they let the chains off oh yeah i am fuckstorm 2017 but i am now getting up there in years so that means no more pre-cum i miss that ..they miss it too(evil grinz followed b evil laugh que evil sound track)
them they are the reason i get up and keep on keeping on they DO make me a better person again they dont always know why i shield them from stuff mostly to keep them safe much to their chargrin so mostly (life am good )thats bizzarro speak for shits pretty good
now back to work looking to start my own biz next year in a perfect world i would being doing stunt work or at least fight choreography all in due time youtube here i come
I know thngs have been bleak with the state of the world and thats what i mean by keep on keeping on this will not last or stand forever so folks be strong and party hard when this passes until then do what you can for folks i need and with that i am gonna get my day on you all be well
butt scinence
Posted:Mar 29, 2017 5:42 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2017 5:20 am

howdy folks i got questions and frankly i dont feel like spending 150 big ones to ask a doctor also O.P. is taking way too long in posting this in the magizine section so...... my issue is my play partner has given me a cock and bul story about why they cant do spreading of the cheeks with me so i should move on right.... you betcha but it got me to wondering is there excuse full of shit it seems that i cause them a anal fissure so i can under stand fear but they were telling tales of constipation and some times bouts of the runs all from after having a couple goes with me in the past let me go on record saying person has been on opioids for pain and i know that they can back things up but i feel that they are trying to shift the blame on me as to way they cant back that thing up cuz we had a about 3 weeks or semi regular sex then she had to go away for about something 2 and half/3 months and i ask how she was and then the excuses started happening shame too cuz that ass was hot but back to my question can anal cause someone became constipated months after the fact or the runs for that matter let me know what you think or know

mood:i just wanna if what they are telling bullshit or not
life out
Posted:Mar 23, 2017 6:42 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2018 4:06 pm

what have i been doing
the answer is simple working my ass off
but i got a little time on my hands here at work so people are looking over my should i might as well give them a show
life out is a phase i come up with that i use to say how i live if people are giving you shit go life out
most of my friends know me and i not trying to do the stealth thing i just gotta be me ya know
"i hope you can get that"
the places i go lifeout its kinda a saying like i dont give a shit about places being friendly to me some days are shit others days are great but i am sure more have those day both great and sucky so i say lifeout its a great place to go
and relax its a pretty chill place
if you see in there say hi
mood: i feel like showing out and i got a long break on my hands
thank you ...satan...sniff some down there likes me
Posted:Aug 24, 2016 6:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2017 9:16 am

oh booty i am am your loyal slave
what's that, push steven hawking down a flight of stair ..ok
oh take a cold shower with 50 cats duct taped to my body count me in
take rocks from pele's volcano what could possibly go wrong
....i think you get the picture not too bright with the blood leaves the big head for the litle one

well this was unexpected right now there is a comatose grily boy in my bed ...guess how they got he way*quick grin*so my babies and i all live together i suspect eithier out of love or fear i will make walking for them "interesting" they aranged a a hook up? well not really a hook but more like bring someone back into the fold.
Let me back track a bit this person was a virgin when i met them and we tried a few times drilling them in the anus,making sweet love to the anus,praying to the gods and pledge to make a sacrifice of our neighbor who played shitty music (a win win for everyone)if i could tap that ass with out them cracking walnuts with there should blades trans form into a nautical figurehead ...well nothing worked and we moved to a new house but i get a call out of the blue from said person saying they would like to see me next month and they would like to try again and i like"play with a toys first" so i come in from a 140 mile road trip to find this person asleep in my bed they roll over and say hello.
i thought i would be a lot smoother sigh i was not i did a benny hill quick change
i thought i would take it slow well i went slower than i like but then and just then when i was mentally preparing for a case of all night blue balls she got fine with it
so i let lose the dog or war...medium stlye and then i cleaned her up
i do have a question for the other tops out there
have you ever fucked someone to sleep?
mood:happy plotting pushing my luck
something just for me
Posted:Aug 10, 2016 10:07 am
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2016 5:01 am

this will be quick i manage to to get some down time work can be a little hectic
so while i am in nyc i went over to the westside highway you know the peir it was g great night warm brezze and listing the cars go by watching "the kids" be kids it makes me smile cuz no matter what else happens in the world this time is thiers
the only thing that would have made my night better was to have have some chow mai fun and some plum wine i should have gotten that on the way there but i just wound up there ya know.
i geuss what i am trying to say is stop smell the roses and make THIS TIME ...YOUR TIME i am off to get back to work as the sun has come out

mood: not gonna rest till i get some begger's chicken some noodles or spring chicken and some wine
hungry and hyper is no way to go today
the aftermath
Posted:Jul 21, 2016 6:09 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2016 9:46 am

well i get there and they are willing to try
the devil on my should it already telling me :there is no trying here today"
we are making and the blood from my rational mind to some where else its time to make her play"the how long can you hold your breathe game*its like being in a thick fog all around me that i can barely see thru but every other sense is heightened.....crazy right? * so while i am just feeling the lining of her esophaus...ok oki just inflating my own ego but now "its time" the will of the gods alone i go in easy .
so she was a real trooper she was having trouble...trouble for her feeling great for me she is happy that its over and says " i am really sore " and just like that everything is taken down a notch and i am cleaning her up(what you dont wash up the ass you just plowed?) i notice as i wiping a "little red" and i feel bad i am told not to sweat it but i still feel bad and she say i know you get like this in summer months

my mood:happy and a little ashamed and wanting to it again...whats that satan you just bought me some desensitizing lube...oh you shouldn't have have no really shouldn't have but since you did *evil grinz*
the downside to the summer weather
Posted:Jul 19, 2016 10:16 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2016 9:48 am

when it gets hot i get active i mean man i wanna build sumthing do something
kook something or do someone*smiles*which brings me to this i got people who i see and i kinda vent all the hyper activity into their sphinter putting them off the market for a bit trust this does come back to bite me like now like 1 am i am back and i get a email saying they still need little more time and preperation all i can do hell i am gonna go and build sumething or sew something
i think there need find if there is a word for this thing i go thur every freakin summer.
I am guessing heliostic? so hear i am with time and crude thoughts on my mind this will not end well for someone butthole(evil grinz) ...right now satan is already picking my wardrobe its that or playing the worlds loudest game of charades..just trying to figure out how to work off this charge i get when warm weather strikes
welps there is evil to do at 1 am
and so i am off
satan hand me my coat
what kind of kisser are you ?
Posted:Jun 23, 2016 5:30 am
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2017 10:41 am

when making lip love how do you go about it
the puppy licker
the biter puller
the teeth counter
tentacle monster
soul sucker a.k.a black hole of the abyss
i dont kiss
the pursed lip
the open eyes
the closed eyes
the head cupper...the one on the shoulders
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Posted:Jun 22, 2016 8:18 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2016 9:47 pm

yeah i tried to not say anything mostly because i filled with hate on so many levels
this due to losing friends to lgbt violence i dont see this as a isis thing but a self hate thing and looking at several factors that that help make this happen.
Before i get into that i remember nights where my friends when out for the night and never came back at the hands of people like this and my mentality is still there when it comes to just going and dealing with the general public which is
"its not gonna be me ...its gonna be you" again i dont see this as a isis thing but a self hate thing
here you have someone being manipulated by social,political and religious propaganda(our country has had and still has a long history of trying to stomp us out make no mistake so what happens when some who wants to belong but knows whats in store for themselves because of where they were born ) while he had no real ties to isis and they are happy to take the credit this just the act of a sad fuck who was too weak in the head to know how to live so he took the cowards way out...but fuck you had to take people with you selfish bitch.
This brings me to the topic ofself hate
i know its hard to find your way if your LGBT things are getting better and if you are not in your area fucking leave.
what i see often in the self hate dept is too many guys acting out you know the types str8 acting almost to the point of being a homophobe and yet chasing dick even sadder still there are guys and girls fawing over these people
from there self hate under the guise wanting "real men"*shakes head*
so yeah i am filled with hate a hate that does not go away so not sure what to do cept stay away from things i can see coming miles away from me and look after my loved ones because i want them to come back to me safe and sound.
I dont have it in me to love when the world is being combative to me and my own a fictional character said "once a evil deed is done it goes on and goes on forever" sadly i understand this i just wish it was not so i do not believe that you fight hate with love i believe you fight back by never letting this "stuff" in our subculture twist us into monsters because we want to belong? in that you can see bad things coming miles away
mood: deep for many things

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